Be Mine

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I sit in the chair and watch. The movements of bodies is like ripples and waves of a great river.

I sit and watch. A flame of a dozen candles shimmers in the room, their heat radiates into my bones and joints. Into my heart. There is something sizzling and boiling within me.

I watch. Your nude body twisting and turning in the circle of three naked men. They surround you, you have no escape. They erect penises pointing at you. Pretentious hands touching you all over, exploring every inch of your naked skin; your face, your breasts, your thighs.

Somebody grabs your hair as he thrusts his penis in your mouth; another makes you jerk him; yet another leans in between your legs and licks your soaking wet pussy.

They are using you.

I’m looking for a sign. An indication that you want me to intervene, but you don’t seem to mind.

So I watch.

I can hear my heartbeat in my ears, it sounds like claps in an empty theatre. Sweat is running down my neck. The ball of heat in my stomach keeps growing. I don’t yet know what it is; rage or joy, jealousy or pleasure. The scorching feeling is creeping up my neck, it’s going to blow. Soon. But I don’t move

I sit. And I watch.


Only 30 minutes ago we were standing in the kitchen, hastily whispering to each other like conspirators, while our guests were waiting for the next bottle of wine.

“So? What happened?” I ask.

“Not much.” you shrug your shoulders.

“No, no. You won’t get away so easily!” I say vehemently “You went after him to the bathroom. And the two of you were there for like 30 minutes or so. Something must have happened.”

You sigh with surrender

“Okay, well. He is a tiny bit drunk. He talked about her.”

“Aha.” I nod.

“They have been together for like five years, haven’t they?” you continue.


“It’s only been a couple of weeks that they broke up.”


“He’s missing her. He is lonely and desperate. I think he even cried a little.”


“He talked, I listened. Then…he tried to kiss me.”

The kitchen suddenly spins around me.

“He did what??” I ask with a bit of temper in my voice.

“Well…” you say “He got emotional. He tried to kiss me.”

“And what did you do?”

“I let him.”

The kitchen takes another spin.

“So…you kissed?”


“And that was it?”

You hesitate a little. The room keeps spinning around me.

“He sorts of kept touching me. He’s been stroking me over my trousers. And I’ve been rubbing his cock through his jeans.”

I swallow nervously. You look at me with slight worry in your eyes but continue slowly.

“I got quite turned on. I would have gone further but I heard you calling me.”

For a moment I find no words. My mouth gets dry and a nervous laugh is tickling the back of my throat.

“What would you have done?” I ask very quietly.

You shrug your shoulders again.

“I don’t know?! Suck him?”


“Are you mad at me?” you ask while staring at me with those big, warm brown eyes.

“No.” I shake my head.

“Are you…turned on?” there is a cheeky smile in the corner of your lips.

It’s pointless to deny it. My breathing is faster than it should be, my cheeks are red, and I have a throbbing erection. Your smile gets even wider as you lock your arms around me.

“You are turned on.” this time it wasn’t a question.

You are a bad girl. And I love you for it. Our marriage never really been a traditional one. We’ve always had deep trust and honesty between us. We shared things with each other that would have ruined or the very least seriously hurt many other couples. In the company of our more conservative friends I often thought of us as “the coolest couple on the block”. Over the years we even misbehaved with others once or twice. Mostly when we were wasted. With each other’s consent of course. It always excited me when you got naughty in front of me and yet, all I feel now is nerves.

“Do you want him?” I almost whisper.

You pull me close as you answer, your voice is tense with excitement.

“He is good looking but…I like his friend as well.”

“Which one?”

“The tall one”

“So…you want…” gulp “…both of them?”

You don’t answer just bury your face in between my neck and shoulder.

“And what should we do with the third one? Send him home?” I ask.

You raise your head and whisper in my ear.

“We don’t have to send him away. I think he can stay…I mean…would you be OK with that? Would it be OK if I’d fuck all three of them?”

You pull me even closer and hold me as you whisper:

“You could watch…?!”

Bang. The ceiling just fell on me. At least it feels that way. I admitted to you that I had similar fantasies a long time ago. But those were just fantasies. We talked about things, made up imaginary ankara moldovyalı escortlar scenarios with various people in various combinations. Throughout the years of our marriage it helped us keep things fresh and exciting. Heck even dipped our toes into the murky waters of swinging a couple of times. But I’m still astounded by your question. My wife, this innocent looking sexy little girl just expressed her desire to fuck our guests, the three guys sitting in our living room…with me watching.

For a minute neither of us feels like talking. We just stand there holding each other.

“So are we doing this? Tonight?” you whisper.

Is that excitement in your voice or nervousness?

The jealousy stabs into me like an icy needle. But there is a hot bubble of excitement growing in my chest.

“I guess…if you want to.” I hesitate. Through all my muddled feelings there is something else, something stronger than jealousy or excitement. I’m suddenly reminded how much I love you. And how much I fear for you.

“Just don’t want you to get hurt.” I deliberately try to deepen my voice, so I sound more serious. I lean closer, place my hand on your hips.

“Me?! To get hurt?” your eyes widen “What about you? I’m more worried about you!”

“Yeah but…three guys? If things get too…I don’t know…wild, they can do something you don’t want to. Make you do things…”

“God, I hope so.” you giggle nervously. Then seeing the serious look on my face you add “Don’t worry, I can handle guys. Besides, you’ll be there to protect me.”

I fold my arms around your waist and squeeze your body to mine as I look into your eyes. My stomach is in a knot and my head is a mess. But I made my decision. I won’t fight against the flood, I will let it roam.

“If you want to do this, I want to watch you doing it.” is all I say.

You smile at me and cover my lips with yours.

“Okay. Then let’s do it. Give me fifteen minutes.”

You slip out of the kitchen, I stay by myself. My mouth feels dry and my heart is in my throat. What just happened? I shake my head and pick out two more wine bottles from the fridge.

Shrieking laughter in the living room. Empty bottles lie around underneath the table; wine, beer, whiskey. The smell of fried meat and chips still lingers even though the food is gone. As I return Pete is on the floor displaying his ability to perform one handed push-ups. Max and Alex loudly rooting for him. Amused roar explodes when Pete collapses after a few push-ups. I fill the glasses again as we sit back to our places.

When we invited these folks for dinner, we thought it would be just that; dinner. Maybe a bottle of wine, a bit of chat, a couple of laughs. But it seems this gang has different ideas about social gatherings. As I learned, they were housemates at university, and they kept in touch ever since. In the rare occasions when they come together they are determined to relive those years. And we are game of course. Once – not even that long ago – we went to uni too.

They turned up with bottles of spirits and a couple of six packs which we finished with our dinner. Max and Alex already did another beer run while we broke out a few bottles of wine.

“Where is Lara?” asks Max.

“She’ll be right back.” I answer. He doesn’t pick up the deceitful tone in my voice. My head is still spinning from the conversation we’ve had mere seconds ago. Your words still ring in my ear.

The guys are comfortable. Even though two of them have never been to our place before. We’ve been drinking and eating for a good few hours, the spirit is on its height.

I knew Pete the longest. We have been working together for years. As I look at him I hear your whisper and feel your warm breath in my ear, like you would stand right next to me (“He tried to kiss me…”). He is an ex-marine in his early thirties. Next to his full-time job he’s also pulling weekends as a freelance fitness instructor (“…I let him”). Even though our relationship is mostly professional (“…I’ve been rubbing his cock through his jeans…”) we had a few pints after work over the years. So he wasn’t surprised when I invited him over for a friendly dinner during the weekend, especially in the wake of the breakup with his long-term girlfriend (“…he’s missing her…”). We thought it would do him good to spend some time among friendly faces (“…suck him?!…”)

It was only a few days ago that he asked if he could bring two of his friends (Would it be OK?…”). They were going to take him out. Instead of calling off the dinner he asked if all three of them could come (“…fuck all three of them?…”). We haven’t had any objections.

Max is a few years younger than me (“What should we do with the third one?…”). It’s obvious that he is the sane one in the group. He doesn’t talk much and is always polite (“…send him home?…”). He felt a bit out of his comfort zone at first, being in a place of people previously unknown but he did warm up. His sincan ukraynalı escortlar choice of drinks is somewhat more sophisticated; red wine instead of lager and scotch on the rocks instead of mixed with coke. His blue eyes show kindness and honesty as I sit down next to him (“I think he can stay…”).

Alex is pretty much the polar opposite of him. Tall guy (“…the tall one…”) with wide shoulders and somewhat of a beer belly (“…I like his friend as well…”). He is loud when he speaks, loud when he laughs and capable of drinking a considerable amount of beer. He seems to think himself to be the de facto leader of the gang, even though Pete is clearly stronger physically and Max is better educated and better employed. I’m pretty sure Alex is the one coming up with the kind of bad ideas that turn into the best memories. Throughout the evening he constantly addresses me as “dude” or “buddy” which I find a bit strange given that I’m older than him. But I guess in his circles this is the sign of good will and acceptance (“…you could watch?!…”).

I shake my head. Instinctive movement, no one noticed it. No effect though, your voice keeps grinding in my head.

“…you can watch me. Watch me! Watch as this guy…the tall one… bends me over and bangs me from behind…Watch me as his friend…he can stay…pushes his body in between my legs, plays with my tits, fucks my pussy…And watch me as Pete…he tried to kiss me…and I let him…I take his cock in my mouth…suck him?!…I let him push it down my throat, let him gag me with it…And I will take his cum…I take the cum of all of them. You can watch as I let them…all three of them…cum on me…own me…fuck me…All three of them fuck me…OH SHIT!”

I close my eyes as I try to shut you off in my head. The others talk about something but I don’t listen. My cock starts to harden again.

Alex is in the middle of a story about a night out. I notice that Pete’s interest in his friend’s narrative is not exactly sincere. It’s more like he’s pretending to focus on Alex’s tale so he doesn’t have to look at me. I guess he’s conscience is not perfectly clean because of his encounter with you in the bathroom. I like him, he’s a stand-up kind of guy and a good friend. I’m pretty sure he would come clean and apologise to me sometimes next week, blaming it on his sadness and the alcohol while defending your honour to the end. If only he could read my mind right now…

Alex finishes his story and I feel I should say something. Make preparations, suggestions, involve them somehow in our plans. I take a quick glance towards the bedroom. The door is closed, you are inside doing God knows what. I take a deep breath and even though I have no idea what’s going to come out of my mouth, I start talking.

“What do you guys think of Lara?”

Pete goes red and turns his attention towards the bowl of crisps on the table. Alex pops open another bottle, only Max seems to listen, all too eager to pay us back for our hospitality.

“She’s cool.” he’s nodding unsuspectingly, having no clue what I’m talking about “Why?”

Oh fuck! Now what?

“Well, I’m just asking because…you probably don’t know this but we…well, I mean maybe you do know…I don’t know, probably heard some rumors or whatever…”

Bollocks! This is not going well. What the hell am I supposed to say? Would you guys want to fuck my wife while I watch? Not exactly a conversation starter.

Pete is nodding his head eagerly while pretty much burying his face in the crisp bowl. Alex is murmuring something to Max who tries to share his attention between me and his friend. No one listens and I’m losing the plot.

This is the moment when you step into the room.

“Is everything alright boys?” you ask in a sweet voice.

Now every pair of eyes turns to you.

You re-done your makeup and let your hair down to your shoulders. You are wearing a tight white shirt, the one you cannot button up properly because it’s too tight on your tits. It highlights as opposed to hiding your red and black bra, which you picked for Christmas in Ann Summers. I’m pretty sure you are wearing the matching French knickers as well. A chill comes over me when I remember, that one has a slit on the front. A short skirt stretches on your hips. I can’t remember when I saw you wearing this one last time. Probably back in the day when we first started dating. It looks like something you would have worn in the club back in those days. It perfectly follows the shape of your body. Lace top glossy stockings and high heels make the spectacle perfect, the suspenders abruptly disappearing under the fringe of your skirt.

I knew you were getting ready for an entrance and I’m astonished by you. You look stunning. When you disappeared in the bedroom, first I thought you might appear in lingerie only, maybe wearing your little white lacy corset or see through bodysuit. But this is better. It’s more seductive and less intimidating that you are dressed elvankent minyon tipli escortlar in actual clothes, even if slutty ones. The chosen pieces lustfully follow your contours, enhancing but covering all your curves in the right places. And that what is partially hidden is usually more tempting.

With a cheerful swagger you walk towards us and sit on the only free chair, touching distance from me and Pete but across the table from Max and Alex.

There is an uneasy silence. The guys aren’t sure what’s happening. Even with their alcohol-soaked dull senses they realise that they have no control over the situation. But they can’t take their eyes off of you. Even the always polite Max is having a hard time not to stare. And I realise that you enjoy their attention. You throw your head back and brush through your hair. The scent of your perfume lingers in the air. Fully aware of the men hungrily watching your every move you gently soothe your fingers down on your neck all the way to your breast. As you slowly start to stroke your nipple through the fabric of the shirt you look up, back into those staring eyes. Now you place your hands on your thighs slowly opening them and let them take a little sneak peek on your knickers. Seductive smile on your lips as the three guys take a deep breath.

I’m amazed by you. You are like a nymph. A goddess. Fearlessly wielding your feminine powers over the men who are stunned and mesmerised by you. You relish their awakening savage instincts and take joy in the knowledge, that momentarily you are the singular object of all of their desires.

Suddenly you stand, take a step towards Alex and sit on his lap while folding your arms around his neck.

“Hi.” You smile at him seductively. He looks at you, then onto me, then back at you again.

“So this is the deal guys.” I say when I finally have their attention “She’s ready and she’s willing. And she wants you. All three of you.” I notice from the corner of my eye that you send me a cheeky smile “What do you say?”

It is quite a shock on them. They probably hastily count their options; leg it or stay and see what happens. They seem uneasy, maybe even a bit embarrassed. Finally Pete asks the question that puzzling them all:

“What is happening?”

I smile for myself. A sharp and challenging answer is forming in my mind but you are quicker.

“Some say I give the best blowjobs.” you look directly to Alex. Yeah, no shit. I’m the one who say that. “So who wants to push his cock in my mouth? Let’s take this to the bedroom.”

I reckon that last part was meant for all of us.

I couldn’t have summarized the situation better even if I prepared a speech. All my words and suggestions to ease them into our game would have meant nothing compared to your couple of sentences and mesmerizing smile. Max is suddenly on his feet. His breathing is elevated and he’s possibly having an erection. Pete’s face is red as he’s looking at you. You lean closer to Alex who is still holding you on his lap and place a light kiss on his lips.

Pete suddenly jumps up from his chair.

“I’m sorry I just have to… go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.”

He hurryingly disappears towards the corridor, a second later Alex follows him mumbling something apologetically. Max stands around for a while then he’s off too.

“I think I better…also.”

Just the two of us remain around the table. You look at me then we both break out in a choked laugh.

“I guess we should give them a few minutes.” I state.

This is the big moment. We put them under quite a pressure, they weren’t ready for this. They are about to decide whether or not they go through with it. You move closer and wrap your arms around me.

“I hope you are ready to watch this baby, ‘cuz I’m about to make this a very memorable night for you.”

I can feel the heat in my stomach rising and my cock gets hard instantly. You feel it and smile.

“I hate to tell you but I’m still not sure they will be into it.” I whisper to you.

“Oh, they are into it!” your voice lacks any doubt. I don’t argue.

You free yourself from my arms and walk towards the bedroom.

“Can you get my pink bag from the top cabinet?” you say over your shoulder.

“What’s in it?” I ask suspiciously.

“What do you think?” you smile back at me cheekily “Lube, condom and wet wipes.”

Of course, silly me — I think for myself as I look for the bag. I wonder how long you have had it neatly prepared, stacked away, waiting. Damn.

“You’re a monster.” I murmur under my breath.

As I follow you into the bedroom I pick up parts of conversations coming from the bathroom. All three of them are talking, their voice is tense with excitement.

“Man I never…did you see?…I thought…but will you?…do you think?…I should…she is…”

You made a grand job with the bedroom. Soft silky covers on the bed, velvety cushions all around. In the lights of the dozen candles the room somehow reminds me of a harem. “Right on” — I smile for myself.

And of course a chair. My chair. Comfortable, leather covered piece. This was my idea, my fantasy. And there is no way back now. It took me months to admit it to myself, further months to nervously admit it to you. And now all of the sudden we are here. My mouth is dry as I sit down.

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