“Yum Yum” (An Ode to Oral Sex)

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Is there anything more…


Oysters anyone?

A ripe peach!



The first time that a girlfriend, it was Brenda, and was I ever crazy for Brenda, and for her cunt, said “Yum Yum,” it was at the sight of a girl whom I wanted to devour as much as a Mango or an Oyster and as, evidently, did Brenda, and so her exclaiming “Yum Yum” required no explanation — no peach trees with ripe Mangos, no French stalls with oysters were on display… merely this delicious girl, Isabelle, French, blonde, buxom, a full short skirt nicely synched around a narrow waist, a tad older than sweet sixteen, shapely legs, she might have blown in from the Umbrellas of Cherbourg … And who’d given me a knowing eye, the born flirt’s knowing eye, and who of them is not born as a flirt, they come flirting straight out of French wombs. —

Anyone who went “Yum Yum,” either out loud, as did Brenda, or silently as did I, was no stranger to Yum-Yumland, Brenda and I understood each other. I had been there many delicious times, sal de mer de mere,

and so had Brenda, and I knew that Brenda had been, she had told me so. Yet she had never expressed it so directly, never out loud. It was a first for me to have a girlfriend go Yum Yum at the sight of a girl I wanted to devour as much as she. – For a flirtatious and knowing young eye that looked and assayed “I know what you two guys are doing,” and that implied “I want to, too.”

I might have been as erotically crazed as I had ever been, for Brenda, for this seasoned redhead, but that did not mean I would not devour Isabelle as well. Brenda “making it” with a girl — I didn’t mind the idea, it had frisson. She did it a parties when she got bored. With another man, not so much, reason for fits of jealousy! For a breakup! Petulance of the worst kind! But a delicious girl — that did not seem to signify abandonment, especially not if I could participate.

How would we maneuver Isabelle from her schoolgirl friends into our clutches? Isabelle had responded to the desire in my eyes, had shot desire back, desire under the Maples of the Maple lined street it happened to be. Maples, Elms, Horse Chestnuts — who cared as long as desire asked to be fulfilled. – Experienced Brenda had an idea, how often had she had this idea would occur to me in the bye and bye. “I will tell her that it’s your birthday and that on your birthday you are allowed to stray.” Brenda also said that she’d advertise my prowess, what a wonderful lover, how good at this and that I was, and indeed Brenda found a way of secreting herself with Isabelle, of speaking to her in French, and if the two hussies didn’t giggle up a French storm in no time at bahis firmaları all! Brenda made the proposal appear a lark that Isabelle would initiate! I supposedly would have no idea of the birthday gift about to be bestowed!

With so much all around desire we piled into my Firebird, Isabelle in the middle, a good day for the beach, now it would be three on the beach blanket in the dunes and the breeze. During the drive Brenda extracted Isabelle’s age: dix huit. Did she have a boyfriend, sort of, back in Paris. When did she lose her virginity? Dix seize! It’s dix quinze below the 30th parallel, dix seize above, Paris existed on the 69th parallel. Isabelle’s short schoolgirl skirt manifested succulent thighs, ready for the prying, the very image of a wholesome French eighteen year old blonde. I imagined her wearing white cotton panties! Not for long!

Some Chardonnay, a basket of fruit, some cheese. Isabelle once again in the middle, I on her right. Brenda, on her left, takes off her skirt and shirt, revealing delicious panties, carnally dark pink, glistening, the tiniest of embedded Rhinestones, like grains of salt, and urges Isabelle to take off her skirt, revealing the anticipated marvelously chaste innocent little white cotton panties. Spotless! – And Brenda proceeds to masturbate… Brenda masturbating in front of me is her way of rousting me, the way I loved to be rousted to make love to her, of driving me insane! They say, it works like a charm, it did, invariably, every time, on the hour, on the half hour if need be, unfailingly even with cock so sore that I thought it would fall off, Brenda’s way of raising the dead – she thought it was a joke, she’d laugh at 4 a.m. and – though my cock might indeed be like an old time fighters head after a 15 rounder – I could not be sore at her, I would laugh as well. How was it possible for that little one, that sore one, that needed salving, tending, to rise from the dead? And be tended to, Brenda salved. Brenda, the equal opportunity salver.

Isabelle blushed at the sight of Brenda vigorously applying her fingers to her labia! – It was lovely to behold the deep blush suffuse her face. – I had my erection to contend with.

Brenda asked Isabelle. “Do you masturbate a lot?”

Isabelle allowed that she masturbated.

What was Isabelle’s favorite phantasy?

Isabelle didn’t really have any fantasies when she masturbated she said, she just imagined a cock inside her, one of her boyfriends, and made herself come.

Show me how!

Isabelle, seeing how Brenda was masturbating through her panties, however only fingered the crease of the crotch of hers. Isabelle, in her delicious French school girl’s underwear! And kaçak iddaa masturbating! It was just too much! How could I keep my hands off her and her delicious panties! I bent over and kissed her – her tongue lunged into my mouth! – and placed my hand over hers and we jointly petted her, her pelvis pressing against my hand. Far more response than had been anticipated! That eye contact, we had connected and now we were.

Now Brenda decided to lend a hand… hint of further participation to come… an extraordinary leer smeared over a face that was about to become all tongue — who was going to go down first on Isabelle seemed to be the question… who allowed us to spread her legs as we, Brenda and I, were now petting her, rapidamente! Brenda also fondling her behind. Isabelle’s panties still adhered, sopping wet at the crotch as I kneeled down and dove — it really was that instantaneous – pulling panties slightly to the side and let my tongue dart, licking labia, a blonde wreath, just a fluff of pubic hair, no Brillo pad like Brenda’s, lovely young pink like a russet morning dawn, intact, not mangled. Caressing Isabelle’s slightly plump thighs and licking more passionately less exploratorily “its called quiver with quick one low solo lick” her wonderful, not Brenda-randy, young, inexperienced firm nicely elastic, not worn-out pussy. What a taste! What fragrance! No young small oyster has ever tasted as good, been as firm, as resilient! – A fine haze of sweat suffused Isabelle’s skin, she heaved, yelped a little, came, and then I entered her, through her panties, a charge of illicitness for me who loved fucking girls while they had panties on, and then proceeded to fuck Isabelle, really taking her, hands holding her butt, forgetting all about Brenda whose face seemed to be trying to entangle itself among Isabelle’s buttocks.

I came, Isabelle came again, and as it went soft my cock extracted, Brenda, rummaging around our lower quarters, ripped off Isabelle’s panties, an act that excited Isabelle to no end, heaving, and started to devour Isabelle with the passion of the long denied, of the famished, of the thirstiest of desert nomads, and this not only astounded Isabelle, but me. Though Brenda was the one who had gone Yum Yum who had confessed her love of making love to women, I had never seen her in action, had never participated until now.

I noticed the alarm on Isabelle’s face once she realized that with me still on top but no longer inside her, it had to be Brenda who was administering cunnilingus of the most passionate kind, that look of astonishment on her face gradually giving way to uncontrollable excitement — what was Brenda doing flashed through my mind, to elicit such kaçak bahis a state of erotic fervor?

Being ravished in this fashion it was understandable that Isabelle would become distraught, this was more than she had bargained for, and so I kissed her and caressed her young firm breast and held her as Brenda had her way with her and Isabelle came yet again, with a huge yelp! And such an amazing look of astonishment! – Brenda had evidently administered the cunnilingus coup, she the expert.

But would Isabelle reciprocate? Could we persuade her to satisfy Brenda who claimed that being eaten out by a girl, a girl eating her out, was different, girls knew better than any man how and where and the intensity and frequency.

Meanwhile, with Isabelle’s panties in Brenda’s hands I decided to explore Isabelle’s young cunt to my tongue and heart and fingers delight, such a young early dawn pink, so firm yet supple, so responsive to tip of tongue as Brenda decided to re-arouse me and to demonstrate to Isabelle what real cat on the hot roof fucking was like. To this end she climbed across, spread her legs and masturbated like crazy, with the usual raise the dead effect. Then Brenda decided to take cock in mouth and showed Isabelle that she could devour cock as passionately as she could cunt. By now Isabelle was well beyond blushing, she was deeply roused, she had come several times within the hour, she was sweating and she wanted more, she did not want to be an observer, so she budged Brenda to the side and started to suck my cock with a young girl’s inadvertent amateurism yet passion… Two mouths one cock, the two mouths met and connected, Brenda’s legs twined around Isabelle’s, they were now rolling on the blanket, I was the one left out of the proceedings, whereupon Brenda catapulted into the soixante neuf and started to eat out Isbelle from on top and from the front. I now had a choice of Isabelle’s mouth and Brenda’s cunt… both within easy reach, and so I kneeled above Isabelle and licked Brenda’s cunt and then kissed Isabelle, alternately, more and more quickly, so that Isabelle became inured to the taste of Brenda’s cunt, by which time Brenda, once again combining cunni with anilingus – the key to driving Isabelle wild – Isabelle was so ravenous she started to devour Brenda’s pussy — I couldn’t tell whether for frustration or desire, clutching Brenda’s buttocks.

Finally Brenda was satiated, more so than I had ever seen her. The sun was beginning to set, a cool breeze came off the water, sensitive Brenda’s face, I felt a tad triste on realizing how much more passionate Brenda was when making love to a woman, a young woman in this case. I could see myself being abandoned for a girl, if not another man. As a final act, Brenda bequeathed her ultra-sexy pink panties on Isabelle, kissing and caressing her and putting them on herself. Isabelle had yet another come! Isabelle was falling in love with Brenda!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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