A Mostly Unpleasant Surprise – Part 3

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A Mostly Unwelcome Surprise
By Clove Hardwood

(Click on “my stories” to see previous chapters of this story)

The following story is entirely a work of fiction. It has minor plot elements inspired by my own life, but my real-life partner, Ginger (http://abitofginger.com) has been nothing but respectful to me throughout our open marriage. This story is, in fact, driven by my fantasies of what it would be like if she wasn’t.

This is my first-ever adult story. It was meant to be a short, one-part piece to get my creative juices flowing and test the waters, but once I started I couldn’t stop and couldn’t find anything to sacrifice. In the end it had to be split into four parts to be reasonable to read, but I think it reads well that way. Please enjoy, and feel free to pass along your thoughts via email or Twitter.



I had come home to find my wife, Linda, horny with a surprise she was eager to show me. She revealed that her cunt was dripping with a mystery man’s cum, and I was expected to clean it for her if I wanted her to tell me whose it was and how it got there. Despite how shocked and upset I was, I bit the bullet and cleaned her up, got her off, and ended up with a mouthful of way more cum than I would have expected. She went on to tell me about a coworker who dropped off some files a couple of weeks ago and managed to get her off before she blew and swallowed him, then sucked me off (and spit, just like always) later that night just to compare how much bigger he was. The next day she sucked him off (and swallowed) again because she enjoyed it so much the first time, then let him fuck her doggie-style and cum in her pussy, before doing the same for me that night to compare how much deeper he shot. All of this while I was completely unaware she was cheating on me. She then told me she wouldn’t tell me any more until I cleaned her up again, as apparently she had a lot more inside her than what I managed to clean up the first time. After I was done, she continued the story…

PART 3 – First Things First?

“So where were we?” she said convincingly. “Oh, yeah, lunch with you after the restroom fuck. So we couldn’t see each other the next day because work had us both tied up. The day after that, though, near the end of the day, he called and asked me if I needed any files. I laughed, and told him I could think of a nice big file I needed him to store somewhere for me, and he said he’d be right over. Sure enough, 15 minutes later and he was walking in the front door. He wrapped his arms around me, picked me up, carried me upstairs to the bedroom, and threw me down on the bed.”

“You fucked him on our BED?!” I exclaimed.

“You just found out a guy with a bigger dick than you’s shoved it in your wife’s mouth and pussy and filled both with load after load of cum, and you’re going to get pissed off about us doing it in the BED?” she asked with mock indignation.

She had me there. I’d done a pretty poor job of speaking up about any other objections up to this point, and my rock-hard dick she had her hand around kind of ruined any bargaining position.

“Anyway,” she continued as she saw me lower my look, “he threw me down on the bed, yanked off my pants, ripped off his own and shoved his already-hard cock up against my pussy. Even though I wasn’t fully aroused, I guess maybe I was getting used to his bigger dick, because it didn’t take as much work to get it in. But it sure felt good, as usual. He rubbed my clit and played with my nipples while he pounded away at me before I came for the first time.

“Then I got an idea and rolled him over and climbed on top and started riding him. You could tell he liked that, so I really did it up, bucking my hips up and down, getting him at that angle where the outer ridge of my pussy rubs against him to make it feel even tighter. And I started squeezing in rhythm. I think that was the last straw, because I saw his eyes roll up in his head, and felt the spasms as he shot off in my cunt. It felt different from that angle, with him hitting different spots, but he came with such strength that I could still feel him hitting as deep as ever with each and every pulse. He finally finished after a nice, long time, and I carefully rolled off, holding my pussy with my hand to keep it from getting all over the bed. I had to pee anyway, so I went ahead and ran to the bathroom where it all drained out into the toilet. As usual, there was a lot of it, and letting it all pour out felt almost as good as peeing.

“When I got back into the bedroom, he had found our goody drawer and pulled out various things and london escort agency cracked some joke about why a married woman needed sex toys. ‘For the same reason I need you, silly,’ I said.”

That one stung. I realized she didn’t mean it the way it came across, or at least hoped so, but if she didn’t explain it to Brent, he wouldn’t. God, I wondered what he thought of me, my wife fucking him almost every day like a crazed, sex-starved woman. Did he think I didn’t fuck her every day, too? Didn’t satisfy her? Couldn’t get it up? Had a tiny dick? Well, the last one was starting to feel like it was true with how she talked about his. Truth be told I’m above average, and she had always told me how perfect my size was, but I sure didn’t feel like it anymore.

“So while he’s looking through the toys, I went ahead and sat next to him and started playing with his cock, which I realized was already half-hard again. I quickly got it the rest of the way with the help of my mouth. That’s when he found the bottle of lube in the drawer. ‘Ooh, silicone-based!’ he said. ‘Do you guys do anal a lot?’ I laughed and told him I’d never done anal. He looked at me with surprise, grinned, said, ‘well, there’s a first time for everything,’ popped open the cap and started lubing up his dick.”

My blood ran cold. WE just had anal last week for the first time. She and I. And the timeline I was splicing together in my head didn’t have a happy ending. I was crossing my fingers I was wrong about what was coming next. “You didn’t…” I whispered.

“What?” she said. “He seemed so sure of himself about it, and you never did it, so I figured, why not?”

“I never did it because you never let me!” I shouted. “I’ve asked you dozens of times, and you always told me before your ass was ‘exit only,’ made a joke about it, and then changed the subject!”

“Well, you just never really seemed that serious, and he did, so I took the opportunity to try something new. Aren’t you the one always saying I need to be open to new things? Quit complaining and listen. Besides, your cock’s leaking all over my hand, so you can’t be that upset.”

Sure enough, it was. But I was a little disappointed to see her grab the washcloth to wipe it off. She can swallow liters of Brent’s cum, and even lick it off her fucking fingers when he’s not around to impress, but my fucking precum’s just too unpleasant for her?

“So he starts lubing up his cock, then tells me to roll over and spread my cheeks. So I eagerly rolled over, stuck my ass up in the air, and spread my cheeks for him. Then he squeezed some lube on my asshole, and boy was that stuff cold! Next thing I knew, I felt his finger poking at my hole and pushing itself inside. He told me to relax, which I did, sort of, and he slowly started pumping his finger in and out. At first it was uncomfortable, but as I really relaxed it started to feel kind of good. He added some more lube, and then suddenly I felt a second finger stretching my ass more. Again, it was uncomfortable at first, but once that wore off I started to like it. He did the same with a third finger, and that one took more getting used to.

“He finger-fucked my ass for at least a couple of minutes before he climbed on top of me and told me to get ready for the real deal. I started to tense up, but he noticed and reminded me to relax. Then I felt his dick rubbing against my lubed-up asshole, before pressing against it. Now THAT was uncomfortable. It was like a battering ram at first, slipping around, finding no easy way in. Finally he seemed to get hold of it and put the pressure in just the right spot, and I felt my asshole being spread and penetrated like with his fingers. At first the pressure was almost unbearable as I was being stretched, and then suddenly there was a popping feeling and some of the pressure went away.

“I got nosy and reached my hand around to feel what was going on. I was able to feel his cock and trace it all the way to my asshole, and sure enough, the head of his dick was all the way in. I got overzealous and tried to actually pump his cock a little, but that put some weird pressure on me and I had to let go. Then he started to push in again. That was hard to take and I had to stop him for a minute. He said, ‘no problem,’ and waited ‘til I was feeling more comfortable, then pushed it in a little further. I’ve got to say, the pressure was heavy, it was uncomfortable, and a little painful, and yet that seemed like part of the reason I was enjoying it. I was completely at his mercy, and I knew he was going to get his cock all the way up my ass no matter how much it hurt me. Then he pulled it back out a little, which was a whole new feeling I wasn’t expecting, before he pushed back in. He kept this up, each independent escort girls time pushing in a little more.

“I got curious again and put my hand back, surprised to find over half his cock was buried in there. That turned me on big time, and I started shoving back against him with every thrust, pushing him in deeper faster, and completely ignoring the pain. Soon enough I could feel his balls banging up against my pussy with each thrust, and I knew he was all the way in. I was pretty sure about what was coming next, and he didn’t disappoint. He ramped up slowly, but it wasn’t long before he was fucking my ass just as hard as he fucked my cunt, and the feeling was incredible. The constant switch between full and empty was causing all sorts of muscles to relax and contract, and I was beginning to feel it through my whole pussy. It’s like he knew what I was thinking, because he reached around and started playing with my clit and shoving his finger in my cunt.

“That’s when the whole thing got the better of me, and I realized I was about to cum. Just when my mind focused on the idea that I was really going to cum with a stranger’s cock IN my ass, that’s when it started. My ass and pussy started contracting around his cock and finger, and I started screaming like a fucking banshee. It was a completely different orgasm than I’ve ever had before, and it was so fucking good. I collapsed on the bed afterwards, but his cock was still buried inside me, and he wasn’t letting up, so I left my ass up in the air even though the rest of me could barely hold it together. I was spent, but it was kind of hot knowing he was still going at it.

“Then I heard him start to moan, and sure enough, the telltale pulsing of his cock, only this time I felt it in my ass, which was kind of weird. I couldn’t feel the actual splashes of cum like I could in my pussy, but I felt the pulses go all the way up his cock, and I slowly felt my ass getting more and more full. I could even feel him having to slowly pull his dick out as he went so there was room for all of it. Eventually he finished putting his second load of the day into me and collapsed on top of me.

“After a minute, he pulled out his cock which was mostly soft and went to the bathroom to clean up. I just lay on the bed basking in it, and enjoying the feeling of fullness in my ass that he left behind. I didn’t want it to go away. Eventually he came back out and I walked him downstairs to see him off. But before he left, he leaned in for one last kiss. But the kiss lasted longer than I expected, and hands started drifting. His found my ass, and mine found his cock which I was shocked to feel was growing AGAIN while I held onto it.

“A dirty thought crossed my mind. Almost every other time we fucked I got to swallow his cum. Hell, even the time we had the quickie in the bathroom, I still got a taste of it when I was cleaning myself up at the restaurant with you. I didn’t get my taste of cum this time, and I was craving it. Plus he’d already filled my other two holes, so why not go for the trifecta? So, I dropped to my knees, unzipped his pants, pulled out his dick, and went to town.”

“You sucked his cock after he was in your ass?” I asked, incredulously. “Who are you?”

“Well, I only thought of that AFTER I already had him in my mouth,” she laughed. “By that point it was too late, and I didn’t taste anything weird, and he HAD cleaned up, so I figured it was no big deal. Plus thinking about that ended up getting me wet all over again. This time it took a lot longer to get him off, but that was okay. I was really enjoying it, and it gave me time to play with myself to get my own orgasm close. That worked out pretty well, too, ‘cause I ended up timing it almost perfectly. His cock started pulsing and the first drops of cum hit my tongue just as I felt my own shuddering orgasm work its way through me. Actually, drops isn’t the right word. I swear, after filling my cunt and ass with his huge loads, I still had to swallow three mouthfuls before I could feel like I had time to enjoy tasting the rest of it as it spilled onto my tongue and I swallowed more leisurely. I even pulled him out when he finally stopped and showed him what was left of his load on my tongue before swallowing it. I really think he liked that.”

I know I would have if she had ever done anything like that for me.

“He left right on time, too, ‘cause you got home only about five minutes later. Guess I lost track of time.”

I definitely felt that one in the pit of my stomach. Five minutes later or earlier for one of us, and we would have crossed paths. I could have walked in just in time to see my wife showing another man his cum on her tongue. Despite the feeling in the pit of my stomach, Escort in dubai I know Linda could feel my cock move with the arousal of the image. What the fuck is wrong with me?

“Then you got home, and we fooled around,” she said.

“Fooled around? You jumped me, told me you wanted to finally do anal, and we rushed right into it. Hell, you had already lubed up your ass for me to make it easier to go in!”

“Lube? You thought that was lube? Oh, you are too cute.”

“You mean, that was his…” I didn’t want to hear it.

“I told you I was enjoying the fullness of his cum in my ass. By the time you got there I think a lot of it had been absorbed, so it wasn’t feeling as full anymore, so I never took the time to squeeze it all out. And besides, I was in a hurry to feel—“

“What my dick felt like in your ass compared to his, right?” I interrupted with frustration in my voice.

“You make that sound like a bad thing. It’s fun sizing things up and seeing how they compare. And anyway, with how big he is and how much he stretched out my ass, plus with all that slimy cum he left in it, you slipped in so much more easily than he did, that I didn’t have all the pain and discomfort with you and was able to concentrate on just the pleasure. Heck, I almost came a fourth time before you shot off in there!”

“Wow,” I responded, “thanks for the heartwarming reassurance. But that was supposed to be our first anal. How could you do it with someone else first?”

“Well, it WAS OUR first anal. It just wasn’t mine. The opportunity was there, I took it, and then it made me want to try it with you. And see, it was fun. We’ll probably do that again some time.”

“Yeah, right, after he’s already stretched and pre-lubed you,” I snarked back.

“Exactly!” she said with a cheery smile, oblivious to my sarcasm, and confirming my fears.

“So now we’re caught up through me having no clue I was using another man’s cum as lube to fuck your ass while believing mine was the first cock you’ve ever had in there. I assume there’s more?”

“We fucked a couple more times after that, but nothing too special. One time he was about to flood me with his cum, but I begged him to pull out and cum in my mouth, instead, which was good. I really needed my daily dose.” She chuckled as she said this, as though it was a clever joke shared between friends. She couldn’t ask me to provide her with her new nutritional needs?

“Another time I had him cum all over my tits, ‘cause I realized I honestly hadn’t seen his cum that much and wanted a better measurement of how much he blows. I swear, watching it shoot out of his cock like that, spurt after spurt, coating every inch of my tits and still going, was incredible. The next time I made him aim for my face just so I could stare into his cockhole as it winked open and shut with each shot. But then he got me in the eye and I had to close them, so I just opened my mouth and tried to get most of it to land on my tongue. But anyway, now you’re all caught up.”

“Except for today, you mean,” I replied impatiently. She had stopped pumping my cock during the last story, gesturing wildly as she acted out some of what she did with her hands. I was eager to reach a point where I could finally just get off and go to sleep and decide what to do from here.

“Obviously, but I meant you’re caught up as far I’ll reveal right now.”

“What do you—“ I interrupted myself as I saw where she was looking. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. How much of this stuff is there?”

“You know there’s only one way you’re going to find that out,” she said. “Well two, but one leads directly to the other.”

I didn’t need to argue or complain further. I knew the drill by this point. She spread her legs again, and sure enough, a still decent-sized amount of cum had obviously leaked out and coated her pussy. I didn’t hesitate this time and just jumped in. I was used to the taste and, scary as it is to admit, a small part of me was almost glad to taste it again, and the texture no longer bothered me. I dug in, cleaned up the outside, cleaned up her slit, and got to work on her clit. Sure enough, she was easy to get close again, and this time I decided not to even debate it, shoving my tongue in for the finale. If there was more, there was more, and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it anyway. And, without fail, the spasms started, my tongue got locked, her thighs pulled me in tight, and another load of cum slid down my tongue into my mouth. Overall it was a little less that time, but had it been the first time it would have still seemed like a lot. Much more than I cum at any one time.

“It sure is hot watching you eat his cum out of me,” Linda complimented. “Now I understand why you enjoyed all your porn about it. It’s so easy to cum when I’m watching you do that.”

I mumbled some sort of thanks, then just sat there, expectantly, waiting to hear the rest.

To be continued…

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