Cortland Decker Crawford

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Everybody, male and female alike, on seeing Cortland Decker Crawford, couldn’t help but stare at him. He could have been the poster boy for: hair styling, haberdashery, beauty and physical fitness products. He’d just turned eighteen and was breathtakingly handsome.

Cortland Decker Crawford could also have been chosen for: turd.url, boor.url, spoiledbrat.url and teenasshole.url.

He’s a freshman, law student at Harvard; thus, his reason for being in Cambridge, Mass. His home is in Beekman Place in Manhattan’s, upper-east side, where it’s believed the greatest concentration of North America’s filthy-rich have their home.

Try as I might, I could not picture the turd in his black robes with white dickey, pleading his case. I don’t think Cortland Decker Crawford could’ve lowered himself to plead for his own life. But you know what, in spite of all his faults I still wanted to suck his cock; of course he didn’t know that, yet.

My Grandma, Martha Alfredson, owned the male boarding house. Of course, a boarding house could never attract the elite, Harvard students, so Grandma cleverly advertised it as Chez Alfredson- french for Alfredson’s Place. She’d been running the thirty room house, for which she got sinfully exorbitant rent, very successfully for more than thirty years; and we were completely booked for years in advance. Many of the boys, including Cortland Decker Crawford, were the offspring of former guests.

Oh, no, I thought to myself. It was two o’clock in the morning and I was in the kitchen drinking coffee when Crawford came in. It was my first opportunity to actually meet him, since he’d only arrived that day.

“Hi,” I said, extending my hand, “I’m Zachary Alfredson, Mrs. Alfredson’s grandson. Everybody calls me Zach, by the way.”

“Yes.” Was his reply, as he offered a forced smile. I wondered why he’d come into the kitchen. The uncomfortable silence that followed, though it had only been a few seconds, felt like a lifetime.

“Care for a coffee,” I asked, “Or a glass of milk?” God, he was gorgeous. I couldn’t figure out whether the tingling I felt meant I was on the verge of an erection, or that I needed to pee; it proved to be the former.

“I would like to have coffee, please.” Hmm, coffee meant I’d have to expose my boner for a considerably longer time. Well, so be it, I thought, After all, I’m only twenty-two and I get an erection for no particular reason, a million times a day. Surely, rich kids have the same problem; and for him, at only eighteen, it’s probably worse.

Wiping it completely from my mind, I got up and prepared his coffee. Of course, there’s no way you can wipe a hard, throbbing dick from your mind, is there; especially with Cortland Decker Crawford close by and ogling it.

“Coffee’s quite good,” he said, breaking into a sincere smile, showing gleaming, perfectly straight teeth; he probably sees an orthodontist every month, I thought. “Do you work here with your Grandmother?”

“Yes, there’s plenty to do around here; and she can’t handle it, alone, anymore…It’s a, surprisingly, large operation, you know,” I proudly added. Then, considering the wealth of his family, I wished I hadn’t. It was like comparing the profits of the corner, convenience store with those of Microsoft.

I felt uncomfortable with him but I didn’t know why. Probably, it was because he’d always been the little prince who, now, found

it impossible to relate to the common class, of which, of course, I was one. Despite my hard casino şirketleri cock and my desire to be close to him, I was relieved when Richie Foster showed himself in the doorway. He would, at least, share my discomfort. “Have you met Cortland Crawford?” I asked.

“Hi, ya, Cort, how’s it hangin’?” Richie asked, making Prince Crawford cringe at being called Cort. Trust Richie to set off on the right foot, I thought.

“I’m quite well thank you,” replied Cortland, sarcastically, “I presume that was what you were asking me.” I felt embarrassed for Rich; he was such an easygoing guy.

Oh, God, no, I prayed, silently, my heart pounding when Richie picked up the book I’d been reading. I’d quickly dropped it on the chair next to me when Cortland had, unexpectedly, arrived.”Oh, wow! Is this ever hot,” said, good old Richie, “Listen.” He ordered, and began reading. ‘… and they were a gang of at least eight; all strong, young guys. They ripped my pants off and pressed my knees against my shoulders; it was so awful, Freddy, they all had such big, hard erections. I was totally helpless; they pulled me to the to the ground. I screamed, in agony, when one shoved an enormous erection, all he way, into my anus. Then another, even larger, stopped me from screaming by straddling my face and forcing it into my mouth. I, tried to not swallow his ejaculation, but before I could turn my head to spit, another one pushed his way in. I was sure they’d kill me…’.” He laid the book on the table, shifting his big, blue, laughing eyes from me to Cortland. “Can I borrow this, I’d love to know how it ends?”

“I don’t know who it belongs to, so we should leave it right here, where I found it.”

During Richie’s reading, I watched for Cortland’s reaction; on at least two occasions his hand disappeared beneath the table and there was a little squirming going on. My guess; however, was that he was locking his erection between his thighs to keep it well hidden. “Well, I’m going to bed, guys; try not to fight, huh?”

From my room I was able to see Richie leave, followed, about two minutes later, by Cortland. I went to turn off the lights; the book wasn’t there. I doubted Richie would’ve taken it, especially after I said he shouldn’t; I couldn’t be sure, though. Hercule Poireau, I was sure, would’ve suspected Cortland Decker Crawford. I couldn’t sleep, so, attempting to satisfy my curiosity, I went upstairs. Richie’s room was dark but Cortland’s light was still burning. It was all circumstantial evidence; and until I had Cortland’s cock in my mouth, he’d only be a suspect.

During the following few weeks Cort had often joined me in the kitchen for our middle-of-the-night, coffee klatch. Generally, he had come to accept the Cort shortcut; actually, all the guys had started using it, so he had no choice. He only prayed hoped his parents would never hear of it.

He had changed dramatically. The others began to like him and welcomed him into their little groups. He and I became very good friends. I think he saw me as his mentor. Surprisingly, we became close enough that he admitted he had taken the book.

“I never read anything like that, before,” he said, blushing, “I can’t believe guys do the stuff in that book…do you think it’s all true, Dach?”

“Sure,” I told him, “Google it, you’ll be amazed at what guys do…start with fetishes,” I suggested.

“Could we, maybe, Google together, sometime,” he asked. He was dead serious and I almost cracked up.

“Sure! Anytime you’re casino firmaları ready, Cort; you just let me know when.”

How about tomorrow night, instead of meeting for coffee?” he asked, apologizing because he only had a laptop. “Sure,” I told him, “We can Google on your laptop.”

I wondered if his parents had ever allowed him to go out without security. He told me that their greatest fear had been that he might be snatched and held for ransom. I was certain that had been the reason he’d been unable to communicate; he simply didn’t know how.

It was quite amazing that we’d become so close, considering how I despised him, in the beginning. “Did you have any idea how I felt about you, when I first saw you?” I asked him, and he surprised me when he answered.

“Of course, Zach, you felt the same way everybody does, before they get to know me. I don’t make friends very easily.”

“Why, do you know?”

“Sure, my shrink’s been working with me for years… I’m too fearful and suspicious of strangers, he says my parents transmitted their extortion fears to me. He estimates it could take a couple of to turn me around…Of, course, it could be he likes the dough he’s making on me,” he said laughing.

“I’m glad I really got to know you, Cort, ’cause I like you, a lot.” He zapped me with an incredibly, disarming smile.

It was shortly after dinner when Cort, via eye movements, indicated he was ready to Google. I had suddenly become very protective of him and had decided I wouldn’t come on to him. I wanted to do everything I could to help him with his difficult entry into the scary world of sex.

My legs turned into overcooked spaghetti, when Cort opened his door to my soft knock. “C’mon in, Zach,” he whispered; and my magnanimous resolve went out the window. He wore a pair of silk, almost transparent, flowered shorts that left nothing to the imagination; I was able to see everything he owned. His bare chest was magnificent. Fine, soft hair, between his pecs, formed a treasure trail that narrowed to enter the waistband of his shorts. Through the sheer silk, it could be seen expanding into his thick and bushy pubic patch. My cock had turned to granite; he was truly beautiful.

“Don’t be shy to make yourself comfortable, Zach; the more comfortable you are the less embarrassed I’ll feel.” he said, smiling like an angel. I matched him by stripping to my shorts. “Oh, Zach, you’ve got a great body. I’m finding it difficult to prevent myself from hugging you,” he said, sighing, loudly.

Now, It had become impossible for me to wait; I didn’t want to lose time, screwing around with the laptop. I had to start Googling, right now. I quickly grabbed the back of his head and pulled his mouth to mine. My other hand groped in his shorts to grab his hard, fat cock. I stroked it, gently, while the neophyte, expertly, fucked my mouth with his hot, tongue.

Remaining joined at the head, I deftly lowered the flowered, silk shorts; he kicked them across the room. I waltzed him toward the bed, till we dropped back onto the soft mattress. Cort, Unable to control his heavy breathing, broke our bond, momentarily, before resuming with a renewed enthusiasm. Meanwhile, my hand burrowed beneath his lower body and tickled his butt hole with a finger-tip; his gasp was loud, as his body stiffened and his butt muscle twitched, continually.

“You’re driving me insane, Zach” he told me, sounding like he was hyper-ventilating. My finger, maintaining the angel’s euphoric state, I güvenilir casino began licking him, starting at his lips. Tenderly, lovingly and very slowly, I licked his pecs, nibbling on his large, hard nipples. He squirmed, ecstatically, when I raised his arm to lick his armpit; I licked him, there, for a very long time; because he loved it so much, and his smell was making me so horny.

His soft, blond, chest hair excited me, tremendously; I tongue-washed it, thoroughly, before tracing his exciting treasure trail to his soft, bushy pubic patch. I couldn’t resist chewing and pulling on it. His body fragrance was, extraordinarily, delightful.

Now, well aware of how close he was to the undreamed of pleasure of, for the first time, having his cock in a hot mouth, his breathing was coming in very short gulps. Holding his solid erection aside, I, licked and sucked everywhere, in the vicinity of his balls.

Normal instinct, when I licked behind his testicles, caused him to raise himself in anticipation of having his butt hole tongue fucked; but that was for later. “Zach…when are ya gonna suck me?” He asked, almost pleadingly, “The anticipation is driving me nuts; I feel like I’m gonna get sick to my stomach.”

“Take it easy, Angel,” I said, finally engulfing his large, spongy knob. The ecstatic moan was loud and long, as my mouth, slowly, descended, until his cock head was deeply embedded in my throat. I absolutely loved what I was doing; mostly, because Cort was in seventh heaven.

“Zach, I’m gonna cum!” I was quick to get my mouth away from his throbbing cock.

“Don’t move, Cort, just keep still…and don’t touch yourself, you don’t wanna cum too soon,” I told him, adding, “Unless, of course, you’re able to recharge real fast.”

“Yeah, you’re right, Zach, I prefer not to lose interest yet…besides, I’ve often stopped myself, while jerking off, just before I reached the point of no return.”

“Lie on your stomach, Cort,” I told him, then I stuffed a couple of pillows under him. I began to lick his balls, again, before moving towards the bottom of the valley between his bubbles. His ohs and ahs, clearly, told me that he knew what was coming next. The moment my tongue moved up his crack, he reached behind to separate his buns to the maximum. He moaned, continuously, till my tongue worked it’s way into his hole. I thought his sphincter was going to amputate it.

“Zach, I’m at the point!” He shouted, too loudly, I’d thought. I was afraid everybody, in the house, recognized what was going on. Quickly, I rolled him over, onto his back.

“You got time to kneel over my face,” I said, as I got on the bed. He was in a panic. He was afraid he couldn’t hold on; but he did. “Ok, doll, anytime you’re ready. “When you’re gonna cum, pull out, jerk yourself, and shoot your cum into my mouth. I wanna be able to really taste it, Cort.”

“Ahh, ah, Man!” His shout, this time, was even louder than before. I sloshed his hot cum around in my mouth, then I swallowed it. When I opened my mouth to complement him on how great he tasted, he collapsed on my face and French-kissed me.

“I wanna suck you, now, Zach, baby.”

“Let’s wait, Cort,” I said, rubbing my knob precum on his lips, “It’ll be better, all around, if we wait till you’re horny, again. You know, when the account is empty, there’s no more interest, so we’ll both enjoy it, much more, tomorrow night, I told him; and he agreed.

“I never dreamed it would be so incredible, Zach, I really appreciate your help…Ya know what we should do?” He asked, excitedly.


“We should put that book in Richie Foster’s room.”


“Then, when he’s all sexed-up we all get together and Google!”

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