A Different Type of Meat Market

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What a day! The afternoon dragged on and on. Just looking forward to getting something for dinner and going home. You realize how bored at work you are when you start think about what you want for dinner at 2.

Traffic sucked. Ignorant, inconsiderate, impatient assholes cutting in and out thinking they are more important than everyone else. I try to ignore these retards, but sometimes it just pisses me off. Like today. Not that I can do anything about it. I just want to ram these jerk-offs. Road-rage….not good.

After being cut off twice, I finally get to the grocery store.

My girlfriend and I mutually agreed to break up about a month ago. All about sex. I wanted more; she was happy with none. Breaking up made food shopping easy and I could eat whatever I wanted rather than the vegetarian crap she had us on. She was so vegan, I had to beg for her to suck my sausage. She wanted no meat in her body at all.

Back at the store, I grabbed a cart and mentally ran through the list of stuff I wanted for dinner. Nothing too complicated…steak – rib eye; bar-b-qued with grill veg; garlic mash potato and a nice bottle of St. Emilion.

So there I am, standing in front of the meat cooler when I looked right and saw this gorgeous tall drink of water.

She stood about 5-9 with shoulder length blond hair which framed a beautiful face with deep blue eyes and pouty red lips.

She wore a mid-thigh length, form fitting sand coloured sun dress with a couple of buttons down the front. One of those buttons was straining to keep her breasts from bursting out.

Bending forward caused the material to gap open. I saw the skin of her long shapely legs. I couldn’t help but stare. I instantly wanted her.

“See something you like?”

I mentally shook my head back to reality. “Yes! I like you very much.” Did that cheese just come out of my mouth?

She smiled and returned to selecting some meat cuts.

“Take a chance!” I thought to myself. “She might say ‘Yes’.”

“Hi!” I started. “I don’t usually do this….”

“What? Picking up meat?” She said coyly and was still smiling.

She looked into my eyes. They glimmered like the Hope diamond. I was completely mesmerized.

Before I bets10 could reply, she asked, “I think I want a big fat sausage. What do you want?”

Wow this girl was quick. I’m not exactly dim witted myself but this girl had me totally off balance.

“But I also like that piece of meat you have. Would you like to share?”

“What about that big fat sausage you mentioned?” I was finally able to speak.

“Well, I think my appetite can handle that too.”

She introduced herself as Susan. We finished shopping together and left for my place in the hills. She left her BMW there and we took my Lexus LX470.

As I helped her into the truck, Susan reached back with her hand and gave my package a squeeze.

“Just making sure the sausage is still fresh for later.” she giggled.

As I got in on my side, I looked over at Susan and watched her cross her long legs. I also noticed she had undone a couple of buttons at the bottom of her dress. It was enough to see the crotch of her white silk panties.

By the time I pulled into my driveway, Susan literally had only two button holding her dress closed; one at her waist and the other just below her boobs.

I led the way into my ranch style house. It’s a little secluded and over looks the valley. The kind of scenic view you always see on those TV programmes.

I dump the groceries in the kitchen then offered Susan a glass of Vidal.

Great piece of meat deserves charcoal not gas flame. On the back patio, I set up the coals and light them up.

I quickly prep everything else as Susan and I continued with our verbal intercourse. We sat outside on the settee, drinking… Talking… Kissing…

I slip my hand down her dress front. The thin lacy bra barely contained her voluptuous breasts. I thumbed her nipple as she probed my mouth with her tongue.

Her hand grabbed the wad in my pants and stroked it through the material.

“I think I want that sausage now.” Susan said as she found my zipper and pulled it down. She fished inside my pants and pulled out my cock. It was already solid from all the handling Susan was giving me.

“That’s a nice piece of meat. Not too big. Just a perfect mouthful.” as she opened her mouth bets10 giriş and engulfed my entire length in one bite just to prove her point.

Susan raised her head off, tongued my ball sack, then licked up the underside of my shaft then swallowed me whole again.

I pushed and held down the back of her head down as I felt my mushroom head slide down her gullet. She had no problems swallowing my meat whole. Her moaning told me she liked it.

Susan stood up and took off her dress. My patio is pretty isolated so no one could see us, but I don’t think that would have stopped her anyway.

She let the dress drop leaving her in her bra, panties; and white cfm strappy stilettos.

She yanked my pants off before dropping to her knees between my legs and returned to sucking my cock.

Fuck, the girl was like a Hoover and really enjoyed sucking my cock. Her head bobbed up and down like a pile driver at a construction site.

Suddenly, Susan loops her arms under my thighs and lifts them onto her shoulders. She uses her nose to push my cock away then drives her long tongue into my asshole. I swear I could feel it through my bowels and up into my throat.

My ass and shit hole is soaked from her spit as she withdraws her probing tongue. I feel like I’m losing total control of my body.

With my legs still on her shoulders, she grabs my cock and starts pumping. At the same time Susan starts licking and mouthing my balls, then taking both in her mouth. Her middle fuck finger massages my pucker hole entrance then pushes in until I can feel her knuckles on my ass cheeks.

I start convulsing. “Going to CUM!!!” I scream.

Susan stopped stroking and squeezed her fist hard around my shaft. Then bit firmly on my balls.

I was cumming without cumming. My whole body seemed paralyzed. I was having an orgasm without blowing my wad. It was the most intense feeling I’ve ever had.

Susan eased her grip and let my ball slip from her mouth. She fingered my prostrate a couple of times then slowly withdrew it out.

I still had no control of my body as Susan pulled me from the settee on to the outdoor carpet. She stripped off her bra and panties. Then facing my feet she straddled bets10 güvenilir mi my face while pinning my wrists with her hands.

I mawed her snatch as she rode my face like a Brahma bull. Her au jus poured over my face as I drank in as much as I could but failed in the attempt.

Bracing her hands on my chest, Susan squatted her asshole over my mouth. I attacked her brown hole like a starving man would a rump roast. I fingered her clit.

“Harder!” she ordered. I doubled my efforts. My tongue was as deep as I could go as Susan sat on my face squashing my head into the ground.

I inserted one; then two; then three fingers into her cunt.

“YES!!! Fuck me with your fingers!” she screamed.

I pumped her hole faster as she grabbed my cock and started milking it.

“FUCK!!! I’m cum…m…ing!” were Susan’s last words before her exploding orgasm. Literally a river of female cum poured out of her spasming fuck hole as I continued to fuck her asshole with my tongue.

“I want your big fat sausage. NOW!”

Susan stood up and straddled me facing me. Then drop straight down like an eagle diving for a trout. I impaled her like a skewer through a kabob.

Susan bounced up and down like a kid in a rumble seat on an old country road.

“Cum in me!” she commanded as she looked directly into my eyes.

I flipped her over onto her back and fucked her as hard as I could. My balls slapped hard against her ass.

“Cum in me now!”

She started another orgasm. I started to blow my load. It was huge, painting the walls of her womb in white stickiness.

“Yes! Oh fuck! Yes I can feel you cum inside. Don’t stop!”

Well unfortunately all good things come to an end. After four or five giant spews of cum, I had no more to give even as her pussy continued to milk any little of my juices left.

We collapsed together on the patio; unconscious. An hour later I was stirred awake; my cock once again hard and alive. A warm wet feeling told me Susan was sucking me again. My head was between her knees. Her open cunt lips dripped out whatever excess cum was inside; landing on my lips. I eagerly licked and savoured as much as I could.

“I wanted another big fat sausage.” Susan claim. “Looks like this one is ready.”

The bar-b-que long past its best, was now mostly warm ashes. We moved to the bedroom for our second and then third hot fuck session before falling asleep.

Well maybe we’ll get to finish breakfast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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