A Little Late Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Author’s Note: For those of you who have enjoyed the series so far I extend my thanks and gratitude. Also, from the feedback I have received, I feel I should note that the first three chapters of this series were written a couple of years ago and that I am trying to leave them as intact as possible for now. However, where this series goes after that is still open to suggestions –so please continue to provide said suggestions.


After retrieving as much of Mr. Hughes’ cum from her lover’s pussy, Jen nuzzled up to Julie’s ear and murmured, “So how did you like having your father’s cock buried in your tight little pussy?”

“It was incredible.” Julie responded as her fingers lightly circled the areola of Jen’s 28B breast. “But it wasn’t as incredible as you”

Then, as she lovingly kissed her friend/lover, Julie sensed that there was something on her friends mind and pulled back and asked her what she was thinking about.

“Oh, I was just thinking that your mother looks pretty hot.” Jen replied as a dreamy smile played across her face.

Feeling somewhat jealous, Julie stopped her caresses and defensively asked, “Why do you say that?”

As her grin increased in size, Jen teasingly ran a finger down Julie’s side, delicately tracing the sensuous curves of breast and hip which never failed to arouse Julie as she devilishly replied, “Let’s just say that your father wasn’t the only one in the audience.”

Startled, Julie breathlessly asked, “Mom saw us too?!” as her fingers once again stopped their lazy circling.

“Quite a bit.” Jen confirmed as her tongue flicked at Julie’s pebbly nipple. “And from the way she was furiously rubbing her clit, I would say that she rather enjoyed the show.”

Then she slowly fingered Julie to another orgasm as she described for her friend the highly erotic show that Julie and her father had put on for her mother’s and Jen’s enjoyment. Sated, the two then lovingly caressed as they drifted from a blissful afterglow into an equally contented sleep.

The next morning, Jen and Julie were sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast as Mrs. Hughes came downstairs and sleepily fixed her a cup of coffee. And, as she sat down and glanced at them, they both could not help but notice the brief blush and spark of lust in her eyes before she mumbled something about a good morning and locked her gaze onto the steaming coffee in front of her.

She could not hide, however, the continuing evidence that the memory of last night was doing to her stiffened nipples and the way she suddenly squeezed her thighs together to try and quench the sudden desire she felt for the two beauties seated before her.

Of course, if Angela had been able to look at either of the girls without remembering the hot scene she had witnessed the night before, she would have seen that both of the girls were equally excited and were, if anything even more tormented as the echoes of sensations that the memory of last night provoked combined with the thought of Angela masturbating herself to orgasm after furious orgasm while watching them set up an erotic cycle that continued to increase until the two youths were practically squirming with so much pent up tension and excitement that each knew they would explode into multiple orgasms at the slightest touch.

Suddenly, unable to take the building tension any longer, Julie jumped up and, after placing her bowl in the sink, informed her mother, “Me and Jen are going to go down to the mall today if you don’t mind.”

Startled out of her reverie, Angela looked at her daughter for a moment in confusion before Julie’s words fully registered and she quickly voiced her consent as she regained her composure only to come close to losing it again as her daughter gave her a hug that, surely accidentally, brushed Julie’s nipples against her own through the rough fabric of her nightgown sending an intense shock straight to her moist pussy, sending her dangerously close to a spontaneous orgasm. Then, as she almost had her composure back, she sarıyer escort automatically opened her arms to Jen’s seemingly spontaneous hug that, certainly it must be her imagination, again caused her now oversensitive nipples to send another jolt of stimulation to her pussy as she felt Jen’s nipples brush her own causing an involuntary moan to escape her lips. And, had she been able to penetrate the overload of sensations as her body trembled so close to orgasm that a stray breeze would have set her off, she would have heard the stifled giggles of the devilish teens as they rushed back upstairs to dress.

Just as Angela was finally able to bring her body back away from the brink and under control, the girls came back into the kitchen in outfits that even a whore would be shocked over as each outfit had been carefully chosen to accentuate the contours and assets of each of the girls to the point where anyone looking at them would have to admit that they were, as Angela had heard her husband say, ‘hot to trot’. As she gazed in barely restrained lust at each of the girls’ outfits she opened her mouth to dutifully protest.

Any words she had intended to say, however, died on her lips as Jen suddenly bent over to tie her shoe, and as Jen’s miniskirt rode ever higher up her thighs, Angela’s eyes and attention was captured by the sight of Jen’s naked pussy. And, as she stared, she tried to convince herself that the glistening sheen that she was seeing was from sweat and not from obvious arousal. Then, somehow, Angela found enough of her voice to inform Jen, “Dear, you can’t go out like that.”

Feigning confusion, Jen innocently asked, “why not Mrs. Hughes?” and was secretly delighted to watch Angela squirm with renewed arousal as she tried to frame a reply.

“But you have on no panties!” Angela finally exclaimed.

Seemingly shocked at her forgetfulness, Jen lifted her skirt up and, after checking for herself -and making sure Angela got an eyeful of her swollen lips- Jen gasped, “Why, Mrs. Hughes, I am so sorry. I must have forgotten to put them on while talking to Julie. I’ll run upstairs and put some on real quick.”

Trying to sound like the adult she was supposed to be, Angela confirmed, “Yes, dear, you should. You don’t want everyone ogling you all day do you?”

“No ma’am.” Jen said as she went back upstairs. Which was halfway true being as Angela was the only person that she had wanted to be ogling her today.

Then, feeling somewhat on firmer ground, Angela turned to her daughter and said, “And you, darling-“

But before she could say anything her daughter interrupted with, “Oh, darn. My jeans have come unsnapped again.” Which was true being as Julie, anticipating her mother’s words, deliberately caused the low cut jeans to unsnap. “Could you help me snap them back mom? I can’t seem to get them to stay?” Julie pleaded as she moved directly in front of her mother.

Automatically, Angela had reached for the sides of the jeans and was busy trying to get the tight jeans to snap before she realized that not only was her daughter also not wearing any underwear, but that with the jeans being so low cut, her fingers were inadvertently brushing against her daughter’s pussy each time she tried to pull the two pieces of the snap together. And, as her eyes were inescapably drawn to her daughter’s pussy, Angela’s nostrils were suddenly filled with the smell of her daughter’s arousal as her fumbling fingers spread her daughter’s juices every time she attempted to snap the rebellious jeans.

As she watched her mother’s attention focus on her sopping wet pussy, Julie lightly nudged her mother’s head forward until she was sure that her mother could see and smell her arousal, which was confirmed by the sudden flare of her mother’s nostrils and her low, unconscious moan. Then, after she confirmed that her mother was almost hypnotically transfixed by lightly stroking her mother’s painfully erect nipples, she murmured, “Maybe if esenyurt escort I lie down on my bed it will make it easier.”

As her mind filled with the memory of her daughter lying naked while Jen lovingly administered to her, Angela was powerless to protest as she watched her daughter back towards the stairs and as the swaying of her hips caused the unsnapped jeans to ride ever lower revealing just a hint of the top of her daughter’s pussy. Drawn to the site, she numbly followed her daughter to her room, where she continued her fumbling attempts to help her daughter.

After allowing her mother to fumble with the snap while becoming ever more aroused by the constant rubbing of her mother’s fingers across her pussy, Julie finally told her mother, “It looks like these pants are never gonna snap. I guess I’ll just have to put another pair on.” Then, as her mother was starting to register her words and to break the trance she had sunk into, Julie sweetly asked as she slowly pulled the jeans down to expose the top half of her pussy, “Can you help me get these off mom?”

Mesmerized by the sight of her daughter’s aroused pussy merely inches from her, Angela mechanically muttered, “yes dear” as she numbly pulled the jeans down to reveal ever more of her lovely daughter’s pussy.

As Angela numbly guided the jeans down her daughter’s legs, she could not help but be captivated by the sight of her daughter’s glistening pussy. Then, as she once again caught the aroma of her daughter’s arousal, any thoughts she might have had about stopping were swept away as the powerful pheromones elicited her own arousal to the point where the only coherent thought she could later remember having was that Julie smelled faintly of wild strawberries. Then, however, the jeans had reached Julie’s ankles and, as she skillfully slipped them off and spread her legs, all semblance of coherent thought was replaced by lustful desire as Julie’s swollen pussy lips parted to reveal their hidden depths.

From her vantage point directly behind Julie’s mom, Jen slowly reached forward and started to lightly massage Angela’s breasts as she softly whispered in her ear, “Such a beautiful sight.”

Entranced, Angela could only murmur, “mmm beautiful.”

Again Jen whispered as she circled Angela’s nipples, causing them to harden considerably, “smells so good too.”

“….like….strawberries…” Angela mindlessly replied.

“Like strawberries” Jen whispered in confirmation as she slid her hands underneath Angela’s nightgown and again cupped her breasts. “Delicious.” She added as Angela emitted another low moan when Jen’s hands again found her nipples.

“….delicious” Angela echoed as she watched Julie’s pussy open and close as Julie anticipated the crumbling of Angela’s weakening resistance.

“Tasty” Jen added, eliciting another soft moan of anticipation from Angela.

“It tastes as good as it smells” Jen prompted as she slowly brought Angela closer to Julie’s gaping pussy.

“…like strawberries…?”Angela supplied as she licked her lips thinking of what it would be like to taste the meal in front of her.

“Like strawberries.” Jen confirmed with a smile as she knew that Angela was now so totally enraptured by the pussy in front of her that nothing short of a bomb could have tore Angela’s desire filled eyes away from the sight in front of her. Then, knowing she would not meet with any resistance, she placed one hand behind Angela’s head and slowly eased her face towards Julie’s dripping pussy until she was barely an inch away and Angela’s sight was completely filled with the object they both most desired. Then, in the same soft, suggestive whisper, Jen encouraged, “so delicious.” And as Angela again moaned, she added the simple command, “Taste.”

Slowly, quivering, Angela’s tongue stretched out across the short distance and tentatively touched the already slick lips of Julie’s aching pussy, triggering an explosive orgasm for Julie that, if anything, was even more powerful avrupa yakası escort than the one she had experienced with her father. All hesitation vanished, however, as her daughter’s exquisite juices filled her mouth and mind and ignited a burning desire to lap up as much of the abundant nectar as possible.

Unable to stand being a bystander to such a show now that she was sure Angela was not going to be going anywhere, Jen released her hold on Angela’s breasts and quickly slid underneath Angela’s crouching form.

After pausing a brief moment to admire not only the view of Angela’s sopping pussy but also the erotic allure of devouring the pussy of her lover’s mother as she, in turn, devoured her lover’s pussy, Jen quickly buried herself in the copious juices dripping from Angela’s over stimulated pussy.

As Jen’s tongue found her clit, Angela rocketed into her first orgasm of the day as tears poured from her eyes from the release of all of the sexual tension that had been building since she awoke this morning to the memory of the events of last night. As she came down from the blissful release, she resumed licking her daughter’s pussy with a renewed determination to lick up every trace of her daughter’s arousal until she ran dry or passed out. And, a short while later, her efforts were rewarded as Julie exploded into yet another orgasm that, in turn triggered Angela’s own.

A short while and numerous orgasms later, Julie finally rocketed into a final climax so powerful that her exhausted body collapsed into unconsciousness. And, as she came down from yet another of her own orgasms without, as yet, a diminishing of desire, Angela reluctantly pulled herself off of Jen’s talented tongue. Turning, she greedily forced her own tongue into Jen’s mouth, tasting her own juices in the process which only made her even hornier.

After a few moments of greedy exchange, Angela and Jen relaxed slightly and, with renewed determination, Angela slowly made her way to Jen’s firm breasts and lovingly caressed and fondled Jen’s nipples and areola with her tongue. Then, after eliciting several tortuous moans from Jen, who had yet to achieve an orgasm of her own, Angela again headed south with her tongue only pausing on way to her goal long enough to momentarily tease her tongue around the ring piercing Jen’s navel.

As her tongue encountered the first coarse, trimmed hairs of Jen’s pubis, Angela pulled back momentarily to admire the sight of her second teenage pussy of the day. As she noted the differences between the two, she primarily was captivated by how Julie’s pussy had faintly hinted at wild strawberries, Jen’s dripping pussy smelled faintly of honeysuckle and fresh rain.

As she lowered her mouth to taste of Jen’s yearning pussy, Angela deliberately prolonged Jen’s release by lightly caressing the outermost folds of her pussy. Then, by focusing all of her willpower on delaying touching Jen’s painfully swollen clit as long as she possibly could in favor of lapping up all of the sweet secretions coming from the delectable pussy in front of her. Finally, as her patience withered and Jen’s whimpers edged toward sobs of pain, Angela could resist no longer and dove straight for Jen’s engorged clit, triggering an orgasm so powerful that the first wave of contractions sent a mouthful of cum squirting into Angela’s receptive mouth.

This sent Angela into a renewed fervor as she lustily attacked Jen’s clit and folds hoping to not only lap up as much of this sweet ambrosia as she could but to also do her part in producing more. And, as she continued her attack on Jen, her victim, overcome with a surge of lust and passion from her orgasm, twisted until she could return to sampling the delights that Angela could offer.

Through several orgasms the two feverishly devoured each other and feasted on the treasures each found in front of them until, contented and finally sated, Angela slowly crawled her way back up Jen’s body as she slowly came down from her latest powerful orgasm. Lovingly and passionately, they shared a tender kiss as Angela lightly stroked the lovely young body beside her as Jen was occasionally wracked with tremors of pleasure, akin to the aftershocks often felt after powerful quakes. Slowly, as their orgasms faded, they continued to caress each other until, almost simultaneously, they drifted into a light slumber.

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