Can’t Make This Up…

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I was getting used to living alone for the most part. I’m not one of those people that needs to be in a crowd. I’ve always been the type that enjoys being alone and as the old saying goes, I may be alone but I’m never lonely.

As far as lives go, I’ve lived a blessed life. I’ve been in love 5 times in my life and of those 5 times I managed to get married twice. Of those two marriages I also managed to father two very wonderful children who are everything that a father could want.

But, for whatever the reason marriage to their mothers just didn’t work out but I at least managed to save the friendship part of both marriages. I somehow even managed to bring my two women together to the point that they now consider each other best friends.

Like I said in the end the marriages didn’t work and here I am on my own. Both children are grown with lives of their own. The ex-wives live in different cities. I myself have my own one-bedroom apartment living on my own with my day to day life so all is good. Oh, before I forget.

Just a tiny bit of background about my life…

In the beginning I thought for sure that I was gay. Then as the years passed, I came to realize that I wasn’t gay but I was in fact, very bi-sexual. Of course in the late 70’s I had no clue what that term meant so for the better part of my late teens and early twenty’s I lived a very confused and tormented life.

As the years went by and the horrible early years of the AIDS pandemic hit, I steered away from the lifestyle of enjoying the company of men and lived a very heterosexual life. I would from time to time indulge in giving the occasional discreet blowjob to a very select number of men over the years but never allowing my urges to carry out anything other than that.

But last summer something happened that changed everything for me and started something that I thought was over with…

The events that started me on my new path were the epitome of cliché. It’s like the start of many a gay porn movie that you could think of and of course it’s the type of shit that could only happen to me. Just typing this makes me laugh.

I was very angry on this particular day because the vent over my stove wasn’t working properly. The more I tried to fix it on my own the angrier I got. I pay too much money for this place not to have everything working as it should, I thought to myself. I finally had it and enough was enough. I started to head out the door to go complain at the main office but first I grabbed the trash to dump it out.

As I made my way to the dumpster which is located next to the maintenance office, I could see that the garage door was open and their little golf cart was out front. This let me know that the guy in charge of maintenance was in there somewhere.

I tossed the trash and made my way to the open garage. There was my friend Carlos tinkering away on something. When I walked in unannounced, I think I may have startled him.

“So, do you people ever work?” Carlos about jumped out his skin at the sound of my voice. “Fuck me man, casino şirketleri you trying to give me a heart attack?!” The look on his face and the tone in his voice caused me to slightly laugh out loud. “Sorry didn’t mean to scare you.”

I proceeded to break down my issue and he proceeded to break down apartment repair request protocol. “So, you mean to tell me that I have to go to the office first and tell them everything that I told you just so it can get fixed?” The look of disbelief and the tone of my voice made him grin his little smirky grin.

“Tell you what old man let me go take a look at what’s going on so that you don’t have a heart attack. But only this once ok?” At that point I didn’t know if he was serious or if he was fucking with me. Plus, who the fuck was he calling old?

Ok full disclaimer, I am old. I’m 60 to be exact but I’m not decrepit old. Over the years I have taken care of myself and not to brag but I don’t look a day over 50 or at least that’s what I think. Looking at Carlos I’d say he looks about 40 but at that moment I wasn’t really looking at Carlos.

At my age the thought of being with another man hadn’t even crossed my mind. As a matter of fact, on that day I wouldn’t be able to tell you when I had sucked my last cock, but I digress.

Once inside Carlos went to work fidgeting with the vent and going on and on about how the thing was supposed to work and how he was troubleshooting to check for this and for that. I had sat myself at my table watching him as I leaned back in my chair trying to act like I was paying attention to his words.

The fact is that I was starting to pay attention to something else that had come into my line of sight…

Next thing I know he’s standing facing me with his head looking up at the vent hood and his arms above his shoulders reaching for the vent going to work on it. I’ve always had a habit of being a crotch watcher. Stealing glances at a man’s crotch while they’re not looking.

When Carlos reached up and leaned back it put his crotch in full view. I was sitting 10 maybe 15 feet from him. Carlos isn’t fat so there is was no belly to obstruct my view and his work pants weren’t tight but they weren’t baggy either. As he leaned back the outline of well-defined cock was in my full view.

The fact that he wasn’t in any state of arousal wasn’t lost on me. From the size of that outline I could tell that Mr. Carlos had a very fine package. “You ok over there old man??”

The sound of his voice and the look on his face as I looked up was enough to almost make me piss myself. “Wha…” was all that came out of my mouth before my voice cracked and I had to clear my throat. By the time I regained my composure Carlos had started to move towards me.

“What are you some kind of fag old man?” The tone of his voice and the look in his eye started to make me worry. I’m way too old to be getting in a fight and fuck me how did I put myself in this position. “I asked you a question old man, are you a fag??”

Before I could respond his big paw of a hand had wrapped casino firmaları itself around my wrist. “Don’t just look at it fag, hold it.” Just like that my hand was on his cock. My mind was racing because I had no clue which direction this was going to go. How the fuck did I get here was the only thing playing over and over again in my mind.

“C’mon, grab it fucker!” I couldn’t tell if he was getting angry or what was going through his mind. But the cock that I was holding onto through his work pants was getting excited. I could feel it start to get hard and swell. I started to gently grip his cock and slowly massage it. Very slowly, I didn’t want him to think that I was getting excited myself.

Carlos put his hand on my shoulder which caused me to look up. He was looking down at me and our eyes caught each other’s, he smiled. “Very good old man, play with it just like that. Nice and slow babe, nice and slow.” The sound of this man calling me babe caught me off guard.

It had been decades since another man had spoken to me in those terms. I immediately looked back down to my hand on his crotch. I couldn’t look him in the eye because of the shame that was starting to overcome me. “Pull it out old man.” At the sound of his voice I looked up for a quick glance of approval from him to make sure that I understood what he said.

“Go on, pull it out.” His voice was no longer hard and angry. His tone had changed to a gentle, caring tone. I instantly moved my hands to his belt and proceeded to unfasten his pants. “C’mon honey, pull my pants down.” Again, that tone in his voice and his choice of words would cause me to blush, I did as I was told.

As I pulled his pants down, I could see the contrast in the color of his skin. His thighs were a very light shade of tan. Unlike his face and arms which were sunkissed to a natural bronze color. I was extremely relieved that even though it was passed midday and he had been working outside getting all sweaty he was very clean.

I could smell the musky smell of a man that had been working but not the nasty pungent odor of a man that hadn’t bathed in while. As I took the shaft of his cock with my right hand, I was amazed at how much it had grown. Then the memories started to flood my mind of time in my life that I thought was long gone.

I started to stroke his cock with my hand, my other hand now holding on to his thigh. I couldn’t get over how thick his cock was becoming or the head of his cock as it gradually started to swell. Then finally that small drop of precum that just appeared.

I was in awe of its sheer girth and length. Try as I may I couldn’t get my thumb and middle finger to touch as I held on to his shaft. This cock was thick and long and I couldn’t take it anymore.

Without hesitation I lifted that heavy cock bringing the head of it to my lips and I leaned forward taking that fat cock head passed my lips into my mouth. I was stunned at how wide I had to open my mouth to allow the head of his cock to slip in. All Carlos could do was let out a faint moan and slide his hand to the güvenilir casino back of my head and brace himself.

I slathered the head of his cock with my saliva and at the same time with my hand holding onto his shaft I started to stroke it to match my mouth sliding back and forth on that beautiful head of his cock. Each time I would slide it out of my mouth but keeping my wet lips on it then sliding it back deep into my mouth until the head of his cock would hit the back of my mouth\opening to my throat.

Over and over I repeated this for what seemed like forever. Then I started to hear a change in his breathing. His moans were becoming more frequent I could tell that he was close. Sliding my hand from his shaft I cupped his huge balls and started messaging them as I picked up the pace on sucking his cock.

With one hard grunt and one loud, “Oh fuck!!” Carlos blew in my mouth and right on cue I took the first thick strand down my throat with one quick hard swallow. By doing this I knew I could hold the rest in my mouth and swallow all of it at the same time once he was done.

Another thick strand of his semen then another, now my eyes opened wide and a slight sense of panic started to come over me because that wonderful cock was throwing up yet another thick strand of semen into my mouth. Then just as I thought that it wouldn’t stop, it ended. I could hear him gasping for air, his faint moans and repeated use of the word fuck.

That marvelous cock drooled out one last thick strand of his semen into my mouth. It was over, as he slowly slid that wonderful cock out of my mouth, I looked up at him. I opened mouth so he could see the amount his of cum that I was holding. Then he reached down and with his index finger he lifted my chin, closing my mouth.

He glided the back of his hand against my cheek…” Swallow it.” He didn’t have to say it twice. I took a big swallow and all of his semen slid down my throat. I opened my mouth so that he could see that it was all gone. What happened next startled me and made me want to cry all at the same time.

He leaned down and gave me a light, gentle kiss. The emotions in my soul exploded. I have not had the affection of a man in many, many years. Memories of Martin and Tye started to flood into my mind. The early years of my life were falling out of the dust bends of my mind and into my current world.

I quickly regained my composure just as he pulled back. “I can’t fix this vent today honey but I’ll put in the work order for you.” I was in awe and speechless as he spoke and buttoned up his pants. “I’ll be back tomorrow about this time and I’ll take a look at it again.”

Carlos reached down and took my hand and started heading for the door…

I got up and walked with him, my hand in his then as we reached the door, he turned to face me, “Just so you know I’m probably going to fuck you tomorrow so please make sure you’re ready for that.”

Another quick kiss and he was out the door. Turning around and leaning back against the door as it closed, my mind was racing. Did that just happen? Did I really just suck his cock? Did he really just call me honey and tell me that he’s fucking me tomorrow…??

All the things that’ve happened to me in my life, I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried…

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