A Mother’s Love in 1949 Ch. 03

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This is a story of incestuous relationships.

All characters are eighteen years of age or older.


Tuesday afternoon Rick headed to Carol’s. He was excited. She met him at the door in a bathrobe that came to mid-thigh. Daring for those days. She also wore nylons, with a lacy garter belt and high heels. Rick had indicated he liked them. There was no bra under the robe. Just her bare tits, with already firm nipples.

Rick’s reaction was all she could have hoped for. As they embraced and kissed she felt his hard cock pressing against her mons. The feel of it was enough to send tingles through an already wet pussy.

“Umm. Is that for me?” her tone was sultry.

“Dressing like that makes me want to eat you all day, and night.” He told her.

“That’s exactly what I want you to do, Honey.”

She led him to the couch. She sat and told Rick. “Why don’t you get undressed for me, Lover?”

Rick quickly started to disrobe. Carol watched, when he was almost naked she let her robe fall open. Her bare tits and pussy were on display for his already aroused libido. She spread her legs lewdly as he pushed his briefs down his legs. His hard cock was standing straight in front of him. She licked her lips in anticipation.

Rick’s gaze was locked on her pussy with its halo of dark hair. He found himself wanting to bury his face in its moist heat. To lick it. To suck it. To drink its aromatic juices.

When he went to his knees she could no longer see his hard on. Her focus returned to her wet pussy and what she was about to enjoy. He pushed his face into her wet and welcoming cunt. He was soon sucking on her clit with two fingers pushed into her vagina.

Without knowing what had happened, Rick found her g-spot. Carol didn’t know what he had done either. She didn’t care. The waves of pure pleasure that overwhelmed her drove all rational thought from her mind. Only the ecstasy remained, the bliss of an all-encompassing orgasm.

All Rick knew was that there was a little spot in her pussy that felt a little different than the rest of her. A spot that made Carol go wild.

“Oh my God. It’s so good, It’s sooo good; don’t stop.” She was almost screaming in her passion.

Carol was at the height of an incredibly intense orgasm when she squirted. Her cum flowed from her cunt. A stream that poured over Rick’s fingers. She didn’t care what had happened. She was only vaguely aware of anything but the glorious sensations filling every cell of her body.

Rick, inexperienced as he was, didn’t know either; but the taste, and the fragrance, of the nectar flowing from her pussy increased his fervor.

He pulled his fingers from her incredibly wet and aromatic pussy. Her liquors streamed from her pussy onto Rick. He opened his mouth and covered her vulva, capturing the cum as it flowed from her; drinking it like a fine wine. His tongue probed her vagina and licked at her clit, wanting more of the savory cum.

When the flow had slowed he rubbed his face on the soft folds of her pussy, and the scratchy tangle of her pubic hair. He smeared her essences over his face. He reveled in the feel and the scents of her cum. He was incredibly hard from the experience. It had been, in a word, astonishing.

Carol collapsed on the couch. Rick sat on the floor near her legs as she recouped a little strength. When she was ready she stood on shaky legs and took Rick to her bedroom. She kissed him hard and tasted herself on his face. She thought she might have pissed and was relieved when the taste was nothing like that.

She wanted to lick more of her cum off his face and chest, but he wouldn’t let her. Rick knew his mother would want to do that.

“Thank you so much, Rick,” she told him. “That was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.”

“It was wonderful for me too,” Rick told her. He kissed her warmly, with real affection. He was happy that she had been so completely gratified. They kissed more as he fondled her tits and pussy and she, lovingly, stroked his hard, so hard, cock. She was careful, though. She didn’t want him to cum, not yet.

When she was ready Rick straddled her chest and fucked her face. She responded gladly. She welcomed his throbbing cock into her wet mouth. It was so hard, like a rod of iron. But a warm pulsating rod. She had realized on his last visit that she liked a hard cock in her mouth. It had been a new and exciting experience. Her whole body had responded with an overwhelming sense of fulfilment; as if that was where his hard cock belonged. She more than liked. She wanted it, she wanted to suck it until he came. Suck it until he filled her mouth with his hot creamy cum.

He felt an orgasm building. From the far reaches of his body it rushed to his dick. Gaining strength as it came it charged into his cock; pushing into it with wild exuberance from every cell in his body. His cum exploded into her mouth, filling it so that it overflowed her lips.

As his cock softened he watched her savor it. She ran her tongue through the thick creamy cum and let his taste sarıyer escort and scent imbue her senses. She didn’t want to swallow. She wanted to hold it in her mouth, to taste, to savor, to feel. She smiled up at him as she let it slide slowly down her throat.

He leaned down to kiss her with warmth, not heat. He tasted his cum on her lips and tongue. They hugged each other, happy for their mutual fulfillment.

After they rested, holding each other, it was time for him to leave. He went downstairs to dress. She followed him and waited until he was ready. She did not try to make him stay a little longer. Her orgasm had satiated her. The blow job she had given him reinforced her gratification. She was content.

She kissed Rick goodbye at the door and he left. She went back to her bed and thought about her experience. She knew she would try to repeat it.

Rick didn’t feel quite right about rushing off from Carol, but he wanted to get home to Edna.

At home Edna was waiting for her son. It was by coincidence but she too was naked under a robe. In her case the robe was much more modest than Carol’s had been.

She heard Rick come in sooner than she expected. She was on the couch, but got up to greet Rick with a kiss and ask him if he was hungry. Her question was forgotten when she sensed Carol’s essences on her son. She had to taste them, to savor them, now.

She kissed him with probing tongue. The bouquet was stronger and more intense than the last time. There was heat in it; passion and lust and fulfillment.

“Tell me about it,” her voice was low, urgent. “Tell me all of it.”

“Let’s go upstairs, Mom. I’ll tell you in bed. He knew that Edna would enjoy the cum that Carol had anointed him with.”

Carol dropped her robe when they got to the bedroom and climbed onto the bed. Rick disrobed and joined her there. Edna kissed him, her mouth open and wet. Her tongue probed; she was delighted with the intense flavors of the other woman.

He described his time with Carol. He told Edna how Carol had squirted and poured her cum over him. About how it had tasted. About how wild Carol had become when he found that little spot in her pussy.

As their talk proceeded Edna would lick at his face, and then his chest. She thrilled when Rick told her about fucking Carol’s face. She imagined herself in that position with Rick’s body looming over her face as he pumped his cock into her hot and willing mouth.

She fondled Rick’s cock as they talked. She licked and kissed him. She was happy that he hadn’t cleaned off the fluids that Carol had spewed over him. She rubbed her face on his chest to get closer to the scent, to anoint herself with the bouquet. She didn’t know why she did that, only that it seemed right.

She was hot, so hot. She needed his cock, his hard cock standing stiff and tall, waiting for her, waiting to fill her wet pussy. She desperately grabbed a condom and rolled it on him. She mounted him and fucked him until her pussy was screaming with orgasmic pleasure. Until her body was alive with the euphoria of sexual gratification.

Afterward, when he had cum hard with cries of, “Oh my God.” Repeated over and over, she pulled the condom off his softening dick and licked it clean.

It was when they were relaxing afterward that Edna realized they hadn’t eaten dinner. They went down to the kitchen for the meal she had prepared and left warming in the oven.

While they ate she thought of the tastes Carol had left for her; left on the flesh of her son. There had been perceptions of more than hot woman. True, there had been a sense of total bliss; an enjoyable flavor that served to arouse her. She could almost feel the hard cock in Carol’s mouth. Feel her satisfaction as her mouth filled with Rick’s cum. Feel the Carol who delighted in what used to be repulsive. She felt Carol’s spirit in the cum and juices she had left on her son. She felt more. A sense of rightness. A rightness the included Rick, herself and Carol. There were other, shadowy presences. At least two. One seemed to be Mrs. Gaffney. The other presence was more nebulous, she didn’t know who it might be.

She didn’t understand what was happening. What were these feelings, these sensations that she received from the juices of other women? No, not just juices; essences. She had to taste more; maybe then she would know.

Edna was not a strong believer in mysticism or mind power. Heavenly intervention, perhaps; but this didn’t seem to involve that. She put her thoughts aside. Maybe she’d learn in due time.

Back in the bedroom she tasted more of Carol’s essences on Rick’s flesh, but she didn’t learn anything new. Both fell asleep; relaxed and sexually contented.

In the morning they showered together. They washed each other playfully giving special attention to each other’s genitals, and Edna’s breasts. She saw him off to school and told him she’d see him after work. She admonished him again not to neglect his studies.

“I know that exciting things have esenyurt escort been happening to you, Rick, but you still have to graduate and go to college, so don’t slack off.”


Once Rick was on his way Edna dressed for Carol’s visit.

Carol rang the doorbell about ten o’clock. Edna answered and they hugged. They went to the kitchen for their coffee. That is where they usually visited. It was totally informal and relaxed.

They made small talk for a few minutes. Then Carol took a deep breath.

“Edna,” she began hesitantly. “I’ve figured out that you maneuvered me into making love with Rick. I just don’t know why.”

“Oh,” Edna wasn’t surprised at Carol’s statement, but she wanted to appear like she was. “I want what is best for Rick. He hasn’t been very successful with the girls at school; I thought an older woman might help him over his shyness.”

“You’ve been making love with him too, Edna. I’m sure of it.”

Edna hesitated before she responded. “Yes, I have. I taught him how to please women. I wanted women to come to him, to pursue him. I thought it would help cure his bashful ways.”

“I figured most of that out, but not your motives, Edna,” Carol spoke pensively. “I understand now. I can’t blame you for making love with him. He is really a very nice young man.

“What I wonder about,” Carol continued. “Is whether you will let him continue to visit me?”

“Oh yes, Carol,” Edna told her. “You’re my friend.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” Carol said. She felt relieved. After the previous afternoon when she had cum so strongly, and with such an intense rush of juices, she wanted more.

“I assume it was you who set him up with Mrs. Gaffney,” Edna said.

“Yes, it was me. I did it with an anonymous letter. I’m glad to hear that it worked.”

“It worked very well, Carol. Mrs. Gaffney seems quite taken with him. She made it a point to talk to us after church services Sunday.”

“That’s interesting, do you wonder if he might be stretching himself too far.”

“I’m starting to,” Edna replied. “My first idea was that he would have women beating a path to his door. I have changed my mind about that. I don’t want him to be a stud. I want him to have a few quality affairs.”

“I’ll try my best to be top quality, Dear,” Carol said. Both women laughed.

“I guess I will too,” Edna said.

The ladies had planned to shop, but the conversation was engrossing for both. Their talk continued and became more interesting when Carol made a small confession.

“I’ve never been made love to like that before,” she said. “Eating pussy, I think men call it. An apt, if crude, term. At any rate I found myself loving it. I couldn’t help but wonder if I would like a woman making love to me that way.”

“I think you had a very special day yesterday, with Rick. Didn’t you?” Edna asked.

“Very special. I had heard talk that some women produce large amounts of fluid that squirts from their vagina when they climax. I never believed it, though. Not until it happened to me. It was the most intense climax I have ever experienced.

“In fact I hardly ever climaxed with my husband.” She continued. He’s the only real experience I’ve had.

“I thought I’d peed, but it wasn’t that. I think I came like those stories I’d heard. It was so wonderful, I was in heaven all night.”

“I tasted you on Rick,” Edna confessed. “I found it interesting. Maybe intriguing would be a better word.”

“Intriguing?” Carol asked.

“Yes, sometimes I wonder things too.” Edna blushed slightly.

Carol noticed the blush. “Oh,” was all she said.

The subject changed, perhaps they would revisit it later, but both women wanted to avoid potentially embarrassing subjects for the moment.

Lunch time was approaching and they decided to go to a restaurant. The conversation continued, but in a somewhat disjointed manner. They would discuss ordinary subjects and then a question, or comment, about Rick or themselves would pop into the conversation.

Carol asked as they drove to the restaurant. “Why did you say you found my taste intriguing?”

“I’m not sure. Rick told me about your climax and it excited me. I have to admit to tasting you on him.”

Edna and Carol had sometimes discussed sex in the past. They were quite open and honest with each other. A problem for both of them was the fact that it was too easy to get pregnant.

Over time Edna had told Carol, in bits and pieces, about her sex life during her marriage. About how her older husband had pleasured her by eating her pussy when he couldn’t stay hard long enough to satisfy her. She had told Carol how she had given her husband blow jobs so he would keep eating her. She had described the joy both felt when they mutually sucked each other. She even told Carol how she had first swallowed his cum and had come to enjoy it.

Carol, in turn, had told how she had once, drunk and in a fit of extreme horniness, given a strange man she met at a bar a hand job in his car. She thought she avrupa yakası escort would get at least finger fucked in return, but he had brought her almost to an orgasm when he shot his load. He lost interest in her then, told her to get lost and drove off. She went home that night, finger fucked herself and used a cucumber as a dildo. She quit the bar scene after that,

Her biggest secret, one she had divulged only after a promise of secrecy from Edna, was the time she and her daughter, Lucille, came close to an incestuous lesbian encounter. They had avoided it and Lucille had moved into her own place soon after. They still got along well, and often visited each other, but there was a slight feeling of wariness between them. Their hugs weren’t as tight any more. Their kisses, when greeting or parting, usually missed the other’s face and hit the air nearby.

So both women knew a lot about the other. They had imparted their innermost secrets. They talked as one can only to the closest of friends. They had developed, over time, the ability to hold frank conversations and the mutual trust such frankness implies.

When they were pulling into the restaurant parking lot Edna burst out. “It couldn’t have been anyone but you, Carol. I couldn’t trust anyone else with my… with our, Rick’s and mine, secret.”

Carol interpreted Edna’s rather disjointed sentence. “I’ll never tell, Edna.”

They had arrived before the business crowd showed up. A generous tip got them a table in a corner and a little away from others.

After they ordered Carol bought up something on her mind. “Besides Mrs. Gaffney there was another woman I was going to tell. But I haven’t yet. I wanted to know what Rick would think, and you too, I guess.”

She didn’t say anything more. She appeared deep in thought.

“Are you going to tell me, or do I have to beat it out of you?” Edna said laughing.

“I’m sorry,” Carol told her as she shook herself back to reality. “I was thinking about Lucy. Could I tell her about Rick?”

Carol’s daughter, Lucille, was called Lucy by almost everyone. She was not an especially pretty girl. She had a firm body, but her tits were small, about the size of large oranges. Her face was not at all pretty. Her brown hair was straight and nondescript. She wasn’t ugly either. Probably the adjective ‘plain’ fit her well. She didn’t have many dates and those she got were guys who thought she would be an easy lay. She had gotten a bit slutty in her last year of high school, but she had almost quit men when she figured out what was happening. Her reputation hung on, though, it still caused difficulties in her love life. Fortunately she avoided pregnancy. Even more important, none of the boys she made love with had ever given her an orgasm. Her only orgasmic thrills were from masturbation or once from another girl.

Although she had a fabulous climax with the girl she was not tempted to have a repeat. She was not attracted to other women. It was that simple. There was one exception, a big one, her mother.

Edna didn’t have to think long. “I don’t know why not. Tell her to try. She’s a few years older than Rick, but she has as good a chance as anyone. We can make sure they have the opportunity.”

A little later Carol asked. “Did Rick tell you that we found a little spot up inside me that sent me into fits of screaming ecstasy?”

“Yes, he did,” Edna replied. “I wonder if I have a spot like that. A couple of times I thought there might be something there. How did you find it?”

“By accident. He just happened to hit on it. He said it felt different.”

“I wonder if I have a spot like that.” Edna mused.

The business crowd started to come into the restaurant. The women paid their tab and left.

They were pretty quiet on the way back to Edna’s house. Then Carol swallowed hard and looked over at her friend.

“I can’t tell you how to find the spot, but I might be able to show you.” She said.

“Would you?” Edna said. “That would be nice of you.”

“Let’s go to my house,” Carol said. She turned at the next corner to take them to her home.

In what was, perhaps, a Freudian slip neither woman made note of the fact that Rick could show Edna the spot.

At Carol’s house she led Edna upstairs to the bedroom.

“Let’s get our panties off and lie down.” Carol said.

Edna slid hers from under her dress. She kicked her shoes off and lay on her back. Carol laid next to her, also without panties.

“I’ll try to find it for you,” she told Edna.

Edna thought she was in the bed where Rick had made love to Carol. It made her heart flutter a little. She could not have told you why. She tried to sense Rick’s scent, and Carol’s; while she made love with him. She seemed to sense them, but it was indistinct. Maybe the bed had been changed. Or maybe the bedspread was covering the scent she searched for. It didn’t matter. The fact that Rick had been here, in this bed, with the woman that was now with her was enough to arouse her.

This was something new for both women. They were a bit shy about what they were doing, but both overcame it. It was not a sense of lust that enabled them to be so intimate with each other. Not yet, at least; not consciously. Rather it was a sense of friend helping friend. Left unsaid was the definite prospect that fingering a woman’s g-spot would lead to heightened arousal and even orgasm.

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