At the Villa Ch. 14

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Chapter 14: Lydia’s Day

“Note:- Before one start reading the “At The Villa” series, you have to read the 2 episodes “On The Boat”, Chapters 1 and 2 where Sam was seduced by Olympia, who had the hidden Agenda; followed by “After the Boat Trip. Then it should be followed by “At The Villa” Series. The first stories I wrote with Sam as the protagonist were “Unforgettable Sexual Encounters” Chapter 1 to 11. These stories are the follow up of “At The Villa” stories.”

Hera and her friends. Eleni

‘Fuck me dad; fuck me… Fuck me harder; harder.’ Lydia shouted, as soon as we had settled ourselves on an air mattress which was very close to the pool. It was a few minutes after we enjoyed a light lunch, also al-fresco.

Lydia was as wild as always and whenever we made love, she became crazy. The sexual touches and the activities involved will immediately send her blood boiling. Her body start to wake up as Sam will not give her a second to relax. The way he touches her nipples or her clitoris sends her into the heavens. The sexual fever will overtake her body and the pleasures of the flesh quickly multiply.

During lunch she continued to ask a lot of questions. She wanted to know every detail of my love affairs, where I had been travelling and specifically how I spent my naughty years and never married. ‘Hi sweetie; I think we made an agreement that we don’t fuck, but make only love.’ I commented on the dirty words she had shouted earlier on. ‘But you did not make love to Stella, you just fucked her.’ ‘I know, but that’s what I had to do under those circumstances. I had to fuck her, because I realized that’s what she wanted. But we also made love, you and me…’ ‘But now I feel that I like to be fucked, dad. We made love this morning and we can make love again after you finish the interesting Hera and her friends’ story.’ ‘I already told you, you are becoming naughtier and naughtier as the days go by.’ I answered her.

‘Well that something I may tell to your loving sister; when I go back.’ ‘You dare do that. We will be in a lot of trouble, if you do so.’ ‘I have my doubts, dad. She loves you above everything, maybe even more than she loves her husband.’ She did not say her dad or father. ‘The love she has for you is evident, although she never expressed herself infront of my brother or my sister. So there is no cause for concern. I can assure you that as soon as dad goes back to Brussels or Dubai she will be on her way here.’ ‘No way, she will ever come here!’ I answered. ‘Definitely she will. She knows that you live now. When she called me on my mobile she asked me where we are staying, and so I told her the truth.’ ‘You fucked up everything.’ I said as my hard dick was deep inside her vagina. ‘I think it is better if you start fucking me, before it wilts.’ Lydia answered kinkily. ‘I don’t think that’s going to happen, you hot little nymph.’ As I told her so, I started to thrust in and out like I had done with Stella. I was sure she became so hot that she wanted to be fucked. I therefore fucked her brains out and soon she started flowing from one orgasm to another, until she begged me to stop. But I kept fucking her for some more time, until she was totally lost into her own world of sexual dreams. I stopped, and quickly pulled the head out of her vagina and pushed it straight into her ass.

She cried and called me all the dirty words under the sun, which managed to crawl out of her mouth. She felt the first push of my hard prick which stretched her anal crevice until it was all the way up to my balls. I held it there, pressed deeply as much as it was possible, while I waited for the pain to recede. ‘It’s your fault, Lydia dear; you wanted me to give you precisely, what I gave Stella. So let’s fuck.’ I fucked her ass until she had the next orgasm. As I exploded inside her I pulled out and left her lying there on the mattress until she will return. It was then that I continued to recount the last hours with Hera, but not to forget Elena.

***** Sam and Elena were getting quit comfortable lying down on a mattress, which they had laid down under the shade of the trees. The air was fresh and Elena seemed to be feeling very at home, waiting for the outcome of her first sexual experience; with a male she had never met. In Sam’s opinion she was as hot as her auntie and cousin together, but she was scarred. It was her first sexual encounter. She had only modest experiences except for a few kisses when she accompanied friends at a disco; but otherwise she had never yet touched, nor even been touched.

Before she lay down on the mattress Sam took her in his arms and started to hug her as their lips met for the first time. She instantly became active and buzzing. As soon as Sam broke the kiss she started to take her top off. Sam helped with her cut off jeans by opening the button and pull down the zipper. Soon only her panties were left. She was there nearly naked, waiting to enjoy the pleasures of copulation.

Her stunning body looked casino şirketleri incredible and he couldn’t believe that infront of him he had his fourth virgin, waiting to be deflowered.

She was still a virgin and Hera had promised her a fantastic start in the hands of the well trained Sam, naturally whom she had helped to find his real self.

Both Sam and Elena were not yet totally naked, although she had also shed her bra. As Elena lay down on the mattress and settled on her back, Sam started to use his tongue, slowly licking her right rather darkish nipple, which had became very hard. Sam’s eyes were totally focused on Elena’s face, watching for any emotions; but there were none, at least not yet.

Her tits were beautifully shaped; not so big. They were like cylindrical cones popping out of her chest. There was no sagging. Sam thought they were beautiful. Her skin had that natural light brown Mediterranean colour with the areolas a shade darker with nipples protruding upwards.

Sam’s tongue was lapping at them like a serpent’s tongue as it attacks its’ prey. He kept his tongue flowing, going from one nipple to another like a bee visiting one flower after another. Her pussy was wet and was getting hotter and hotter. Sam’s dick was hard as it usually was most of the time; waiting for the right moment, only to please. In the position he was in, he was pressing it against the side of her buttocks, making sure that she would get the feeling of what she was going to expect and to receive. Sam was just waiting for the time to come, that opportune moment and then he will push it through her protected entrance and inside her most intimate part of her body, the passage of procreation.

Elena was getting excited, especially as she felt his tongue licking and suckling her nipples but the feeling of his hardness against her thigh was scarring her. It felt too big and too hard. She could not turn back. This was something which Auntie Hera had prepared for her and she always believed in what she recommended. They were very close; a sort of a knit close family. They not only live very close to each other, but they enjoy the company of each other, frequently. When Hera’s husband is away at sea, Elena spends a lot of time at Hera’s place and even sleeps over. There was no way she was going to back up. The stage was set and she had to play the part.

Sam was watching her like a hawk, for any movements she could make. He was always on the alert, to learn how women feel and acts in such situations. He was new to sexual practices, although during the last few weeks he experienced different encounters with different women. One hand was massaging her beautiful bums, moving his fingers around and through the valley, between her nicely smooth rounded cheeks. Even that it was still covered with her panty, her body trembled as Sam’s hand moved over them. The other hand was holding her from under her neck, caressing her earlobe. He moved a little further and licked her lips as he made sure that his hard dick pressed harder against the side of her thigh.

They kissed. Her tongue crawled into his mouth and they started making out. She became very hot and ready as she started to moan into his mouth. They were holding each other hard against each other. His chest was partly pressing against one of her nipples which felt harder as it pressed against his chest.

Without breaking any connection Sam lifted himself so he could move on top of her body. Elena opened her legs slowly with the aim of making enough space for Sam’s knees, to settle between them. She wanted to help him by providing the space so he could be more comfortable and closer of her awaiting temple. His penis settled precisely between her legs, pressing exactly against her still covered golden entrance. The gusset was wet and it could easily be felt and also smelt.

Their kissing started rather slow and slowly became aggressive. She was holding him as she pressed him against her breasts, while she push her pelvis upwards to feel that desirable wand, close enough to perform the opening of her golden door. Sam was waiting there on his knees, between her open, ready to break her golden door once and for ever.

The more active they became the more they wanted each other. She moaned and Sam tried to hold on and not explode. She was well prepared although still scarred. It was not the same. The situation became too much hotter than the times she dreamed and masturbated. She thought of this guy whom her auntie had proposed, that he should be the one who should make her a woman.

Although Hera had imposed on her, she always left her some space. She enlightened her that if she feels she was not ready, she can back out, even if it was at the very last minute. ‘If you don’t feel comfortable with Sam just say so. Don’t do it for my sake.’ Hera advised.

But when Sam opened the car’s front door and Elena looked at him, she immediately became wet, her heart started to pound and casino firmaları became lost in her own hot fantasies; those desires she had built inside her, during the different times she discussed the subject with Auntie Hera, or when she masturbated whenever she went to sleep.

Sam broke the kiss. Her eyes were closed. She was dreaming beautiful things, desires she had dreamed in bed when she was alone. She nipped her nipples and massaged inside the wet lips of her pussy. She had dreamed and desired the moment when she will be in the arms of a Prince Charming; who was ready to award her that ultimate present, which she had no idea how that one time episode in her life, and which she was craving for; will finally evolve. There were dreams and desires until her body used to explode under the bed covers, trying not to go further than necessary.

Elena was lost in her dreams as she was pushing her pussy against Sam’s hard dick. She had touched it, but she had not seen it yet. Sam slowly moved away, trying not to break her dream. He focused his eyes on the stained gusset which covered her awaiting virgin pussy. Very calmly Sam lowered his nose until he got it close enough but not touching. He inhaled the smell of flowing perfumes moving upwards with the heat which was coming out of her pelvic area. The aroma; the bouquet of intoxicating smells were out of his imagination; they were unbelievable.

After he drawn in a few more gulps of the intoxicating perfume, which naturally further enhanced his manly desires, he pressed his nose against the drenched gusset, covered her pussy and sniffed deeply the sweet smells of that perfectly assorted bouquet. He pressed his nose enough which even pushed the gusset between the folds of her swollen lips, while he continued to inhale the sweet perfume coming out from the folds of her pussy.

She gave him space as she opened her legs wider. She wanted him to make her cum. She wanted to feel her first orgasms which will be initiated by a male, rather than her finger or a female mouth. The more his nose and mouth dived between the folds the wider she opened her legs and the more she wanted him.

Her body started to shake as she felt his tongue crawl against the gusset, pressing it harder as it moved towards her clit. He licked her juices out of the thin material, which barely covered those beautiful waiting lips.

He stopped on her clit and with one finger he pulled the gusset to one side. Her pussy became exposed; Sam’s lips attacked immediately her clitoris. His finger moved up and down between her labia swimming in the sticky liquids which were flowing out of her hot wet vagina. As he got closer to her virgin opening she cried as her body became one earthquake, such as she never felt the like of it, before.

Sam pulled away; proud with what pleasures he initiated within her young, inexperienced body. Elena relaxed; her eyes still closed, she was waiting for the next act. She loved his ways, her body vibrated as she felt the touch of his tongue pressed against the wet fabric and more. There were the movements of his hands as they caressed her inner upper thighs. Her legs which she had opened more than a little bit, were more than a show of encouragement and reciprocation.

Elena’s blood had started to boil again mainly with Sam’s next touch of his tongue. She pushed her pussy upwards against his mouth, lifting her bums of the mattress. Sam did not wait, but pulled her panties down and as she moaned and collaborated until she was totally naked. Sam took off his shorts and immediately put his mouth again between her open legs; but her pussy was not anymore covered, but totally bare.

When Sam straddled her and lowered his ready to explode hard dick over her mouth, she was shocked as she encountered that huge phallus hanging over her eyes. She closed her eyes while all kinds of ideas started flowing in her brain. She panicked, became worried that she could not take it. But then remembered what Auntie Hera told her.

A quick smile escaped from between her lips as she felt Sam lowering his lips against her little slit. He kissed it rather slowly. Elena grabbed his cock with her hand and while admiring its’ beauty she moved her hand up and down. She was captivated by the way the purple head became exposed. As Sam touched her soaking swollen pussy lips, she moved her hand backwards, watching the exposed head. It was exactly as her auntie had explained it to her, but she was marvelled at the way the purple hard head was exposed and then covered again, as she had reversed her hand, in forward position.

The first shock Elena felt, occurred precisely as soon as she had opened her legs as wide as she could; and Sam touched the little knob with the tip of his tongue. She was expecting something different, maybe a finger inside her vagina. Sam was becoming very series about the expected sexual adventure as his tongue moved all over her vaginal area, making sure that nothing was left untouched. güvenilir casino

Elena was looking forward to everything and to every detail that Sam had prepared from her. Until that moment she was satisfied and became more excited. Shocks were expected, as it was not the first time that she had touched the little knot and massaged the juices that flowed along the walls of her little slit. Even her nipples, she had lubricated a few times with the sticky extractions that had flowed out, from between her own very sensitive lips.

From the moment her auntie had prepared the way for Elena to receive her first most intimate present within the walls of her most intimate tiny crater; she had never stopped thinking and dreaming. She made different sexual scenarios in her own dirty brain as her fingers roamed over her elongated nipples, while she rolled them between her fingers, dreaming about who Sam was; how good he was. And also not to mention the delicate massage to her burning pussy, as she wondered how he was going to break her hymen; the pain and maybe also the blood which may stain the bed she will be lying on.

Elena was still playing with her new toy as Sam continued teasing her clit, while she held her legs wide open; only for him. With every touch of his tongue new sensations were felt and the more they came, the more she expected. She resisted closing her legs even when strong tremors, shuddered her pelvic area.

Her tongue touched the underside of the hard steel head as it passed exactly along the ridge. Sam immediately realized that she had found his most sensitive spot. He loved the sensations of her touches as they became more intrusive hitting the hot spots. They were light and felt inexperienced although effective. He relaxed as he wanted to enjoy those soft touches which she was inventing. He enjoyed the way she was experimenting, playing with his toy which was fascinating, especially licking the pre-cum which was flowing out of the oval hole. Hot blood was flooding his body as he concentrated his thoughts on what she was doing, while he lightened the strokes of his tongue to her clitories. He hardly touched her pouty lips as he was still playing around them moving his tongue in different directions. Sometimes he rolled it and sent light shock waves through her entire body.

Both were becoming very excited. Elena wanted to shout, but her mouth was still filled with Sam’s cock. Sam, on the other hand was busy tasting her juices as his tongue was discovering the whole area from her clit to her little rosebud.

At last she exploded. She lifted her ass from the mattress a few times as Sam hit her most vulnerable spots. At last Elena could not resist anymore, therefore she let his dick fall out of her mouth and cried a cry of sexual satisfaction. A mind blowing orgasm overwhelmed her and while she tried to close her legs she tried safeguard the link between her vagina and Sam’s mouth.

The tremors of her body were incredible. She was young, hot but well prepared; and ready for that special occasion. Sam evidently knew precisely where the erogenous zones were, and those were the right places which he had to touch. With every touch, her body language changed. The experience showed him that when the real moment comes they get scarred, although still made them more determined to be dominated by their male.

Elena was getting more excited and determined that the time was right and the sooner she will receive Sam’s beautiful manhood inside her waiting hot pussy, the better will be. Her body was tickling and hurting not with pain but with anxiety, ready to feel those moments to which she masturbated so many times in the last week; dreaming about the handsome Sam, her auntie Hera talked so much about.

She was still holding Sam’s mouth pressed against her vagina as he kept licking every little bit, his tongue could hit. Elena’s pussy was burning with the desire to be filled; with what Sam had hanging between his legs. The more Sam licked on her pussy and the more places he licked and hit with his tongue; the more the sexual tension within her body multiplied.

Orgasms followed one after another but she did push his mouth away; in fact she pressed him harder, pressing his mouth further, even hurting him against her pussy.

He wanted to escape from between her legs but she held him captive. She had not stopped, holding him just for her. Although her body was being shuttered with his attack on her most sensitive spots; she loved every feeling his tongue was producing. Her body became excited, and was on the threshold of again exploding into an explosion which probably she was not ready for. She wanted it, never to stop, never to end. She thought she had hit nirvana, a place where she would remain enjoying those ecstatic moments, for all her life.

Hera and her cousin were watching what was going on in the shadows of the trees. They were eavesdropping from behind a curtain through a small window in the sitting room. They stayed quite; watching, looking, amazed at what Elena must be feeling during those intimate moments. They realized that they had not yet copulated and were still working to get to that specific ultimate moment in their life.

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