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Jake was my best friend my entire life or I should say 16 years of my life before the car accident took him away. That was a horrible night for me. I lost my best friend because some asshole with a vendetta cut the break lines on his Ferrari. Now after ten years I’m still tracking the asshole that killed Jake.

My name is Daniel Jackson Colt but Danny for short. I’m 26 years old and I’m 6’4, I way in at 275 pound of muscle from intense workouts at the gym. The guy I’m hunting killed Jake all because of something that happened at school. The guys name is Mike Harding and he’s a hired killer for the rich and powerful.

I rolled into the sleepy town of Haven at about 7 am on Friday. I pulled into the gas station and got out and was about to swipe my card just to find out that I was going to have to go in and pay because the pumps were outdated. That’s when I seen her. She was beautiful, 5’10 blonde hair and blue eyes. I’d say she had a size 32 c-cup bust but her smile is what caught my attention.

“Welcome to Haven I’m Sarah, what can I get you?” she asked me. Her voice was so angelic and beautiful, it almost sounded like she was singing a song. I got lost momentarily in her beauty and temporarily forgot what brought me here. Then my face hardened and I remembered why I was here, I had tracked Mike to this town and found out he had a family here and more importantly a 16 year old son with a car.

“Do you know where I can find Mike Harding?” I asked her. What she said next rocked my world to very core. “Why are you looking for my dad? Are you a friend of his or are you looking for a business opportunity?” I just stood there for a minute and finally she called her father out. “Hi I’m Mike how can I help you?” he asked me. “Jacob Thompson, recognize the name Mr. Harding? I know who you are now I want to know why and who hired you or I’ll take the one child that means the most to you away the way you did to my friends parents and more importantly to me.” I said starting to go into a rage.

“Let’s step outside and talk, what’s your name by the way?” he asked. “Danny” was all I said as I followed him outside to set on the bench and talk. “Danny, I’m truly sorry about Jake. I was hired by Franklin Wilcott back 10 years ago. I was just starting out and the pay was 100,000 dollars to make it look like an accident which I’m sure you remember was ruled an accident. The reason I was hired was because of a fight that put Frank’s son in the hospital. It’s haunted me for the last 10 years but I kept pushing forward trying to keep my mind off of that young man.” I now understood why Frank moved away a year later and his strange behavior, I no longer blamed this weeping man beside me but I blamed Frank.

“Mike I accept your apology, I’ve been tracking you for ten years and I always thought that I’d end your life when I met you face to face but I guess I really just needed to hear you say that you were sorry.” I said. “Would you join izmit escort my daughter, son, and I for dinner?” he asked me. “What about your wife?” I asked.

He clouded over when I asked this and his head dropped. “She died six months ago to breast cancer. All I have left is my 16 year old son and my 25 year old daughter Sarah whom you’ve already met. I told Sarah its time to get out into the world and get out of this sleepy little town but she doesn’t want to travel alone.”

So I went over to dinner that evening and I met his son Trevor. His dad called him the superstar because he was the quarter back for his football team and very popular in school. I’m must say though that I was captivated by Sarah most. She was so stunning and sweet and caring, I call it love at first sight.

That night I stayed with them and worked on my Charger most of the night. After being in my family for 44 years she was starting to die. I needed a new carburetor and she definitely needed an oil change. I was cleaning my air intake when Sarah came out to the garage in her night gown and decided to sit and talk with me until about 3 then she went back in the house to bed.

I fell asleep about five stretched out across the hood of my car. Mike came out at ten and woke me up and invited me in for breakfast. Trevor had left for school and Sarah was running the store so it was just Mike and I. I was enjoying my coffee and cigarette when Mike startled me by suddenly speaking. “How long has it been since you’ve been home to see your folks Danny?” he asked me.

“7 years, I haven’t wanted to go back there because of all the memories. Life is rough on a man especially me, every time I return home I find myself standing over his grave crying. Mom and dad don’t understand that it still hurts, they said I need to move on and now I think I finally can.” I said. “How would you like to work for me? Since you probably will be returning home I’m assuming. I received a contract and its going to take to people to complete it, and if your interested and you perform well enough I’ll add you as business partner.” He said to me.

I sat there thinking about his proposal and thinking that maybe it was time to return home and see my folks. I mean after all they were living in my estate. “Danny, do you like Sarah? She told me this morning she really liked you. The minute she laid eyes on you she said she fell for you.” I was stunned to silence, I just met her and yet the feelings were mutual. “Yes and yes to both of your questions, now do you think I could borrow your old work truck around back to run to the junk yard and get a part for my car?” I asked him.

“Sure the keys are in the ignition, oh and hey would you mind stopping at the station and dropping this off to Sarah it’s her lunch she forgot it this morning.” So I grabbed her lunch and jumped in the truck headed to the junk yard. “I’m looking for the owner?” I inquired. “That would be what can I help ya with stranger?” yahya kaptan escort “I wanted to know how much you’d charge me for a carburetor for a 69 dodge charger?” I answered back. He looked at me and smiled. “A young man that knows his muscle cars can have it for free, let me guess a project car like most other youngster round here?” he asked. I chuckled. “Actually no she’s my daily driver, she’s been in my family for 44 years and I’d like it to stay that way. My dad gave it to me when I was 16 and I’ve taken great care of her. I have it up at Mike Harding’s house sitting in the garage. I still have to get an oil filter and oil for her.” I replied to him. After I got what I needed I went down to the station and pulled in. “Hey Sarah your dad said you forgot your lunch this morning so I brought it down for you.” I said. She smiled at me and my heart started beating faster, I so wanted to kiss those lips and I definitely wanted to fuck her. “Thanks Danny I really appreciate that, it was really sweet of you to drop it off.” She looked at me for a long minute before I finally caved and leaned in and kissed her, and to my surprised she kissed me back with just as much passion! I smiled and kissed her again before I left and went back to the house to finish up with my car. I started it up and she was purring like a kitten again so I decided to pick Trevor up at the high school instead of him walking home again.

I pulled up to the school and got out of my car and saw Trevor walking towards me. “Hey Danny what are you doing here?” He asked me. I just smiled and tossed him the keys and got in the passenger seat. What can say the kid was cool and he talked to a lot yesterday asking me all sorts of shit and I liked the kid. Once we were on the road he took me to his hangout spot and parked and got out and just leaned on the car looking out over the canyon. “This is my favorite place to come and think, it’s so peaceful here.” I just looked out over the canyon and thought about my family and Jake. God I missed him but it was time to move on and start my life I mean fuck I’m 26 years old I’m not getting any younger.

I was sitting at the table eating a snack when Mike came in and sat down, he looked like he wanted to say something but he didn’t he just sat there. It was a week until summer vacation for Trevor and I decided that maybe the four of us could all take a vacation up at my estate since my parents were finally retiring and moving to Florida. I had already talked to Trevor and Mike and they were all for it so I decided I’d take Sarah out for dinner in the town over and ask her to come with me.

I left the next morning with Mike heading for a Ferrari dealership two towns over. I decided to put the charger on Mike’s truck trailer and buy myself a new car. I bought myself a 2013 Enzo. I bought myself a couple nice suits and some pistols, I had silencers in my trunk.

That evening Sarah and went out for gebze escort dinner that night and talked the entire time. By the end of the evening Sarah and I were in a relationship and she said she’d come home with me for the summer. When we returned to their house everybody was in bed so we went up to her room and started kissing. I slowly undressed her and found out that I had guessed her bra size right. Her nipples were a light pink color and about the size of a quarter, I slipped one of her nipples into my mouth and elicited a moan from her. I switched back and forth for a little while before slowly kissing my way down her taught stomach to her jeans. I unbuttoned them and pulled them down with her thong. I spread her pussy open and inhaled deeply before I licked through her slit stopping to suck on her clit. She was biting her pillow to keep quiet as I licked her relentlessly. She finally screamed out as she froze in an intense orgasm. I stood up and undressed before slipping onto the bed between her legs and pushing my thick cock into her. She was so tight but her pussy was milking and contracting around me as I started fucking her slowly with deep thrusts. I leaned down and kissed her passionately as I continued to fuck her slowly. I finally buried myself against the back of her pussy as I gushed a torrent of cum and at the same time she orgasmed. I continued to gush and spewed huge torrents a cum. When I finally stopped I rolled to the side quickly as to not crush her under my weight. We fucked four times before finally going to sleep.

The next morning I got up early and went downstairs and cooked everybody breakfast. Trevor came down followed by Mike both with smirks on their faces. “Could you guys have been any louder last night?” they both asked. I just chucked and smiled. As Trevor was heading out the door I tossed him the keys to the charger and told him he could drive it for the rest of the summer. He thanked me and left the house right as Sarah came down and kissed me good morning.

Mike and I got ready for a local job a couple hours away. We were to kill 3 men who were let go after the police refused to charge them for raping a fourteen year old girl and her girlfriends. When we pulled up to the house in the armored truck I saw the men in the house drinking. I took the drivers seat from Mike and back up a little ways. “What are you going to do?” I simply answered by driving straight into the living room where the men were drinking and partying. I jumped up and shot the first guy in the knee and left shoulder before moving over him and cutting his balls off. I shot him in the head when I was done and moved to the next man since Mike had taken my lead and did the same with the other guy.

We left the house and went to meet up with the couples that had hired us. They gave the men’s balls to their daughters who through them into a roaring fire. We took our payment and left, we parked the truck in Mike’s warehouse and took separate ways home. That was the start of our business relationship. We still had the job in my home town to take care of but that could wait until we got there.

End Chapter One.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32