Boss Lady Ch. 02

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The remaining hours of that day passed quickly and Jason found himself thinking about what happened earlier. Was this his going to happen every day? Was he going to be abused sexually every time that Carol came into the office? Was is considered sexual abuse? Yes, it was. Because he did it because he was forced, he did not agree to any of it. Would this ever end?

That night before going to bed, Jason wrote a couple of application letters for different companies, hoping that he would be able to deliver them the next day. If he could find another job he wouldn’t have to deal with Carol anymore right?

Carol did not show up for the whole week, she came in the office the next Monday in the afternoon. She called Jason to let him know that he should run into her room after work, so he did.

“Oh, hi Jason. Please have a seat,” Carol said the moment that he entered her room.

The moment he sat down, she stood up from her chair and walked up to him. She was wearing a red blouse paired with a black skirt and black boots. She lifted her skirt and spread her legs and sat on Jason’s lap, facing him. Without uttering any word, she started to kiss him.

“To be honest, I have missed you. You are the best pussy eater I have had in years!” she said with a laugh.

Jason did not react to what she said. Was he supposed to be happy? Or should he feel honored of being this evil bitch’s pussy eating slave?

“Well, not in the talking mood huh?” she said. “That is okay, save that mouth, you will need it today.”

“Please, ma’am. I don’t think this is correct. I don’t think that we should do this.” Jason said while looking at the ground.

“Shut up!” Carol said. “I don’t need you to complain, you just have to do as I say. Understood?”

Jason nodded his head up and down.

“Good. Now I want you to lay down on my desk, facing the ceiling. But take your shirt and tie off first.”

Jason stood up and took off his shirt and tie and laid down on the table, as Carol demanded. He could see that she lifted her skirt up and removed her panties. After she did this she climbed on the table, placing her left and right knee on the left and right of Jason’s head.

“Now, I am going to sit on your face, I want your tongue in my pussy and your nose on my ass. And you are going to eat my pussy till I come. Do you understand?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Jason said.

Jason did not resist her. He knew that he did not have any choice. The sooner she was done the sooner she would leave him alone. As long as he did not find another job he would have to deal with this as much as she wanted.

Carol slowly pressed her pussy against his mouth, letting a moan out the moment Jason placed his tongue on her lips. Jason started to lick her, up and down her pussy, slowly increasing his speed. Her ass was just above his nose and he could smell it at every breath he took.

“Oh, Yeah! Yeah, bitch boy. That’s it.” Carol yelled as she started to move her hips up and down Jason’s face.

Jason tried to keep licking her with the same speed as she was riding his face. Everytime he caught up with her speed, she started to move a little faster. After a couple of minutes she was riding his face really hard and Jason could feel his tongue muscles starting to hurt. He was happy when she started to moan louder and he could feel her skin tightening. He tried to make her orgasm good, hoping that she would let him go when she was satisfied. He kept on licking her pussy and juices, even after she came.

“Hmmm, that is a good bitch boy. I can see that you start to like it,” Carol said.

Jason just laid still and kept licking her juices, there was no reason for him to say anything bad. It would not make his situation better.

After a few minutes Carol stood up from his face and told him to turn around. He did as he was told. She then told him to remove his pants, shoes and socks. After hesitating for a moment Jason did was she asked.

“Ok, now bend over the desk, with your feet on the floor,” Carol said.

Jason bent over the desk, and closed his eyes. He tried to think about something else, to easy the humiliation of being bent over a desk, only in underwear. Carol could see that he was feeling ashamed and started to laugh. She walked up one of the desk drawers başakşehir escort and opened it. She removed a couple pieces of rope out of it, which she used to tie Jason’s wrists and ankles to the desk. Jason was in a bend over position now and was not able to move.

“If you really think that this is embarrassing, wait till you see my next surprise!”

Continuing to laugh, Carol walked up her desk and opened one of her drawers. She took out a 12 inch strap on dildo and harness and put it on. Jason froze in fear for a moment, realizing what was going to happen. He never even had a finger up his ass, and this woman was going to rape his ass with this giant dildo. And there was nothing he would be able to do, he could not even move away from the desk. His arms and legs were tied. Out of panic, he started to pull his arms, but they would not move.

“Keep fighting bitch boy, the more you fight, the more I will enjoy it,” Carol said with a evil laugh.

“Now open your mouth and suck it.”

She walked up to him and pressed the dildo against his lips. Jason kept his lips shut tight, there was no way he would let this thing get in his mouth. Carol kept pressing the dildo against his lips, holding his head in place, but Jason would not open his mouth to let it in.

Carol started to laugh.

“Well, well. Bitch boy doesn’t want to open his mouth. Then I guess that his pregnant wife will have to open her mouth for someone else when bitch boy is out of a job and money,” she said.

Jason closed his eyes. He could feel his tears starting to build up and he knew that Carol was right. He knew that he did not have any other choice than to let her continue. Keeping his eyes closed, he slowly opened his mouth. He could immediately feel the top of the shaft enter his mouth and it made him gag.

“Good boy. Now take that big dick in your mouth. Open up your mouth. Open wider, I want to burry my whole dick in your mouth,” Carol screamed.

Jason tried to accompany as much of her shaft into his mouth, but halfway he could not get it any further. Carol placed a hand on the back of his head and started to pull his head closer, making more and more of her dick enter his mouth. She slowly started to move her hips back and forth, fucking his mouth, getting it almost all the way out and then pushing it halfway in again. After a couple of minutes of fucking his mouth, she pulled all the way out. Jason gasped for air.

“Hahaha, how does it feel to be a cocksucker? Do you like it?” Carol laughed. “I’m going to fuck your throat balls deep now.”

“No please, ma’am,” Jason begged. “It is not going to fit. It is too big. My throat already hurts from just half of it.”

“Don’t worry, I am going to help you,” said Carol with a laugh.

She placed the head of her fake dick back in his mouth. She placed one hand on the back of his head and using two fingers of her other hand she squeezed Jason’s nose, closing his nostrils. After a few seconds Jason started to gasp for air. His could not breath through his nose and there was a dildo in his mouth, so he had to open his mouth as wide as he could op breathe some air. Just as he tried to open his mouth, Carol rammed the remainder of the dildo is his mouth with one stroke, and at the same time let go of his nose. That firm stroke drove the whole dildo in his mouth, and Jason’s eyes widened out of disbelief. He could not believe that the whole 12 inch dildo was buried down his mouth and throat. He could feel the wide head of the dildo in his throat, pushing against the walls of his throat, stretching it out. He wanted to scream out of pain, but he couldn’t let out more than a muffled squeal.

“See? I told you that I would help. Now the whole thing is in your throat,” Carol laughed at him.

She paused for one or two minutes, letting him get used to the size. Then she slowly started to fuck his throat.

“Oh, I think you are going to like this. You better wet my dick good. Where it is going next, you can better use all the lube you can get,” she said while picking up the pace of her strokes. Jason couldn’t do anything, but let his boss have her way with his mouth. Hopefully she would be bored soon and let him go.

After ten minutes of fucking his mouth, Carol pulled out and Jason felt like the width kadıköy escort of his throat had just been doubled. While he gasped for air, Carol walked up to her drawer and took a bottle of lube and a small buttplug. Jason knew that it was for preparing his anal rape. He tried to plead, hoping that she would have pity on him and change her mind.

“Please, ma’am. Please, don’t do this. Please don’t get that thing in my ass. I will do anything. Please let me just eat your ass and pussy instead. Please.”

Carol laughed at his pleads, they were making her powerful. She loved the way Jason was tied up there, defenseless against her huge dick. She wanted to hear him scream in pain, she wanted him to feel the full 12 inch of her dick.

“Please, ma’am. Please, let me just lick you. I will lick your pussy and ass as no one has done before. I will give you the best oral you have ever had. But please don’t fuck me with that giant dildo,” Jason said while almost crying.

“Keep begging, Jason,” Carol said. “The more you beg, the hornier I get, the harder I will fuck you.”

She lubed the top of the buttplug and circled it around Jason’s ass. After a couple times circling his asshole, she slowly inserted the top inside.

“Ahhwwww, it hurts. Please,ma’am. Don’t do this. I’m begging you. Please stop it. I will do anything.”

She circled the top of the lubed buttplug inside his ass and suddenly she took it out. Surprised Jason turned his head back and looked at her. Was this is it? Had she finally decided not to do this?

“Oh, no,” said Carol. “Don’t worry, I don’t want to place the whole buttplug in your ass. I don’t want it to be too loose. I want it to be still tight when I ram my dick in it. I was lubing it just so I can fuck it easier, I wasn’t doing you a favour.”

Jason turned his head face down on the table. This woman was crazy, she was going to sodomize him and enjoy every second of his pain. He wished that he had never worked there. He wished that he did not give in to that beautiful and lovely smile of her when they first met, when he decided that he wanted to work for her. He closed his eyes, and he could feel them getting wet.

“Ohhhh, poor bitch boy gonna cry now? Poor bitch boy afraid of big dickie?” Carol mocked him and then let out a loud an evil laugh.

She climbed on top of him, sat down on his lower back and reached to his left cheek with her lips. She kissed him on his cheek and said in a lovely voice: “Don’t worry, baby. This will be over quick, baby. I promise, it’s not gonna hurt.”

Her lovely voice saying that it wouldn’t hurt relaxed Jason a bit. Maybe she didn’t want to just hurt him after all. Maybe there still was a good person in her. She stood up and took place between Jason’s legs. He could hear the spur of the lube bottle after which he could feel the tip of her dick pressing against his asshole. The tip didn’t want to go in so Carol pushed a little harder and Jason let out a scream.

“Don’t worry baby, I promised, remember. I promised that it wouldn’t hurt, didn’t I? But what I meant is, this is not gonna hurt, it’s gonna hurt A LOT!!!”

After saying this she pushed a little harder, and Jason felt the head of her dick entering his asshole and then stopping. He started to panic again, she lied to him. He couldn’t believe that he trusted her when she said that it wasn’t gonna hurt. She kept pushing it in slowly and Jason felt as if his ass was being teared into two pieces.

“Please, it won’t fit. Please, ma’am. Don’t do this. I will do anything.” Jason said while he could feel tears running from his eyes.

Carol started to fuck him with the head of the dick, pushing it in and out slowly.

“That’s it. The more you fight it, the more I like it. Keep fighting it. Keep fighting it!” she said, while she spanked his ass with her right arm.

After five minutes Carol completely took her dick out of him. She stood up and applied some more lube to his asshole. After that she placed the top of her dick against his rear entrance and rested for a moment.

“Ready?” she said. “Let’s make you a big boy.”

With one hard stroke she buried her whole dick inside Jason’s ass, paying no attention to his pleads, cries and screams. She loved to break little boys like this, esenyurt escort bayan he was not the first and he would certainly not be the last. She rested her dick in his ass for five minutes, giving it time to get used to size of her dick. Jason was lying under her, completely paralyzed, with his eyes closed. He felt the rubber balls of Carol’s dick pressing against his own balls, and he knew that the whole 12 inch of rubber was in him. He knew that he would never be the same again, he knew that his asshole was stretched beyond it’s limits. He was just hoping that she did not injure him internally.

After Carol took her rest she pulled the dick out slowly until only the head was in. She immediately shoved her dick all the way in. She repeated this for a couple of times, before fucking him slowly.

Jason was not responding anymore. He knew that it was no use to fight against it. He knew that she would tear his ass, no matter how hard he screamed and cried.

“You like that, bitch boy?” Carol said while she started to fuck him faster.

“Yes, ma’am. Yes, ma’am. I like it.” Jason couldn’t help the answer coming out of his mouth. He felt humiliated, weak and broken and he didn’t have it in him anymore to fight it. He just let it happen.

Jason looked back at Carol as she was pounding him. What a woman, she was pounding really hard, much harder than he had ever pounded his wife, or anyone else. He could hear the sound of her flesh slapping against his as she was fucking him. He noticed his cock, which was hard again for his boss. His boss who he hated and who was raping him. Jason could not understand how that 12 inch cock up his ass could give him an erection. After a few minutes he noticed that his ass was getting loose, Carol’s dildo was pumping in and out with much more ease. And he was also not hurting anymore, in fact is was feeling kind of good. Was this still considered rape?

“Oh, fuck. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum fucking your ass, you bitch boy.” Carol was pounding him even faster now.

“Yes, ma’am. Please fuck me. Please fuck this bitch boy of yours.” Jason could not believe that he said that. Was he actually begging her to fuck her ass? Was he beginning to enjoy this? Then all of a sudden he felt a bulge in his balls. The hard pounding of Carol did something to him. But what was it?

“Keep fucking me, ma’am. Please keep fucking me. Please fuck me, ma’am. I am your slave, please fuck your slave. Please make your slave cum.” Again, Jason could not believe that he said that. But he wanted to cum, he needed to cum. And he wanted to cum with her dick in her ass.

Carol let out a smile and kept pounding Jason. She knew that he would cum too and she did not mind, she knew that he was broken. She knew that he would be her bitch boy for the rest of her life. She had gotten other boys addicted to her strapon dick in the past, but she wanted to keep Jason. She wanted to have him for the rest of his life.

Both Jason and Carol moaned together as they came. Jason could feel his cock spurt at least five times as he came, and he could feel his cock still dripping while Carol was still pounding him. After she came, Carol collapsed on top of Jason, leaving her dick in his ass.

After ten minutes Jason could feel Carol standing up, and pulling her cock out of his ass. She pulled out slowly and Jason enjoyed every second of it. The last part came out with a pop, and after it was out Jason felt like there was something missing in him. His ass felt stretched open way past it’s limits, and he could feel the cold wind flying in. Carol walked in front of him, with her dick still attached.

“Clean me up. Lick it clean,” she ordered.

Jason did not hesitate. He took the dick in his mouth and started licking it. He licked it from top to bottom until his boss was satisfied. He could taste the mixture of the lube she used and his own ass. After she took off her strap on, Carol released the knots of the ropes and Jason was set free. After he stood up, the first thing he noticed was the puddle of cum he had left on the desk.

“Clean that up too,” Carol ordered with a strict tone. “Lick it all up!”

Jason ran his tongue on the puddle and licked his own cum. After he was done Carol looked at him and smiled.

“Good, bitch boy. Keep in mind that this Saturday you should not have any plans. I want you to come to my house, early in the morning. I want you to meet my daughter.”

“OK, ma’am. I am looking forward to meet her.”

“Great. Now take you clothes and get the fuck out of my building.”

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