Billy Owns the 4 Women in His New Family

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WARNING: This story involves scenes of graphic sex including domination, seduction, oral, incest, interracial and anal. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years old.

One of my readers commented that there was not enough Will and his Mother so that story was written. After that was published another reader requested “How about both moms and sons have a wild time in the same bed swapping partners?” So here is a third story in the ‘Billy’ series. Enjoy Billy’s growing family with Amy, (Mrs. Anderson), Mike, Julie and Sally and his Mother, Maggie!

Thinking about a fourth story where Mike and Billy help Julie’s sorority haze the new pledges with hard cock! A number of virgin asses get taken. A spoiled freshman ‘Karen’ gets done by her unknowing alumnus father. Let me know in your comments if you want the episode. It’s already bubbling around inside my head. Please enjoy this third story! Sorry for the delay but life events took priority and a new story demanded my focus to be written first.

Hi, my name is Will, Will Michelson. I just recently turned eighteen and graduated high-school. Mike is my best friend, a ‘brother by another mother’, since third grade. Speaking of another mother Mike’s mother Mrs. Anderson, Amy, turned me into a sexual knowledgeable young man during a recent camping trip. She fell in love with my long fat cock to the degree that she let me breed her with Mike’s approval.

During the same trip Mike and I met and fucked two college girls, Julie and Sally. They joined us at the cabin for a five-way including Amy, Mrs. Anderson! With Amy’s training I went home and claimed my mother’s body and bed! That first night I took her three times, mouth, pussy and ass. In her bed I bred her starting perhaps fraternal twins. I am her master now and her body is available wherever and whenever I wish to wet my cock.

For the past weeks I’ve fucked my mother in our bed, in the shower, on the kitchen table, bent over the sofa, on the floor of the den, anywhere I wanted to wet my cock and fill her with my hot thick cum. We do naked yoga now with my cock filling one of her holes. Mom now is an addict for my cum. She begs me to spray her face or her huge tits after my cock has made her cum several times. She cleans my cock after it has filled her ass with pulses of hot thick cum. Just last night I watched my mother put her hand under her ass and catch my cum drops on her palm then suck them into her mouth.

“Will look! Your cum is swirling under my tongue, coating my mouth with your thick man-cum. Glob after glob dripped from my just fucked ass and painted my hungry tongue. Fill my mouth with your cock so I can suck the last drops out of your fat cockhead. Oh Will my man, my lover, my husband, my son I love your cock and its hot thick cum. Hummm,” Mom moaned as my softening cock slid down into her throat.

I’m sitting right now at the kitchen table while Maggie, (my mother), cooks me breakfast. She is naked except for the apron to protect her lovely huge breasts. She knows to remove it once she serves me.

“Come sit on my hard cock Maggie and feed me,” I ordered.

Mom had me turn my chair parallel to the table giving her room. She set my bacon, eggs and toast on the table beside her and took my hard cock in her hand. She squatted across my thighs and ran my fat cockhead through her shaved pussy lips. Her blonde curly pubic hair still grew wild on her mons. Her dripping pussy coated my cockhead as it moved through her coral gash.

Satisfied my cock was wet enough she placed the head at the entrance to her cock hungry vagina. Mom moaned as my large mushroom crown pushed her wet lips apart and entered the incestuous cavern. Mom pulsed her thighs up and down taking more and more of my thick cock up inside her. She groaned when her naked pussy lips kissed the base of my cockshaft and she had all eight thick inches filling her hot wet tunnel.

Her tight pussy caressed all along my cock each time she turned to get and feed me part of my breakfast. From time to time she stopped to ride my hard cock up and down taking my cockhead to the heights of her hot internal flesh. Her warm juices were dripping out from her pussy to soak my balls. She’s gonna have to lick them clean of her juices and my dripping cum.

As Mom held a piece of toast to bite I reached between us and rubbed her swollen clit back and forth and round and round. Mom hissed and I felt her pussy release a flow of hot juice. In this short time I learned how to make Mom cum and cum hard. I pinched and pulled on her thick clit and she came! Her pussy pulsed on my cock giving me pleasure. I reached up and pulled on her thick chocolate tootsie-roll nipples and she squeezed my cock with her trained pussy. She groaned and wet me again.

“Oh Will you made me cum! You made me cum so good! But please be careful of my nipples – there very sensitive and my breasts hurt,” Mom moaned.

“Why is bahis firmaları that Maggie?”

“Will, my husband and lover, I missed my period. Your babies are growing in my womb. I’ll take a test but I know. Women that have had a baby know the signs; cramps different than their period, tender breasts, certain food tastes different and in your case, a hunger for sex! You’ll be fucking me right up to when my water breaks, my husband-lover,” she said and leaned in and kissed me deeply.

“Well that means we are going shopping for a king size bed. Get dressed; thigh high stockings and mid thigh skirt, no panties, no bra. I wanna see your tits wobble around and your thick nipples poke out. You are my play toy and I want people to see that I own you,” I said thrusting my cock deep up inside my mother’s pussy. I could hear her juices squelching past my thick dick.

“Well Master, if it’s to be no panties in public you can’t cum in my pussy or ass or I’ll drip onto my stockings. I’ll have to suck you off when you’re just about done.”

Mom squealed when I stood up and spun her to lay her huge breast on the kitchen table. I started pounding her pussy deep and hard with my long thick cock just the way she has come to want it. For several minutes I pounded her pussy until I felt it tremble and squeeze all along my cock. Mom’s head came off the table and she screamed through her first orgasm.

When her pussy stopped pulsing and spraying my balls with her cum I pulled out and centered my dripping cockhead against her anus and pushed in. Her circular back lips have now been trained to yield and my crown was captured by her pulsing analring. I slid deep into my mother’s ass and began fucking my other play toy. Mom groaned when her ass was filled with cock and she sprayed my balls several times as she groaned through another orgasm.

“Oh fuck me Will! Fuck my ass Master! Make me cum!” my Mother yelled as she thrust back against my cock making my heavy ball sack slap against her wet naked pussy lips.

My mother’s ass, tight and willing, drives me over the edge too soon. I was pounding her belly onto the table listening to her huge breasts squeak on the wood. Her ass pulsed all along my cock as she shook through several aftershocks. Maggie screamed one long howl and sprayed my balls again. The kitchen floor had to be soaked under us as has happened before during the weeks since I claimed her body for my use.

I was very close to cumming and remembering what she said I grabbed her hair and pulled her back and down on her knees. My pussy cum coated cock was dripping and pulsing directly in her face. With wild eyes my mother opened her mouth wide and swallowed my cock. She pushed forward and my cock slid across her tongue and filled her throat.

Mom took my hand and held it to her throat and I felt my cock slide across my palm as she took my cock deep into her trained throat. My mother sucked my long thick cock all along its eight inch length. I groaned and she held her lips tight behind my circumcision ridge; her tongue flicking my own pleasure knot. I grabbed her blonde hair and held tightly as my first blast of cum shot out my cockhead to paint the back of her throat.

Mom swallowed causing her mouth to grip my cockhead tightly. My legs trembled as more cum shot out to fill my mother’s mouth. She sucked hard on my cockhead pulling my hot thick cum up my shaft and out the crown. She doesn’t swallow until I’m done pulsing my cum into her mouth. One final suck up the length of my cock and on the crown and Mom leaned back.

Mom always opens her mouth to show me my thick white cum pooled behind her bottom teeth and coating her tongue. She tightened my hand on her throat then made noisy swallows. She takes my sensitive cockhead back in her mouth and cleans it with her tongue then finishes with several soft sucks and swallows. Not done yet my mother pushes my cock against my abs and licks my cock and balls of her white cum.

“Is my Master pleased with his slut?” Mom always asks after a blowjob.

“Yes Maggie you did a wonderful pleasure for your man. You are such a good slut and such a good cocksucker,” I said as I tenderly pet her cheeks.

I sat in the chair and finished my coffee as Mom soaked up her cum juices off the kitchen floor. I told her to dress as we will be leaving soon. I came down stairs and Mom was standing in the kitchen waiting for inspection. She lifted her pleated skirt and showed me the tops of her thigh-highs and her naked pussy lips. She twirled showing off her yoga and exercise tight ass. Her blouse was decorated with flowers and semi transparent. I could easily see her the dark circles of her aureoles and the darker nips of her nipples.

“Will I’ll dress anyway you wish but I want to warn you. You make my pussy leak and that makes me very horny for your cock. You better keep me under control or we will get arrested,” she warned.

As it turned out shopping was an adventure at the mall. She showed me and others her naked ass kaçak iddaa on the escalator and her shaved pussy on the bed at the furniture bedding store. She had several admiring salesmen while she tried out the different mattresses. They quickly knew the carpet matched the blonde drapes. I told the salesmen I needed a sturdy king sized bed frame that would support several people being active all at once. My esteem went way up as they laughed amongst themselves.

Mom and I chose a frame we both liked and an appropriate mattress and arranged for it to be delivered on Saturday. Mom could not contain herself and fucked me in the car still at the mall. She had me push my seat back and she crawled up on my lap and took my cock deep up her pussy. She rode my cock like a woman possessed and soon had me shooting my cum deep up in her pussy.

She slowly calmed as she sucked my cock with her tightened kegel muscles pulling the last of my cum up inside her. Mom kissed me deeply telling me how much she loved me and that I own her. She slid up and off my cock and flopped onto her car seat. She put her feet up on the dashboard and put her hand under her pussy. Mom grunted then brought her hand to her face. My cum was pooled on her palm.

Mom licked and sucked my white globs into her mouth returning to her pussy several times. She touched my arm showing me my thick white cum pooled behind her teeth. She once again brought my hand to her throat and let me feel her swallow all my cum she retrieved from her pussy. I wasn’t put away yet so she leaned over and sucked my cock clean of her thick pussy juices and the last of my cum. She asked me to drive her home and fuck her again.

Later as my cum dripped from my mother’s ass I called Mike and asked him if he could come over Friday and help me rearrange the rooms. I would take Mom’s queen for my room and we would donate my full bedroom set. I also had other plans for Mike and my mother. It was time to repay his generosity with my having his mother for my pleasure.

Mike came over Friday afternoon and doing it in the right sequence we got the bedrooms swapped and Mom’s room ready for the delivery. Mom was of course dressed in tight yoga pants and u-shaped top and she knew Mike was scoping her out. Her hard nipples were pushing out her top and she bent over showing Mike her ass and camletoe. The vee of her crotch soon darkened and her scent was obvious. It wasn’t sweat but the fragrance of her dripping pussy juice.

We ordered oriental delivery and after Mike and I retired to the den to play video games. I told Mike he was gonna fuck my Mom tonight and we were gonna double team her. Mike got a huge grin on his face. My mom came in and asked if there was anything else we wanted.

“Maggie am I your Master and will you do whatever I ask or demand of you?”

My mother looked at me with expectant eyes as I watched her huge breasts begin to rise and fall with her now excited breathing. “Yes Master,” she said quietly. “Take off your clothes,” I ordered.

My Mom stood before her ‘two sons’ and first pulled her top off. Her firm full breasts settled on her chest and her dark nipples firmed and pointed towards us. “Pinch them,” I ordered.

Mom closed her eyes and brought her hands to her tits and squeezed them. Her thumbs and fingers gripped her fat nipples and pulled them out twirling them as she went. I watched the vee in her yoga pants darken as she let down more pussy juices. Playing with her nipples always makes Mom wet.

I asked Mike if he liked my mother’s tits. He said he loved looking at my mother’s tit since he could remember and fantasized seeing them and sucking on her big nipples. “Maggie, bring your nipples to Mike and let him suck on them!” I barked.

Mike moved to the edge of the sofa as my Mom stood between Mike’s thighs. I watched him take a large orb in his hand and suck a nipple between his lips. He sucked hard pulling it out with his lips and teeth. Mom groaned as Mike nipped her fat nipple. He switched to the other nipple and it received the same treatment. Mom was moaning and leaning into Mike pushing her huge breast against his face. Mike bit my mother’s tit flesh on both orbs then leaned back.

I told Mom to remove her yoga pants. When she stepped back her inner thighs were soaked dark with more pussy juice that had poured out while Mike was abusing her tits. Mom gripped her hem and pulled down revealing her blonde curly mons. I told her to turn around and slowly reveal her ass and pussy to Mike, your other son. Mom groaned as she turned and slowly rolled her pants over her ass showing Mike those beautiful tight globes.

Mom had to rock her hips to get the soaked gusset of her yoga pants to release from her soaked pussy. Mom’s naked pussy lips were revealed for Mike’s hungry eyes as the wet pants slowly descended Mom’s thighs. When they were taken of her feet I ordered Mom to bend over and open her legs. I ordered her to pull her ass cheeks apart and show Mike her beautiful asshole and dripping kaçak bahis pussy. Mike and I watched as pussy juices dripped out of the now open coral gash that was my mother’s pussy.

I ordered Mom to sit on the coffee table and make herself cum for us. I heard her softly moan, “Oh fuck Will,” as she sat on the low table and opened her legs wide. Mom started on her tits as that always revs her engine. She squeezed her huge orbs and pulled on her nipples as her juices dripped to the den floor. A hand moved to her naked pussy lips and ran through that coral cleft gathering wetness on her fingers. Mom pulled on her clit until it filled and swelled to the thickness and size of a brazil nut.

“Mike, my brother, would you like to suck on our mother’s pussy and taste her sweet honey? My Mom is your Mom just like your Mom is my Mom. It’s only right that you own my mother like I own your mother. Get in there on our mother’s pussy and make her cum!”

Mike dropped to his knees and pushed his face between our mother’s pussy lips. Maggie screamed when Mike took her clit between his lips and sucked. Mom sprayed his face with pulses of her hot cum as she climaxed. She shook through pleasure aftershocks as Mike used his oral skills on his new mother’s pussy. He drank deeply and quickly as Maggie came over and over on his face. She had to pull his hair to get him to stop the overload of pleasure to her mother pussy.

I tossed my head at Mike and he stood and removed his pants. His cock was hard not as large as mine but still long and thick. He knelt and brought his cockhead to the wet dripping gash of my mother’s pussy. His fat cockhead found the opening to my mother’s pussy and he pushed in. Maggie groaned as Mike pulsed his cock in and out his new mother’s pussy until he was balls deep. Mike’s cock claimed my mother’s pussy as he began thrusting deep into her. He grabbed her thighs and pushed them up beside Maggie’s tits and Mom’s pussy opened wide.

Mike’s cock went deeper into his new mother tapping the hot flesh at her depths. Mom’s hand drifted down between them and captured her clit. She rubbed that swollen knot until she screamed into a powerful orgasm that rocked her body as Mike pounded into her hot tight pussy. Mike held himself deep inside his new mother as she trembled and moaned through powerful aftershocks.

Mike and I because of Mrs. Anderson’s training can hold back and control when we cum. Mike pulled out of that wet pussy and knee walked to the end of the table. He pulled Maggie’s hair and brought her lips to the head of his cock. Mom opened and Mike slid his cock into her mouth. She sucked along his shaft tasting her own pussy juices. Mike used my mother’s mouth for his pleasure even pushing deep down her throat holding her lips against his cockbase.

Maggie moaned as Mike used her mouth and throat all along his cock. But again he held back knowing we where gonna double team this sexual woman. Both Mike and I stripped and he laid on the floor of the den his hard cock pointing upwards pulsing as his blood pumped. On shaky legs I walked my mother over to sit on Mike’s thighs. I lifted her ass and Mike centered his cockhead to her wet opening. I slowly lowered my mother onto Mike’s hard cock until she had it all.

Mom growled lost in her sexual stupor from a cock in her pussy causing climax aftershocks. I pushed mom forward and she crushed her large tits against Mike’s chest. Mike knew what was coming next as we had done the double team with his mother several times. Mrs. Anderson loves the double penetration and cums so hard wetting both our cocks as we fill her two tight holes with young cum.

I could see the naked pussy lips of my mother embracing the thickness of Mike’s cockbase. I brought my cockhead to my mother’s anus and pushed. She groaned as my fat cockhead breached her analring and slid into the darkness. Mom rose up off Mike so he grabbed her tits and squeezed hard.

“Oh fuck boys what are you doing to your mother? Are both your cocks in my holes? You’re filling your mother with thick cockmeat. Oh fuck boys, make me cum! Make your mother cum on this unholy dual fucking. Fill me with hot cum from my two sons. Fuck your MOTHER!,” she screamed as she trust down and back taking two hard thick cocks deep in her holes.

Mike started our alternate thrusting learned from being in his mother’s pussy and ass. We were going for thick powerful ejaculations so we held nothing back from reaming our mother’s holes. Mom was spraying Mike’s abs as she was cumming over and over. Her blonde hair was whipping back and forth as she trembled in her climax. The den smelled like SEX!

“Oh fuck boys you’re killing me! I’m cumming, I’m cumming! I’m cumming on two thick cocks. Fill me with cum boys; fill your mother with cum, you motherfuckers!” Mom screamed as she sprayed her juices on Mike and I and the den floor.

Mike groaned and my cock could feel him pulsing as he shot his cum up into my mother. Mom’s ass pulsed on my cock as she felt Mike cum and she climaxed again. Her ass crushed my cock pushing me over the edge and I blasted my mother’s dark depths with globs of hot cum. Mom dropped onto Mike as her ass was filled with her son’s hot thick cum.

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