Catching a Big One

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August Ames

I was on a retreat in the woods for a weekend with the campus GLBT group. It was the final days of Indian summer and I really wanted to get away from everyone for a while and enjoy the warm weather before the cold came in, so I decided to go for a hike in the woods.

I walked under the changing leaves through the receding underbrush. I started sweating a little from the humidity and my shirt was beginning to cling to me when I came to a really beautiful little river and, remembering childhood summers, I decided to go for a quick swim.

Since no one was around, and because I didn’t want to walk back in wet things, I stripped off my clothes, laying them in a neat pile on the shore, and hurried in. I quickly submerged for modesty and enjoyed the chill water running over my skin.

I moved my arms in the river, feeling the current, the hint of my naked body visible beneath the clear water. I splashed nonchalantly, not paying attention to my surroundings and drifting to a state of meditation, immersed in the water and the foliage and the sunlight all around me. I didn’t notice the man approaching, carrying his tackle box, prepared for a relaxing day of fishing.

He saw me, though, and felt a stirring in his pants. He set down his equipment and approached slowly, watching me. My back was to him, so I didn’t notice as he reached the edge of the river and, smiling, scooping up my clothes.

“Are these yours?”

I turned, startled, my hands moving to cover myself. “Oh, um, yes…I was just…cooling off in the river.”

His smile grew, scanning my form under the surface. “Looks pretty hot in there to me.”

I blushed, sinking lower in the current.

He set my garments back down. “Mind if I join you?”

I looked startled and began to stammer, not sure what to say. He just laughed a little at my embarrassment and started stripping beside the river. I blushed deeper, trying to make myself look away as his clothes came easily off.

He stood naked, daring me to look over, not getting into the river. “You never answered if it was okay for me to come in…”

I glanced over cautiously, glimpsing his thick dick, half hard of the full nest of his pubs, and hurriedly looked away again, feeling my own part grow under the water.

“But I guess it’s fine, since you haven’t casino şirketleri said no.” He waded into the water and headed over to me, the water around his midsection. I looked him straight in the eye, not looking down, trying not to bite my lip, unsure what to do.

“What’s a hot boy like you doing here?”

“I—I’m here on a retreat.” I replied.

He chuckled, “No, I meant standing here in the river showing your cute ass to God and everyone.”

My blush returned. “I—I told you I just wanted to cool off.”

He smiled warmly. “Calm down, I’m not going to hurt you.”

He stepped closer. The current moved his dick and it brushed my thigh.

He reached out and grabbed me around the waist, pulling me closer. He pulled me against himself—against his cock. It pressed into me, getting harder. I made a little start, and tried to move away, but he held me calmly in place. I slowly relaxed and moved so that our fleshy bulges could press against one another and brush in the river.

He leaned his head to mine and kissed me, softly at first. I leaned my head, too, returning the kiss, my arms holding his shoulders. He slowly slipped his tongue into my mouth, increasing the kiss, pressing me tighter to him.

We stood together, making out, and he started grinding into me. Our cocks touched, getting harder. I blushed, but keep kissing him.

As I gripped his strong shoulders he let one of his hands move down and caress my ass. He slid a finger down my crack and started rubbing my anus gently. “You’re so sexy,” he whispered.

I blushed; not used to such professions, but I managed a nod of mutual arousal. He gently pulled me into shallower water until the current lapped around our mid thighs and he started to kiss my neck. He really got me going, moaning softly, my head back to expose my neck to his gentle sucking. His fingers moved to my nipples, rubbing and pinching. My hand slid down to caress his meaty cock.

“Are you ready for what’s next?”

I nodded.

He carefully pressed down on my shoulders, leading me to my knees. The water was at my hips as I was faced with his cock. I look up at him uncertainly, but he nodded encouragingly.

I kissed his stomach first, breathing hot air over his upper pelvis. I kissed down around his crotch and pulled his inner casino firmaları thy with my lips, getting him harder, then kissed up and started doing the same to his ball sack, hearing him groan a little, his dick very hard now. I licked his balls lightly, then moved up to lick the head, only very lightly at first, teasing him. I ran my tongue over the edge of his head, hitting behind the rim, before sucking the head completely into my mouth.

I flicked my tongue on the cum opening as I slowly worked my lips down his shaft, massaging, getting it wet. I opened my throat as I reached the base, feeling the head fit nicely in my throat, repressing my gag reflex. His pubic hairs bristled on my nose, tickling me. I started working back out again.

I began to use my tongue to rub his head as I moved up and down his cock, bobbing, bringing my hands to his shaft, jacking and sucking him at the same time. I listened to his moans, trying to use them as a guide for what to do. I reached one hand behind his balls to massage his perineum, rubbing slowly back to his anus.

He started to move his hips, lightly fucking my mouth. I massaged his taint harder as I sucked him off, listening to his moans grow. He reached down and grasped my head, guiding me on his dick, fucking my face, tensing up until he exploded into my mouth.

I tasted the hot, sticky, salty strings of cum hitting in my mouth and moved to pull off, startled, but he held my head in place, still guiding me until he had finished orgasming. With a satisfied sigh he let me go. I sat back, licking the cum that dripped down my lips and swallowing his load with a wry smile. He grinned back at me, groaning softly, his wet cock still hanging in my face.

“That was pretty nice. Are you ready for more?”

I raised my eyebrows, surprised, but nodded. One look at his cock assured me that it was already starting to spring back up. He reached down to me and lifted me up onto my feet.

“Come with me.” He took my hand and guided me up onto the shore, leading me over to a large rock that was wedged against the side of the river. He held me sweetly and kissed me one last time, then turned me around and pressed gently on my shoulder blades to get me to bend over.

I got tense and my blush spread to my neck as I braced myself against the rock, bent over, güvenilir casino my butt facing him, my cheeks naturally parting. He smile kindly, “Relax, it will be fine.”

He came up to me, his cock brushing my smooth ass. I could feel that it had regained its full hardness now. He placed his hands on my hips, holding me in place and slowly moved forward. I could feel the full head press against my sphincter and I inhaled in nervous anticipation. He gently pressed forward, pushing his thick rock through my tight, wet hole with a groan. I grunt a little, grasping the rock. “Relax…relax,” he moaned, but he loved the tightness on his cock. He pushed his body weight against me and his cock crept deeper. My breathing got shallower as my asshole fluctuated and his plow pushed all the way in. He rested against me, his dick in to the root, and just sat for a moment, feeling the tightness.

“Get ready for this.” He pulled out just a little and pushed back in. Then he pulled out a little more, repeating, working into bigger and bigger thrusts. I breathed sharply each time, my anus red and stretching farther than it had before. He started to moan as he developed a rhythm, getting a little faster and a little farther each time.

Soon he was fucking me, holding my hips and pumping into me. I cried out softly, at first in surprise and feeling a little pain, but then my ass got accustomed and relaxed. I felt his man cock pushing against my prostate and I groaned, pressing back into him, trying to find his rhythm.

“That’s it.” He encouraged, fucking me harder. He reached one hand past my hips and take my hard cock, still wet from the river, and jacked me off while he plowed me. “That’s what I’m talking about. You like it, don’t you?”

I nodded fervently, breathing heavily. He gave me all he had, thrusting into me, moving me against the rock. He guided my hips with his hands, pulling me into his rhythm. His cock completely filled me and I was so tight on him, reminding him why he loved younger guys. He jacked me harder, knowing he was close, and I came hard, my ass spasming on his cock. This was all he needed–he cried out as his balls tightened, and he churned into him, shooting a second load inside me. He pushed into me a few more times as he softened, then pulled out.

I leaned against the rock for a minute, euphoric, catching my breath. I finally stood up, and he was watching me, smiling.

“How was it?”


He grabbed me around the waist and kissed me softly. “It was pretty nice for me, too.”

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