Auntie Shows Me How

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My name is Daniel. I was eighteen and a virgin when I and my twin sister were invited to spend the summer with our auntie Liz. Not that I knew it at the time but my sister Tammy was also a virgin, it just wasn’t something we ever talked about until we were older.

Our mother brought us up by herself, apparently our father deserted us soon after we were born. We were never told exactly what happened as mum would never talk to us about it so we grew up with a lack of communication skills you might say. Sharing feelings wasn’t really done.

It all seemed quite normal to us at the time, it wasn’t until we got a lot older that we would learn that our upbringing wasn’t exactly the norm. It all seems quite obvious now that that is why we were both rather immature for our age and we were certainly both very naive in many ways.

Auntie Elizabeth is my mothers younger sister by two years. Forty one years of age she was already a widow. Her husband had been a much older man, in fact there was a twenty year difference between them but even so he died young. The one consolation for my aunt is that he left her well taken care of financially.

Although we saw quite a lot of auntie we weren’t particularly close. As for her husband I don’t remember him at all. He always seemed to be working whenever we visited and I don’t recall ever seeing him.

The reason me and Tammy went to stay with our aunt was because our mother had to have an operation and Auntie thought it was her duty to look out for us. Of course most eighteen year-olds would be considered old enough to survive by themselves but we weren’t seen as capable by mum. We weren’t told at the time what was wrong with mum but found out later that she had a hysterectomy.

We were both made to feel very welcome from the moment we arrived at Auntie’s house. Although she wasn’t a particularly talkative woman she made us feel at ease just with her relaxed manner.

Tammy and I were what most people would call nerds, in fact we were often referred to as the nerdy twins. Neither of us socialised much, we both preferred our own individual company and were quite happy with our noses buried in a book.

On our first evening at Auntie’s Tammy disappeared to her bedroom and although I would have been happy to do the same, thought I should spend a little time with our host and so I joined auntie Liz in the lounge to watch some TV.

“Do you mind if I join you Auntie?” I asked as I walked in.

“No of course not and please call me Liz, auntie makes me feel like an old woman!” she replied indicating that I should sit the other end of the sofa to her.

Liz was a fairly large woman. Above average height she carried quite a bit of weight which included a very large chest. She was an attractive lady, short black curly hair and hazel coloured eye’s she had a friendly face and when she spoke her soft husky voice made you immediately warm to her.

In contrast I was very slim at that age and being fairly short for a man made me lacking in confidence. I was soon to learn that I had more going for me than what I thought.

Liz was in to the soaps on TV which really didn’t interest me and I was soon thinking of making my excuses to find sanctity in my assigned bedroom. My plan was suddenly put on hold when Auntie swung her legs around and laid one foot on my lap.

“Be a dear and rub my foot for me. I so love it but don’t often get the chance. Do you mind?” she asked.

“Err, no,” is all I said.

Considering the size of the woman her feet where very dainty and didn’t seem to fit which made me notice her hands which also seemed too small. It was then that I noticed something else. With one foot on my lap and the other on the floor her short summer dress had ridden up giving me a glimpse of her knickers.

Doing my best not to stare I couldn’t help have the odd peak between my aunties legs. In my innocence I had no real clear idea what lay underneath those pink cotton panties but my curiosity kept me interested.

“That feels so nice Dan, can you do my toes as well!” Auntie said.

Having never massaged feet before I was surprised that I was doing it well. Squeezing and rubbing each toe in turn between thumb and forefinger I found I was quite enjoying the new experience especially with the occasional glimpse of those pink panties.

“Don’t forget the other one,” Liz said after a few minutes replacing one foot with the other.

Now with the other foot in my lap she had her other leg bent at the knee resting it against the back of the sofa which gave me a clearer view between her heavy thighs. Being careful to only have a quick glance every now and then I was fascinated by the slight indentation in the cotton material.

As I rubbed her right foot the slight motion it caused began to have an effect on my penis. It soon became a little uncomfortable as it strained against it confines and I was worried that Auntie might notice.

“You’re very good at that Danny, it feels lovely,” she said swapping her feet again.

With the movement casino şirketleri of feet on my lap my penis shifted position and to my great embarrassment became more obvious. Auntie didn’t show any sign that she had noticed and didn’t take her eye’s off of the TV.

Another glance between her legs I could see a dark spot that I hadn’t noticed before. Thinking at first that perhaps it was a shadow or a trick of the light made me look again and again. In my innocence I had no idea what it meant but the spot was definitely there and if anything was getting slightly bigger.

Now massaging her left foot again she started pushing the heel against my still growing erection. Still Auntie showed no sign that she was paying any attention to what was happening.

Suddenly the foot was pulled from my hands and before I knew what was happening Auntie sat down right next to me. With her shoulder pressed against mine her left hand lifted my t-shirt clear of my shorts.

Without saying a word and still seemingly engrossed in the soap on TV her hand slipped down inside my pants. The palm of her hand slipped down my shaft until her fingers reached my balls.

I had never felt anything like it. No one had ever touched me in this way before and although I couldn’t say I’d never pleasured myself before it had been a rare event as it had been drilled in to both me and my sister that it was a sinful act.

It had been months since I had last relieved myself so it was no great surprise to me that after a few more strokes from Aunties palm flat against my shaft that I came. Her small hand wrapped around my shaft and kept pumping until I’d finished shooting my load.

Showing no acknowledgement of what had just happened Auntie pulled her hand from my pants and sat back down at the other end of the sofa. Feeling very embarrassed I didn’t want to look up but couldn’t help watch as she first sniffed her hand and then licked up my spunk from her wrist and lower arm.

The mess in my pants was starting to soak in to my shorts as my erection slowly shrivelled away. I sat for several minutes wondering what I should do.

“I think I’ll go to my room if you don’t mind!” I eventually said as I stood up.

“Okay dear, thanks for the company,” Liz said as though nothing had happened.

Reaching the top of the stairs I bumped in to Tammy, “Is Auntie down stairs?” she asked.

“Yeah she’s in the lounge,” I answered trying to hide the wet patch on my shorts with my hand.

“Okay see you later,” Tammy said and headed off down the stairs…

A while later after I’d had a shower to clean myself up I went back downstairs to get a drink. Hearing voices I quietly crept towards the open lounge door.

“if it’s normal,” I heard Tammy say making me wonder what the conversation was about.

“Where do you mean dear?” Liz asked.

“You know, down there!” Tammy said.

“You mean between your legs?” Liz said.

“Yeah I’m worried that something is wrong,” Tammy said.

“Did you want me to have a look?” Liz asked.

“It’s a bit embarrassing,” Tammy said.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed, we’re both girls after all. Come on perhaps I can put your mind at rest,” Liz said.

I edged a little closer to the open door to catch a view of what was going on, hoping by staying in the darkness of the hall way I would be hidden from view. Aunty Liz was sitting where she had been when I left her and my sister was sitting next to her.

“You must think I’m silly but I’ve never shown myself to anyone before,” Tammy said.

“No need to be shy just open your dressing gown so I can see,” Liz said.

I could only see the top half of my sister from my vantage point. When she pulled her gown open I got my first ever view of her bare breasts. In fact it was the first time I had ever seen any women’s breasts.

“So what is it that you’re worried about?” Aunty Liz asked as I saw her bend down to have a look between my sisters legs.

“It’s these bits,” Tammy said but I couldn’t see what she was referring too.

“Oh that’s quite normal, you just have larger than average labia lips dear, as it happens mine are much the same. Perhaps it’s in our genes!” Liz said.

“Are you sure? They’re like all floppy!” Tammy said.

I had no idea what they were talking about but I was still mesmerised by my sisters small breasts and large nipples.

There was a short period of silence during which I noticed my sister close her eye’s as though she was enjoying something.

“There how does that feel? Is that nice?” Aunty Liz asked.

“Oooh yes, that feels good,” Tammy said with obvious enjoyment.

“You see there’s some advantage of having such large lips,” Liz said.

“Oh Aunty should I be enjoying this so much? It doesn’t seem right,” Tammy said, her eye’s were still closed.

“I think you might enjoy this more…now this little thing is your clitoris!” Liz said in her husky voice.

My sister seemed to jump slightly from a new sensation causing her breasts to bobble around.

“Oh casino firmaları My…OH OH OH,” Tammy cried out and then seemed to stop breathing.

“There dear, I don’t think you have anything to worry about down there,” Aunty Liz said sitting back and licking her fingers.

Seeing my sister stand, I quickly made my retreat…

. . .

The following evening after showering I decided to join Auntie in the lounge again, telling myself that I was just being sociable but of course I was really hoping for a repeat of the night before. Wearing only a bathrobe I walked in to find Auntie was sitting in her usual place on the sofa.

“Do you mind if I join you again?” I asked.

“No of course not, I was hoping you would,” Liz replied again indicating that I should sit the other end of the sofa.

Once again Auntie seemed enthralled in the soap on TV.

“Would you do my feet again? you’re so good at it,” she said after a few minutes.

As before Auntie laid her left foot on my lap while her right foot remained on the floor. Having the experience of the previous evening I was much more relaxed as I massaged and caressed her small foot.

Out the corner of my eye I noticed that her dress had ridden up again but to get a proper look I needed to turn my head. I did a double take when I realised that Auntie had no knickers on.

All I could see at that point was a patch of black hair but after a few minutes Auntie swapped feet which gave me my first view of a woman’s vagina. With a few subtle glances I could make out what I realised must be the lips of the labia that had been mentioned last night.

Remembering the conversation between the two women I was mesmerised by the view of two dark coloured flaps of skin protruding from a hairy bush. Suddenly realising that I was staring I looked away but kept having a quick glance while my fingers continued caressing Auntie’s foot in my lap.

With obvious intent Auntie wriggled her foot which released my erection from my robe. I was soon enjoying the sensation of her toes as she ran them up and down my twitching shaft and especially when they touched the knob.

A minute later Auntie was sitting next to me. Wrapping her fingers around my shaft she began slowly wanking. Unlike before there was no obstruction from clothing and so Auntie took full advantage and her fingers explored every millimetre of my cock and balls.

I did my best to last longer than the first time with only partial success. When her fingertips played across my throbbing knob smearing the leaking pre cum all over and then returning to wank my shaft I couldn’t hold back.

I shot a stream of cum into the air which came splattering down over myself and Aunties hand and arm encouraged her to pull down harder on my foreskin resulting in several more eruptions. She kept playing with my cock as it softened. Semen was squelching between her fingers and glistened in the light. She didn’t stop until I was totally limp.

Before I made my excuses and retired to my room I again watched Auntie sniff at her messy fingers and then lick them clean.

“Tell Tammy to come down would you Dan, oh and thank you for your company,” she said as I was leaving.

Passing on the request to my sister I waited until I heard her reach the bottom of the stairs and crept down behind her.

“Did you want me Liz?” I heard Tammy ask as I hid in the shadows.

“Yes dear, please come and sit beside me. I was just wondering how you’re feeling now? you know, about you’re problem. Did I put you’re mind at rest?” Auntie said.

“Well, I know you were being sweet and that but, well to be honest I’m still worried that it’s abnormal, you know, down there,” Tammy said.

“I did wonder whether you believed me or not. Let me prove that you have nothing to worry about,” Auntie said.

Not that I could see but it was obvious what was happening as I watched my sister lean forward and look down.

“There dear, you see, looks just like yours doesn’t it!” Auntie said.

“Oh God yeah! It really is just the same,” Tammy said.

Of course I now knew exactly what my sister was looking at and now I also knew that my sister looked just the same between her legs.

“Would you touch me again Auntie? Like you did last night,” Tammy said sitting back up straight.

“You know you can do it to yourself! Not that I mind of course,” Auntie said.

“I always feel guilty if I touch myself like that,” Tammy said.

“I know, it’s your Mothers influence isn’t it. I love my sister very much but she has some rather, well archaic ideas, there’s really nothing wrong with pleasuring yourself dear. Everyone does it. Well nearly everyone anyway,” Auntie said.

By the expression on Tammy’s face I could tell that she was enjoying Auntie’s touch.

“Have you ever tasted yourself dear?” Auntie asked.

“Oh God no!” Tammy replied obviously disgusted by the thought.

“You really should try it you know!” Auntie said lifting a finger to her lips and sucking it into güvenilir casino her mouth.

Realising where her finger had come from I couldn’t help wonder what it would taste like myself!

“Go on, try it yourself, you’re getting nice and juicy,” Auntie said still enjoying my sisters taste on her finger.

A moment later I watched Tammy sniff at her own finger and then suck it into her mouth.

Minutes later I watched my sister experiencing another orgasm. Her body was shaking slightly from what I guessed was Auntie’s touch between her legs.

“Oh Yes, Oh God Yes, Please Don’t Stop,” Tammy cried out…

Before I left I saw Auntie licking and sucking her wet fingers which were obviously coated with my sisters juices.

. . .

It was the next evening when I learnt what sex was really all about. After a shower I again joined auntie Liz in the lounge hoping for another hand job. Little did I know Auntie had different idea’s!

As I entered the room and made my way to sit in my usual place I quickly noticed Auntie was wearing a bathrobe and there was no doubt that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her large breasts hung low under the robe, her nipples looked like they were trying to poke holes in the material.

“Come to do my feet again Dan?” Auntie said as I sat down.

“Yeah sure if you want me too,” I said.

“Yes please dear, I don’t know what I’ll do when you go. I so enjoy are little sessions,” she said.

By the way she looked across at me when she said the word ‘sessions’ left me in no doubt she was referring to more than just her feet. Her left foot was soon resting on my lap again giving me a view under her robe once more.

“Like what you see?” Auntie said.

“Sorry I…” I said looking away embarrassed.

“Don’t be sorry, go on have a good look,” she said much to my surprise.

Sheepishly I looked back to see Auntie open her legs wider and pull her robe aside to give me a clearer view.

“Do you like Aunties pussy?” she asked, her fingers running through her dark pubic hair.

I didn’t get the chance to speak as she continued, “Would you like to touch it?”

“Err, well, yes,” I said feeling awkward.

As she moved to sit beside me I thought her loose breasts where going to jump out of her robe. Resting her heavy left leg over mine she took my hand and placed it on her exposed pussy. Her other hand released my cock from my robe and wrapped around my erect shaft.

“What Auntie’s pussy really needs is that lovely big cock!” she said as she wanked my rock hard pole.

“Does Auntie’s pussy feel wet enough for this big hard shaft to slide inside?” she said.

I was surprised to say the least to hear my Auntie talk in this way but I wasn’t complaining. With her hand guiding mine I could feel her wetness on my fingers as they were pressed between her large lips.

“Go on Dan, let me feel it in me,” she said lifting her leg from mine.

Kneeling between her legs Auntie slid forward and taking my throbbing cock in her hand guided it towards her gaping hole.

“That’s a good boy, now push it deep inside me,” she said.

To my dismay despite my best effort to control myself I started shooting my load. The incredible sensation of being inside my Auntie’s hot wet pussy was just too much.

“Oh God I’m so sorry,” I said.

“No need to apologise, don’t worry Auntie hasn’t finished with you yet. Stand up for me dear,” she said.

Pulling my dwindling erection from her pussy I noticed my spunk trickle from her hole. Standing up I watched Auntie sit up and lean forward causing her heavy breasts to jump around as though they were fighting to free themselves from their confinement.

“Now let me see what I can do with this,” she said.

Taking my sloppy half erect shaft in her hand she began wanking it.

“You have a very big cock Dan, it’s the biggest I’ve seen,” Auntie said carefully studying it.

“I had no idea it was anything exceptional so it was certainly good to hear.

“I’ve been looking forward to tasting this since I first laid eye’s on it,” she said and then licked the knob with the tip of her tongue.

I could see her enjoyment as she tasted more of my spunk covered cock. It wasn’t long before I was rock hard again thanks to Auntie’s eager tongue and mouth.

“There we are, time to fuck Auntie again I think!” she said.

Lowering myself to kneel while Auntie laid back and opened herself up to me once more her robe fell open. Her huge breasts wobbled around as they laid on her plump body and my eye’s were drawn to the large dark rings that surrounded each stiff nipple.

“Ooooh yes that’s it, slide that big cock up Auntie’s wet cunt again,” she said in her soft husky voice.

Determined to last longer than my first attempt I slid deep inside her and held still for a second or two to compose myself.

“Oh yes dear that feels so good deep inside me,” she said.

Taking it slowly I began fucking with short strokes.

“Feel free to touch Auntie’s tits dear,” she said.

I didn’t need any further encouragement and was soon exploring her huge mounds with both my hands while I continued fucking her pussy with increasingly longer strokes. I was soon approaching orgasm again.

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