Aunt’s Plan

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This is about an eighth of the story I have so far. It’s taking me pretty long to finish it but at least I’m advanced enough that I will be able to post the following chapters soon. So feel free to give me ideas or recommendations such as sexual acts or stuff that I should pay attention to for the upcoming chapters.

I can’t make promises but I’ll try my best to wrap up the whole story soon. The characters are thin but the sex in this is going to get pretty graphic (kinda nasty for some) and maybe won’t be for everyone. Either way thanks for reading.


I came home for the summer after my second year of college to find a new roommate in our house. Aunt Penny had moved in with my mother. They shared the three bedroom two bathroom house, a good size kitchen, a small living room, a garage and ample back yard. It looked like any other house in California. Space wasn’t an issue, it’s not a huge house and it wasn’t going to feel crowded with me coming into the picture for the summer.

Aunt Penny had never married. She was about 37 years old, 8 years younger than my mom, with a pretty face but with one characteristic which I, childishly, imagined was the reason she hadn’t married. I barely knew Aunt Penny growing up and as a kid all I could remember was that she was overweight. There is nothing wrong with that but in my youthful and ignorant mind that was what my brain imagined.

Not so the person I met on my return home. The siblings didn’t resemble one another and they never had. I would say Mom’s skin was pale white, while Aunt Penny was white but not pale at all. Mom had long black hair while Aunt Penny had short brownish hair. Mom was a couple inches taller. The major difference was their body types. Mom was an attractive woman who didn’t have to envy anyone. She had been skinny all her life and with age she had gained only a few pounds which if you ask me looks better. Aunt Penny on the other hand had more flesh to put it one way. In my return home though I found that while these statements remained true and Aunt Penny still carried more flesh, things had changed. Aunt Penny carried more flesh but in the right places.

Aunt Penny was leaving as I approached the door.

“Hey John, welcome home.” She hugged me and kissed my cheek. “I gotta run right now but I’ll see you in a couple hours.” I turned to see her go and kept my mouth shut. If Mom hadn’t told me over the phone that Aunt Penny had moved in I wouldn’t have recognized her.

She was wearing really tight jeans that I thought had to be a size too small for her. Her thighs were meaty and it only got meatier as my eyes approached her hips. I immediately noticed how her ass stretched those jeans to their maximum. Yet, the meat stopped at the hips. She wasn’t thin but her core area hugged by her blouse was flat. Not fat to be seen. She got in her car, smiled at me, and waved goodbye. Her body looked amazing and she carried herself with such youth and energy I could not believe she was the same person.

“She’s changed a lot.” Mom explained. “Don’t mentioned any of this to anyone, I think she got into a serious relationship but it didn’t work out. Then she started exercising. She’s kind of obsessed with working out and eating healthy right now.”

“Well, good for her Mom.” I pictured my aunt in my mind. “She looks really really good.”

Mom giggled at that, “John, she’s your aunt so don’t look at her like that.”

My face turned red. “I didn’t mean it that way.” She was giggling so I couldn’t help but smile too.

“Well you’re right. She does look good but she’s been taking me to a gym as well.” She stood up in front of me raising her arm at a 90 degree angle so I could see her bicep. I laughed at this but then she showed me something else. I had never looked at her like I did at that moment.

“See, I think my butt is growing too.” She said it as she turned and bent her knees out to push out her bottom. Mom was just off from work so she was wearing her office clothes. Today that meant pantsuits. Pantsuits aren’t tight like jeans but Mom bent in such a way that her butt cheeks stretched the fabric just a few inches from my face. I stopped laughing.

“Do you notice a difference?” She asked me without moving her butt away from me. Her head turned.

“I…” I didn’t know how to respond. “Umm, well it’s not like I remember what your butt looked like last time I saw it.” I said.

“Hey, eyes up here.” I got redder still. She burst out laughing and turned leaning in to hug me. “I’m so glad you came to visit. You also look really good John. My boy turned into a man.” I hugged her back.

“Now, go change and relax. I have work tomorrow so we only got a few hours to enjoy ourselves.”

“Sounds like you have a plan?”

“I do. I’m going to make snacks and we’re going to watch a movie or two until I have to go to bed. How’s that?”

“Sounds good to me.”


So casino şirketleri I left to shower. While in there I discovered an uncomfortable fact. I started thinking about Mom’s words and her butt so close to me. I tried not to but the few moments her butt left my mind Aunt Penny’s body would come into the picture. The most uncomfortable part of this was feeling my cock stirring into life.

I got into relaxed clothes. Just a t-shirt and shorts. I collapsed on my bed trying to keep my mind clear. I fell asleep and half an hour later I heard Mom calling me from the kitchen.

“I’m pretty much ready, here take these plates to the living room.” She handed me one plate with chips and one plate with sandwiches cut into small triangle pieces. Then she turned to continue cooking us a couple of hot dogs. This is when I noticed she had changed into more comfortable clothes as well. I didn’t make much of her regular blouse. Mom had small boobs unlike her sister but why am I thinking about that? However, she was wearing tiny sky-blue shorts I had never seen before. They were active loose shorts.

With her back towards me I noticed how nice her legs were. Pale white legs that seemed incredibly smooth and soft.

We each sat on a different couch at the living room. First we watched some late night show and mostly talked to each other about my school and her work. Then we put on a horror movie and then we stopped talking as the movie pulled our attention.

Halfway through the movie Aunt Penny came in through the front door.

“Hello!” She playfully whispered after seeing us quietly watching the movie. She approached us. I turned to see her figure contrasted in the darkness by the TV’s blue light.

“Hey sis.” Then leaning in to kiss my cheek and hug me. “Hey John. I’m so glad you’re spending time with us.”

“Yeah me too. It’s been a while since I was home. It’s been even longer since I last saw you.” I tuned to face her.

“I know. We’ve both changed a lot. Look at you, you’re such a grown up now.”

“Shhh.” Mom said.

“Alright.” Aunt Penny answered her. “I’ll be back.” Aunt Penny left to her room. Minutes later she was back and playfully moved my feet out of the way so she could sit on the other side of the couch. She sat with her legs on the couch, with knees bent, and feet pointing towards me. I then sat up straight and noticed she had changed her clothes too. She was now wearing very similar shorts to Mom’s. I first noticed her naked feet and then followed her beautiful legs up. Since they were bent and closed all I could admire were her big thighs. Then I saw her eyes looking at me so I quickly turned my face to the screen.

“I think I’ve seen this. What movie is this?”

“Tale of Two sisters. It’s Korean?”

“Yea, I think I saw it a long time ago.”

Mom seemed to be ignoring this. Then in the corner of my eye I half-saw half-sensed Aunt Penny’s legs stretching. Then I felt her feet touch the side of my leg. I turned to face her and I was about to make a joke or comment on her feet but I stopped. She wasn’t facing me. She was watching the TV. I lowered my face and then saw her right foot rise and come down on my crotch. I froze.

Her foot then started moving on my crotch in a random motion. The feeling was enough to awaken little Johnny and soon enough it gained some size. She felt it and her random movements stopped. Her foot now had a target so it moved somewhat against my dick creating very light friction along a section of my shaft.

This was no accident, but what was I supposed to do? I kept my face towards the tube but an eye on Mom just in case. I never had a thing for feet, but this would probably start it. After a few minutes my dick was erect and a tent on my shorts was visible. I looked at her, and though she still faced the screen, I could see a small grin on her face. Does she find this funny?

I could play that game too. I pulled one of my legs onto the couch to rest it on the other side of her feet. Now her feet were in between my legs. This was a more comfortable position for me. Now my body was facing her and her feet had better reach. She didn’t stop. Her right foot kept playing with me. She was going to keep this going and I was so horny now that I wasn’t shying away. I lightly got hold of her left foot and first just caressed her soft skin. She had small clean pretty feet. I was definitely into feet now.

Then I moved that foot to the right side of my cock. Her right foot followed on its own to the other side. Then I guided her to press my cock from both sides and move up and down. My cock was under my shorts so it wasn’t the best it could be, but it was hotter than anything I had experienced.

I had lost track of time and very soon into this new position I saw her feet hurry away from me. She bent her legs in and I turned to find the end credits rolling on the TV. I was scared for a second as I had forgotten about Mom and the lights casino firmaları turned on out of nowhere.

Mom had turned on the light and I quickly grabbed the remote on the center table and a throw pillow on the floor. I used the pillow to conceal my erection. I changed the TV to a random TV channel and kept my guilty eyes on the screen.

“I’m too tired honey I need to go to bed.”

“Okay Mom.” I responded without facing her. She then kissed my cheek and talked into my ear.

“Goodnight. Goodnight Penny.” She turned the light off and started walking away.

“We’re going to the gym tomorrow don’t forget.” Aunt Penny responded.

“I won’t!” Mom rolled her eyes. “Wake me up.” Then she was gone.

Mom had left pretty fast but it was enough time for me to come to my senses. Now I had to face Aunt Penny and for some reason I was nervous and a bit ashamed. I turned to look at her.

“Are you into feet?” She had a mocking smile on her face.

“I’m not.” I replied with doubt in my voice.

“Seems to me like you are. Weren’t you enjoying that?” She teased me.

“I… don’t know what you’re talking about.” That was the first thing that came out of my mouth. She then moved onto the couch an all four and crawled towards me. Quickly she pulled the pillow from my lap and smiled.

“I think you do know.” She touched the top of the tent on shorts with one finger. “This tells me so. Now be honest with me. Do you find me attractive?”

I looked her in the eyes. “You’re very good looking, sure.” I replied nervously.

“I know I’m your aunt but it’s only natural that your body would react like that. After all, we barely know each other, so your body reacting like this isn’t strange at all. You’re blushing but you shouldn’t be embarrassed.” She grabbed my dick over my shorts. “Also we’re both grownups here.” Her eyes descended on my cock. “I think you might have grown even more than I anticipated.”

Her eyes looked me in the eye as her hands grabbed my shorts and started pulling then off. I lifted my ass and legs to allow her.

Once off my shaft sprung up. Her eyes got wider. “Wow. You have a nice cock young man.” I felt my cock tingle at her use of the word ‘cock’. “Seriously how big is it?”

I knew but I didn’t want her to know I had measured it. “I don’t know.” She jumped off the couch, went into the kitchen, and returned with a ruler and a smile from ear to ear.

“Let see.” She sat next to me again.

She proceeded to spit on her right hand and took hold of me. “Are you nervous?”

I looked down at her delicate hand around my cock. “A little.”

“Have you had sex before?” I kept my eyes on her hand and shook my head. “You’re 20 now, you should’ve had sex by now, but I suppose it’s not unusual.” Her hand slowly began to move up and down. Having someone else’s hand on my dick was new to me and I could tell quickly that it would be too much for me to handle. I didn’t say anything but it must have been obvious that I was a virgin. “It’s better that way actually, for the plan I have in mind, it should be better.”

My dick was fully erect in no time. She put the ruler next to it and without a word we both saw the 8 and a half inches mark. She whispered in my ear. “Now, now, don’t make noise. We don’t want to get caught.” I closed my mouth and swallowed. “Mmm. I like your cock.” She giggled. “There you go. Enjoy it. You won’t last but don’t worry you’ll get better at this. Trust me.” She jerked me.

We heard a door move and she paused. For a second we thought Mom was coming but it was only the bathroom door inside Mom’s room. Penny smiled and raised her left hand to cover my mouth. Her resting right hand on my cock continued to jerk me.

Without warning she increased the speed and I felt her hand up and down my whole shaft.

I opened my mouth but I didn’t make noise. Without realizing it while I watched her face her fingers went into my mouth and I began sucking them. What a beautiful sexy face, her eyes down on my shaft and a seductive smile enjoying the show.

I burst. My semen flew straight up falling mostly onto my shirt while Aunt Penny kept at it until none was left.

“Did you like that?” She asked. I nodded. “Well like I said I have a plan and if you liked this, I can tell you there’s much more for you to enjoy but… But you must do as I say. Understood?” I nodded again like the happy idiot I was.

She let go as I was getting soft and stood up. “Okay you should clean up.”

“I. Okay. I will.” Apparently I couldn’t say a whole sentence.

She laughed and walked away. “Goodnight John. I’ll see you tomorrow.”


I had a hard time sleeping that night. My erection had returned after a couple of hours. I didn’t touch it but it was fully erect again from just think about what had just happened. I started fantasizing about what I wanted to do güvenilir casino with that body of hers. So many nasty desires I had developed in my mind. Then I saw my problem. A problem that turned me on regardless. In my fantasies I took the initiative. I bent Aunt Penny forward to fuck her doggy style.

In reality though I realized I couldn’t do that. At least not now. In this power dynamic she was in control. She had the experience and I simply reacted as best I could. I slept very little that night.


I would have slept through the morning but at 6:00 am Aunt Penny’s ass was on my face. She lightly pressed her butt cheeks against my sleeping face. This woke me wide awake.

“Wake up John. It’s gym time.” She removed her butt from me and exited the room. That was the first thing I saw that morning. Aunt Penny’s butt moving away from me in her sexy gym shorts.

I got up and went to find out what she meant by ‘gym time’. I walked to the kitchen to find both Mom, Aunt Penny, and a plate with eggs and ham waiting for me.

“What is this?” I asked.

“You’re going to the gym with us.” Aunt Penny told me with a smile.

“You’re Aunt has it all planned out. You don’t have to come honey, you’re probably tired of waking up early for school.”

“Nonsense. You seem in good shape but trust me everything, and I mean everything is better if you exercise.”

When mom used the word plan it was clear to me I had no option. “I’ll go.”

Aunt Penny handed me a list of exercises for each day of the four we would come to the gym. She made it clear to me she was serious about this. The plan included every body part but it did seem to emphasize in my core. It gave me ideas.

So I set out to workout away from my two women. I was in good shape but I ran out of steam half an hour into it. Then Aunt Penny called me over.

“I’m going to get some water bottles. Stay here and help your mom for me please.”

“I can wait Penny.” Mom said in a hesitating voice.

“No need. You’re not supposed to rest much between sets. Besides he’s doing squats next so I can teach him.” Then she looked at me for approval. I nodded okay. “Okay so you’re just spotting her. Stand right here and make sure the bar doesn’t fall on her.” I moved exactly where she had told me right in front of Mom.

I had been ogling my aunt from afar this whole time. She was a show in this almost empty gym. Her shorts didn’t leave my imagination much work. Having Mom in front of me flashed a thought through my head. She didn’t look bad either. Being in front meant I’d be missing her butt stretching the spandex pants she was wearing but Aunt Penny had something else in mind.

Mom inhaled and exhaled before getting under the barbell bar. Then with it on her shoulders she slowly descended. I extended my hands to lightly touch the bar in case she needed it. I was very close to her. I hadn’t thought completely about her motion. She pushed her butt away from me while on the other side her head moved down and closer to me. Yes her head descended to right in front of my dick.

I looked down to see her eyes staring right into my crotch only an inch away. I knew I shouldn’t have but I found it hot. I was sure I could control it either, I was getting hot but no way would I get a noticeable erection. Until the second set happened. Mom had just started with one rep when Aunt Penny came back. She stood behind Mom and, after looking around to see if anyone else would notice, she started making lustful expressions staring at Mom’s ass and occasionally pretending to slap it.

It was funny but Aunt Penny was too hot. Oh shit! I might get a boner now. Then mom was done.

Aunt Penny proceeded to give mom a few pointers and before I knew it, Mom was squatting in front me again. My aunt had no mercy on me. She looked around again before looking straight at me and slowly pulling her workout out tank top down. Bit by bit her right boob was revealed to me. It was big and I couldn’t stop staring at the flesh that kept on coming out until a nipple was visible. She had bigger nipples than I imagined and just liked that her boob was out. She lowered her mouth to lick her nipple and at that moment I felt a touch on my sack.

I realized that touch had come from Mom’s head. I didn’t dare look down but the simple pat made my cock rise. As mom rose after the tap I hesitantly tried to make eye contact. I had an apologetic face ready but her eyes were lowered and wouldn’t face me. Her stare seemed to be nowhere, her face it seemed to me was too concerned with the exercise movement.

And down she went again. Squatting again, this time I felt her face not just tap but hit again my erection. Her face hit my cock, continued lower to the point where my dick must have been well against her eyes, held it there for glorious 3 seconds, and then rose again.

“Six.” Mom counted. “I think I can do another one just give me a second.” She didn’t look at me. Her eyes closed she took a deep breath and went for another rep.

Aunt Penny’s tit was back inside her blouse. She knew what she had provoked and couldn’t stop giggling.

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