Aunt Helen

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Scott Andrews was sitting in the living room of his Aunt Helen’s house contemplating a very serious decision.

On his second day home from college, he’d been playing basketball with friends when he had taken a very bad fall. This had resulted in two broken arms. The following week had been spent in the hospital recuperating and he was still getting use to the casts that now covered both of his arms. Since his parents both worked, it had been decided that he would spend his days with his Aunt because there was very little that he could do on his own.

This being the very first day of this arrangement meant that there were still some very important things that needed to be worked out. Scott had watched TV all morning, and had been served a wonderful sandwich and soup lunch. Aunt Helen had been very careful not to spill anything on him while she fed him, and had even treated the whole situation with as much delicacy as possible.

Now had come time for an even more delicate situation to be handled. Scott could not put it off any longer, he really had to use the bathroom, but he was still trying to decide on the best way to ask for help. The longer he thought, the more pressure was developing in his bladder.

“Aunt Helen,” he said.

Coming in from the kitchen, she answered, “Yes Scott, what can I do for you now?”

“I need to use the bathroom,” he said meekly, “and I’m afraid that I’m going to need a little help from you.”

“Don’t worry,” she said, “I knew that this might be a little difficult for you, but I want you to know that we’ll make it through together.”

As she helped him out of the chair, he was once again reminded of how similar she looked to his mother. Helen was three years older that his mother, but they both had the same blond hair, as well as many of the same body features.

Scott followed his Aunt down the hallway, toward the bathroom. He was still very unsure how this was going to go. While in the hospital, he’d needed help to go to the bathroom, and he had never really gotten over the embarrassment of going to the bathroom with the help of the nurses. It had helped that he didn’t know any of them, and none of them looked even remotely like his Aunt.

When they arrived at the door to the bathroom, Aunt Helen turned to face him and said, “I know that this might be awkward for both of us, but you need to perform a perfectly natural bodily function with a little assistance from me.”

“You’re right,” Scott replied, “but it’s still a little weird.”

A look of matronly concern crossed her face, she then said, “I’m sure that it won’t be nearly as bad as you might think.”

She then turned and proceeded into the bathroom. When she got to the toilet, again she turned to face him and asked, “Do you need to sit down?”

“Unfortunately, yes”, he said.

“There, there,” she said, “this will be over before you know it.”

Aunt Helen helped Scott so that he was now facing her, with his calves now almost touching the toilet. Then, acting matter-of-factly, she knelt down, grasped his sweatpants and boxers in both hands, and pulled them quickly down to his ankles. Quickly standing up, and without looking at his penis, she helped him lower himself down onto the seat.

As soon as he was in position, Scott immediately realized that she was going to have to push his penis between his legs, otherwise he’d spray all over the floor. Without saying a word, he looked up at his Aunt, and nodded at her that additional assistance was required.

Helen knew at once what he needed, so she knelt again, and as gingerly as she could, positioned his penis so that he could pee directly into the bowl. As soon as he was sure that she was safe, Scott let loose with a strong stream that lasted maybe 15 seconds.

While he was peeing, the primary thought in his head casino şirketleri was, “Please don’t get hard, please don’t get hard” over and over. Luckily, his wishes were answered.

When he had finished, Helen took her hand away and looked at Scott. “All done”, she asked.

He was still in a strong enough state of embarrassment that all he could do was shake his head. He then pushed down just hard enough to open his anus, and expel the crap that had built up in his bowel. Helen showed no signs of annoyance, or repulsion at this time. Rather, like she had said, he needed to perform some basic bodily needs and she was just there to help.

When he was finished, she reached around him and flushed the toilet. As the bowl was refilling itself, she helped him stand again, and very nonchalantly helped him turn around so that she was now facing his butt.

Scott heard her reach rip of a strip of TP. Then, with just a touch at his lower back, got him to lean over a little. Helen then used her left hand to spread his cheeks, and her right hand to wipe him clean. Again, Scott realized that this was something she had probably done when he was an infant, but he’d never expected his aunt to be wiping his ass when he was 19. When done, she tossed the soiled TP in the toilet and flushed it again.

“There, that wasn’t so bad, was it,” he asked.

“Nope,” he said, but much softer than Helen.

Aunt Helen stood up, as he turned to face her. Almost cheerfully, she said, “Why don’t I run a bath for you now. I’m sure it will make you feel better.”

Scott thought for just a moment. He was naked from the waist down, and was now only covered by an oversized t-shirt. “Sure,” he said, “that sounds good.”

Aunt Helen then proceeded to start the water in the tub, checking the water with her hand to make sure it wasn’t too hot. When she was sufficiently please with the temperature, she stood up and carefully helped Scott out of his t-shirt. Very quickly, Scott was standing in front of his Aunt naked as the day he was born, but now only a little self- conscious.

As the tub was filling with water, Helen helped Scott into the tub. They each moved very slowly so that he didn’t fall and do more damage to his broken arms. Once he was settled, Helen watched for a few minutes until there was enough water to cover him.

“Now,” she began, “you just lie and relax. I’m sure that you’ll feel much better in a little while.”

Scott was left alone to luxuriate in the hot water. He closed his eyes, rested his head on the tile, and tried to let all of the stress of the day float right off of him.

The bath did him so much good, and he didn’t realize how wonderful it was in the tub. After about 20 minutes, Helen came back into the bathroom, and softly asked, “How are you doing now?”

Almost as if waking from a dream, Scott replied, “I feel much better now.”

He looked up to see Helen smiling down at him. Since he’d last seen her, she tied her hair up, and was now holding a sponge in her right hand.

“I thought it would do you some good if I washed you off a little,” she said, “what do you think?”

Scott was still in a very relaxed state, so all he did was nod.

Helen knelt down next to the tub and said, “It will be much easier to wash you if we let some of the water out.” Not waiting for a reply, she reached down, and released the plug.

When the water had receded to a point where it was about half way up his thighs, Helen replaced the plug. She then put the sponge in the water to wet it, and put some liquid soap on it. Helen began by washing his chest and stomach. By now, Scott was very aware of her motions, but was pleasantly surprised that it appeared that Helen hadn’t looked at his still flaccid penis.

Once she was done rinsing off his chest, Helen scooted down, lifted up his casino firmaları left leg, and washed it from his foot all the way up to his thigh. As she continued up his thigh, Scott began to get a little concerned as he could begin to feel a very slight swelling in his dick, and he wanted to stop it as soon as possible.

Unfortunately for Scott, as Helen was finishing her work on his left leg, her left hand slipped, and his leg fell back into the water. While there was less water in the tub, some of it did splash on his Aunt. The water hit her right on her chest, and Scott could plainly see that she was wearing a rather small bra because her shirt now clung snuggly to her breasts.

This didn’t seem to bother Helen at all. She just lifted his right leg out of the water and started washing it too.

Scott couldn’t help himself at this point. He was focused on his Aunt’s chest, and could feel the sponge work its way toward his crotch. No matter how hard he tried, there was no way that he could stop his cock from producing a full-fledged erection. He could only hope that Helen wouldn’t make a big deal about it.

He thought he was home free as Helen gently placed his right leg back in the water. She surprised him when she said, “Now, I don’t think that I can leave you like that, not with your arms both in casts.”

“What do you mean,” he asked innocently.

Helen motioned to his now 7 inch cock and said, “Little Scottie’s no longer so little.”

Stunned by what he had just heard, all Scott could do was watch.

Helen had a sly smile on her face as she reached for the shampoo bottle. She unsnapped the cap, and placed a dollop of the shampoo at the base of his cock where it met his scrotum. She then squirted a little of the shampoo in her left hand and replaced the bottle to its spot on the wall.

Turning to wink at him as she used the shampoo to soap up her hands. “Ready,” she asked.

Scott was way past being able to say anything. He was well aware that his aunt was about to fondle his cock and balls, he just couldn’t get his brain to rationalize what she was going to do to him.

Helen took his silence as a sign to proceed, and proceed she did. Starting with her right hand, she began massaging the shampoo all around his balls. Not using too much pressure, just enough to thoroughly work the shampoo all around.

Next she used the both hands to slowly roll his balls between her fingertips. This caused Scott to lay further back in the tub and release a soft “ooohhh” from his lips.

Helen turned her head in time to see his eyelids flutter just a little. When she saw a slight grin cross his face, she said, “Feel better now.”

Scott nodded and replied in a soft voice, “Oh my god, that feels great.”

Turning back to his erect cock, Helen continued to roll his balls between her fingers. She too remembered long ago days when she had given him a bath, and was nearly as surprised as Scott was that he was naked in her tub as she pleasured him in ways she never dreamed of.

Scott was no longer embarrassed about his situation because his aunt’s fingers were doing things to him that he’d never experienced before. They were so soft, yet could produce enough pressure that tingly explosions were running up and down the shaft of his cock.

Helen was pleasantly surprised that her ministrations on his balls were causing his dick to swell even more. She said, “My word, it’s getting bigger by the minute.”

Scott could only nod, and coo like a small bird as his sexual level continued to grow. While he couldn’t move his arms at all, he was wiggling all of his fingers and toes.

Knowing that she couldn’t put it off any longer, Helen let go of his balls with her right hand and wrapped that hand completely around his dick. Ever so slowly, she began to rotate her hand around güvenilir casino his dick.

“Oh jeez,” Scott said continently, “that’s fantasssssssssstic.”

Helen said, “Honey, you’ve got a world of pleasure ahead of you.”

While keeping her right hand rotating on his dick, Helen then used her whole left hand to massage his balls. Scott’s eyes were now closed, but the look on his face was pure bliss.

About a minute later, Helen stopped rotating her hand, and began to slowly stroke Scott’s cock up and down. After the first few strokes, Helen repositioned her right thumb so that it rubbed up against the super sensitive spot on Scott’s dick, just on the underside at the base of the tip.

The increase in pleasure almost sent Scott over the edge. Helen, though, wanted to prolong the moment of climax, so she took both hands away from Scott. He let out a low groan at this point. Helen couldn’t help herself, and giggled just a little as she watched Scott’s hips move up and down in a fucking motion.

He opened his eyes, looked at her and said, “Please, Aunt Helen, you can’t stop now.”

“I won’t,” she said, “but I want you as hot as possible before you cum.”

Scott was happy to see her reach again for his cock. Rather than stroking him, Helen grabbed his cock in her left hand, and put the palm of her right hand on the tip. Then she moved her right hand in a circular motion so that she could rub him right on his pee hole.

Scott had never known that this tip of his dick was so sensitive. Not able to control himself, Scott said, “Fuck Aunt Helen, no one’s ever done that to me before.”

“I’m sure I know how to do lots of things to you that no one else has ever done to you,” she replied.

The electric sensations emanating from the tip of his dick ran down the shaft and through his entire body. Scott was acutely aware that while his orgasm was not immanent, when it came, it would be great.

Helen could feel his dick to continue to grow in her left hand. This process was all about pleasuring her nephew, but she could feel her nipples straining against her bra, as well as the juice that was building up in her cunt.

Sensing that Scott was ready for more, she began stroking his cock, from top to bottom with a hand over hand motion. Scott felt like his was entering a never-ending pussy. His aunt’s hands were so smooth and soft, yet she was applying the right amount of pressure that he knew his cum was not far off.

Light moaning sounds were all that Scott could muster. Helen had performed similar sexual maneuvers during her lifetime, but this was truly special for her. Scott was responding to her hands in a way that no other man ever had. She could even see that the head of his cock was in the shape of a large purple mushroom, and his whole body was shaking in anticipation.

“Looks like your ready, huh” she asked.

Scott couldn’t say anything, just nod his head a little.

Helen let go with her left hand, and jerked him with her right.

This didn’t take long. After about 10 vigorous strokes, Scott screamed and shot four powerful streams of cum about 2 feet straight up. The orgasm that shook Scott’s body was like nothing he’d ever felt. It took him about a minute to calm down.

Helen too was amazed at the shear magnitude of what she’d just seen. She had anticipated that he was going explode, but she definitely did not expected the throbbing in Scott’s dick after the cum had shot out of it.

There came a point when sanity did return to each of them, and Helen couldn’t help but say, “Sweetie, you may have had the best orgasm I’ve ever seen.”

With a sheepishly proud grin on his face, he replied, “You had everything to do with it, Aunt Helen.”

Not waiting for her to speak again, Scott said, “I’m so happy that you’ll be taking care of me for the new couple of weeks while I heal. You will be the best nurse I may ever be around.”

Helen was also envisioning what the weeks ahead held in store for them. She could only reply, “We sure are going to have lots of fun.”

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