Chad the Cable Guy

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“Damn” I thought as I tried to turn on Netflix after a long day of work. “My internet is out.”

I live in an old house in the middle of the city, and various creatures have a habit of getting into the crawl space under the house and chewing on wires. Guess I’m going to have to call the cable company that provides my internet service, and spend a weekend day waiting around for the cable guy. They always arrive so much later than they say they will.

Before I get too ahead of myself, let me tell you about me. My name is Trevor, and I’m still living in the city I grew up in. I’m 30 years old, but my baby face has people believing I haven’t even graduated high school yet. I’m on the skinny-to average side and not too muscular. People seem to think I’m attractive, but I don’t really see it. I’m fairly openly gay, but haven’t been for long. I’ve had some boyfriends and casual hookups in the past few years though I am certainly not too experienced. Sex was never my favorite thing—my biggest turn-ons include seeing big muscular guys in various states of undress, plus I never turn down a good make out session. Don’t get me wrong, sex can be great; I just get nervous sometimes and would rather go slow and work my way up to it with the right guy.

Anyway, with my current predicament of having no internet, I wanted to make sure and get something scheduled with the cable company as soon as possible. I gave them a call and asked if they could send someone out to fix the internet.

“You’re in luck sir, we just had a cancellation for tomorrow morning and can send someone out between 8 and 10 tomorrow morning,” said the representative in a deep and friendly voice.

It being Friday night, this meant I was going to have to wake up early on a Saturday. But in this day and age, how could I go a whole day with no internet? I agreed and thanked him, and went on with my evening. Internet was my main source of entertainment, so without it I decided to take my dog on a walk before cooking a nice big dinner while listening to some good music. Who needs Netflix anyway? Oh right…I definitely do.

I went to bed, setting my alarm for 7:55am. Same time I wake up for work every morning. Sure, that’s pretty late for work but I’ve gotten spoiled because it’s so close to home, plus I’m a supervisor and can get away with coming in a few minutes late. “I’ll at least get to sleep in on Sunday,” I thought, as I lamented the fact that my Saturday was going to start so much earlier than I’d like. I knew I wouldn’t be quite ready if they showed up at 8, but what are the odds?

My alarm went off after what felt like minutes. Time to get up. I’ve slept naked every night since I started living alone, so I get out of bed bare-assed and march, morning wood leading the way, bobbing up and down as I made my way to the bathroom which was connected to my room. I figured I had time, so I hopped in the shower after letting out a healthy stream of piss, and started to get myself ready for the day. All of a sudden, my dog starts barking loudly. He does that sometimes so I didn’t think too much of it. Next I hear my phone vibrating, and since I didn’t want to miss my appointment I jumped out to answer it. Sure enough, the voice on the other end tells me his name is Chad, he’s from the cable company, and is here to fix my internet. “Great, a guy named Chad,” I thought, picturing the total douchebag that name almost always belongs to.

“Shit, I’m so sorry, man. I didn’t expect you so early so I was just in the shower,” I say with a sincere note of apology in my voice.

“No worries my man, I’m just at your front door if you wanna come let me in and show me to the modem,” he responded.

“I’ll be there in just a sec,” I replied and hung up.

I wrapped a towel around my waist quickly and rushed to the door to the hallway. In my haste, my dog got out and ran straight for the front door. He hates strangers, so his barking never ceases. I chased after him and opened the front door to find Chad standing there waiting.

“Great place you got here, my man!” he said. Then, as his eyes adjusted to the change in light, looked down and continued, with a grin and a chuckle, “Dude I’m not in a huge rush, you could have put some pants on!”

I felt my face get hot and knew I must be blushing. First, my dog was still going nuts; second, this guy had commented on my near-nakedness; and third, my god it just hit me what a total hunk he was. Chad was about my height, maybe an inch or two taller, which would put him at about 6′ or 6’1″. He had short dark hair, perfectly trimmed facial hair, a smile that would make an iceberg melt, perfect teeth, muscular arms and body, and the bluest eyes that I could stare into forever. His clothes were tight and I could make out a nice bulge in front. This guy was exactly my type and here he was standing in my doorway, my dog barking and me in just a towel.

“Dude?” he said with a knowing smirk, snapping me out of my daydream and making me quite sure he knew the casino şirketleri affect he just had on me. I guess I stood staring longer than I meant to.

I gave a nervous laugh and looked down my naked chest to towel wrapped around my waist, a slight bulge forming in front as my dick began to rise to attention. I don’t think it was noticeable unless he stared at it though, so I just hoped it wouldn’t keep growing.

“Yeah, sorry, I just didn’t want to keep you waiting. I’m sure you have a lot of appointments today. Anyway, come on in and let me show you to the modem,” I replied.

“Dude? I don’t wanna sound like a pussy or anything, but is your dog gonna bite me?” he asked.

“Shit, sorry, honestly I can’t guarantee that he won’t. Let me grab him and put him back in my room real quick.” He’s not a huge dog, so I bent down to scoop him up. As I bent down, I felt the towel loosen but it didn’t fall off, thank god. Unfortunately, once I picked up my dog his back legs kicked at my towel and finished the job. It felt like it happened in slow motion, but suddenly my towel was on the floor and there I stood naked as the day I was born, holding my dog, my naked dick plumped up from seeing this adonis standing in front of me. “Oh fuck. I can’t believe— I didn’t— I’m sorry,” I stammered as I carefully grabbed the towel with one hand, dog in my other arm, and covered myself. This was going just great.

“Haha no worries my man, I got one of those too ya know. Plus I grew up with 4 brothers and it seemed like at least one of us always had his cock out at any given time. Takes a lot more than that to embarrass me,” he said, flashing that winning smile and making me feel at ease. Plus, did he just use the word ‘cock’??

With just one free hand, I couldn’t exactly wrap the towel back around me, so I just held it in front of my ever-growing dick as I choked out a “I’ll put the dog in the other room real quick, be right back.” He stayed standing just inside the doorway to wait for me. As I turned around to take the dog back to my room, it became painfully obvious to me that my towel was not covering my ass since I was trying to cover my hard-on, so my bouncing cheeks were on display as I walked away from him. Somehow, I had the feeling that he wasn’t looking away though…

I dropped the dog back in my room, secured the towel once again, and returned to find Chad where I left him.

“Still no pants, I see,” he laughed. Shit, why didn’t I take the opportunity to put on some clothes? He had already said he wasn’t in a huge rush. Why is this guy affecting me this much?

“Oh, I uhh, I just wanted to show you to the modem real quick and didn’t want to keep you waiting. Sorry,” I said sheepishly.

“Not to worry, my man. You lead and I’ll follow.” There’s that smile again. And another ‘my man.’ Every time he said those words I felt his power over me build.

I showed him to the modem and he set down his bag and got to work. There I was standing behind him, still naked but for a towel wrapped around me, wondering if I should go finish getting ready.

“I…uh…I—,” I started after a few minutes, not knowing what I was going to say exactly. But he cut me off and made me feel at ease once again.

“My man, I think I got this from here. You still got some shampoo in your hair anyway, you can feel free to go back to the shower and finish off.” He has said a few things now that seem to have double meanings, but could also be completely innocent. Had he noticed my dick in need of attention and suggested that I go jack off in the shower, or was he simply saying I can excuse myself to finish getting ready?

“Oh, yeah, I uhh…I’ll go do that, thanks,” I replied. Just then he bent down and that tight shirt that was accentuating his muscular back just right, rode up a bit as his pants rode down, and I got a peek at his lower back and the top of his asscrack. He had a small patch of hair just above what looked like the start of a perfect bubble butt. How was this guy so fucking hot, and how am I going to get through the rest of this appointment?

I got back to the bathroom, heart pounding and dick hard as a rock. My bathroom is kind of a jack and jill bathroom—on one side is a door to the hallway and on the other side is a door to my room. I close the door to my room to keep my dog contained, take my towel off, and start the shower back up. After rinsing the rest of the shampoo from my hair and soaping up my body, I start washing my balls and shaft, which is still plenty hard. It feels so good, and the image of Chad is still burned into my mind’s eye, so I start stroking. Just then, I hear a knock on the door. What now?

“My man, can you tell me where the cable comes into the house?” asked Chad.

“Uhh, huh? I mean yeah, uhh, sure man, coming!” I said, dick in hand and getting ready to shoot a load.

I hear the doorknob turn and the door open, and see through the clear glass shower door that Chad is now in the bathroom with me, full view casino firmaları of me stroking my hard dick.

“Shit, sorry dude, didn’t you just say ‘come in’ though?”

“I, uhh, no I said I was coming, just a sec,” I said, face definitely bright red now.

He looks down at my dick for just a second too long and, still not looking embarrassed, replies “ohh, cumming, right, sorry my man. I’ll be back by the modem.” I hadn’t meant ‘cumming,’ but the way he said that, it felt like another misunderstanding. Abandoning my shower jerk, I rinsed off, stepped out of the shower, and dried myself off. The embarrassment I felt of getting caught jacking off by this hunky cable guy had at least let my dick shrink back to normal size, maybe still just a little fluffy. Not needing him to comment on my towel situation one more time, I grabbed a pair of short basketball shorts from my room and threw them on without bothering to put on underwear or a shirt. They were the thin mesh kind, in gray, and they didn’t have a liner, but it was the only clean pair I had until I did laundry again. I joined Chad by the modem, dick swinging in my shorts as I walked, but only noticeable if you’re staring.

“Well that was quick,” he said with a smirk and a wink.

“Oh, no, I didn’t—I mean, I just, just… I just finished rinsing off and threw on some shorts because I didn’t want to keep you waiting.” More embarrassment. Did I just basically admit that I had indeed been jacking off, but that I didn’t finish?

It was weird, it almost looked like he was relieved to hear that. “Ok perfect, so now you can show me where the cable comes in, my man.”

I took him outside to the opening of the crawl space. I always felt bad for anyone who had to go in there because it was dark and who knows what kind of bugs or other creatures lived in it. I shone a flashlight at a spot about 10 feet in where the cable goes up through the floor into the house. He got down next to me to look with me, his head right next to mine. I felt his breath on my cheek as he said, “Aight my man, guess I’m going in! Be a bud and let me squeeze by and hold the flashlight for me?”

I scoot over to let him by, then return to my spot to shine the light for him. As he crawls on his hands and knees, his asscrack is visible again, but this time I can see more of it. Plus, those pants are looking extra tight and hugging those two perfectly sculpted mounds of man muscle. I’m still wearing just the loose pair of short basketball shorts with no lining, naked from the waist up. My dick begins to stir again, but in my position on my hands and knees, he can’t see anything.

Chad messes around with some stuff down there for a few minutes, then calls back at me that he sees what the issue is and that the problem is a little worse than he expected. Great, I thought, more time with Chad means more time for me to make a fool of myself.

“My man, I’m gonna need to grab some equipment from my truck so I’m coming out,” he says as he turns around and heads back toward me. “So uh, you can quit shining that light directly in my face.”

“Oh, right, sorry.” There’s that timid voice of mine again. I scoot aside and let him out. We both stand up, and I look down and see that he is absolutely covered in dirt from the crawl space. I point it out and apologize. He doesn’t even look and just shrugs and says “shit happens” and makes his way to the truck.

I wait awkwardly halfway between the entrance to the crawl space and the front door, not knowing where he needs to go next.

“My man,” he starts as he returns, “you were right, I’m dirty as fuck. Mind if I use your bathroom for a sec?”

We both go inside, he goes to the bathroom and the door opens a few minutes later and I hear his footsteps approaching. As he comes around the corner, my jaw drops. He’s holding his shirt and his pants under his arm, and is standing there in just a wifebeater and jockstrap. I can’t believe my luck, but at the same time I’m very aware that these thin, unlined basketball shorts will do very little as my dick is rapidly springing to attention again.

“My man, this might sound a little weird, but is there any chance I could ask you to throw this shit in your washing machine? It’s just, I don’t have a change of clothes and I can’t spend the rest of the day covered in dirt.” He said it with such confidence, as though this was the most normal thing in the world. I love a cocky guy.

I’m still nearly speechless, but manage to get out the words “uhmmm yeah sure I guess, here,” and hold out my hand to grab his clothes, which he hands right over, “be right back.”

I head to the washer and throw his clothes in and start it up. The display says it will be an hour until the load is finished. I hadn’t thought about how much time it would take. I head back inside to find him on his hands and knees on the floor by the modem, jockstrapped ass in the air for me to see. Holy shit, that ass was just as perfect as I knew it would be. I wanted güvenilir casino to run my hands all over it and the rest of that beautifully toned body.

“Uhh, Chad, the washer is going to take an hour plus the dryer will probably be another 40 minutes. I, umm, I mean, do you have time to wait for that?”

“Yeah, when I was at my truck I got a call saying my next appointment is canceled, plus this job will take some time, so I’m not going anywhere,” he winked at me again.

“Oh, ok perfect. I’m sorry this one ended up being so hard though!” I apologized.

“Don’t worry, my man, I like dealing with hard things. Keeps things…interesting,” he said with another smirk and wink. Okay, there’s no way all of these comments are coincidences. I didn’t know what to say back, so I stayed quiet. “Actually my man, could you come over here and hold the flashlight pointed down at the floor?”

I went over and tried to do as he asked, but it was a pretty tight space and the light wasn’t getting to the right place.

“I think you’re gonna have to get closer, my man.” The only way to do this was to kneel down right behind him, the front of my shorts, tented slightly from my semi, just a couple inches from his bare ass, and my naked torso towering over his muscular back bent forward towards the floor. Now, I’m usually a bottom, but being in this position behind a muscle god like Chad, there was a not-so-little part of me that wanted to drop my shorts right there and stuff that thicc ass with my 7 inches of cut man meat. I abstained though and kept myself surprisingly under control. As Chad was working, however, he had to move his position slightly and ended up backing up into me a little. His bare ass was now touching my shorts, just a thin layer of mesh between my dick and his hole. My heart was pounding and my dick rising again, this time making contact the whole time. There’s no way he wasn’t noticing this, but he didn’t say anything.

After a few more minutes of this, he was about done with this part of the work and my dick was leaking all sorts of precum. He could probably start to feel my wet sex juice on his ass, but again said nothing. He backed up into me even more and made to get up, causing his ass to rub the length of my hard dick as he stood. I stood too, making no attempt to hide the fact that my dick was pretty seriously tenting my shorts. I mean, he’s already seen it and now felt it on that tight butt, so what did it matter?

He turns around, and I swear the front of his jockstrap was looking pretty full too. Chad seems like such a straight guy, but I’m definitely having some doubts. He says he needs to go back into the crawl space and asks if I’d hold the flashlight again. Again we go outside, him in his jock and undershirt; me in my obscenely tented basketball shorts and I shine the light on that perfect ass as he crawls in. Another several minutes pass with me staring at him doing his work, ass and arm muscles flexing seductively with every move, and he is finally finished. He comes back out, again covered in dirt, jock even more tented. As soon as he stands up, he strips off his wifebeater. “Hope ya don’t mind, my man, but this got really dirty too. I should’ve taken it off before I went back down there,” he says with a shrug as he walks past me, wearing a jockstrap, work boots, and nothing else to re-enter my house. Jesus I didn’t know my dick could get this hard.

I follow him, his back muscles pumped and glistening with sweat, his cheeks bouncing up and down. He bends back down and tells me he’s just about finished. This reminds me about his laundry, so I excuse myself to move the load to the dryer. When I get back, he’s standing there on the phone, one hand nonchalantly down the front of his jock absentmindedly touching his dick as guys often do while they’re on the phone.

He hangs up and turns to me, saying “hey my man, so I just got word that I got another cancellation so I got even more time before my next job. I gotta wait on my clothes to dry anyway, plus I’m dirty as fuck all over from that crawlspace now. Mind if I take a shower?”

Oh my god this perfect man was about to be completely naked in my shower. There wasn’t much left to the imagination at this point, but I still hadn’t seen his dick, so I got even more excited.

“Not at all,” I replied. He turned and headed toward the bathroom, stopping just before he turned the corner, and looked back at me.

“Can you show me where the towels are?” I follow the bouncing globes of smooth muscular man ass to the bathroom and open the cabinet to pull out a fresh towel. “Be a pal and turn the water on for me too, my man?”

I open the shower door and turn on the water. Turning back around, I see him pushing his jock down to the floor, his beautiful manly cock now free and definitely plumped up. My mouth is suddenly watering and my heart pounding. He does that sexy grin again, looking me directly in the eyes. He walks past me, feels the water, and gets in with me still just standing there. He starts soaping himself up and I stand frozen. I should leave the bathroom, it’s weird that I’m still in here, isn’t it? Then again, wasn’t it weird that he got naked and entered the shower without giving me any time to leave?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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