Young Stud Takes Wimp’s Girlfriend

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Bouncing Tits

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Ken and Ellen seemed to be the perfect suburban middle-class couple on the outside. They were not yet married, but both held down respectable jobs and earned a decent enough wage to collectively rent a small terraced house within commuting distance to central London, where both of them were employed.

Ken’s chosen profession was as a choreographer for west-end productions, it was his job to supervise and design the dance routines for productions on the stage. Post-9/11 however, he had found work hard to come by, this was due to the sharp drop-off of tourists visiting London. As a result work had more or less dried up. He was forced to take a fairly mundane office job, which neither paid as well as his last or stimulated him as much creatively. At 37 he wished for one last chance to get back into show business.

Ellen’s first love had always been performing, from her upbringing as a young girl in Belfast to her debut at the Palladium she had never wanted to do anything but sing. Now at 30, she was finally making a name for herself in London’s West End, and success in the future seemed to beckon. She had always appreciated what god had given her, at 5’7, with gorgeous curly strawberry blonde hair, curvaceous yet slim legs and an ample bust; her voice was not her only asset.

Ken, on the other hand was not overly blessed in the physical department. At 5’4 he was well shorter then his fiancée, and his tiny frame had denied him the chance to ever become a professional ballet dancer, as he had always wished. In Ellen’s eyes he had always made up for his physical shortcomings with his intellectual strengths. He was sophisticated and well educated, with all the benefits of the British public school system and a well-off background. Unfortunately, neither of his parents had left more then nominal sums to him in their wills, with the family home, and the majority of their money being shared amongst his sister and brother, who his parents always saw as more successful.

Their sex life, in all honesty, was dull and fairly repetitive, what usually occurred, twice a week, involved Ken climbing on top of Ellen and pumping away for around 90 seconds before he collapsed exhausted and went to bed. Ellen felt unfulfilled, but had never been particularly highly-sexed; she accepted Ken’s strength’s were in the head, as opposed to in the bed. Being from a staunch protestant family, she had never seen sex as an important part of a marriage. For Ken, sex was an inconvenience, he remembered how at boarding school, the other boys had always mocked his physical size and genitalia in the showers, the taunts of “ratboy” and “needledick” still haunted him every time he removed his clothes, his four inch cock had never measured balgat escort up to all the other boys’ impressive shafts.

Every Monday night, their local pub, a quite family affair, held a quiz night. They both enjoyed going down and testing their general knowledge, and enjoying a few pints of Guinness. More then a three Pints would usually have Ken close to passing out, so Ellen often had to restrain him. Ellen never had any problems handling her drink, which she put down to her Celtic genealogy. One thing that had always slightly annoyed Ken about his visits to the pub, was one of the barman there. He was a young man, only of about 18 or 19 years of age, but he possessed the confidence and gait of a star soccer player. He often smiled at Ellen and was always keeping a close eye on her from behind the bar.

Ellen enjoyed the Quiz night, although truth be known, the main attraction for her wasn’t the quiz. The young man that worked their was quite the young stud. He was a shade under six feet tall, with a lovely slim and athletic body, with and ever-so-cocky strut to his walk. He face was out of a CK or Armani advert, with high cheekbones, a chiselled jaw and deep green eyes. She had quickly dismissed him as anything other then eye-candy however. He was far too young, and in Ken she had a man much closer to her own age, along with someone who was both interesting and stimulating to talk to, surely she had nothing in common with the 19-year old?

That night they both had a good time, and ended up winning the quiz for the first time, Ken had once again had more then his maximum of 3 Pints. And halfway through his fifth he started to drift of to sleep, Ellen asked at the bar for a cab to be phoned to take him home. Ellen hung around to pick up their prize, which was a magnum of Champagne.

Ken work up early the next morning on the front room couch. He felt groggy and hung over, he swore to himself as flashes of what happened the previous night came back to him. He felt slight shame, as he realised he had probably embarrassed his fiancée again. As he stumbled up the stairs to check on Ellen, he noticed a video cassette on the shelf by the front door, but being in the state he was paid it no more attention.

He opened the door to his bedroom and peeked in on his sleeping wife. The covers of the bed were on the floor, with his wife sleeping on her back totally nude, and smiling, apparently enjoying a pleasant dream. He admired her pretty features and large chest, personally he always thought her legs were her best feature. Retreating back down the stairs he picked up the video cassette and wondered what could possibly be on it, it was probably one of Ellen’s performances, but he liked these things in order, so he shoved it into his VCR and pressed play.

The first image was of his wife. She was standing in their bedroom ankara escort wearing the same black skirt and top with knee-high boots she was wearing last night. It was with great shock that Ken then watched the young barmen from the pub then walk into frame. He was wearing only his trousers and a smile. Ken noticed his large biceps and flat stomach, Ellen definitely noticed too, she started to run her dainty little hands across his torso, brushing her hand over the large bulge in his trousers while she was there. At this point Ken’s brain started whirling, and he feared for the worst.

The young man embraced her in a deep, passionate kiss, Ellen, short as she was compared to him, and standing only in her stocking soles, had to go on tip-toes to reach his lips, she closed her eyes and drunk him in, whilst being comforted and caressed in his masculine body and strong embrace. Ellen then reached down and started to remove his trousers. She carefully removed the belt and pulled them down gently, his evidently large crotch getting in the way. With one quick tug, they were around his ankles; on full display was the young studs’ huge manhood, standing proud at what Ken guessed must be 9 or 10 inches. Ellen was also shocked; she had the look of a lost little girl and just stared at its immense length. Ken, sick to the stomach over watching her pristine wife-to-be betraying him, couldn’t not help but grudgingly admire this young buck.

The boy, now finally naked, was in full glory, his athletic form was like mana from heaven for Ellen, after years of short, flabby, average Ken, she now had an alpha male, right here in her bedroom. Things were progressing quickly now, the stud picked Ellen up and began to strip her, he removed her black top and bra gazing at her sumptuous body, her large pale breasts looked so delightful he thought, and made a lovely contract to her fiery hair colour. He then yanked down her skirt, leaving her naked except for black stockings and panties. He smiled, enjoying what was to come as he gently caressed her divine body, and Ellen was in absolute ecstasy.

After the gentle fondling and kissing, he hooked his fingers around the band of her panties and began to slowly pull them down; they were soaking wet and very pungent. Her beautiful flower was now his for the taking. Her pussy was covered by a thick pubic bush, which looked like it had never been trimmed. He gently probed it with his index finger and was surprised at its tightness, he had never experienced a snatch so tight for a women of this age or beauty, her dorky boyfriend must be a wimp in the bedroom too, he thought.

He gently stimulated Ellen’s outer lips and was rewarded by small whimpers and moans from her. Ken watched in horror, he couldn’t watch this stud fuck his wife, but something was stopping him from turning the tape off, he was compelled to watch this, beşevler escort it was almost bestial, a ripe young women just begging the virile man to make love to her, and give her his seed. By now the young stud was moving his finger in swiftly, and Ellen was screaming, with juices flooding his hand. The teen decided the time was right to give her the fucking of her life. He removed his finger and wrapped it round his cock, which by now was as hard as rock. Ellen was captivated by the giant organ, the largest she had previously had was merely 6 inches or more, but this thick tool was a different matter.

He asked Ellen to lie down on the bed and spread her legs as far apart as she could manage, Ken saw his fiancée giggle and comply like an eager girl scout. The youngster kneeled on the bed in between her and pushed the mushroom head of his dick against her opening, applying decent pressure so as it would actually fit. It took effort but the head eventually burst through the resistance and invaded her tight cunt, stretching it further then it had ever been, he wasted no time pushing in as much length as he could. His muscular body was tense and glistened with sweat, Ellen’s was clearly struggling with the size, and inch-by-inch it was inserted deep into her. Ellen moaned and cooed, her eyes staring deep into the young mans. She had never been stretched so wide or taken so deep, the walls of her tight vagina gripped the large manhood for dear life. These two fine specimens clearly were made for each other.

The two quickly built up an unstoppable rhythm, their love and lust strong and as powerful as a runaway train. Ellen was having her first sexual experience with a real man and was loving it with all her heart and was in real heat, the young man was satisfied with exploring this delightful older women, pumping some A-grade pussy and getting one over her gimpy little boyfriend, he loved the way his looks and cock made him irresistible to any women he wanted. The posh and prim ones like this were his favourite. They would always feign disinterest and superiority at first, but after a few cheap drinks their loins and innermost desires were unstoppable, they could not resist him, they were but slaves to chemistry.

Ellen began to moan as her orgasm approached, her lover smiled, as she was lost in a world of pleasure. It was Ellen’s first orgasm through penetration, none of her previous boyfriends had managed to get her off, for her, a new world was being opened up. Her stud started bucking his hips as he unloaded his balls deep inside her womb. His head pressed firmly against her cervix, the chances of Ellen becoming pregnant would undoubtedly be high. He seemed to filling her right up, as he took his time. As he withdrew his cock was still it was still an impressive length, as it slapped with a meaty thud against his thigh. Ellen sat upwards and drew him into a deep kiss, their tongues intertwining, her arms draped around his neck, his large hands holding her slim waist.

Ken was on his knees watching this display of sexual superiority on video; he didn’t know what to do…

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