Cleaning Her Feet

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I find myself tied, naked, to your chair. My head is under your desk, and my body is out to one side. I have been there for hours, alone. See, you had errands to run and you wanted me to be there when you got back. So you secured my right arm to your chair, and my left arm to your desk. You then took off for a walk to the dry cleaners and the bank, and a few other things out in the warm summer weather. It was a nice day outside, and the last thing you said as you walked out the door was “I think I’ll barefoot it. Be prepared to worship my soles when I return.”

So it’s two or so hours now, and my cock has gone through wave after wave of arousal. It’s been hard, and throbbing, thinking of your return. It’s been limp and lifeless unable to rise from sheer exhaustion. And as the key enters the lock of your apartment, it rises like an obedient toy. I hear the “pat pat pat” of your soles on the floor as you bee-line to me. You had shed your clothes between the door and me, but frankly, my eyes never moved from the tasty toes approaching.

Suddenly you put one foot on my leg and stepped up on to me, then the other. You literally walked up my body, one foot coming dangerously close to squishing my balls to the floor as you make your way to your throne. You pause for a second, making sure your full weight is on my body before you sit down, to remind me I am nothing but your play toy. You reach down and wrap your silken hand around my firm cock and give it a few fast tugs, then slap it hard and giggle. You lean forward and turn on your computer and suddenly my world goes black. You have placed the heel of your left foot on my eye socket, and the sole runs the length of my face so that your toes are digging into my other eye. Your right foot ankara escort covers my mouth and part of my nose, a sensual sent invading my nostrils. I inhale deeply and my cock, your cock, twitches with excitement as I smell the tired, musky scent your feet have from walking in the warm weather. I can feel the grit and dirt on your soles, and each time you move them around on my face, your footrest, it scratches a bit.

Minutes pass, and then perhaps hours. My cock has gone limp, gotten erect and gone limp again. Each time it deflated you reached down and gave it a firm tug. The last time you took my balls in your hand and squeezed firmly. It immediately shot up, and you continued doing whatever it was you were doing. Not one word has been uttered the whole time, but a thick string of precum has dripped down my cock and is pooling around the base. Finally I felt you shift, though only barely. There was some abrupt jerking at my cock and balls, and I realized you were tying rope around them. You tied it so my nuts were separated and the rope went around the base of my cock, and you held the string in your hand. You finally spoke to me.

“I hope you are enjoying your fantasy. You wanted my soles dirty, and you’ve had them. However, I prefer them clean, and that is where you come in. So take that tongue of yours and clean them, slowly.” I start lapping like a puppy dog and you jerk the rope in your hand sharply. “This isn’t a race fucker. It took two hours to get them dirty, I don’t see why it should take less to get them clean.” And you jerked again for emphasis. I then slowly started to lick your gorgeous soles. My tongue slowly moved inch by inch around your heel. First I cleaned the outside, and then the inside. I licked ankara genç escort ever so adoringly until your heel was completely covered with my saliva, and the dirt was gone. I moved my tongue to the middle of your sole, and bathed it, side to side. This tickled you, and you jerked sharply on my nuts again. “This isn’t relaxing me, do it slower so I fall asleep” you said. I made sure my tongue movements were calculated and deliberate to not make you flinch. Another 15 minutes and I am at the ball of your foot. I wrap my mouth around it, sucking in your foot and lavishing it with kisses from my tongue. I move across the base of your toes.

I take my tongue and stick it between two toes. The taste and feel is incredible. Slowly I move in and out of the gap between each toe, and in a little while your toes were spotless. You move slightly and give me the next foot to adore. I start the same process, only to have you change yours. You are now firmly pulling on the rope with constant force. I am almost arching my back to release the tension and with your newly cleaned foot you push my pelvis back to the floor. I continue my administrations and clean your foot, nearly mad from the pressure and pain on my nuts. After my tongue has snaked its way up and down your foot, cleaning it to your liking, you let go a deep sigh. Standing up you move the chair out which forces my arms to be stretched wide. You sit on my chest, your naked sex on my chest, and start to rub back and forth. All the while your tension on the string increased. You start to move your pussy on my body very quickly, pulling the string more taught. My body is now arched up as you rub your sex at a feverish pace and I feel like my nuts are antalya escort going to be ripped off my body. Finally you cum, your sweet honey coating my chest. You get up, leaving me tied and twisted, and go shower.

Minutes pass and the maddening throbbing in my cock and balls mounts. The scent of your feet and sex waft up to my nose and my cock is so hard it may burst. I hear you in the shower, and you moan loudly. You’ve made yourself cum again, and my cock twitches as I realize this. Finally, after what seems like hours, you make your way back to me. You didn’t dry off, and your body is dripping wet and glistening like glass in the sun. You sit between my legs and examine your toy. You check the rope and make sure it’s taught around the base of my cock. You then put your legs up over my body. Your feet don’t quite make it to my face, and this taunts me. Suddenly your silken hand grabs my cock and start jerking it furiously. Your other hand begins to firmly kneed my nuts. If i didn’t know better, I would say you’d be as happy as squeezing the cum out of my balls as you would be jerking it out. The pressure starts to mount and pain starts to increase. The rope around my cock is holding the cum in, and this causes you to jerk faster and squeeze harder. Your knuckles are almost white from squeezing my tender nuts so hard, while your fingers are a blur on my pole. Finally the pressure is to great and a tiny jet of cum makes it’s way out of my dick.

You pull your hand away and watch my member twitch and throb unsatisfied. You laugh at the pitiful amount of cum that escaped, and stand up and walk away. You pick up the dildo that you used in the shower and sit down next to me. You smile as you start to fuck it, moaning in pleasure. You laugh as my cock strains still to get release. You lean over and kiss me, and remind me that my fetish was your feet, and your fetish was tormenting me. You finish in a screaming orgasm, and then put the wet dildo on my pelvis. You walk away, leaving me tied and bound, until tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32