A Real Gamble Ch. 01

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“Sue, I have to tell you something. I am so damn stressed out from that job that I am ready to go nuts. I don’t know if I can take it any longer, so I am taking the next couple of days off.” “Sweetie, why don’t you spend the next couple of days with me in AC. I have a complimentary suite for a couple of nights, so why don’t you and I go together.”

The truth is that Sue and I have been having sex for as long as I can possibly remember. I don’t really know when or why it started, but it never really bothered either of us, but it stopped cold-turkey when she got married the second time around. I was a little more than disappointed, because the sex was always available when I wanted it and it wasn’t too bad, especially because I never had to wear a rubber.

Before I get further into the story, maybe I should describe Sue. She is about 5’3″, 175 pounds, hazel eyes, light brown shoulder length hair, and tits that are the size of canteloupes. She isn’t in perfect shape, but big girls need loving too.

We agreed that we wouldn’t talk about work or anything like that while we were “away” together. We got to the casino around 8 PM and checked in. Somehow, she managed to get us a suite on the 25th floor. It was a very spacious room and had a lot of luxuries. It had two king-sized beds and a big comfy couch.

We decided to throw our stuff down and freshen up before we headed down to the gaming floor. We went down to the floor and agreed to meet up at 11pm, so that we could get some shut-eye. I headed for the tables, where I was going to spend some money, while my sister decided to spend her time play the machines.

At 11pm, we met up and decided that it was the right idea to go back upstairs. We were going to be there for a few more days and spending all of our money on the first night wouldn’t be a prudent thing to do. I actually won a decent amount of money on the tables, but I would never tell her that.

We go to the room and I tell my sister to have a drink, while I go to draw a bath for her. I went into the bathroom and filled the tub up with warm water and some bubbles that were supplied by the casino. I lit some candles that my sister had brought. Sue thought that it was nice of me to do this for her, but I knew that she needed to relax, because she was all stressed out and I had other motives.

She stayed in the tub for the longest time before coming back out. She smiled sheepishly as she admitted to me that she forgot to bring her nightwear with her into the bakırköy escort bathroom, so she had to come back in to get some clothes. She wore a very short nightshirt-I didn’t know that women in their 30s wear nightshirts, but I guess they do.

We continued talking about different things, as the TV played in the background. The conversation was pretty mundane. We were ready to fall asleep and I had a brainstorm, of sorts.

“Sue, would you like to make an easy $25?” My sister, was very interested in this idea, especially because she likes to gamble and it would be more money for her to do such. “Sue, I am going to be pretty lonely in my bed tonight, so why don’t you let your baby brother share a bed with you.”

Sue thought about this for what seemed like forever. She was a little unsure, if she was willing to do this, but I assured her that it was perfectly legit and that it would be fun for the both of us. She finally relented and let me get in bed with her.

Sue’s eyes widen when I got out of my bed and strolled over to her bed wearing only a pair of boxers that showed my hardening shaft get more and more solid with each step that I took. I slid under the covers with her. Sue’s body was nice and warm from the bath, so I was a little more than happy to snuggle right up against her.

I hadn’t had my sister’s tits that close to me in a long time, and I wasn’t complaining that they were that close, again. After a few minutes of lying in the bed with sis, I said, “Would you like to double your new found money?” “What do you have in mind,” Sue said very softly.

“I was thinking that it would be a lot more fun, if you were to sleep nude with me.” My sister was a little uneasy with this, because she was married, and she probably remembered all of the times that I banged the hell out of her in the past. On some level, she probably wanted me inside of her pussy again, but she wasn’t sure, if it would be right.

I guess I have a way of convincing people of things that they wouldn’t normally agree to. She relented to sleep in the nude with me. Sue is a big girl, but for a big girl, she has a great body. A body that needs loving, rubbing, and fucking, and it would only be appropriate, if it were coming from her baby brother.

She told me that she was getting a little cold, so she snuggled even more close to me. I could feel her tits rub against my chest, and her hairy pussy rubbing against my thighs. If she was a little beşiktaş escort bit taller, her little cunt would be getting plugged by my cock-that is how close she was to me. I wrapped my arms around her in a tight embrace, because I wanted her closer than she already was and I wanted her to feel the growth in my pants.

After embracing my sister for a few moments, I allowed my right hand to slide down to her plump ass. Sue has a big ass, but believe me, when I have given it to her up the ass, her ass consumed my cock whole and it came back spent. I slid my hand up and down her ass cheek with my finger tips, because I figured that it would send chills up her spine.

She must have liked what I was doing, because I could hear groans coming from her mouth. I rubbed the other cheek and I took my index finger and slid it down the crack of her fat ass. She started to squirm a little when I started to tickle her asshole.

“I don’t know if this is right, bro,” she exclaimed rather unexpectedly. “It is alright, sis, because the safest sex is sex between brothers and sisters.” I let it slip out that I wanted to fuck her and that was my whole intention of getting in bed with her.

Sue gave me a look that only can be seen from a deer caught in headlights. “Sis, I am sorry.” Sue replied, “No, it is just that my husband doesn’t take care of my needs, any longer.” “I promise to make you feel very good after I get finished with you.”

I laid Sue on her back with a soft, but forceful motion. Her tits were beaming straight up in the air, as were her nipples. I got over my sister in a straddling stance. I bent down towards her tits and took her nipples inside of my warm mouth.

I sucked on her nipples, only the way, that a baby could do. I sucked and sucked her titties like crazy, hoping that I could get some milk or something out of them. “You are going to make the other one jealous, so you better start sucking on the other one,” Sue said. I was happy to oblige her request, or was it a demand-I didn’t really care.

After sucking on her nipples for a little while, I reached over to the nightstand next to her bed. I took my hand and grabbed a piece of ice from her cup of Diet Coke. She thought that I was going to take the ice to her tits, but I mixed her all up when I started rubbing the ice on her pussy.

I rubbed it gently up and down on her pussy. After a few moments, you could feel that her pussy was starting to cool off beylikdüzü escort from the temperature of the ice, so I took the ice in my fingers, and slid it inside of her lovebox. She probably jumped off the bed, 6 inches. I kept the ice inside of her and rubbed it all throughout her warm pussy. She later admitted to me that no one has ever done that to her before and she thoroughly enjoyed it.

After the ice had melted from her internal temperature, I pushed myself off the bed, and slid my boxers down and threw them off. I lowered myself back down onto her with my cock only a few inches from going deep inside.

I lifted Sue’s legs up a little bit, so that they were around my waist. I took my rock hard cock and rubbed the outside of her pussy with it. She was starting to beg me to put it inside of her. I took my cock in my right hand and put my left hand on her shoulder. With one forceful motion, I pumped her pussy with my cock.

Sue’s back arched up and her legs tightened around my back. I started to increase the speed of my thrusts into her wet pussy. I must have been pumping pretty hard, because my balls started to slap against her skin, which just gave me more motivation to pump her harder and harder.

“Sue, I am going to keep pumping your pussy, until I cum like a mad man. You are going to like it, because you love your baby brother, and you want to make him very, very happy.” She continued to moan louder and louder with each thrust. It was only a few more minutes, before I could feel the explosion that was coming from my cock.

The strength of the cum must have been powerful, because my sister’s back arched up and she started to relax after a few minutes. I started to pump her again, although it wasn’t as hard as the last time. It only took her a few minutes of my pumping her pussy and pinching her nipples, that I could feel the muscles in her pussy squeeze my cock. She was having the “Big O” and she was loving it, because she claimed that I am the only person who can give it to her.

She decided that she wanted to be on top of me for a little while. I rolled on my back and my sister got on top of me. She faced the opposite way, so her back was towards me. She lifted herself off the bed and guided my cock inside of her pussy. She rocked back and forth, and I was able to grab her shoulders and help her with some extra motion.

After a little while, I could feel her pussy muscles squeeze my cock, as she was exploding to her second orgasm of the night. The strength of her pussy muscles were so strong and tight that it made me cum, as well.

She soon fell asleep and it was with a smile on her face. That is something that I haven’t seen her have in a long time, and I am glad that I was able to give her the smile.


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