A Foot Rub To Remember

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It was Saturday night and my son Adam had a basketball game out of state and my husband and I decided to drive down to Alabama to attend. We loved going to watch Adam play. He was the starting point guard so he wasn’t very tall. This was his senior year and he was hoping for some sort of scholarship to play in college.

Adam was very talented. He averaged nearly 21 points a game and for a point guard that was very good.

My husband, daughter, and I drove down and arrived right before tip off and watching Adam made me very excited and happy and a lot of other parents would speak to Lane and I about Adam’s performance.

After the game we would wait for Adam to come out of the locker room and see him and hug him. Normally the coach wanted the team to ride to and from the school just to have that team chemistry, but since this was an out of town game, the coach was fine to let Adam ride home with us.

We waited for a few minutes and out came the boys one by one and finally, Adam came through the door with other parents cheering the boys on. A big smile rose across his face and his cheeks turned a rosey red. Adam was easily embarrassed. But to me, I loved him so much and I thought it was very cute watching him red on up in his face.

I gave Adam a giant hug and kissed him on his cheeks and the scent from his cologne filled the air and it smelt very good. I took an extra few seconds hugging him just taking him in.

Adam is my only son. I have a daughter that is a bit older at 22 and Adam just turned 18. He is my baby. He is very handsome with brownish hair and a good tan. Adam tans in a tanning bed and even though I do not approve, it makes him very cute.

We headed out to the car and my daughter asked if she could ride in the front. I didn’t mind. It was only a 2 hour trip and it was around 10pm and I figured I would fall asleep anyways.

We started heading for home when about 30 minutes into the trip when I propped my head against the cold window and closed my eyes. I tried to fall asleep but i just couldn’t. I could not get cozy enough to sleep.

I laid there for a few minutes when I kicked my flip flops off and stretched out my legs and propped them up on the seat to the side and Adam took notice. He had given me foot massages before and started to slowly rub my left foot up and down to top part of my foot. This felt so good. I didn’t say a word to him but our eyes met and I glanced at him with a smile. He knew I wouldn’t object to a foot rub. He was a star at foot rubs.

I laid there in awe as it sent chills up and down my legs. The way his fingers were caressing my foot felt more than a son’s innocent touch but I didn’t look further into my head for any other thoughts.

It wasn’t until we got closer to home when Adams hands massaged more up my legs on my calves. I had some lotion that I had given to him and he lotioned his hands and massaged sarıyer escort my feet and my calves. I started to tense up a little when I noticed that I was getting a warm feeling in between my legs.

“Why” is all I kept thinking inside my head.

The worse part is the fact that I didn’t try to stop myself from thinking about it. I laid there with my eyes closed, feeling his hands on my legs. I started to imagine what it would be like to have Adam laying on top of me having sex with me. All of this came out of nowhere. I was having all of these daydreams and it was turning me on. I pictured my husband pulling over at a rest stop and me sliding my shorts off and straddling Adam while Lane and my daughter went to the rest room. These thoughts were crazy but they brought a sense of excitement I had never felt before.

Finally we arrived home and I went upstairs and got in the bathroom and sat there thinking for a few minutes before Lane knocked on the door.

“Honey? Are you ok in there? He asked.

“Yeah I am fine. Just finishing up getting ready for bed.” I responded back to him. I had taken my clothes off and stood their naked staring at myself in the mirror. All I could imagine was Adam there with me.

After a few minutes I walked out to the bed fully undressed as Lane took notice of the nothing I was wearing. He welcomed me in the bed and we instantly started kissing and touching. Pretty quickly Lane had opened my legs and had his mouth on my clit sucking my pussy.

“Oh Lane, god that’s so good.” I was moaning loudly.

Lane kept looking up as his eyes met mine and then he would suck harder and harder. I kept imagining Adam doing this to me and it would bring louder moans out of me.

Finally I looked up at Lane and said “come fuck me!”. I shouted to him again. “Come fuck me baby”

With no hesitation he was on top of me and pressing his dick against me and fucking me. I laid there visualizing Adam on me and his dick inside me.

“Oh yeah baby, I love it. Your dick is so good.” I shouted.

I started to cum and so did Lane.

We laid there side my side for a few minutes before I got up and cleaned myself. Once again I found myself in the mirror and stared deeply into my own eyes.

“Was I now considering this with Adam, my own son? Or was this just a one time thing? I tried shaking it off but these thoughts occurred in my head constantly since the car ride home.

I laid back in bed and tossed and turned all night long. At one point around 3am I woke up and Adam was on my mind. I thought to myself right then and there that I would do it given the opportunity. I was horny again thinking about it.

I got up from bed and headed to the bathroom and I was sitting there on the toilet and my body was trying to convince my mind to go to Adams room esenyurt escort right then and there but my mind was hesitant. I was only hesitant for the soul reason of the embarrassment of rejection. I sat in there for about 10 minutes trying to think of a certain way or how I could make this happen.

Finally I convinced myself to see how far I would take it. I got up and headed out to the bedroom and walked up to Lane and whispered to him that I was going to go downstairs for a bit because I couldn’t sleep well. Lane told me to go ahead and he hoped I felt better. I gave him a little kiss on the forehead and made my way to the hall.

Adam’s room was down the hall on the other side of the house and I made my way towards his door. I took a big deep breath as my body was trembling with fear. I reached out and touched the door knob and closed my eyes and turned it. His door creaked open and I couldn’t see Adam from this view. His bed was on the backside of the door.

“Adam” I whispered as I went in to his room.

“Adam are you awake?” I asked.

“Mom? Are you ok? What are you doing? He asked back to myself.

“I can’t sleep and I wasn’t sure if you were awake or not and thought I would come hang out but if you are asleep I will leave.” I said to him

“No mom its ok, I haven’t slept to well either.”

“Where is your remote Adam” I asked hoping he would turn the tv on and he did.

“Do you mind if I lay down beside you and watch some tv?” I asked.

“Sure go right ahead” he said with a welcoming tired voice.

I had on my bedtime shorts and a little t shirt and I lifted his covers and laid myself down beside him. I nervously thought in my head what I was about to try and I was not sure he would accept.

We laid there watching TV for a few moments before I reached over with my hand and rested it on his stomach. I started to stroke his belly.

“Remember when I use to rub your belly has a kid?” I asked him.

“Yeah” he said in response.

“You are too grown up for me now” I said

“Aww” he said back to me.

I started to rub more around his stomach and upper body.

“Does the still feel good when I rub you like this” I asked.

“Yeah it feels so relaxing” he said

“You know Adam that foot and leg rub you gave me felt really good. Better than usual.” I said.

“Really?” He said in question.

“Yeah and I loved it. You have amazing fingers and hands”. I said

“Ha” he let out a quick little laugh.

My hands wondered up and down his upper body stroking his stomach and his chest. I felt the band of his shorts as I rubbed lower pretending not to notice. Adam didn’t make a squirm or anything so I did it again.

“Adam do you have a certain spot you like to get rubbed” I asked.

He said yeah and he guided my hand to his waist line and said “right there.”. avrupa yakası escort

“I can do that” I said to him with a smile and I started rubbing his waist line and I slowly slipped a finger tip under his waist band and rubbed under neath eat across his whole body.

Adam laid there and closed his eyes as I rubbed him over and over. After a few minutes of rubbing him there I crept a little lower further down his abdomen area and felt the tip of his pubic hair.

“Oh Adam I’m so sorry” I claimed as I lifted my hand back to his lower abs.

“Its ok mom. It just felt really good and I was so relaxed. You don’t have to be sorry. He said.

“Do you want me to do it again?” I asked.

“That’s up to you” he said

And then I lifted his waist line again and rubbed some more lower and lower making it to his pubic hair one more time. I didn’t jump away this time and he didn’t either. I scratched my fingernails through his pubic hair for a few moments before I felt what I believed to be his penis touch my hand.

I didn’t mind. I reached a little lower and sure enough it was his penis and I lifted a finger and slowly slid it up and down from bottom to top, the entire length caressing it.

He laid there resting and didn’t make a move and I continued.

“Do you like that?” I whispered close to his face

He responded to me with a nod yes.

I knew this was it and was going to happen now.

I reached around and grabbed it with my hand. He had gotten very hard and I slowly squeezed it and started to stroke it. My eyes were focused on the TV and back down at Adam and back at the TV again as I went faster and faster. I could see the covers now bouncing up and down as my hand stoked him fast.

“Can I take off your shorts?” I asked

“Yeah” he responded.

He lifted his hips as I slid his shorts down past his knees and off his feet. I started touching him again stroking him slowly then faster.

“Ohhhhhhh mom” he let out a little sigh.

“Do you like that baby?” I said

“Yeah it feels good” he said back.

“I don’t want you to cum Adam ok?” I said to him

“Ok mom” he said back.

I continued stroking him for another minute before I lifted the covers to expose his dick. When I saw it I smiled. He was average size and he had some precum on the tip of his dick. I wanted it in my mouth and I leaned down and kissed the tip of it and tasted his precum. Then I opened my mouth and slid my lips over the head and in one suck, I went all the way down his shaft and back up.

“Yeahhhh, that felt so good” he moaned

I did it again and again and again and faster and faster.

I was sucking his dick and Adam was as into it as I was. But I knew with Lane in the other room I had to be quick.

I started to feel Adam cumming in my mouth and I was caught off guard by it. But I accepted it all with ease.

When he was finished cumming, I sat back up and told him to not tell anyone about what I did. He agreed. I then told him I had to get back to my room before his dad came looking for me. Adam was fine with that and I kissed him on his forehead and got up.

“I will see you in the morning baby.” I said as I left his room.

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