Birthday Celebration Ch. 2

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A year had passed. I looked back and couldn’t quite believe all that had taken place in my life in that single year. The move from my country comfort zone where my life had revolved for the first 40 years went virtually without a problem. Next came the purchase of a fairly upmarket two-bedroom apartment on the fringe of the city. A late model sports car sat right at this moment in the building’s basement.

Even my wardrobe had been given the clean sweep and now looked like it belonged to a model. Oh I had no qualms about my looks. People have told me for years that I was nothing great to look at. I’d never had the right hairstyle. My makeup never looked as if it had been applied properly. My hands showed signs of years of outdoor work. The harsh weather causing wrinkles and dryness, which had worsened with age. My body shape was nothing to write home about. My breasts being ‘e’ cup meant that buying a bra cost a fortune and it was more than likely there was nothing pretty in my size. Even my stomach was still rounded from the 3 pregnancies it had gone through. Spasmodic dieting hadn’t lasted long enough and the extra cost for special (and healthier) food hadn’t gone down well with my husband.

I was now happier than I’d ever been. I had no responsibilities. No husband was expecting me to play maid to his every whim. No requirements to put a two course meal on the table each night. No expectation of staying at home by myself day in and day out. Our children had grown and flown the nest, and that had given me the opportunity to move on with my own life.

I was free. That much-coveted freedom was now mine to do whatever I wanted. The possibilities were endless. I’d begun to rebuild my life, as I wanted it. The move from country to city was the beginning. It had taken three months for our property to sell, and another two months for half the sale proceeds to be transferred into my bank account.

Now, six months on from the separation, I found myself looking out the feature window of my very own apartment. The view was magnificent to say the least. A 180-degree landscape of Auckland Harbour stretched out before me. Rangitoto Island on my right, the Harbour Bridge and Sky Tower to my left. At twilight, the city’s lights were glowing. The traffic far below was moving relatively slowly through the busy streets. Pedestrians walking quickly over the crossings, hurrying to their cars or buses, ready for their home bound journeys.

I had stood at this window looking at the view each night after work. It still felt like I was staying at a motel. At any moment the phone would ring and I’d be asked if I required dinner reservations for the evening. Mentally I shook myself. It belonged to me. This whole apartment was mine. I turned and let my eyes wander around the room.

Soft lighting took the harsh whiteness from the walls. Colourful cushions thrown haphazardly over the cream couch and armchairs gave a warm and welcoming look. The stereo system, which I’d been given as a teenager, stood at one end of the lounge. A CD played soothing background music. Some of my amateurish artwork hung on the walls. I’d chosen the Lady and Tear charcoal picture to be the centrepiece. My heart and soul had gone into that picture. I was shyly proud that it looked good in the wooden rimu frame my mother had chosen.

I walked through into the kitchen. It was small, but contained everything I needed. I cut a piece of quiche left over from last night’s dinner, made myself a green salad, poured a glass of white wine and took my meal and drink back through to the lounge. Stretching out on the couch I balanced my dinner plate on my lap. It was delicious and light and just the kind of meal I enjoy. It took a fair bit of getting used to, to be able to eat what I wanted and when I wanted it. No “It’s 6 o’clock and dinner time” any longer. Just more proof that I’d made the right decision.

Tonight was a special night for me. It had been a year since that crazy shopping spree and a year since I’d discovered the delights of a threesome. I’d never forgotten the time spent with Rich and Julie on Julie’s 40th birthday. It had been an amazing experience. My first woman lover. My first threesome. My first everything. Well, nearly. There were still one or two things I’d not had the chance to try. But that was just something else which was going to change in my life.

I glanced at the clock and hurried through the remainder of my meal. It was time to shower and change. They’d be arriving very soon.

I washed and dried the dishes. Then went through into the ensuite. I slipped off my work clothes and threw them ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar into the washing basket. The tap turned easily and the steaming water felt good on my body as I washed.

I didn’t linger in the shower. Instead, I washed quickly and efficiently, dried myself and chose my outfit for the evening. The beautiful sheer red wrap-around dress fit perfectly and looked good with my new stockings and black court shoes. I wound my unruly shoulder length hair into a knot and held it in place with one barrette. I applied my makeup lightly and it looked good. The makeup course for my last birthday, had been a present from my mother-in-law. It had been an eye-opening experience and I’d be forever grateful for the kindness she had shown me.

A light tapping on the door had my heartbeat racing. Quickly, I sprayed a tiny amount of 4711 eau de cologne into the air. The scent delicately caught my body as I walked through its mist to the door.

I held the handle and opened it steadily. There they were. The couple I’d met so long ago. They both looked as good as they had a year ago. In fact, they looked better. Julie had dressed up for the occasion. She was everything I wasn’t. Tall, slim, small breasted and beautiful. Her dress fitted her to perfection, and its pale blue colouring suited her complexion. Rich looked wonderful also. His royal blue pinstriped suit sat elegantly on his body. His shoulders fit snugly into the jacket.

They smiled as I opened the door wider and welcomed them both into my apartment. Rich leaned forward and held me tight for a moment whispering into my ear “You look beautiful.” His aftershave held a hint of spice against the all-male muskyness. His arms were warm and I felt comfort in his strength as he held me. His were the first male arms to touch me since my separation. It felt nice to be this close to a man again. His breath on my neck and his beard soft against my skin as his lips gently kissed the pulse throbbing at my throat.

I felt bereft as he loosened his hold and walked into the apartment.

“It’s ok, I’m here too,” and there was Julie, smiling and holding me close. “You’re looking great Karen,” she grinned. “Living here certainly agrees with you.”

“I love it,” I smiled back. Her scent was of peaches and cream. Closing my eyes for a moment I let the memories flood back. Memories of her kisses, her touch against my body, her words of encouragement when my uncertainty had showed. The afternoon and evening we had all spent together a year ago was still clear in my mind. I remembered every detail. Often during quieter moments in the last year, I relived the feelings these two people had awakened in me.

We moved apart, our hands still linked. I closed the door with my foot and then guided her through to the lounge. Rich was standing looking at the view. I could tell he admired it.

“It’s great isn’t it?” I grinned at him.

“Oh yes. It’s a great view.” I wasn’t sure he was talking about the view as I watched him make himself comfortable on the couch.

In one fluid movement, Julie sat next to him, crossed her legs and dropped one hand on his thigh where her fingertips gently stroked. I looked away, a little shy, and walked to my tiny bar. I poured them both a brandy. Rich’s fingers brushed against my palm when I handed him his drink. I looked up into his eyes. He knew I’d felt the tingling, but he didn’t speak.

I passed Julie her brandy and she held it steadily. I watched as her lips softly touched the glass and she sipped and smiled.

“This is delicious Karen. Thank you.” Warmth flooded me as I reached for my own glass. I remembered the feel of those lips as she had suckled my breast so long ago. The deep tingling had melted my core and stirred my juices.

“She’s begun without us.” Rich’s quietly amused bass voice mingled with Julie’s soft laugh.

Before I looked down, I already knew what I would find. My nipples had hardened and were showing clearly through the red material. I should have put a bra on, but I liked the unrestricted feeling. Not knowing how to explain what I’d been remembering, I didn’t try. I sipped at my brandy, walked across to them and sat down beside Rich on the couch.

His arm slid along the back of the couch and his fingers sent delicious quivers down my spine as he stroked the nape of my neck. I closed my eyes and relaxed, enjoying the sensations flowing through my body. He pulled me closer and his arm went right around my body. His hand slid down inside the front of my dress and cupped my breast. I felt sure he would feel the intense throbbing ankara götü büyük escortlar as my heartbeat increased.

“I’ve missed you,” he whispered. My breast grew heavy and I sighed as he held its weight in his palm. His warm lips covered mine while his beard rubbed sensually against my face. I whimpered as his hand lightly massaged my breast and his tongue slipped inside my mouth. It felt so good to be kissed again; I closed my mind and simply enjoyed the moment. His free hand moved and undid the ribbon that held my dress together and then wet lips and tongue moved to trace the edge of my dress as it opened.

Rich held my breast for Julie as her warm mouth found my aching nipple. I moaned deeply as her tongue circled and then her mouth closed over it and she suckled me. His kiss deepened, his tongue glided over my teeth and rubbed slowly along my own tongue. She suckled me so gently as he fed my breast to her; exquisite tingling ran from my nipple to my pussy. I arched my body giving them both more.

He blessed me with little kisses on my lips, my cheek, my eyes, one landed on the tip of my nose and my giggle ended with a gasp as she suckled harder. He kissed my chin and nuzzled the throbbing pulse on my neck. I bent my head giving him more room and he sucked my neck gently. My hand moved to run through his hair and his mouth went lower, settling to suckle my other breast. I love the sensation of them both sucking me. My nipples felt so hard and grew so big for them. I watched them both. They watched each other.

Rich moved down off the couch and came to rest on the floor in front of me. Gently he lifted my foot and traced the edge of my shoe with his tongue, wetting my stocking. I trembled and Julie moaned softly against my breast. He slipped my shoe off, rested my foot on his shoulder and let his beard rub against my leg while his hands reached up my leg and began sliding my stocking down.

Julie’s hand moved to my other breast. She held it for a moment and then moved to lie across my body. She bent her head and gently licked its nipple. My hand traced the top edge of her blouse and I felt her shiver as my fingertip dipped down into that enticing space between her breasts. I concentrated on undoing the buttons on her blouse, but my breathing was ragged.

Rich slipped my stocking off and discovered I enjoyed my foot being kissed and nibbled. When he took my big toe into his mouth and sucked, I moaned so loud that Julie lifted her head to see what he was doing. She rubbed her thumbnail over the tip of my nipple as she watched, and I slid my hand inside her white lace bra and squeezed her own hardening nipple. Her grin turned to a gasp as I held it firmly and twisted it a little. She bent forward and sucked hard on my breast.

Rich moved between my legs and kissed his way upwards. His tongue slid over my smooth skin, and flicked out on that so sensitive spot behind my knee. I slipped Julie’s blouse off and undid the back clasp on her bra. As I pulled it slowly from her body, she moved up and kissed me fully on the mouth. A hint of mint on her lips and the residue of the brandy on her tongue welcomed me as she licked my lips slowly and waited for me to allow her entry. Her breasts came free of the bra, and they rubbed deliciously against my own.

Rich stopped and watched us quietly. I held my own breast and lifted it a little. The nipple ached so much. I held it steady and lent forward and rubbed Julie’s nipple with mine. I circled mine around hers. They seemed to be growing larger. I knew she felt the tingling deep in her body as I felt it in mine. We both moaned and moved together opening our mouths for the other. Our tongues entwined and stroked against each other.

At Rich’s moan, we moved apart slipping to the floor beside him. Julie kissed him gently, while my hands undid his shirt. She kept kissing him as I slid his shirt off. Then I went to work on his belt. Julie moved slightly, giving me better access. I slipped the end of the belt through the buckle and moments later was sliding the zip down. Julie lay across his chest as he relaxed back against the floor. I slid his trousers down carefully. His manhood strained against his pants. I needed to take his shoes off to be able to take his trousers right off. Julie straddled his body and making sure she didn’t touch him anywhere else, she deepened her kisses. His moans grew. I slipped off his shoes, and slid his trousers off, then removed his socks. He had beautiful feet. I lent over and sucked gently on his toe as he had mine. I let my teeth scrape against it. He trembled under our touch.

I kissed ankara çıtır escortlar my way upward. My tongue stopping now and then to lick gently. I kissed his heel, and licked up to his ankle. I kissed my way up his calf muscle and smiled inwardly as it shivered under my touch. The hairs on his legs tickled my cheek. I nuzzled against him loving the feel and the warmth. The inside of his knee, that tender spot quivered as I licked it. Higher still I kissed. The inside of his thigh tensed as my tongue lingered. I could sense his erection. Could smell it. By the time I eventually reached it, the tip of his manhood had begun its slow leak. I slid my fingertips inside the waistband of his underpants. Moved them down carefully. Julie kissed away his gasp of pain as his cock sprang free and stood hard. I pulled his pants off, brought them to my face and breathed deeply his scent before I placed them on the top of his other clothes.

“Oh God Karen, I want you so bad.” He saw me breathing in his smell and I blushed at being caught. “Come to me,” his voice almost a whisper now.

Both Julie and I stood and quickly removed the remainder of our clothes. I knelt back down beside him and Julie lay at his side on the floor. He reached out, held me by the hips and lifted me to straddle him. As he lowered me, his cock pressed against my clitty and I closed my eyes tight waiting for his entry. It didn’t come. He lowered me, and his cock slid back to snuggle between my arse cheeks. It felt wickedly good resting there and I grinned down at him.

Julie leaned forward and circled my breast with her tongue. She suckled me and I groaned and pressed my body into Rich. I lent forward and with my hands on his chest, I rubbed against him as she sucked me. His tongue flicked out and caught the edge of my nipple and when I moaned loudly his mouth closed over it and he sucked hard. I felt Julie’s mouth move down my body. Her tongue sliding over my smooth skin. She went lower and lower and I held my breath. I hoped she wouldn’t stop. I wanted her to touch me intimately as she had once before. I wanted to feel her fingers down there. Most of all, I wanted to feel her tongue dance erotically with my clitty.

I waited and let my breath out on a sigh as she touched me. Her movements were so soft, so slow and so beautiful. My passion throbbed and juices trickled. I heard her noisy licking and felt the gentleness as her tongue slowly lapped the juicy consequence of his sucking on my breast. I could feel my passion throbbing. Closing my eyes, I allowed the incredible sensation to grow. I lifted myself off Rich a little.

Her wet tongue licked his cock and my pussy lips. I felt his cock straining against my thigh; I made little circles with my hips. He moaned and fell back against the floor, eyes closed tight. His hands reached up and he squeezed and massaged my breasts. Julie licked him and I looked down and watched her. She turned her head and looked back up at me. Her eyes held mine. I watched as she flicked her tongue over his wet and straining tip. I watched as she licked his leaking precum juices. I watched as she rubbed him gently with her finger and then brought it up to my mouth. Hungrily I opened my mouth for her. Still keeping eye contact with her I licked his taste from her fingertip.

He saw me as her finger slipped deep into my mouth. I watched his face as I sucked his arousal on her finger. He groaned loudly, grabbed my hips and with one long hard thrust, pushed up deep inside me. His throbbing hard cock slammed into me. I lent a little and let my fingers touch Julie’s partly shaven pussy. She was so wet; her warm juices seeped over my fingers. I slipped one inside her and matched Rich’s thrusts with thrusts of my own deep into her body. She moved and slid her tongue into Rich’s mouth. Our bodies rocked hard and fast as they kissed. My muscles tightened and grabbed him in deep as I spasmed above him. He shouted out against her mouth as his orgasm rippled through his body and his warm juices poured into my body. Julie writhed against my hand and moaned deeply as my finger found her sensitive spot and rubbed it incessantly. Her passion throbbed and her nectar flowed over my hand.

Gently and slowly I slid my finger out. I eased myself off Rich and snuggled against him. Julie snuggled against his other side. His arms were around us both, and our legs were entwined. I licked a little of her honey from my finger, held it up to Rich. He took my finger into his mouth and sucked noisily. My pussy throbbed and I grinned up at him. He sucked my finger clean. He lay back and relaxed. It was good to feel our warmth together. It felt comfortable snuggling. Breathing slowed.

A thought crossed my mind moments before I slipped off to sleep. I have a perfectly good king-size bed in my room.

Oh well, maybe next time…

Reader, please feel free to vote and I welcome feedback. Hope you enjoyed this one. *wink*

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