A Helping…Hand(?)

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I had known Kerry for a number of years, in fact, she had gone to school with my daughter and was now in her early twenties. I had always liked her. She was a very matter-of-fact girl, capable and confident so it was a surprise to me when she became involved with a man ten years her senior. I knew him as well – and liked him, but he had settled for the bachelor life and drank fairly heavily. Nevertheless, Kerry’s influence on him had been dramatic and in no time they moved in together and settled into the ways of an old married couple. My daughter saw a great deal of them and kept me well informed as to how they were getting on.

It was after they had been together for about two years that they married and Kerry made no secret that marriage was the first step on the road to motherhood – especially after one of their close friends produced an adorable baby girl.

The months dragged on without any sign of a child and then I heard rumblings about her husband’s test results and how difficult it was going to be for her to conceive. It was gossip and I thought nothing of it until one afternoon in June as I worked alone in my office at home, that the doorbell rang. I usually took no notice of either the domestic phone or the doorbell when I was working but I needed to stretch my legs so I answered it.

It was Kerry. She had arranged with my daughter to return a video, which she then handed to me.

“I was just making a coffee,” I lied,” would you like a cup?”

“I don’t have to be at work until four so I will, if that’s alright.”

I stood aside and let her bounce into the house (Kerry was full of bounce) and take a seat in kitchen. I switched on the kettle and leaned against the adjacent kitchen unit.

“How’s married life treating you then?” I asked, not having seen her since her wedding day.

“Oh, it’s OK,”

“Only OK?” I teased.

“Well, I suppose Sue’s told you that we are having problems having a family. Colin has a very low sperm count.”

“That doesn’t mean that it won’t happen,” I comforted.

“Pretty unlikely though.” The smile had gone and she looked glum.

“Have you thought of getting medical help?”

“Colin is dead against it. He says if it doesn’t happen naturally then it’s not to be.”

“It’s a bit hard on you though, isn’t it Kerry.”

“Oh, I’d love a baby, Peter. I really would. In fact, it would serve Colin right if I went out and found someone to give me one.”

“You don’t mean that do you, Kerry? It would crucify him if he found out.”

A long silence punctuated our discussion before she said.

“Why would he have to know?”

I could see that Kerry was voicing what, for a long time, had only been a thought incubating in her mind.

“Come on, Kerry, unless you went away for a weekend and picked up a complete stranger, it would get out. You couldn’t trust anyone else around here to keep quiet about it. And if you picked up a stranger, goodness knows what else he might give you?”

“True,” she said, then countered as if she had already considered this argument, “unless it was someone with more to lose than gain. Someone who no longer needed to brag to anyone about his conquests – say?”

“But every young man likes to do that and even those that wouldn’t brag might well get possessive of the baby when it arrived. Surely, you wouldn’t risk it, would you?”

She pouted and I added, “So much for a surrogate father then.”

“It doesn’t seem much to ask,” she persisted coyly, ” just a quick thirty second ‘service’ and my life would be changed for ever.”

“Now there’s a naughty though to conjure with. Surely to god she wasn’t hinting that I ‘service’ her was she?” The idea tore through my mind like a red hot bolt of lightning.

“You sound desperate, Kerry,”

“I think I am Peter,” she sighed with a voice heavy with melancholy.

Silence fell whilst we waited for the kettle to boil and when it did, I made the coffee, served a cup to each of us and sat at the table facing her, quietly sipping the hot liquid.

I hadn’t really noticed in the past, but she was a pretty young women in a plain sort of way. She had a face with everything in the right place, thick curly dark hair and a slim figure with well-developed breasts. The reason she was not a siren was that she chose not to be. She wore very little makeup and dressed modestly – the sort of women that, I imagine, a vicar would have been pleased to present her as his wife.

More seconds passed without conversation as we drank our coffee, each of us deep in our own thoughts until she broke the silence with a comment to give away what she had clearly being thinking about.

“Did Wendy have any trouble conceiving your two?” she asked overtly.

“Don’t ask me. We still don’t know where Paul came from and Sue was conceived on a quiet August afternoon, on the sofa, on a day Wendy decided that Paul needed a sister. I just supplied the sperm-on-demand, so-to-speak.”

“You sound pretty fertile then?” halkalı escort she said, giving me a knowing look.

It had to be said – both of us were beating about the bush.

“Kerry, forgive me if I am reading this conversation all wrong, but are you suggesting that I ‘help’ you overcome your problem?”

She fidgeted nervously and blushed crimson, but blurted out,

“Oh, please, Peter. It’s just that I feel I can talk to you and I’ve let my tongue run away with me. I hope that I haven’t embarrassed you.”

“Don’t be silly. I am flattered that a young and attractive women like you should see me a potential father of your child.”

“I don’t see why not. You’re an intelligent man with two wonderful kids – what women would not want to have your children?”

“You do know what you are asking of me, don’t you, Kerry?”

“Am I so repulsive, then?” she countered coyly.

“Most definitely not – but you do realise what your asking?”

“I do,” she replied and lowered her eyes, “but it’s the only way that I can have a child and no one need know.”

I let silence fall again for a good minute before saying, ” When is the best time for you to conceive?”

“Oh! Thank you Peter. You will help me then?” she gushed.

“It would be churlish not to,” I replied, not really realising that I had just agreed to fuck my daughter’s best friend some twenty odd years my junior.

“Well actually it’s about now. If I go by the book it’s from now until Friday.”

“Are you sure, Kerry?” I asked. Things had moved on a pace since she arrived.

“Yes, I am,” she responded and then added naughtily, “If it helps, I have always quite fancied you anyway. I seem to have a thing for older men.”

“Think of me as a donor not a lover, will you.” It was clear the little minx had planned to approach me today and I was keen not to add another dimension to this ‘favour’.

The talk had finished and action was now called for.

“Would you like me to ‘service’ you now?” I asked with a hint of sarcasm.

The reality of the situation was upon both of us, but she kept her nerve and replied,


“Look Kerry, let’s make this as clinical as possible. We had better go upstairs, use the back bedroom. Slip out of your panties and I will be up in a minute. You will have to – well – lubricate yourself, but I leave it to you how you achieve it.”

She stood up and squeezed my shoulder as she passed by me to the stairs.

I waited a good six or seven long minutes thinking, “What the hell am I doing?” before coming to the simple conclusion that I was getting to fuck an attractive young women and may well, give her the child she craves for.

I climbed the stairs with a mixture of trepidation and excitement, the latter manifesting itself in my jeans. On entering the room there was a sight to gladden an old – well older – man’s eyes. Kerry had removed her panties and knelt on the bed leaning forward with her rump high in the air and her legs apart. Her long tousled hair hung over the side of the narrow bed and she was gently rubbing herself between her legs so that her pussy pouted and glistened with the juices she had encouraged to flow.

“I think it’s ready,” she said as I entered the room, without stopping her self-administrations. She made it sound like ‘dinner is served’.

“I read in a book that this is the best position to do it in to become fertilised.”

I undid my belt and dropped my jeans and shorts in one movement. Stepping forward out of them, I positioned myself behind her. She had the most glorious milk white buttocks below which hung her pussy with its deep red lips framed by black curly hair.

The erection that I had started to develop as I came up the stairs intensified into the best one that I had had in years. I grasped my cock and slipped its head between her slippery lips several times before inserting it a couple of inches into her vagina. She was tight and gripped me firmly, so I withdrew for a moment before easing forward and backwards a few times, delving deeper on each thrust until two thirds of my length impaled her. She gasped, “Christ, Peter, that feels huge.”

I stopped pushing, giving time for her vaginal muscles to adjust to my girth before thrusting myself all the way in. My own pubic hairs stroked her rounded cheeks and she gasped again making me stop. This may be clinical but it didn’t have to be painful.

“No, don’t stop, that’s wonderful,” she panted.

Gripping her by the waist, I began to copulate slowly, withdrawing almost all the way out and then driving in again; building up a rhythm in which she joined me, pushing back into me as I thrust forward and gripping me with astonishing strength as I withdrew.

She was soon panting loudly as our genitals produced loud slurping noises. These only heightened my excitement and I quickened my pace. Somehow I hadn’t expect to satisfy Kerry’s sexual appetite taksim escort as well as her need to be fertilised, but it was clear that she was enjoying the experience as much as I was and let out another heartfelt, “Ohhh!”

“Can I cum yet Kerry?” I gasped between teeth gritted with exertion.

“Just a bit longer please.”

I mentally held back the avalanche that was building in my balls, but continued thrusting vigorously.

After what seemed an age she groaned deeply and, following several vaginal muscle twitches, I felt her relax her tight grip on me. I made a few more quick strokes and ejaculated with an intensity I hadn’t felt since my youth.

Once sated, I softened quite quickly and stopped, releasing Kerry who fell forward on the bed with her forehead resting on her arms. I pulled my clothes on and left the room quietly feeling a mixture of pleasure, sadness and guilt.

Waiting in the kitchen I reflected on my behaviour, “Had I taken advantage her?” “Should I have taken another day for both of us to think about it?

As I castigated myself, she entered the kitchen wearing a glow and a smile, walked over to me and planted an affectionate kiss on my lips.

“Thank you,” she said simply and sat down to finish the remains of her cold coffee. I gulped the last of mine and sat peering into the empty cup, aware of Kerry’s eyes on me.

“Are you sorry?” she said at length.

“Oh no,” I replied without being sure whether that answer was the truth, “It made me feel so alive again.”

“I know and, I know I shouldn’t say so, but it was the same for me. The only orgasms that I’ve had before today are those that I given myself; that was my first with a man – and – what an orgasm! You are so big and can last for ages.” she reached out and put her hand on mine. I smiled at the compliment and covered her hand with my own.

“How will you explain it to Colin if you become pregnant?” I asked.

“Tell him that it is his, of course. We will make love tonight and neither of us will ever know, will we?” She had obviously thought it through, which somehow made me feel better.

Standing up she said,” I have to go, ” then surprised me by saying, ” same time tomorrow, then?”

I hadn’t realised when she had said ‘ from today until Friday’ she would need ‘servicing’ each day, but I agreed nonetheless, replying, “Until tomorrow then.”


“Hi!” Kerry said breezily when she arrived the next day and pushed passed me into the hallway. I mumbled something incoherent, closed the door and followed her into the house. She was dressed in a bright coloured, loose fitting summer dress and flat shoes, which did very little to enhance her figure, but it kept her cool. She turned and looked at me,” I’ve been thinking, Peter…”

“Me too,” I interrupted.

“You’re not having second thoughts are you.” Her face clouded over, so I reassured her, “No, not at all, in fact quite the opposite.”

“Phew! Thank goodness for that. You worried me for a minute. ” She hesitated and then continued uncertainly, “You know that you described yourself as a ‘donor’ yesterday; providing a ‘service’? Well, I can tell you that the service you provided was certainly more than that of a donor.”

Looking down to the floor, uncertain of how to say what she wanted to say, she continued,

” My… you-know-what.. has been tingling ever since and I was wondering just how extensive the ‘service’ was that you could provide?” Her eyes flashed up to challenge me. I grinned, took her hand and lead her upstairs.

The sun had moved around the house and filled the bedroom with an intense yellow light though its small window. I stood with my back to the light leaving her sharply illuminated by it and looking heavenly. She moved towards me and pressed her young firm body hard against mine then, placing her arms around my neck in a lover’s embrace, she kissed me.

Her lips were petal soft and tasted of salt. Our mouths opened and her tongue snaked in to wrestle with mine: my hands grasped and massaged her splendid taught bottom and our groins ground together. Without ceremony, I pulled the zip on her dress all the way down into the small of her back and stepped back, pulling it off her shoulders as I retreated. She dropped her arms and let the dress fall to the floor to give me my first real glimpse of her gorgeous body.

The word ‘nubile’ had been created for Kerry’s body. She wore no bra and stood before me in the briefest of panties. Her two ripe breasts, with their erect and prominent nipples, pointed proudly outwards. I whistled softly and she stepped forward again.

Fixing my eyes with her own, she unfastened my belt and pushed down the fastener of my jeans. I pulled my shirt over my head and, as I did, she completed the removal of my jeans and then stood back to admire the bulge that I now presented in my shorts.

“Pretty fine body for an old guy,” she chided and reached out to cover my cock with a long şişli escort fingered hand and press her pert breasts into my chest.

“I have to tell you that I have been dying to look at that lovely thing ever since I felt how big it was yesterday.” Then she added politely, ” May I?”

She rolled down my shorts and my cock sprang forth like an excited jack-in-the-box. I had been complimented on its dimensions several times in the distant past, but had always thought myself normal.

“Christ Peter, that’s gorgeous,” she said, standing back and admiring me like a prize bull.

She took hold of it in both her hands and squeezed and then did something unexpected. I was standing next to the bed when she pushed me, only gently, but it caught me off balance and I fell backwards onto the covers. She then straddled me in a ‘sixty nine’ position, slipping down my body until her head was poised just above my cock. This left me looking between her legs at a dark moist patch on her straining panties,

“I haven’t done this before,” she informed me in a very matter-of-fact way, “but I have seen it done on a video that Colin bought and it did make me as randy as anything when I watched it.”

Lowering her head, she licked up and down my stiff cock and then took a sizeable amount into her mouth. I closed my eyes and thought of England – a different England – an England in which men took the sexual initiative and women were supposed to be grateful for ten thrusts and a loud grunt after he had spent a night down the pub….Well! maybe it wasn’t that England!

The damp patch between her legs became bigger as she sucked and licked at what had become an independent part of my own anatomy. I raise a hand and started to rub the outline of her enlarged vulva then slipped a finger inside the damp garment and pulled the fabric aside to reveal a full rip fruit that I had split asunder only a day before.

I fingered her deftly, letting her silky folds open like a tender fig to reveal a monster of a clitoris. Lifting my head I took the big fellow between my lips and nibbled it. Her response was immediate and she stopped sucking my cock and pressed her pussy down hard onto my face.

Now, although I have mixed feeling about cunnilingus, her pussy tasted as sweat as a nut and I lapped at her with abandon so that in no time she was cumming and my entire face was witness to the event. When she was spent she rested for a few moments then rolled over and said, “That was great Peter, but it won’t get me pregnant.”

“I was coming to that,” I answered, sitting up and manoeuvring her into a position from where I could advance my cause.

I lay her down on the narrow bed with her head on the pillow then lifted each of her legs and placed them on either side giving me another great view of the love-honey stained crotch of her panties. With my own legs astride the bed, our knees touched and our genitals gently brushed up against each other through the scant covering of thin fabric that separated them.

I adored the feel and texture of her young breasts and I fondled each one of them lovingly, rolling each nipple between my fingertips until they became hard and rubbery. After a minute her eyes closed and I slid further up the bed and pressed my erect penis hard against that moist, panty covered mound. Then, holding her around her back, I pulled her towards me and slowly ground the ridge of my staff up and down her slit producing sizzling friction that excited the both of us.

We rocked together for ages enjoying the build up of sexual tension until both she and I needed to be much closer. I lifted her legs high in the air with one hand, removed her panties with the other and then let her legs fall back again into their previous position where her now naked slit, fully open was revealing its scarlet interior. It was the first time that I seen her mons uncovered and it was a spectacular field of curly black hair, neatly trimmed, but forming a thick dark triangle that extended down between her legs.

I held my cock firmly and continued to tease her by rubbing its tip up and down her sleek trench, occasionally pushing an inch or two of rock-hard cock into its slippery depths. Leaving my cock head engaged, I gently probed her with the top few inches of my penis whilst caressing her beautiful soft body with its flat tummy and small jutting breasts. She moved slowly against me, her vaginal juices flowing freely as my penis glided effortlessly in and out of that incredible tunnel. As my in and out motion persisted, her patience finally waned and she thrust herself down onto me to engulf my penis in a cocoon of warm wet flesh.

I needed a base from which to thrust into her so I put my feet on the floor on either side the bed and raised her legs vertically, draping them over my shoulder. Being closer together now they tightened on me and I fucked her, thrusting quickly and purposefully until she started to groan and writhe against me. I pounded harder, the sweat running down my face as I grunted like a wild animal. The slapping of our bodies and squelching of our conjoined sexual organs heightened our mutual excitement and she gripped my head with her ankles and, between pants, told me, “Harder please. Faster. Ohhh! Yesss!” and I complied with almost brutal force until she gave one last groan and fell still, sighing deeply.

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