Cuckolding Wife Ch. 02

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October 27, 2002

My husband was waiting for me at home. He thought I was out on a fuck date with a man I met online on one of those swinger sites. I told my husband to just wait for me, that I’d be home around 9 PM, and that I expected him to be waiting for me naked.

What my husband didn’t know was that I met no man online, and instead had gone to a hotel bar just a mile or so from our home to pick up and fuck a total stranger.

I was wearing a wrap skirt and a tight tee-shirt with nothing underneath so that my nipples could be easily seen were I to become aroused. As it happens, my nipples were rock hard as this story picks up, as I entered an elevator with not one but two men I’d just met—I knew them only as Ray and Max—bound for Ray’s room on the third floor. Both were in town on business, and I’m guessing about 5 years younger than me. Though I didn’t present myself as such, my obvious openness in my brief discussion with them in the bar had led them to assume that I was a prostitute.

As the door to Ray’s room closed and locked behind us, Max, the better looking of the two, asked, “Will $200 be good?”

I asked, “How much time are you talking about? And what kind of action are you boys interested in?”

Max said, “How about an hour, and anything goes?”

“Well, anything goes as long as you don’t hurt me. My boyfriend is my bodyguard, and he knows where we are, so just be careful and don’t leave any marks.” I looked at my watch—it was about 8:00 PM and my husband was expecting me home in an hour. Ah, well, he’ll just have to wait. “I’ll give you until 9:30. That’s when my boyfriend will expect me to meet him, and if I don’t show up he’ll not be happy with any of us. Now if both of you boys finish before 9:30 and don’t need any more, then I’ll leave. Sound OK?”

Ray spoke up, “Sounds fine.” He pulled $200 from his wallet and placed the cash on a table near the door. “Let’s get to it. Want something else to drink?”

“Scotch if you have it—on the rocks.”

He happened to have some Dewar’s, and poured it over ice for me. I sipped at it, and asked, “How would you boys like to start?” Having never been with two men at the same time, my mind was racing with the possibilities of what they would want to do, and I was as ready as I could be to just be stripped and fucked—my nipples ached and my pussy felt very heavy.

Max stepped forward, pinched my nipples through my shirt, and said, “You can start by taking off your clothes so we can see you.”

As I pulled off my tee-shirt I asked, “Do you boys do this often? I mean, do you get together to have sex together with someone else or did this just work out this way?” My shirt was off, and they were admiring my breasts, nice B cups, with nipples hard and erect.

Ray said, “We did it once before, actually, with a woman in Houston who just happened to be staying in the same hotel as us. She was also travelling on business like we were, and single, just looking for a good time. She was hitting on Max, and Max was interested obviously but asked her if she wanted to include me in a 3-way. So she took him up on it.”

I asked, “Max, why did you invite her to do a three-way?”

“And leave Ray to go to his room and jerk off? Really, that’s none of your business. Take off your skirt.”

I realized my place, given that I’d let them think I was a whore, so did as he said, then removed my panties so I was naked in front of them.

As he began removing his clothes, Max asked, “How long have you been whoring? I’ve got to say you look nicer and classier than most I’ve seen.”

“Not very long actually, only about a couple of months after my boyfriend lost his job. He’s OK with it as long as I don’t get hurt or anything.”

Max was now naked, and his dick was pulsing into hardness as I watched. He asked, “Do you have rubbers for us?”

I didn’t want to use rubbers because I like a bare dick in my cunt—just nastier that way, skin on skin—but realized that it didn’t work with my temporary whore persona to not have any, so I asked, “No, don’t you?”

“No, so I guess you’re going to have to go bareback unless you want to get lost and give Ray back his $200.”

“No, I need the money, so let’s get started.” And now I really needed to get fucked. So, I got down on my knees in front of Max and went straight to work with my mouth on his dick, while in the background Ray was taking his clothes off.

Ray stood next to Max, facing him while I sucked Max’s dick, then I turned to look at Ray’s—nice, and shaved—and I took my lips from Max and turned them to Ray, who grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and forth, driving his dick into my throat. The first time I thought I was going to gag but that subsided, and it made me incredibly horny to see this unknown man’s abdomen moving back and forth from my face as his dick rubbed my lips on its way in and out. I pulled out and turned back to Max, a better looking man but with a smaller penis and unshaved, batman escort which I took back into my mouth. After a few seconds, Ray pulled my head from Max but with Max’s hard cock still lingering on my lips. Ray then grabbed his own dick and Max’s, placing the heads together and in contact—I thought I was going to come right there—then pushed both of their dicks into my mouth. Together they didn’t go in very far but I paid attention to both, liberally coating each with my saliva, and being sure to flick my tongue on the sensitive underside of each man’s cock.

Max then said to Ray, “Let’s get on the bed.” They both went to the bed and lay down next to each other, naked with hard cocks. Then he said to me, “Suck Ray’s dick.” I climbed on the bed, and Ray spread his legs slightly so I could get down there, his balls and dick fully exposed to me. I bent forward, grabbed his balls with my right hand and his dick with the left, holding it straight up, then bent forward holding my open mouth inches from him.

“Suck him, whore,” Max ordered, and I went down on Ray, my head bobbing up and down. “That’s good, bitch. That feel good Ray?”

“Yeah, pretty damned good,” Ray said, while Max watched us and stroked his own dick.

“I like to watch her lips on your dick, Ray. And she gets to go home to her boyfriend later and she’ll kiss him with the lips that are on your dick now.” As Max talked nasty to him, the head of Ray’s dick began swelling, and he began pumping his hips, fucking my mouth as if he may come, but he grabbed my hair and pulled me away before he went past the point of no return. His dick, wet with my saliva, twitched slowly and finally stopped—he was going to be good for more.

I turned to Max and asked, “What now? I’m ready for whatever you want to do.”

“Sit on my and fuck me.”

I got to my knees, straddling him, grabbed his bare cock, and slowly sat on him. After a few weeks of fucking only my slightly-endowed husband, it felt good to have a real dick in me. And that I had never seen this man before an hour ago was doing things to my head I can’t even describe. I was so horny and it felt so good I started pumping up and down on him fast and hard.

“Slow down, whore! We’re not gonna let you finish fast and get out of here without getting our money’s worth!” I was a bit frustrated, but sat still on him, feeling him inside of me, while Ray shuffled around in the background, opening a drawer for something I couldn’t see.

Max asked, “How many guys have you given blow jobs to since you started whoring?”

“Ten or fifteen.”

“Kiss me with your nasty whore mouth.” I leaned forward onto my elbows, Max and me belly to belly, and began tongue-kissing him with more fervor than I guessed was typical of a prostitute. He was very responsive, obviously excited by kissing a mouth that had had a number of hard cocks in it.

Ray was now on the bed behind me, spreading my butt cheeks with one hand. Not sure what was coming, the next thing I felt was a greasy substance like Vaseline being applied to my asshole. I hadn’t been ass-fucked since before I met my husband, and it wasn’t particularly satisfying to be honest, but that man had been a bit brutish, not using any lube and not really asking my permission, either. But in this position, I pretty much had given these two guys my permission to do about anything.

I asked Ray, “Do you want to fuck me in the ass?”

“No, I want you to get off of Max so I can lie down where he is and you can sit on me.”

I pulled myself off of Max, his hard cock slapping against his belly as it popped from my cunt. His dick was slick with my juice, and I wondered if a typical whore would get that wet without lubing up. Max got off the bed and Ray lay down in the middle of it. His dick was not huge, but bigger than Max’s and I got onto him quickly. It felt wonderful, and I started pumping up and down on him reflexively. “Sit on it and stay, then lean forward and kiss me like you did Max.

I leaned forward and kissed him as he said, and felt Max getting on the bed behind me, on his knees, my ass in the air as I’d leaned forward to kiss Ray. Max grabbed my right thigh with his hand, then I felt the head of his dick probing for my asshole that Ray had lubed earlier. I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but was excited that while I was about to get my ass fucked, a dick was in my cunt at the same time. I’d seen this on movies my husband rented and always wondered what getting DP’ed would feel like.

I found out as Max pushed into me, very slowly. As the head pushed its way in, he asked, instead of treating me like a whore, “Is that OK so far?”

“Yes, just go slowly.” He did, pushing in a bit, then pulling out a bit less, before pushing back in, over and over, until I could feel his dick all the way in me, his pubic hair brushing my butt cheeks. All the while as he pushed himself into my ass, the pressure of Ray’s dick in my cunt became much more intense. As Max pumped bayburt escort slowly, the sphincter of my well-lubed asshole relaxed, and it began to actually feel good. Evidently, Ray felt my whole body relax at that point, and he began slowly pushing himself against me. He couldn’t move too much, being pinned to the bed by Max and me, but enough that I could feel him moving inside of me.

They didn’t stay long that way. Ray said to Max, “OK, I want to give her a good fucking.” Max pulled out of my ass and got off the bed, then Ray told me to get off of him and lay on the bed. I did, but couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t you boys going to do something for me? For my clit?”

“What?” Max blurted. “A whore who wants some personal attention? I thought you’d get that from your boyfriend later, since he knows what you’re up to and probably likes it, doesn’t he?”

“Yes, he does like to hear about my tricks, but I don’t tell him everything. I’m not doing this just for the money, you know. So, would one of you please help me? Please?”

Max lay down next to me, his face next to mine, reached to my clit with a finger on his right hand, and began rubbing—expertly. It felt wonderful. As he rubbed me, Ray got on the bed on the other side of me, on his knees next to my face, and stuck the head of his cock against my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked his dick as Max rubbed my clit. I was just about out of control. As I sucked Ray, Max leaned up on his left elbow and placed his mouth next to mine, continuing to rub me.

Max opened his mouth and licked his lips. Ray pulled his rock hard cock from my mouth and with a free hand guided it into Max’s. I had never seen a man suck another’s dick though I had imagined my husband doing it someday at my insistence. Right in front of my face, Ray’s dick pushed in and out of Max’s mouth, and after a few seconds I became aware again of Max’s finger sliding up and down on my wet, engorged clit. It was too much. My body stiffened as I had a tremendous orgasm, my cunt twitching around Max’s finger as I never took my eyes off of the man sucking a dick just in front of me.

When I was done, Max leaned away from Ray’s cock. Ray stood on the floor and pulled my butt to the edge of the bed. I spread my legs and told him to fuck me. He guided his dick into the opening of my cunt, then pushed himself hard into me. While he fucked my orgasm-tightened cunt, Max stood over me on his knees and I took his penis into my mouth.

Ray asked, “Are you ready, Max?”

“Yeah,” and Max moved over on the bed next to Ray as Ray pulled all but the head of his dick out of me. Max pulled on his dick, masturbating while looking at Ray’s dick positioned at my cunt. He began to come, and reached around Ray’s back for support. Max placed the head of his dick not more than six inches from where I was joined with Ray, and shot his load all over us, about as much of it landing on my pussy lips as landed on Ray’s penis and abdomen. When Max was finished, Ray restarted, pumping me furiously. As he began to come, he pulled himself from me and shot his semen on me, most of it catching in my pubic hair, while also decorating my abdomen and my bare outer lips, manicured again for me by my husband for just this evening’s occasion.

We all caught our breath. Max told me “Thank you. That was a lot of fun.”

I said, “Likewise. You boys need any more help from me, or can I run?”

Ray said, “We’re good. You want to take a shower or something before you leave?”

“No, I’ll get a shower at home, but thanks.”

I hurriedly got off the bed, pulled on my panties, wrapped the skirt around me and put on my tee-shirt. “Got to go.”

“You’re gonna leave, just like that?” Ray asked.

“Yes, that was the deal, remember? You boys don’t need anything else, so I’m gone. Thanks” I said as I grabbed the $200 and stepped out the door.

I hurried home, and about five minutes later, I walked in the front door. As instructed, my husband was waiting for me naked, but I told him, “I’m already fucked out, and not sure I’m interested any more.”

“But you said I could fuck you when you got home!”

“Oh, OK, I guess a deal’s a deal. Lay down on the floor.”

He did, and I undressed in front of him. As I pulled off my panties, soaked with my juice and Max’s and Ray’s cum, I handed them to my husband.

“If you want to fuck me, suck my panties clean.” He hesitated, and I ordered him, “Do it, or you’re not getting any pussy!”

He wadded my panties up in a ball and stuck them in his mouth, sucking the wetness from them. As he did, his dick got hard—the pervert! I straddled over him and lowered myself onto his dick, which wasn’t nearly as satisfying as those that had gone before him not a half hour before.

As I sat up and down on him, he pulled the panties from his mouth and looked at me, obviously noticing”my “date’s” semen still clinging to my pubic hair. “Did your date come on you there?”

“Yes, but bebek escort only after he’d given me a good long fucking with his big hard dick, and my pussy feels really nice and stretched out. Does my pussy feel all stretched out to you?”

“Y—y—yes, it does” he said as he came inside of me.

When he was through, I lifted myself from him and ordered him to lie still on the floor. He did so as I pulled my cunt lips apart, draining the semen he’d dumped into me back onto his body. I then lowered myself to my knees and pushed my sopping cunt to his face. He started trying to lick my clit but I told him to keep his mouth shut, and I proceeded to rub my very used crotch over his entire face. It aroused me that the face he presents to the public had been sat and smeared on by a freshly fucked pussy, and that he wasn’t the only one that had just fucked it! And he seemed to enjoy it!

I couldn’t stand it any more. “Lick me,” I said, moving my cunt to his mouth. He did what I said, and the one thing he is very good at is cunnilingus. I looked down at him, pinching my own nipples, thinking that my husband had his mouth on a pussy that not only he had fucked, but two other men as well, all in the last hour. It was too much, and it took only a couple of minutes for his mouth to bring me to orgasm, the end of a very satisfying evening.

I do love him, and as long as he seems to very much enjoy this game that we’re now playing together, I’ll be more than happy to continue.

October 28, 2002

It’s just the day after my fuck date, and I didn’t feel particularly sexed up until I got out of the shower and looked at myself in the mirror after drying off. Seeing myself naked, I looked at my crotch and thought “What a nasty slut you were last night,” and my mind raced. Max and Ray were strangers to me, yet I opened myself to them; their cocks had felt wonderful inside of me; I remembered watching Max suck Ray’s cock right in front of my face as Max brought me to orgasm; they came on me; I felt powerful parading my just-fucked self in front of my husband, who himself was aroused by it and fucked me as well…The memories of last night had made me want more, as soon as possible.

It was early afternoon, and my husband, who doesn’t like sports on TV all that much, was in another room listening to music and playing guitar. I walked in—naked—and asked, “So you had fun when I got home last night?”

He stopped noodling on the guitar and said, “Oh, yeah. That was very nasty. You were sure horny when you got home. I liked that very much, thinking of what a slut you were last night…”

“Face it,” I told him, “I am a slut, now, it’s not just limited to a particular time anymore, and it’s your fault for being such a nasty pervert yourself that got this whole thing started.”

It seemed he was trying to be apologetic, “Well, I, uh, didn’t intend…”

“No, no, no, don’t worry about it. It’s been fun for me, and I hope it has been for you so far,” and I’d thrown in the “so far” to indicate that there was more to come if he wanted it.

“Well, yeah, it has been. To be honest, I like for you to get what you want, and it makes me horny to see you so powerful in a sense, then to just rub it in my face—even literally—is satisfying to me at some level I can’t even begin to describe.”

“Well, get up and come over here.” He did, and I directed his hand to my cunt. It was wet. He sort of hummed, and started to poke at it, but I told him, “No, you’re going to have to wait for it. We need to do some playing around first.”

“Do you have something in particular in mind?” he asked.

“Sort of. Grab your minivan keys.” As he did, I put on—with nothing underneath—a terry and then walked through the door that led from the utility room into the garage, waiting for him there. He soon arrived, and I could see a bulge in his pants. We got into the van, he punched the garage door opener, started the van and backed out onto the street. “Where to?” he asked.

“I’m not sure right now, I’m kind of winging this. Some place where guys hang out, so I can open my robe and let guys see me. If you have an idea, you tell me.”

We just drove for about 15 minutes to another part of town, more than anything to get away from our own neighborhood where we’d be recognized. “How about here?” he said, but I’d already noticed it as having potential. He was pointing at an adult movie and toy center, one of those new, gaudy ones that try to look clean and female-friendly, not a seedy bookstore. And it was huge—the parking lot alone must have been almost an acre.

“Looks good. Park in the back of the lot behind all the other cars, facing the door where people walk out.”

There were about 6 rows of parking spaces, and most of the first two were taken up, so we parked in the middle of the fourth row, our van kind of out there by itself. As instructed, my husband parked facing the door so we could see who walked out. I slipped between the two front seats of the van into the back seat, and opened the sliding door about six inches. “Let’s just see what these guys look like, and when we see someone who looks promising, I’ll try to get there attention and invite them back here with me. You OK with that?” I asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32