A Cure for her ‘Daddy Issues’

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Note to the reader: I love engaging in online roleplays because it helps insert some female perspective into the story. I always appreciate feedback from readers, but I’m particularly interested in the female perspective, so leave a comment!


It was a day like any other for Jeff, he was at his daughter’s house babysitting his 2 year old granddaughter Emma while his own daughter, Cynthia, was out running errands. He didn’t really mind–he loved how involved his daughter wanted him to be with her family, and his granddaughter was the most well-mannered two year old he had ever known. The only thing that ate at him was how often his son-in-law was absent; always away on business leaving his daughter to fend for herself. It would be a bit different if he were actually successful at sales and could provide for his family–but somehow money was always short and Jeff found himself pitching in where he could–toys and diapers for the granddaughter, and even lately Cynthia was asking him to pay for a pottery class that she was taking at night. Again, he didn’t mind; he wanted Cynthia to get out of the house a couple of nights a week and have an activity to do with other adults.

What quietly burned inside Jeff was the fact that his daughter never could pick the right guy, it was always the asshole that never really cared for her–and it was all his fault.

He thought back to the day she was married–he was walking her down the aisle still confused why, at 22, she would be so eager to marry a guy she had known all of 3 months. It was not until a few months later–and at a full 7 months and 1 day from her wedding day, Emma was born. Jeff loved his granddaughter very much, but he saw the price that Cynthia had to pay–an absent father and husband, unable to fully support them and, worse still, he did not really see love in Cynthia’s eyes for her husband Chris. It’s at this point that most father’s ask themselves ‘Where did I go wrong’ and ‘What more could I have done?’ But Jeff already knew where he went wrong with raising his daughter Cynthia, why she always went for the best looking guy with the worst of intentions. In fact, he could tell you the exact day.

It was not even 10am on a busy day at his office when he received a call from Cynthia’s high school principal. He informed Jeff that she was suspended for wearing inappropriate clothing to school and that he’d have to come by right away to pick her up. There was nothing he could do but call his wife and have her pick Cynthia up. He knew he was a pushover when it came to his daughter–she was obviously trying to avoid the wrath of her mother by having her principal call him, but he simply couldn’t pull himself away from work. How he regretted that decision in retrospect…

His wife Audrey was constantly over-reacting to everything as Cynthia reached adulthood. Turning 18 several months before graduation had given her a sense of freedom she had not yet earned, and she was constantly testing boundaries with her mother–boundaries Jeff thought were appropriate for a young girl that would soon be out in the world and learning lessons on her own. ‘Better to make mistakes now, where the consequences are much less…’ he would constantly say to his wife, only to receive a scathing rebuttal in return. Then she would launch into what a pushover he was with her, how it was not enabling her to make her own decisions, it was just coddling her. ‘Seriously Jeff, you still have that ridiculous nickname you’ve been calling her since she was 5–it’s not normal to call your 18 year old daughter ‘Babygirl’ anymore.’ He just rolled his eyes, his wife never seemed to understand that no matter how old Cynthia was, she would always be his little girl; more precisely his ‘babygirl.’

This day was altogether different. When he got home at 7pm that night, he could tell his wife was visibly upset and his daughter upstairs in her bedroom–probably crying her eyes out, he said to himself. After calming his wife down from her erratic explanation, he assured her that this was just yet another boundary she was testing and that clothing was a sign of individuality and adulthood. Audrey’s eyes went wide, ‘you haven’t seen what she was wearing Jeff! She looked like a complete SLUT.’ He cringed at the harsh words coming from his wife. He reassured himself that it wasn’t that bad, and went upstairs, knocking on Cynthia’s door, Audrey close behind him.

‘Go away’ she said between sobs, crying on her bed, in just a t-shirt and gym shorts, her outfit balled up lying on her bedroom floor.

‘Babygirl, I just want to talk’ Jeff said, his wife already giving him a disappointed look before the conversation even started. ‘Cynthia, I’m coming in okay?’ he said opening the door and walking inside.

‘Daddy I don’t want to talk about it, you won’t understand.’

Her mother already chiming in ‘Oh I understand perfectly, you meant to look like a little TRAMP and embarrass us as parents.’

Jeff shot back quickly, ‘Audrey, quiet. This esenyurt escort isn’t about YOU, so let’s see what Cynthia has to say.’

Cynthia loved her father so very much, especially at moments like these. He always seem to implicitly understand her, what she needed, how as she straddled being an kid all her life and was now an adult–how confused she was. She wasn’t exactly sure how to articulate it, but she knew that she wanted more attention, and that she craved it from boys. All her life there was only her father, hugs, encouragement, he was there at every turn for her emotionally, psychologically, even physically when she needed a hug. It was her mother that started putting an end to their relationship as soon as she was 13. All of the sudden it wasn’t lady like to come bouncing up to daddy as he came home from work, sitting on his lap telling him about her day and all that happened in his life.

In all honesty, Jeff missed it too. But Cynthia was an early bloomer and that did not escape him and especially not Audrey. All of the sudden it was inappropriate for her to sit on his lap or hug as often as they did. Fast forwarding to Cynthia at 18–she was a gorgeous 5’5 blonde with 32C-25-36 measurements. Bouncing up to daddy and throwing her arms around him usually meant her sizeable teenage breasts being pressed against him. While Jeff wasn’t sure about his daughter’s bra size, he knew his wife was a B cup at most and that his daughter’s tits were much bigger. It was almost as if Audrey was jealous of the attention he lavished on Cynthia; and constantly interrupting any bonding moment a father and daughter might have together.

At any rate, Cynthia started to explain to her parents in the most subtle way that she could that she was 18, an adult now, and could choose her own wardrobe. Audrey stared daggers at Jeff sitting on Cynthia’s bed, touching her hand as he calmed her and explained that, while she was an adult that could make her own decisions, that those decisions came with consequences. Namely that she was suspended from school and that it was unacceptable for him, as a parent, to have a child without a high school diploma.

She nodded, agreeing with his logic when her mother burst in with ‘Jeff she is NOT going to get off the hook that easy, you didn’t see what she was wearing!’

Jeff, looking at Cynthia with his back turned to his wife, rolled his eyes and then casually turned around saying ‘She learned her lesson, there will still be consequences here at home in addition to her suspension at school.’

His wife stomped her way over to the floor where Cynthia’s outfit laid and picked it up–a purple top with jean skirt–nothing that stood out immediately to Jeff. He looked back at Cynthia with a short laugh… ‘So what was the big deal?’ Audrey immediately threw the clothes at Cynthia, demanding that she put them on. Jeff rolled his eyes again, walking out of the room, ‘Alright, alright, go ahead and put it on.’ As Audrey walked out of the room, satisfied with the resolution and knowing Jeff would be outraged just as much as she was, Jeff turned to close the door and saw how nervous his daughter was at putting on the outfit in question.

He didn’t think much of it until he heard a soft voice say ‘Okay, come in daddy.’

There stood Cynthia at the center of her bedroom, her flawless 18 year old body facing away from him. The purple top open at the neckline and falling off her left shoulder, the jean skirt barely long enough to cover her bottom, and a little white gstring poking out the top of her skirt. He stood there, speechless, staring at his little girl as she turned around to face him. His eyes immediately roaming over her tight teenage body, but staring incredulously at her pert 34C tits—it was so loose around the neckline that it was falling off her shoulder. He felt his cock twitch in his shorts, knowing that he shouldn’t think about his little girl as the desirable woman she was–assuring himself that it was only a natural reaction. He was regaining his senses, looking up at her beautiful face, her golden blonde hair falling in front of her face, partially hiding her innocent smile. A smile so innocent that it could only be an attempt to compensate for the incredibly naughty outfit she had on…

Too many seconds had passed before Jeff had said anything, and his wife grew more and more certain that her husband’s eyes were not objectively evaluating their daughter’s outfit, but rather enjoying what he was seeing in front of him. ‘Jeff!’ she exclaimed, before growing even more hysterical. “She’s your OWN DAUGHTER for Christ sakes!’ Jeff immediately took his eyes off his daughter, responding curtly to Audrey that it was an inappropriate but that didn’t change anything he said prior to seeing it.

‘She’s still grounded and suspended like she should be.’

But the damage was already done. From that point on, Jeff felt ashamed for those few precious seconds he looked at his daughter, knowing he shouldn’t avrupa yakası escort have. Audrey grew further apart from Jeff, assured that he was some sort of pervert and certainly not interested in her anymore. And worse still, Jeff distanced himself from Cynthia, and valuable lessons of right and wrong, especially when it came to getting the right kind of attention from the right boys went unlearned….

It was only months before Cynthia’s wedding, 4 years later, that Audrey had died in a car accident. It was a shock to Jeff for certain, but there was little love left in their marriage. Cynthia, who had long since dropped out of community college in a neighboring town, came back for the funeral. She stayed with her father for a couple of weeks, both of them still not addressing that fateful day, and she eventually got a place with some friends while waiting tables at a local steakhouse. She was constantly going out to all the wrong clubs, looking for all the wrong kinds of attention, and finally met Chris. From there–well I suppose that brings us to Jeff at present.

Part 2

With Cynthia still not home from her grocery run, and Emma already down for the evening, he went to Cynthia’s computer in the living room to check his email. He was surfing through some recent articles on the European debt crisis, knowing his portfolio was a little overexposed to financial institutions in both France and Switzerland. “Thank god that at least the Swiss kept their own currency’ he said to himself as he saved one relevant article to the desktop. He was writing a quick email to a client, then clicked ‘attach to email’ when a previous directory came up. His life, at that moment, changed forever. The most recent attachments all came from this folder–and it was filled with nude and semi-nude photos of Cynthia. He cock stirred in his boxers, just like they did 7 years ago. He knew he should pry any further, but something deep inside him made him find the root directory and start scrolling through the photos of his 25 year old daughter….

His cock was only growing inside his pants as the photos got more and more ‘lewd.’ He tried to assure himself that was the proper word for what he was seeing; trying to convince himself that he didn’t find his daughter’s body attractive. About halfway through, he was in for another surprise–the photographer started to enter the shots; and they were not Cynthia’s husband Chris. It was some other man. His jaw dropped; he had never cheated on Audrey, even after their loveless marriage grew apart. How could his own daughter drift so far from any sense of moral decency? He remembered the asshole husband she did have, but this was about more than that. She was obviously bouncing from terrible guy to even more terrible guy. Right then and there, Jeff decided something had to be done. Valuable lessons that she should have learned at 18, before she left her parents house, would need to be taught–and not just for Cynthia’s sake, but Emma as well. She couldn’t grow up with Cynthia as an example–she would turn out the exact same way. He sent a couple of pictures with her and this mysterious boy toy to his own private email address, and quickly cleared the entire cache before shutting down her computer. When Cynthia came home, Jeff quietly and quickly helped put everything away, assuring her that Emma was a perfect angel and had been sound asleep for the last hour. He left rather quickly, but Cynthia didn’t seem to understand why.

It was only a couple of days later when Cynthia called Jeff to ask to babysit Emma, yet again. This was a typical Thursday night–it was Cynthia’s pottery class. She was gathering her things up quickly while Emma played on the living room floor with some toys, giving her father some hurried instructions for the evening. Jeff wanted to say something, but decided to wait until after she came home. He still was uncertain of what to say, or how to teach his lesson, although he had the general idea and realized that he would need her full attention.

It was at 9pm, the time when Cynthia usually got home, that he got a text on his phone stating that she would be home in an hour–that she was going out with some classmates for after-class drinks. He rolled his eyes, wondering how she could lie to her own father, and decided to add ‘lying’ to the list of things he would need to correct. At 10pm, another text explaining ‘Just another hour, sorry PopPop!’ He grew more impatient, and while he loved how Emma called him ‘PopPop’ instead of grandpa (which he felt was appropriate–after all at 45 he was NOT that old), he resented it coming from Cynthia. He remembered a time when she was a good girl and called him daddy–things were so much easier then. He decided to add it to the ever growing list.

At 11:45, he heard a car roll up the driveway, quickly dropping her off and without much thought pull back out, leaving Cynthia in the driveway.

‘Shit!’ Cynthia anadolu yakası escort thought to herself, realizing she had on her ‘going out top’ on, and a pair of skintight jeans. Definitely not the clothes she left the house in. She also knew she had kept her father waiting longer than she had promised, so he would probably be waiting up for her. She glanced down at her top, it was soft black material lightly draped over her now 34D tits, exposing them from the side as well as showing her cleavage from the front. Cynthia loved how after breast feeding Emma they never seemed to reduce back to their old size of 32C. And while they were heavier, they were still perky as ever. In fact, there was no wearing a bra with THIS top. She loved the effect it had on men–free drinks at the bar, getting out of a speeding ticket–getting attention was never a problem. She quickly came back down to earth and decided the only way to do this was to go straight through the front door, claiming that she had to go to the bathroom quickly–no way could her dad see her in this top.

She opened the front door, shocked to find her father standing directly in front of her. Her eyes wide, almost full of shock, uncertain of what her plan was,

Jeff flicked on the light to both the porch and the living room. ‘How was your evening Cynthia?’ He asked in a lower tone of voice, letting her know that the question was rhetorical. His eyes glanced down at his daughter in her little top, silently adding it to his list, and slowly realizing that this was the logical starting point for his talk.

‘Daddy!’ the words almost unconsciously coming out of her mouth like she was 18 again, being caught sneaking out. ‘I.. Umm… It was fine, I just really have to pee!’ she said trying to walk past her father as he stood in front of her.

‘Certainly’ he responded, letting her pass. As she ran up the stairs he said ‘hurry back down, I need to leave soon. And don’t bother changing…’ Jeff added the last point for emphasis.

‘Shit!’ She said to herself, going through the motions in the bathroom and quickly flushing the toilet and giving herself a look in the mirror as the water ran. She tried to gather a bit of confidence and started putting a story together. She walked downstairs, asking her dad if Emma had been a little angel and went to bed without much protest, Jeff assured her that she had. He was sitting on the couch a kitchen chair brought into the living room and placed only 2 feet away from where he sat.

‘Have a seat Cynthia, I was hoping to talk to you.’

‘Yeah I’m really sorry about how late I was, it was just a great night with some girls from class–we went out for a few too many drinks, but Rebecca drove us all home so no worries.’ She said hesitating at sitting down in the chair.

‘That’s nice, now why don’t you sit down and tell me about your evening Cynthia.’

A wave of doubt and guilt started to fill in her stomach–she felt EXACTLY like a teenager again. She sat down, her arms folded over themselves, trying to hide her naughty little going out top. She sat there, directly across from her father, his eyes on hers, not saying a word and waiting for her to speak. ‘It was a good time, just a couple of drinks with some girlfriends from class–you know.’

‘I’m glad you had a good time,’ Jeff started in, glancing down at his daughter’s luscious globes barely covered by her loose fitting top. He looked back up at her, watching her squirm in her chair. Despite being a 25 year old woman and mother of one, he noticed how nervous she looked–like she was a teenager all over again. ‘Are you okay Cynthia? You seem very nervous all of the sudden, is something wrong?’ He asked quizzically, his cock growing inside his boxers and slacks. He tried to put the thought of getting hard out of his mind–he was focused on what his daughter needed right now–someone to talk to and help get her on the right track.

‘No, just wanting to change into something and get ready for bed.’ She replied, feeling his eyes roam over her tits. While she obviously felt uncomfortable with her dad seeing her in her top, she still felt excited at the attention–she always felt excited when she could wear something that would force a man’s eyes to her tits. She tried to suppress it for the time being, telling herself that it was her father not just some guy at the bar.

‘You’re not comfortable in this then? I mean, you did change INTO this top when you left, didn’t you Cynthia?’ Jeff replied, luring her into his trap.

‘Well, I wear it when I go out. Not for pottery class, obviously dad….’ She said unable to look him in the eye.

‘I think I understand,’ he said coldly, ‘you change into this to meet strange men that give you a few nights of attention, right?’

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ she quickly retorted, the sinking feeling in her stomach growing even stronger, still unable to look her father in the eye.

Jeff picked up his smart phone, tapped a few keys and put it back down. Seconds later her phone beeped with a new text message. She opened it and immediate saw a picture of Thomas, her latest fuck, arm stretched out, smile on his face, and her mouth wrapped around her mouth. ‘I found it while checking my email’ Jeff quipped, answering a question she never asked aloud, but was ultimately curious about.

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