Breeder’s Club

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*Oghma here, wishing you all a very happy new year! We had a rough 2020, as I’m sure we’re all aware. But the only thing we can do is keep moving forward and don’t look back. As we ring in 2021, I hope you all enjoy this piece as much as I did making it. See you all next time!*

**Disclaimer: Takes place in the Breederverse, so unrealistic sizes ahead. Any persons depicted in sexual situations within are of 18 years or older.**

“Alright! Glad you could all make it!” Zhang exclaimed happily, his voice amplified by the microphone built into the podium. His voice was bright and friendly, a little deep in pitch but still non-threatening and inviting. The sort of voice that would make for a natural RA (Or club leader in this case). As his name suggested, he was of Chinese descent; Long slicked back jet black hair, narrow brown eyes, and a pale blemish-free complexion. What stood out most about him was his ripped physique, bulging cut biceps and hardened pectorals clearly visible through his tight black T-shirt. Had he not been wearing long pants, one would be able to get a feel for his well-muscled thighs and calves (Though his tremendously impressive bulge was still very noticeable). It would come as no surprise to anyone that he was also part of the powerlifting club. They were all in a room from the humanity’s building, a standard no-frills classroom with painted over concrete walls, an old-fashioned chalkboard (usually masked by the projector screen), a series of tables forming a “U” shape towards the podium, and a few hard metal chairs for their use. Unfortunately, there were only 5 people in the room including him. “Since it’s nearly 7 O’clock, I think we can start the meeting!” he continued. “On that note, welcome one and all to the first meeting of the Breeder’s club! I’m sure you all recognize me from the booth, but for those of you I didn’t get a chance to talk to; My name is Zhang Han, I’m an Engineering major in my third year and I’ve been an activist for Breeder’s rights even longer. But I bet a lot of you don’t know each other very well, so why don’t we all introduce ourselves?” A very brief silence passed over the room before it was broken by the first student to Zhang’s left. An unspoken order had seemingly popped up within the room.

“Guess I’ll start then.” Came the voice. It was of a pitch somewhere in-between alto and soprano, but definitely feminine. Though her English was perfect, a slight Hindi accent could be heard here and there should one pay close enough attention. “My name is Raveena, and I’m a 2nd year economics major. You can just call me “Rav” though.” Rav was a fairly tall girl of about 5’11, with a figure of stunning maternal fertility. If it weren’t for the exposed orangey-brown cleavage visible from her low plunging button-up shirt, one would swear she had hidden a pair of volleyballs underneath them. Big and round, they rested proudly on her chest, without a hint of sag. It seemed that whatever her bra was made out of, it was something of tremendous strength. In a nearly perfect hourglass shape, her torso tapered into a narrow waist before ballooning out into a set of widely splayed hips. At the moment, she was wearing a tight-fitting black miniskirt, displaying her massive thong-devouring ass for anyone who happened to be standing behind her. Of course, her curves were not the only lovely feature about her. Her silky-smooth black hair ran down past her shoulders and down her back, free of any knots and snarls. The bangs were parted neatly in the center, tucked behind her ear so as to keep them out of her eyes and display her visage for the world to see. A deep red bhindi adorned her forehead, perfectly placed at the center. Her nose was slender and pointed, while her lips were full and plush, perfect “dick sucking lips” as they were called.

“The name’s Jackson. Environmental biology.” Said the lanky Caucasian man to Rav’s left. Despite his choice of a major, he certainly didn’t look the part of it. At a glance, one would probably get the impression of a stereotypical stoner; long scraggly blonde hair poking out through a black beanie, a well-established 5 O’clock shadow, and kind of dark sunken in eyes. He was pretty handsome in that scruffy kind of way. At the moment he was in super casual clothes, a dark hoodie with the school colors and loose grey sweatpants tied up at the waist. Despite the large fit creating a lot of creases in the pants, there was a particularly long and thick one, which very obviously wasn’t hollow. If he were anywhere else, one would almost assume he was smuggling a hose down there.

“Well, I’m called Abby! I’m a freshman and I haven’t picked out a major just yet. Nice to meet you all!” came the cheerful and peppy voice. She was a short black girl of about 4’11”, with a medium brown complexion and curly shoulder length hair. The most striking thing about her was that she was about as…” petite” as a Breeder girl could possibly be. Though she still maintained the famous curvy figure, they were not quite esenyurt escort as pronounced as you would often see on a Breeder. Her chest was about a modest EE cup, filling but not stretching her top. Her hips meanwhile only protruded a fair bit beyond her shoulder span, supporting a fairly large ass.

“And I’m Martina.” Said the last figure, a Latina girl in her early 20’s. Martina stood at an average 5’6″, with wavy brown hair highlighted by golden streaks. A diamond studded nose piercing was embedded in her left nostril, possibly to draw attention away from the beauty mark on her right cheek. Her amber eyes were heavily accented with eyeshadow and mascara, bringing their beauty out for all to see. A deep purple lipstick adorned her lips, making them stand out further while looking visually unique to her. A black velvet choker with a gilded ring clasp rested on her neck, it looked to be pretty tight, almost enough to rest on the skin. Although her hips and ass were by no means small, even by the standards of Breeders she was sporting a callipygian monument there, but any attention it might have garnered was instead drawn directly towards her absurdly large chest. Even Rav would feel a bit of envy when comparing their cup sizes, one might wonder how she even managed to stand upright without toppling over from the extra weight. “I’m pre-med.” She continued flatly.

“Wonderful! Nice to meet you all!” continued Zhang in that polite and courteous tone he had. “Now, let’s get down to business. We have a little bit of money thrown our way for club, so on that note I think the first thing we should discuss is what to do with- “

“Question?” Jackson interrupted, though he still raised his hand out of habit. “What exactly are we doing here?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean…” Jackson puffed out his cheeks a little, as he tried to find the best way to say what was on his mind. “When you were pitching this club to me at the club fair, you said this was gonna be for the Breeder students… but nothin’ about what we’re actually gonna do here.”

“Oh, I see!” Zhang’s enthusiasm returned quickly. “Well… I guess the first thing is just act as a place for Breeders on campus to meet each other. I mean, it’s a big school and we might go our whole school year without seeing another Breeder!”

“Can’t see how anyone would miss these.” Interrupted Martina, cupping her tremendous chest for emphasis. It drew the attention of everybody her way. Although everyone was caught off-guard by the display, it didn’t faze them nearly as much as it would a normal person.

“Well, that’s the second thing!” Zhang continued unshaken. “As I’m sure we’re all aware; Us Breeders are often looked down upon for our libidos, and a lot of the other clubs or social groups might find our open sexuality… off putting.” He didn’t need to glance around to see the looks of conformation on everyone’s faces. “So that’s what we solve here, a sort of sanctuary where we can unwind and be ourselves.”

“Um, when you say unwind…” Asked Abby. “What do you mean?”

“Glad you asked Abby!” It was obvious that Zhang was waiting for such a question. “Thanks to some legal assistance from the IBE, I was able to negotiate with the school to allow certain concessions for us!”

“Such as?”

“Well for starters, while they couldn’t exactly spare the most glamorous room on campus, we’ve got a guarantee that there will be no one disturbing us.” Zhang gestured to the door, where the heavy metal door’s only window was covered up by a piece of opaque paper. “I forget exactly what the legal mumbo-jumbo says, but the gist of it is that as long as we’re inside this room, and nobody’s actually being hurt, we can pretty much do whatever we want and there’s not legal consequence.”

“Anything?” Abby asked with a tone of deep curiosity, her eyes seemed to almost well up in excitement.

“Just about!” Zhang responded. Abby paused and pondered.

“Glad to hear it!” She finally chirped, reaching downward to grab at the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. Once again, the room was struck silent by everyone’s brief surprise. As the neck hole cleared her head, Abby tossed the shirt off to the side, reached behind her back with one arm and swiftly unhooked her bra to let her breasts bounce free in the open air. The smooth milk chocolate complexion of her skin tone spread all across her round mammaries, only broken up by the darker shade of her stiff nipples. “Phew…” she sighed in relief. “Really needed that! It was roasting out there today!” She then placed a hand on her hip and cocked it to the side, striking a pose as she showed off for everyone. “So? Like what you see?” she teased.

“Not bad… for a kid.” Said Martina with a slight tone of dismissal. Abby turned her attention over to Martina and flashed her a glare.

“A kid?!” She responded indignantly. “I’ll be 19 in a couple of weeks!”

“It ain’t just about age.” Martina replied flatly as she began zeytinburnu escort to take her own shirt off. There was some difficulty in clearing her tits, as navigating the fabric around the soft flesh was a bit of a tricky act, but with well-practiced effort it was soon accomplished. Much to everyone’s amazement, she had not been wearing a bra, it seemed that her expansive chest had just naturally kept its lift and shape while within the confines of her black t-shirt. “It’s about experience. Lemme ask you, you a mom yet?”

“Well… no.” Abby admitted with a soft sigh. “I wasn’t allowed to go off birth control until I got into college. Plus, I wouldn’t say anyone I banged back home was exactly “father material” if you know what I mean.” She held her hands far apart to emphasize what she was alluding to. Not hung enough.

“Yeah see there you go.” Martina continued, reaching down to grab the waist of her faded jeans. “You haven’t been bred yet, so you might as well be a kid. That’s why you’ve got the tits of one.” Abby looked down at her chest thanks to that statement. Martina quickly pulled her jeans down to the floor and kicked hem off, leaving herself just in a jet-black thong. “Now these…” Martina continued, cupping her tremendous globes. “These are the tits of a woman. Earned the hard way from 5 pregnancies!”

“Whoa…” Abby said in brief amazement before shaking her head back and forth to return to her senses. “But just because I haven’t had the chance yet doesn’t make me a kid! I practically raised my little sisters growing up! I’m totally ready to be a mom!”

“Alright, break it up!” Exclaimed Rav in a sharp, shrill tone that snapped the both of them to attention. “Cup size, number of children? Why are you arguing over such silly things? This is supposed to be a safe haven for us Breeders… don’t we get enough conflict and hardship outside here?” The two girls looked down at the floor sheepishly. It seemed that Rav definitely had the strongest maternal nature of the lot of them. “Besides…” she continued as she approached Abby, prompting the girl to raise her head. “There’s 5 Breeders all alone in a room where nobody can disturb us.” Rav leaned in to Abby’s face, her hand cradling under her chin. “Surely there’s something more productive and fun we could be doing rather than arguing… don’t you think?” With that, she kissed Abby passionately on the lips. Any surprise Abby may have felt was quickly drowned in a sea of passion as she eagerly returned the kiss. Their lips mashed together aggressively and their tongues grappled like wrestlers in a frenzied snog. Occasionally they parted to draw in breaths of air, hoping to try and extend their makeout session. Abby’s hands had now reached forward to unbutton Rav’s shirt, releasing her mammoth mammaries from their confinement to the open air. A pink lace bra was briefly visible holding them up, before a quick movement unfastened the front to let them free. It was only then that Abby broke away from the kiss, and turned her attention over to Martina.

“Hey, can you help me out of these?” she asked, gesturing downward towards her pants. “I’m kinda busy here.” She purred, before taking Rav’s left nipple into her mouth to begin her ministrations.

“Sure thing kid.” Martina responded, this time it seemed like the word was a term of endearment. Martina paused only long enough to remove her own thong, letting out a soft moan as the condensation off her smooth, hairless mound evaporated into the air. She then got behind Abby and carefully helped her out of her pants and underwear, sparing a brief glance at her round heart-shaped booty. Rav meanwhile unfastened her own skirt and let it fall to the ground. Her white G-string remained on her body for only a moment before a quick tug on the side knot caused it to fall too. Before too long, all 3 of them were naked.

“Look at that… seems this club was a good idea!” Zhang beamed to Jackson.

“Then why are we standing on the side?” Jackson replied with a sly grin.

“Good point!” Zhang said with a laugh. In nearly perfect unison they approached the aggressive threesome going on before them. As soon as they were within arm’s reach, Abby broke off from Rav, gripped the waistbands of their pants, and pulled them down.

“Oh wow!” Rav exclaimed in awe as Jackson and Zhang’s cocks were exposed to the open air. Though they had a great idea of what was behind the clothes, there really was nothing like seeing them in person. As expected of these two Breeder boys, they were certifiably huge. A rough estimate placed both of their lengths at about 17-18 inches give or take. Jackson’s was by no means thin down there, easily clearing the width of a human fist, but proportionately speaking his girth didn’t quite match the length, giving it the appearance of being longer. It did fit his body type well though, if there was a cock that could be called “lanky” this would be it. One interesting feature however was the head. taksim escort bayan It was disproportionately large in comparison to the rest of the shaft, looking almost like a purple mace head on top a long pole, with the foreskin bunched tightly underneath it. His gonads were large and smooth, currently they weren’t hanging that low but a little bit of arousal would be enough to change that soon. Zhang’s meanwhile was every bit as burly and beefy as he was. With comparable length to Jackson, it carried a tremendous degree of girth one would almost expect to see on a maypole, accented by the extensive network of pulsating veins. The only relatively small attribute to it was the head, which was really only “small” thanks to its tapered shape, apparently a built-in feature to help his partners warm up. Much like his cock, his testicles were especially plump and full. One could almost hear them sloshing around with the potent cum within them.

“AWESOME!” Abby squealed in excitement. Her eyes were bright and her mouth was in a wide cheerful expression.

“You seem excited.” Martina said rhetorically to Abby. She was doing her best to pretend that she wasn’t impressed, like she encountered cocks that massive regularly. Although her facial expressions betrayed nothing, her eyes frequently darted towards the erect shafts. “What’s the matter? Never seen a cock before?”

“Not like this!” Abby cooed in awe. Her posture had become far lewder by instinct, her back arching seductively and her ass sticking out like a bitch in heat. “There were only normal boys back home. I think the biggest was only about 9 inches.”

“Oh, you poor girl.” Rav said sympathetically. “Perhaps you’d like to sit this one out? Maybe watch from the sidelines until you’re ready?”

“No fucking way!” Abby replied indignantly, shaking her head in denial. “I can take them no problem!” With that, she lurched forward and quickly engulfed Jackson’s cock in her mouth, sinking about 10 or 11 inches down the shaft before bobbing her head back up until just the very tip was inside. Abby held there only long enough to take a deep breath before she drove back down to sink more inside her gullet. All eyes were on her right now as the pint size queen practically swallowed the python whole, bouncing back and forth with unbridled enthusiasm in a desperate attempt to take the whole cock.

“Whoa….” Martina said, the facade of indifference now completely gone. Not only were her eyes wide open in surprise, but her hands were now making themselves busy with her body. Her left hand cupped her nearest breast, squeezing and fondling it like she was kneading dough. Occasionally she would raise a finger to brush past her now erect nipple and stimulate it. Meanwhile her right hand was between her legs, with her ring and middle fingers sinking back and forth into her wet pussy. “Kid’s got talent.” She continued in awe.

“No kiddin’!” Jackson hissed through tightly clenched teeth, his hands fidgeted idly for a moment as he tried to process what to do with them. Eventually, they made their ways to her shoulders to better guide Abby. Not that she really needed all that much guidance. “You sure you’ve never had a Breeder dick?”

“Mmph! Nope!” Abby chirped as she briefly pulled off Jackson’s cock. “But I’ve been practicing on my toys for years!” She then began to slather kisses and licks all along the shaft, not wanting to waste any time while she was catching her breath. “Mmm… just as tasty as I imagined!” She said with a wide grin as she pulled away for a second. With that, she dove back down to resume her quest to take Jackson from tip to root. As she did so, her ass wiggled back and forth like an animal waiting to be mounted. It was strange how she was able to look so cute and adorable and yet so erotic and lewd at the same time.

Martina bit her lower lip in arousal at the spectacle. For a few seconds she carried a bit of hesitation, an unwillingness to indulge herself in the heat of the moment. But thankfully it was very short lived. They weren’t going to be interrupted anyways, might as well cut loose. Carefully, Martina navigated her way behind Abby and got down to her knees. She took a moment to take in the sight of Abby’s soaking wet pussy. Her smooth cleft was puffy and pronounced, with her clitoris poking out just a tiny bit. Martina licked her lips out of both arousal and a need for additional moisture, then dove forward and began eating Abby out. Abby squealed a bit in surprise, which was muffled by the cock now deep in her throat. But nonetheless she kept up her ministrations, the root of Jackson’s cock was just so tantalizingly close. Martina’s tongue was as active as could be; lapping, licking and sucking just about every square inch of sweet pussy it encountered. Every now and then, she thrust her tongue inside her like a cock, wiggling it about to ensure no nerve was left untouched.

“My my…” Rav said coyly as she watched the oral train going on before her. “Looks like things are getting heated!”

“Feeling jealous?” Said Zhang from behind her. Before Rav had a chance to respond, his hands wrapped around her and drew her into a lewd embrace. His cock found its way into the cleft between her ass cheeks, resting comfortably against her back.

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