A Naughty Cuckolding

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Brent was sweating profusely as he dropped the final box down onto the tile floor of the apartment. “That’s the last of it.” He breathlessly spoke, wiping his brow with his forearm.

“Good job babe”, Amanda replied, un-boxing some of their clothes on the living room floor. She was impressed by her husband’s efforts in unloading the moving truck, especially considering that he wasn’t the blue collar type.

She gave her husband a once over, noticing that he was struggling to catch his breath. “Grab a Gatorade from the fridge. I just stocked it up with some drinks.”

He nodded, smiling, “Thanks lady.”

Amanda watched as he twisted open the bottle, desperately pouring the thirst quenching drink into his mouth. Brent wasn’t a large man, standing at about five-foot-eight inches tall, he was maybe an inch below average male height. His physique was rather ordinary as well, as her husband wasn’t one for the gym, or even recreational sports for that matter. He had recently turned twenty-seven, and Amanda couldn’t help but notice that her husband was starting to show some early signs of aging. Brent’s bald spot seemed to be growing at a rapid pace, and the late hours he spent on his computer didn’t help with his complexion or energy levels. Amanda unknowingly sighed, remembering how youthful and full of vigor her husband was when they had met at university. That was only seven short years ago.

Brent noticed her sigh, asking, “Whats wrong babe?” He wiped the excess Gatorade from the chin as the words escaped his mouth.

Amanda smiled, shaking the silly negativity from mind, “Nothing my love. I’m just tired.”

It wasn’t all bad, she reminded herself. Brent was now a successful software developer, with relative financial freedom. Amanda and Brent had recently decided to move to a quieter part of the country, Brent now able to manage his businesses from nearly anywhere. They were tired of the chaotic days that Southern California unrelentingly offered, and opted for a quieter suburb a few hours outside of Chicago. It was a beautiful area, but it would be several months before the construction was completed on their new home. In the meantime, they had found an upscale apartment complex about five minutes away from their future residence. Even more importantly than their well standing finances, Amanda and her husband also connected excellently on a mental level. They were both reserved, and shared interests in science, technology, and fiction. They were both rather shy, and both somewhat nerdy, especially Brent.

“Coming through.” The voice of Darius suddenly boomed from the exterior hallway. Amanda looked up, feeling those butterflies in her stomach once again. His six-foot-four, two-hundred and thirty pound muscle-bound frame moved through the entrance. He was carrying Amanda’s dresser. She looked up and couldn’t help but notice his large muscles rippling across his dark complexion. They had met Darius during their initial visit to the apartment complex a month previous, and Amanda always felt an electricity when he was around. It was strange, actually, Amanda didn’t often find herself intrigued by black men, but something about Darius captivated her. Her husband’s voice snapped her out of her inappropriate stare. “Let me help you with that”, Brent kindly offered, shuffling over to the door.

“No worries. I got this.” Darius replied, easily navigating the foyer and moving past him.

‘Not like you’d be much help anyway.’ Darius thought.

Darius liked Brent well enough. He seemed like a nice guy, but he also seemed uncoordinated and unsure, and he wasn’t much help unloading the truck. ‘I should have accepted the money.’ Darius regretted, shaking that thought from his mind. He had ran into the couple a month back, whilst they were scouting the complex for apartments. When he realized they would be moving in across the hall, he felt it only appropriate to lend a hand.

“Jesus Darius, how can you carry that thing?” Amanda blurted in admiration. The dresser must have weighed two-hundred pounds, and it had taken two of the movers to load it on the truck back in California. She added, “Thank you so much for the help.”

“No problem Sugar.” Darius replied. “Where do you want this?”

“In our bedroom, please.” Amanda replied, sweetly.

While Darius was more than happy to tolerate Brent, but he really liked Amanda. ‘What guy wouldn’t?’ He thought to himself. Sure she seemed a tad demure, her healthy brunette hair knotted up and tucked behind her head, reading glasses covering her cute face. She also dressed rather conservatively. The few times he had seen her she was wearing a heavy dress, or loose fitting jeans, and neither form fit her in revealing ways. Still, Darius could tell Amanda had a great body. He noticed her plump rear a few times this afternoon, when she helped carry things down from the truck. Even now, he could make out the outline of her large breasts beneath the fabric of her shirt. While perhaps initially unassuming, bakırköy escort Darius found Amanda to be an extremely attractive woman, amplified further by a lovely personality. He wasn’t quite sure how her seemingly average husband had landed her.

“Fuck yeah!” Brent squealed, cumming.

It was later in the evening, and boxes were scattered about the newly occupied apartment. The bedroom was dark, but moonlight provided some small visibility as Brent spasmed to completion. It was an awkward love making session, but still, it was technically husband and wife christening their new residence.

Amanda looked up at Brent, pouting. “Not fair baby. I didn’t get mine.” She pleaded. Brent and Amanda’s sex life hadn’t been in the best place these last few months, Brent seeming preoccupied on most nights. Amanda was willing to give her husband a pass, however. After all, he was under a ton of stress coordinating the move, and keeping the business afloat in the process.

Despite her willing understanding, nature wouldn’t be denied. Amanda squirmed, her womanhood clearly inflamed and unsatisfied from her husband’s effort. It was frustrating because, on the rare occasion that they did have sex, Brent would cum rather quickly. That issue was exasperated by the harsh fact that Amanda’s husband wasn’t very endowed to begin with. Brent was maybe five inches long, on a good day, and didn’t have much in the way of girth, either. She looked down at his penis, which was now deflating and shrouded by his unkempt pubic hair. Amanda wasn’t very sexually experienced prior to meeting her husband, and lately she couldn’t help but notice an unfamiliar craving for… more.

“I’m sorry baby.” Brent replied, feeling an all too familiar pang of inadequacy. His wife was a beautiful woman, and he hated that more and more frequently he didn’t have the ability to give her what she deserved. ‘Too much fucking stress.’ He thought to himself. He glanced down at his less than ample manhood, and his perverted mind wandered back to that shameful, recurring, thought.

Amanda bit her lip, nipples stiffening. She was feeling abnormally horny for some reason. Suddenly, the memory of muscular Darius flashed through her mind. She was immediately surprised with herself, body feeling flush, ashamed for allowing her mind to wander to such a place. She shook the image away, but couldn’t help spreading her legs open for her husband, pleading. “Maybe you could use that magical tongue of yours?” She blushed, never having asked him for oral after intercourse before. For some reason, Amanda desperately needed to pop.

Brent was surprised by the request, and momentarily hesitant to satisfy it, considering the strange fact that he had only moments ago finished in her. ‘Don’t be an idiot.’ He then thought, realizing he had no one to blame but himself. He looked back down at his gorgeous wife, she was now squeezing her large natural tits together, pinching her pink nipples. Brent had rarely seen her so sexually excited, and he was beginning to regret his early ejaculation even more. His eyes followed her beautiful figure down to her trim stomach, and curvaceous hips. Soon he had all the inspiration he needed. Brent planted his lips down onto the mound of her pussy, and began to kiss and tongue her sex with passion.

For all of Brent’s shortcomings, Amanda thought, he was undeniably great with his tongue. Her hand clutched into the bed sheets, wedding ring sparkling in the moonlight. Soon, she came.

Later in the week Amanda found herself out for a morning jog. Unlike her husband, she liked to put some time aside to maintain her figure. She immediately realized how superior the air quality was in this part of the country. She shuddered as she recalled the noise and the haze that littered her runs back in California. Her mind was wandering but her heart was racing from the fast pace she was keeping. Suddenly, her left ankle buckled on an unforeseen break in the asphalt. The pain shot up her leg with intensity, and she fell hard onto her side.

“Fuck!” She screamed, grasping at her ankle. She knew immediately that it was a sprain. Amanda wiped the redness away from her palms, gathering herself, and attempting to stand. She quickly realized it would be a near impossible task to try and walk back to the apartment. Brent was out running errands in an effort to setup their home network, but she saw no other choice but to call him for help. Insult was added to injury when she noticed a newly made crack across the face of her phone screen. She sighed, but before she tapped on the contact to call Brent, a deep voice boomed from up the road.

“Amanda! Are you alright?”

Her heart skipped a beat when she saw Darius, jogging in the opposite direction. She suddenly felt embarrassed, now standing hobbled with all her weight on her right leg.

“You alright?” He repeated as he got closer.

Amanda answered, “Hey, not really. I think I sprained the hell beşiktaş escort out of my ankle.”

Darius nodded, a heavy coat of sweat covering his body. Amanda noticed that he seemed to be calm, his run having not exacerbated his breathing at all. He spoke, “I saw you trip on this garbage.” He kicked the loose chunk of asphalt into the grass. “These guys need to do a better job of maintaining the roads.”

“I shouldn’t have been running so close to the edge.” Amanda admitted.

“Can you walk?” Darius asked, already sensing that she probably couldn’t.

“I don’t think so. I was just about to call Brent to come get me.” She confirmed.

“We’re only about half a mile out. I’ll carry you back.” Darius offered, hoping she would accept. It was the first time he had seen her without her glasses on, and he noticed her lovely hazel eyes. Darius looked her over, enjoying the sight of her large breasts being hugged by a runners tank top, and her ass looked plump in pink lycra shorts. Just as he suspected, Amanda had a killer body.

Amanda suddenly felt embarrassed, unsure, “I-Uh. That’s a long way. I should probably just call Brent.”

“Nonsense.” Darius insisted, “You’re light as a feather, and I was on my way back anyway.” He flashed a smile at her, and Amanda felt those inappropriate butterflies in her stomach once again.

“Umm. O-Okay.” She stuttered, not wanting to be rude. Besides, she would end up standing on the side of the road for an hour if she had to wait for her husband.

Before she could say anything else, Darius leaned down and scooped her up in his arms. Amanda took a breath, and before she knew it she was being cradled by this large man. She was stunned by how easily he had picked her up, and even more impressed by how easily he seemed to be moving with her. She smelt his musk, sweaty from his run, but it wasn’t unpleasant at all. It was actually, somehow, intoxicating. She looked down at her legs and noticed his large black hands holding her pale thighs, fingers pressing into her skin in support. Absurdly, she felt a heat developing between her thighs. ‘What’s wrong with me?’ She thought, embarrassed with herself.

Darius was enjoying the moment even more than Amanda. This woman was gorgeous, and she smelled incredible. He couldn’t help but steal glances at her breasts as they bounced to his stride. Still, he didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable, and mostly kept his eyes on the road.

“Are you alright?” He offered, when they were about half way home.

“Yeah.” Amanda replied, feeling strangely safe in his arms.

When they finally approached their front doors, Amanda was surprised to see Darius take out his keys and enter his apartment. Before she could react, he gently laid her down on his couch and headed into the kitchen. “Be right back, Sugar.”

Amanda glanced around his living room. She was impressed by how elegantly furnished it was. She ran her hands across the suede couch, and leaned back against the cushion waiting for him.

Darius soon returned with an ice pack and some kind of herbal oil, which she immediately noticed had a very pleasant smell to it.

He sat down next to her, and quickly moved her legs onto his lap. It all happened incredibly fast, and Amanda suddenly realized that Brent probably wouldn’t be happy with this picture.

“Maybe I should wait for Brent.” She offered, awkwardly.

“Let me get some ice on this first, before it swells too badly.” Darius confidently replied. Deftly, he untied her left shoe, quickly pulling it off, and her sock with it. Exposing her foot to Darius made those butterflies flutter again.

He took her feminine foot in his large hand, and Amanda hissed as the ice pack hit her ankle. “Cold”, she smiled.

Darius smiled back at her, “I like the nail polish on these toes.” He continued to intelligently move the ice pack around her ankle and foot, feeling excited to have her attractive legs in his care.

They both sat there in relative silence, an obvious sexual tension building between the two of them. Amanda had never experienced a moment quite like this. She was conservative, shy, reserved, and growing up she always ran from boys. Since her marriage, she had never allowed another man to touch her, and she certainly hadn’t allowed another man such closeness as now. She was consistently surprised by Darius’s confidence, and ability to take charge of every situation, no matter how small. ‘He’s very masculine’, she couldn’t help but notice, as his bicep rippled whilst he moved the ice pack around her foot.

Darius then gently removed the bag, placing it on the floor in front of them. He leaned back up, and suddenly began massaging her foot with a strong, sensual touch. Amanda panicked, and in a bizarre effort to protect her husband, spoke, “I- I’m not sure Brent would be okay with that.” She blushed, feeling awkward about the comment.

“Why not?” Darius replied, “I’m a beylikdüzü escort Physical Therapist, remember? This is what I do for a living.” He chuckled.

Amanda’s embarrassment deepened as she remembered Darius previously mentioning that. “Of course.” She replied, the situation suddenly having a much needed excuse to feel appropriate. Before she could say anything else Darius placed her left foot down onto his crotch, reaching for her right. As he began to untie her opposite shoe, Amanda felt her heel brush against something large.

There was a warmth emanating from his shorts, and she felt the substantial thickness of what had to be his manhood. She nearly gasped, and quickly positioned her foot closer to his knees. Suddenly her own warmth began to develop between her thighs. She was startled by her reaction to this man, her body never having betrayed her in the past. ‘I really need to get it together’, Amanda thought.

Darius didn’t react, but he loved that Amanda had just brushed her foot against his cock. Her other sock came off, and he deftly squirted the herbal oil into his hands, soon rubbing them together. Darius began massaging her feet immediately, and Amanda’s head arched back in pleasure. He was skilled, rubbing them with a delicate strength that relaxed her. Soon, he was working his way up her calves as well, massaging those too with a professional expertise.

They would occasionally glance into each others eyes, Amanda’s stomach filling with excitement whenever they did. Amanda couldn’t recall ever being in a room filled with such clear sexual tension, it both scared and excited her. She had to keep reminding herself that Darius was a trained professional, and that this was simply treatment for her ailment.

“Feel good?” He inquired.

“Feels incredible.” Amanda replied, smiling. “I’m gonna have to tell Brent to learn the technique.” For whatever reason her mind was constantly bringing her husband back to the forefront. Amanda assumed it was a defense mechanism.

“I’d be happy to teach him.” Darius smiled back, continuing, “Hows your ankle?”

“Seems better.” Amanda said, realizing it as she spoke. She wiggled her foot around, and the pain was substantially lessened. “How?”

“The oil has excellent anti-inflammatory components, and it works wonders. I also like to think I’m good at what I do”, Darius chuckled.

Before Amanda could reply, she heard the commotion from across the hall. Keys rattling and boxes shuffling. Her husband had returned home. Instinctively she sat up, and looked to dart out the front door.

“Relax.” Darius offered. “Let me help you.”

Brent turned as he heard the door open behind him. He was surprised, to say the least, to see Darius walking Amanda out of the apartment. He quickly noticed that his wife was barefoot, and limping while hanging upon Darius’s large frame.

“What happened? Are you alright?” Brent’s mind was ten different places at once.

Amanda smiled sweetly through a grimace, “I’m alright. I hurt my ankle running.” She looked up, smiling at Darius, continuing, “Darius treated me with some of his therapy oil.”

“It was no problem.” He smiled, gently handing her to Brent. “Feel better.” He offered.

“Bye.” Amanda said, “Thanks again.”

“What do you mean he carried you?” Brent asked, minutes later in their living room. He was experiencing a strange mix of emotions over what had happened. Brent didn’t dislike Darius, but he wasn’t exactly fond of the way he called his wife, ‘Sugar’ either. He was also feeling somewhat jealous over the memory of Amanda holding on to his large body. Suddenly, Brent’s mind wandered to that unmentionable place, and a dangerous excitement bubbled just below his discomfort.

“I couldn’t walk, babe. I can still barely walk.” Amanda replied, sensing her husband’s unease.

“So he just rubbed your ankle?” Brent probed, heart beat slightly faster than it was before he arrived home.

Amanda nodded, “Yes, well – and my calves.” She didn’t like to lie to her husband. She continued, “He used this oil from his company, or something. It really helped with the pain, and the swelling.”

Brent was feeling something foreign inside him. Growing up he had been an extremely jealous boy, and then young man. Even during his early years with Amanda, he would get fits of anger if he even noticed another guy looking her way. Sitting here now in the living room, he was fighting a strange arousal over the thought of Darius touching his wife. It was confusing, and more than a little disturbing.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there.” He offered, meaning it on a couple different levels.

“It’s not your fault babe. I should have been looking where I was running, the asphalt along the edge of Brookewood is in bad shape.”

Brent then knelt down in front of his wife, taking her foot in his hand. He began to rub it, gently, with a sudden desire to please her. Amanda smiled at his gesture, but couldn’t help immediately compare his touch to Darius’s. Darius had much larger hands, and they were stronger. He also employed a trained technique that really relieved her of her pain. Brent was prodding around with his thumb, unsure. Still, Amanda smiled at her husband, thankful he was putting in an effort.

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