A Love that was Meant to Be Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Jenn and Tonic

I wasn’t completely wasted last night. So when I woke up I was a little hungover and I had a vivid recollection of the night before. My mom’s friend Sarah coming over. Us drinking together playing the naughty question game. Sarah sucking on my cock and letting me cum in her mouth. My mom watching me the whole time and cumming herself.

It was the proof I needed. My mother Cheryl definitely had some sort of romantic feelings toward me.

I woke up still on the couch where all the crazy shit happened. My shorts we’re half down my thighs and my dick was hard. I chalked it up to morning wood. I sat up on the couch and began pulling my shorts up. I stopped when I noticed something on my cock. If it wasn’t hard I might have missed it. There was a bright red kiss imprint right beneath the head of my cock. Sarah.

I smiled. I finished pulling up my shorts and stood up off the couch. I wondered if Sarah was still here. I walked into the kitchen and there was a note on the table.

“Last night was amazing Christopher. I can’t believe you finally let me play with that big dick you have. It was amazing. I appreciate you. Maybe next time I can get it in a couple more holes wink wink.

Anyway, seeing you and Cheryl that intimate it gave me chills. I know your mother. She isn’t like that with anyone, even me. Maybe you should chat with her, a relationship between you too would be great and special. I’d be happy for you both.”

I’ll be seeing you later “Big” boy. -Sarah (your slut)

I sighed. Her too huh. First Staci now Sarah. They both were aware of the attraction my mom and I had for each other. Just like Staci, Sarah approved of a possible relationship between us. It was great to know the people close to us were rooting for us to be together.

All of this did bring up a interesting situation though. My mom and me. What was about to happen? We had clearly passed a boundary most mothers and sons never experienced. So what was I supposed to do now? Should I talk to her or just ignore it happened? I didn’t know what to do but I knew one thing. Everything was about to change.

I crumbled the note and threw it in the trash. I looked over at the clock. It was 11:48am. I slept through the whole night thanks to the alcohol. I assumed my mom was in her room since the last i saw her Sarah was pulling her in that direction. That also confirmed something that I pretty much already knew too. My mom was definitely have sex with Sarah. It made me think about other people she might be pleasuring herself with. Staci? That’s a strong possibility. The way Staci touches my mom during massage sessions leads me to believe that happens more often than not.

What about mom’s sister. We don’t see her often maybe like once or twice a year. If my mom is showing affection to me she could easily be doing it with Aunt Carol. Carol looked very similar to my mom. Same hair, same body type, and same soft affection for people. Carol was a little more conservative than my mom but not by much.

Other than that I couldn’t think of anyone else. My mom had a couple of other friends, some from old jobs, but I haven’t seen the in years.

I hesitantly walked toward my room from the kitchen. I kind of stopped at the end of the hall between my room and my mom’s room. I looked over and watched my mom’s door as if I would see thru it if I looked long enough. I heard light shuffling and nothing more. I began moving towards my room when I heard our doorbell and someone knocking.

I sighed really hard and loud.

“Fuck!” I thought. “I know who that is. I fucking forgot. Shiiiit!”

Suddenly my mom was walking out of her room and almost ran into me.

“Oh! Sorry baby. I didn’t see you. Who is that?” My mom asked as the doorbell rang twice.

“You know who that is. I forgot she was coming.”

My mom smiled. “I’m sure you’ll be fine. She’s just happy to see you.”

My mom moved passed me and walked into the kitchen. I sighed and walked to the front door.

I opened it and very excited Mexican American girl was standing before me. Jennifer Garcia was 25, 6’0″, and 190 lbs. She was chubby but with curves. Her best and most obvious feature were her big tits. They weren’t as big as my mom’s but close. She may be a cup size smaller. She had a nice ass that had grown over the years. She used to say it was all the anal sex but I knew that was a myth. Her hair was dark brown with brown eyes. Her skin was a light caramel color.

Jenn was definitely happy to see me. She immediately jumped me and kissed all over my face.

“Babyyyyy! I missed you!” She squealed.

I laughed. “Yeah I can tell. I gotta be honest. I didn’t you were coming this early.”

“I wasn’t.” Jenn said between kisses. “I just couldn’t wait to see you so I had to come over. I hope it’s alright.”

“Yeah it’s okay babe.” I answer her. “Come on.”

I escort Jenn into the house and close the door. Jenn lays her duffel bag down by the couch in the living and room and halkalı escort walks toward the kitchen. I shake my head.

“She walks around like she owns the place.” I thought.

To be fair she was over so often and long sometimes, she was a member of the house essentially. She got real comfortable quickly whenever she came over. Jenn would often strip wherever in the house she felt like. It didn’t bother my mom because she would do the same even with me there. I used to complain about it. Used to.

Jenn walked into the kitchen and sat down on the of the stools. My mom was making herself a cup of coffee.

“Hey Mommy.” Jenn said all smiles.

“Hey beautiful. How’s was your trip. We missed you.” My mom cooed.

I sat down next to Jenn.

“It was great. It was a part of my psychology project. We interviewed some expert psychologist in some building in DC. And thank youuuu. At least someone acts like they miss me.” Jenn teases.

“Oh don’t you fucking start.” I retort. “You know I missed you. It’s just been a long weekend.”

My mom quickly looked at me. She was probably wondering if I was gonna spill the events of last night. She didn’t have to worry though.

“I had a video or two to finish editing and a review.” I told her. I looked at my mom and smiled. She looked pleased with my explanation.

“Ohhh baby. You been working hard huh?” Jenn said softly.

Before I could reply my mom spoke. “He actually has been busy. He does good work. He definitely deserve some relaxation and release.”

“release” I gave her a look and she continued.

“Anyway I’m heading out for a while. I’ll be back in a few hours.”

“Okay Mom.” I say.

“Nice to see you Mommy.” Jenn calls to my mom as she is walking out the front door.

“Nice to see you too Jenn.” Then she is gone.

Not long after Jenn and me were hanging out in my room. I was laying back in my bed and Jenn was sitting on the edge near my feet.

Jenn was on her phone.

“Staci texted me. She said I missed massage day here.” Jenn announced.

“Yeah you did. I got one myself this time. Did Staci also tell you that she got some work done recently?” I asked her.

Jenn’s eyebrows raised. “No. What work is this?”

“She got her nipples and navel pierced.”

“What?! She didn’t tell me. She showed you before me. Ugh. What a bitch. Of course she did though. It is you. She’d sacrifice anything to get to you.”

I laughed. “Yeah probably. She showed my mom too.”

Jenn rolled her eyes. “She’ll show anyone who asks.”

I laughed some more. “Hey be nice. She’s a sweet girl.”

Jenn chortled. “I guess so. Did she flirt hard with you again?”

“You know she did.”

“Hmm. We should have had a threesome ages ago with her.”

I looked at Jenn suspiciously. “Yeah well the one time we did that the chick ended up wanting more than just one fun time.”

Jenn groaned. “Anna. Yeah I remember. She was a firecracker… speaking of Anna… remember what I texted you?”

That got my attention. “Yeah I remember. Let me go shower I-”

“No no no no… I want your dick now. I don’t care if it’s dirty. Give it to me.”

She didn’t wait for me to respond. She hopped up on the bed and begin removing my shorts. I just then remembered I didn’t have underwear on. Jenn definitely noticed.

“No underwear. Fuck that’s hot.” Jenn whispered.

She wrapped her hand around my soft member and started playing with it. She shook it lightly and caressed it with her fingers. I felt my cock starting to rise.

“Mmm I missed my favorite toy.” She cooed.

“Oh yeah? Show me how much you missed it.” I insist.

“Yes Daddy.” She says and gets right to it. My cock is currently about halfway hard. Jenn takes the head into her mouth slowly. I feel her lips pressing just barely over my glans head, and her tongue is tickling my urethra opening.

I moan deeply. Jenn wasn’t the best at giving head but she has been sucking my cock long enough to know what she is doing. She definitely looked sexy looking up at me with her cheeks sunken in like that.

She went down a couple inches on my cock and I could feel how wet her mouth had become. Saliva was slipping from the sides of her mouth down my shaft. Jenn used that as lube as she went further down my cock. Between my wanting moans I could hear her slurping on my big member.

Spit begin to pool up around the base of my shaft. Jenn noticed and used her hand, while still sucking my cock, to rub it on the base of my cock up to her mouth. She begin speeding up now and her head was bobbing violently over me.

After 5 minutes of this I was getting close. Jenn was such a champ. She had a large mouth so it didn’t feel as tight and good when she sucked my cock as her pussy and ass feels. She gagged pretty easy so she adapted and took her time. She mostly sucked a few inches and paced herself to my taksim escort completion.

I patted her head to let her know I was about to cum. Jenn continued sucking as hard as she could as the first rope of goo shot in her mouth.

She opened her mouth and sat my cock on her tongue as it pulsed and squirted into her.

“Ahhhh… Oh god… yeah… fuck me…” I moaned out.

The last few drops came out of me as Jenn eagerly sucked on my head.

“Ahhh! Fuck Jenn!” I shouted.

Jenn smack her lips as she removed her favorite toy from her mouth.

“Fucking love your cum. Haha. I also love that your cock just says hard cause I’m ready to have my ass plowed. Right now.” She says with gusto.

I pull her face all the way up to mine. She staggers for a second before catching her balance. Her face is right over mine.

“Then get on your hands and knees slut.” I order.

Jenn’s smile is big as she jumps off me. She quickly stripped her clothes off and hopped back on the bed. Her face and chest lay flat on the bed, and her ass is sticking straight up. I could see her chubby thighs and tummy from this angle. It was always a sight to be behold.

I got behind Jenn on my knees and lined my still wet cock up to her tight looking pinched hole.

“You read-”

“Just stick it in me already baby!” Jenn exclaimed.

Alright. I aimed my dick right at her asshole and pushed forward hard. It popped right past her sphincter and all the way into her asshole till her cheeks touch my base. Jenn screamed. At first I regretted it but Jenn turned towards me with a pained smile.

“That was fucking good. Come on baby. Fuck your slut.” She said.

I took that as a good sign and slowly pulled my cock all the way out of her. I then pushed my cock all the way back in again hard. Jenn grunted but took it like the first time.

I repeated this again and again. Eventually Jenn grunted turned to soft whimpers and moans. I watched her ass jiggle as I slammed against it. Her asshole was fucking tight and it became my favorite sex act since we been dating. Anal is what we did most of the time and saved vaginal sex for quickies and public stuff.

I pushed deep and hard in her one more time. I left my cock all the way inside her for a second. I reached and grabbed a good handful of her hair and pulled on it. She yelped but complied. Her back was still arched and her face was pointed upwards. I begin slowly fucking her ass. If there was a mirror I would have seen her big tits bouncing as I stroked.

The moans from both of us and the smacking filled the air. I was fucking Jenn steadily now stretching out her tight pink asshole. I let go of her hair but put my hand around her throat and squeezed.

“Oh yes. Oh fuck yes. Choke me harder. Abuse this ass daddy!” Jenn screamed out.

I did as she asked and squeezed my hands around her throat more. I begin fucking her harder and harder panting as I did so. I could hear wheezing as my big cock filled up her asshole.

‘ohhh yes ohhh daddy. Keep going. Can I play with my pussy?” She begged.

“Sure… baby…” I managed to say between breaths.

She immediately begin rubbing her clit fast and hard. I could see her arm fiercely working as i use one hand to grab at her tits. I pinched a nipple hard which made Jenn scream out. She was turning red with all the stimulus happening to her body.

“Ooooohhh fuuuckkk babyyy!” Jenn moaned.

I felt her body jerk and shake as she climaxed. She was cumming hard and I had to hold her in place to prevent her from falling over. I could hear her sloshing her juices in her pussy. She removed the fingers and brought them up behind her right in front of my face.

I gladly took her fingers into my mouth. I loved the taste of her cum. It was sweet and a little tangy. Just fucking perfect.

Whether it was the cum on my lips or the thought of me choking her hard or the constant abuse I was putting on her ass I don’t know, but I was ready to cum myself.

“I’m about to cum baby…” I panted out. “You want this in your ass baby?”

“Mmmmhmm!” Was all Jenn managed to get out as she fully let me use her body.

I pumped my cock in her a couple of more time really hard and came as soon as I was all the way in her. I heard soft moans and whimpers coming from her as I moaned loudly. I squirted the rest of my seed in her fat ass then slipped out and collapsed on the bed. My feet were pointed towards the edge of my bed as I stared up at the ceiling of my room. Jenn laid opposite of me with her legs sort of on top of me. My cock was sitting on her pussy.

We were both trying to catch our breath after that intense fuck.

After we caught our breath we just kinda laid there and let the moment linger. I became lost in thought as I rewinded on everything that was happening in my life now. Especially the big thing. My mom and I’s feelings for each other. Staci. Sarah. Jenn. I had a good group of women that wanted şişli escort me.

Jenn. She was a great girlfriend. She really was. That’s why I’ve stayed with her so long. She was fun and adventurous. She had spunk and was a bit feisty. It kept my social life light and my sex life satisfied completely. Jenn was a pretty open girl. We had tried so many things together.

Unfortunately there was one thing missing from our relationship. Love. I loved her as a person and a woman but I wasn’t in love with her. I knew it and I think she knew it. I had no intentions of ever marrying her. She mentioned it before and I kinda brushed it off. She definitely wanted kids and I still wasn’t sure.

All in all I felt pretty guilty keeping her around. Despite our relationship being an open one I was just holding her back and with my mom’s feelings for me I wanted time and space to explore that. There was also Staci too. If my mom doesn’t have real feelings for me then I know I could always give her a shot. I wasn’t lying when I told her I liked her. Even if my mom wants me I know I can keep Staci as a fuck buddy and I’m sure she’d love that.

I looked down at Jenn who was on her phone.

“Sooner than later I guess.” I thought.

I sat up in the bed. My sticky soft cock hanging between my legs. Jenn pussy and ass had dried stains from her and my cum around it.

“Hey babe.” I called to her.

Jenn looked away from her phone up at me. “Yeah babe?”

“Let’s talk.” I requested.

“Okay Daddy.” She sat up in bed herself. Her big tits jumped around as she wiggled into position.

I took a breath. I’ve been with Jenn for years now and I still don’t know how she will react. What I did know is that she likes and respects when someone is blunt and honest with her. So that’s what I’m gonna do.

“We need to talk about us Jenn. I know we have been together a long time but we have never truly discussed the future.” I said.

“Oh. That.” Jenn said with melancholy. She didn’t seemed surprised by this but her eyes gave away her discomfort. Something told me she had been expecting this for some time now.

“Yeah… That…” I hesitated. Did I really want to do this? Yes. I did. It was time to break things off with her.

I continued. “It something we need to talk about. Probably past due.”

“Okay.” Was all she said.

Okay. “I wanna start by saying that I do love you Jenn. Every minute of our relationship has been amazing. You have open my mind to so many things and I cherish the memories I’ve had with you.”

Jenn looked up at me with her big brown eyes.

“But we both need more than that. Jennifer I know you want to get married and have kids and I honestly don’t think I’m ever gonna want that. Our relationship is good on a casual level. We get along and I love how open we are but that won’t work forever. We both ultimately want different long term things.”

Jenn just sat there and watched as I talked and explained things.

She finally spoke after several minutes. “So what do you want to do?”

“It’s not just me Jenn. How do you feel about it. I mean am I right about what you want?”

Jenn sighed. “I do love you very much… But you are right.” Wow I wasn’t expecting this. “We are good together but it won’t go anywhere. I think about a year ago I realized but I didn’t want to face it.”

It was my turn to look sad and shamed. “Yeah I kinda knew too. Just didn’t want to acknowledge it. I was fine with where our relationship was up until this point.”

Jenn looked at me quizzingly. “What made you want to acknowledge it now?”

Oh shit. I hadn’t thought of that. What do I tell her? I can’t say “Oh I maybe have feelings for my mother and I definitely want to fuck her”. Jenn was pretty open about lots of fetishes and sexual acts but this one I didn’t know about so I didn’t want to risk it.

“I just…want to focus on other things right now. Like I said I’m done holding you back. Go find someone that can give you all you want. You deserve it.”

Jenn didn’t really look convinced but she must have just accepted that was all the explanation she was gonna get.

“Yeah… I understand… so I guess this is it?” Jenn asked.

“No this isn’t it. We can still chat and you can always come over. You know that.” I answered quickly.

“Can we still fuck from time to time. I’m gonna miss that dick.”

“Hahahaha. Sure Jenn I’m always down. If you ever want a session just let me know.” I was referring to our BDSM… experiments. She liked being tied up and spanked. Hard. I was very much into so I don’t mind continuing that.

“Good. I don’t know if I’ll find a partner so attentive as you are with my body.” Jenn said.

She got up off the bed and began to get dressed. It was somewhat awkward then she broke the silence again.

“There is a girl… I have liked for a while…”

I already knew what she was talking about. She had been talking about this girl for a while now. It was the first girl since Anna that Jenn considered having a threesome with again.

“Oh yeah… wasn’t her name Brooke?” I asked.

Jenn blushed. “Yeah… I’m think I might ask her out… sorry is it too soon or awkward?”

Honestly It didn’t matter to me. “Nope. Go for it. I know she likes you. And she seems wild. You’ll like that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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