A Hopeless Situation

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I can’t believe I wanted to become a priest. In high school I made a personal vow of celibacy. Every day I thank God for what happened that summer after I graduated High School. My vow of celibacy didn’t last too long after that.


My name is Will and I had just graduated High School. I was working for my uncle over the summer doing, mostly, yardwork. He didn’t pay me very much, despite the fact that he had plenty of money, but it kept me in great shape and it’s not like I was going to get rich anywhere else.

His wife, Jenny, was my mom’s sister and I usually didn’t see her too much. When I did it was usually just a brief glance of her in the window. Though once I did see her sunbathing by the pool. I was mowing the lawn so I couldn’t stop and could only see her some of the time as I moved back and forth over the lawn.

She had an amazing body, her muscles were toned and she had beautiful blonde hair. Plus the curves, my God those curves! Though I had taken my little vow of celibacy that didn’t stop me from noticing them. She was laying on her back. Her breasts were the perfect size, not too big and not too small, and they looked firm in her tight bikini. I turned the mower and couldn’t see her anymore, I was glad for the respite as seeing her there was making me think unclean thoughts. When I turned around, I saw she was now laying on her front and had taken off her top. My dick began to harden when I saw her round ass in the air and all I could think was, “Oh no. Please, not now.” I was thankful that on my next revolution she was gone.

That was all I saw of my aunt for a while but a couple weeks later my uncle called and explained that he had to leave on business for a few days and he had a list of things that I could do while he was gone, he even said that I could stay at the house until I finished with everything. “Stay at the house?” I asked.

“Yeah, sure kid, there’s plenty of room and it would save you a lot of trouble. I’ll even give you an extra 20 bucks” My uncle always called me kid, I hated that. So I agreed even though I knew he was ripping me off. Even though I knew it was wrong, I also kept thinking about staying in the house with my aunt. That night I fell asleep thinking about her amazing ass and feeling guilty.


I couldn’t believe everything my uncle wanted me to do. No wonder he said I should stay at the house. I decided to throw myself into work so I wouldn’t have to see my aunt too much. Still it was hard, the first night that I was walking to guestroom and I saw my aunt in her room through a crack in the door. She was wearing only panties and was taking off her bra. I couldn’t help it, I stopped and watched as she revealed her pink breasts. I took in a sharp breath I had never seen a woman’s tits in real life and only a couple of times in the movies. Thinking she may have heard me I quickly went to my room a couple doors down.

Because I was working so much, the istanbul escort list my uncle gave me was quickly getting done and I would probably get done within the next couple of days and it was still almost a week before my uncle would get back. Guess I would be going home early.

The next day I started working and I realized that I would probably get done today. The thought was a little dissapointing. My aunt and I didn’t talk too much but we got along well. I would sometimes catch her watching me while I worked but I didn’t think anything of it. I finished everything that afternoon.


“So you want me to give you a ride back to your place Will?”

“That would be nice, yeah.”

She was wearing a black tank top which showed off her breasts and a significant amount of cleavage. It was hard for me not to stare.

“You sure you don’t want to stay until my husband gets back?”

“Well…I don’t really think that’s necessary”

“It could be fun.”

What? What did that mean, ‘It could be fun?’ I don’t think she was thinking about whipping out Monopoly or anything.


“Well let’s go get some dinner and we can swim in the pool afterwards”

“Won’t that cause cramps?”

“Don’t be silly. C’mon let’s go.”

So we went and had dinner at a resteraunt. She had changed out of the black tank top and was now wearing one of those casual summer dresses. I didn’t think it was possible but I could see even more of her now. My hard cock was uncomfortable under the table. Whenever she leaned over a little to talk to me I could almost everything. I hoped I could calm it down before we left.

When we got back to the house it was getting pretty dark. I thought maybe we would go straight to bed but my aunt had other ideas.

“Do you want anything to drink?”

“Umm is there any Coke left?”

“Oooh good idea!”

I wasn’t sure what that meant either but I saw her get a bottle of what looked like rum out of a cupboard. Rum and coke? I’ve never been much of a drinker. I tended to avoid parties in high school so as not to exacerbate my lust and break my vow. I was looking for a way out but when she handed me the drink and smiled, I reflexively took a sip. It was good and when I finished she made me another one.

“So, do you want to go swimming?”


So we went out to the pool. Suddenly, I remembered that I had lost my swimsuit the other day and still hadn’t found it. I also realized she hadn’t gone to get her swimsuit upstairs.

“I just remembered I lost my swimsuit.”

“Oh, really? Well you don’t need it anyway.”


“Oh don’t worry. It’s dark out. Here, look, if it makes you feel better I won’t wear a swimsuit either.”

I felt like things were spiraling out of control but all I could think about was seeing my aunt naked. Before I could respond she avcılar escort began taking off dress, slowly sliding it down her body. Soon she was in just her bra and panties. She looked up, saw me staring and said, “Well don’t just stand there, take your clothes off.”

My head was spinning and without thinking I started taking off my shirt. When I looked at Jenny again she was unsnapping her bra. I watched as she took it off. God her breasts were incredible. Seeing them this close felt like a dream. And then she started taking off her panties. I watched as she slid them down. Underneath she was completely shaved. Seeing her naked made my dick go hard almost immediately. I wasn’t sure about taking off my shorts in front of this woman with a giant hard on. It’s not that I had anything to be ashamed of, at 7 inches, I’m pretty well off. But I hadn’t been naked in front of a woman since I was a baby.

“Having some trouble there? Here let me help.” Before I knew it my naked aunt was on her knees in front of me and pulling my shorts down. Soon my erect cock was directly in front of her face. “Oh, well hi there. Looks like your need some more of my help Will.” And with that she put my dick in her mouth and started sucking.

I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to stop her but her lips felt so good wrapped around my hard cock. I could hear slurping sounds as she bobbed her head back and forth. With her hands she was rubbing my shaft and balls. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. It was heaven.

“Maybe we won’t go swimming after all. Come on let’s go to my room and I’ll show you what else I can do.”

I followed her and as soon as we got in her room she pushed me on the bed and straddled me. As she looked in my eyes she slowly began to lower herself onto my dick. I felt it as my head slowly penetrated her pussy. She felt it too and began to moan. “Oh will you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this to you. Watching you work gets me so wet. And now I’m finally going to fuck you like I wanted. Ohhhhh, I wish your mother was here.” All this she said as more and more of my cock penetrated her. I’m not sure what she meant about my mom and if I had been thinking straight I probably would have been creeped out but hearing her say it like that really got me excited. She rode me hard for a good 10 minutes just moaning and rubbing her beautiful tits. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself so I just put my hands on her waist and ass and pulled her down on my cock.

Then she got off me and got on her hands and knees in front of me and arched her back downward showing off her tits and ass. She looked like some sort of cat in heat. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen, I didn’t even need to be prompted as I got on my knees behind her and started fucking her doggystyle. I couldn’t believe I was lasting as long as I was, this being my first time and everything, but I wasn’t complaining. With one of my hands şirinevler escort I grabbed her hair and pulled making her get off her hands. Then I reached around her and began rubbing her tits. They felt just as good as they looked and the way her moaning increased was telling me she liked it.

“Ohhh my God, Will. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Your uncle never made me feel this way. Ohhhhh, how does it feel fucking your aunt, Will? Mmmmm, make me your little fuck toy Will. Oh my God I’m so close. So close. Don’t stop Will. Ahhh! Don’t Stop!”

Listening to her talk like that got me really excited and I could feel an orgasm building. I knew she was close too but I wanted to make this last. So grabbing her hair again I threw her on her back, spread he legs, and I started eating her pussy like it was candy. She tasted so good I was a little surprised and I found that I was a natural at using my tongue on all the right places. She was rubbing her tits again and her moaning ceased to be intelligible.

“Ohhhh. Uhhhhng. Will. Don’t stop Will. Ahh! Ahhhh! AHHHHH! I’m about to cum. Please don’t stop will.”

I considered stopping just to tease her but I didn’t think that this was one of those times where it would be appropriate. So I kept licking her clit and I even began sticking my finger in her pussy, moving it in and out. This is what brought her over the edge and she started cumming with my finger inside her.


I could feel her muscles contracting and seeing her writhing there in ecstasy made me want to have an orgasm myself.

When she was finished she lay there dazed just for a moment and then got up and pushed me forcefully on my back. She started sucking my dick frantically as if her life depended on it. After seeing her orgasm and seeing her so excited about sucking my dick I was getting close to cumming myself.

Soon, I heard myself saying some of the things I had just heard my aunt say among other things.

“Oh my God. I love fucking you. Don’t stop. I’m so close. Ohhh. Ohhh! OHHH!”

And with that I started cumming in her mouth. She swallowed it down eagerly and kept bobbing up and down on my cock as I filled her mouth again and again. Soon I was spent and she began to lick off any cum she missed from my cock. My vow was completely broken and I was no longer a virgin. I didn’t care. It was worth it.

We laid together for a while and were soon asleep.


When I woke up, she was already gone and I didn’t know where she had went. I searched for her but gave up when I saw her car wasn’t in the garage. I was a little worried. Would she lose interest in me now that she got what she wanted? Did I want her to be interested in me? How was I going to get home? Or would I be staying here until my uncle got back? I didn’t know.

When she got back and brought some donuts I knew she wasn’t going to hang me out to dry. At least not yet. And I was right. Over the next few days we had sex everywhere in the house. It was the best few days of my life and I was sad when my uncle came back. Fortunately, it wouldn’t be the last time I would see my aunt Jenny, but that’s a story for another time.

I can’t believe I wanted to become a priest.

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