You Will Always Be In My Heart

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*Story takes place in mostly in Kentucky and Tennessee during a period of 3 days in April of 2013*

Early morning, before sun rises on a Friday in April, 2013. In mid Ohio, where it’s a little humid, William Tyler has finished packing for the long drive, and camping trip. He put his camera equipment by the front door, and went back in the bedroom to make sure he didn’t forget anything.

William is white, 30 years old, he’s very shy, lacked confidence, and has a history of strokes, seizures, and blacking out, with no diagnosis and has never in a in a relationship before.

His family was very dysfunctional, and narssistic, recently his mother, who he took care of died of Alzheimer’s 6 months before, he needed to get back into his work as a nature photographer, and was hoping this trip would ignite his passion for photography once again.

He is a photographer, and wants to be recognized as top rate photographer like he was before.

He walked back to the living room, as he began loading the SUV with his bags, when Doris, his aunt pulls up in front of the house.

Doris is white, 55, her attitude towards life makes her uglier than she appears to be, and has complete contempt for William.

Doris gets out of the car, carrying a sleeping bag to William’s car, she looks at him and comments “You still trying to make it as a photographer, I’ll tell you like everyone’s told you already, your wasting your time, you’ll never amount to nothing.”

William says “I get it, you think I can’t do anything, when if you and others leave me the hell alone, I can, and will.” as he puts the sleeping bag in the car, he continues “I did it once, and I can do it again, anyway I got to get moving I have to pick up Abeni.”

Doris contemptly says “Who’s this Abini girl anyway?”

William says “It’s Abeni, and it means girl we prayed for, and I’m driving her to Mississippi to visit her cousin.” he slams the back of the SVU, and walks back to the house, as she follows him.

Doris with hatred answers “Your just like every other man, you want to get that pussy, that’s all.”

William raises his voice “How dare you judge me, and more importantly her, she is a very beautiful woman.”

William checks everything in the house, and locks up, as he says “I’m not going to let you hurt, or judge me, or any of my friends, this conversation is over.”

Doris glares at William and says “You have a water, I can have?” William grabs a cold water from the cooler in the car.

Doris look becomes a hateful glare and disgustingly replies “One day you ain’t going to have anyone in your corner, you little bastard, wait and see.” she gets in her car and speeds off.

A few miles away Abeni Washington took a sip of orange juice and walked over to make sure she remembered everything for visiting her cousin in Mississippi.

Abeni is black, 28, born in Martinique to very wealthy, influenchial, and supportive parents she’s lived in the States for 20 years, is extremely attractive, wearing a short afro cut that matches her face shape, she possess a inner beauty, and has a slight French accent.

Abeni dated in her senior year in high school, but like William has never been in a serious relationship before, but over the years has developed strong feelings for William, and looking forward to this road trip she’s going on with him.

Abeni opens the door, as she sees William pulls up in his Benz SUV, as she smiles, and waves at him.

While picking up her bags and walks to the vehicle.

William gets out and takes her bags smiling at her asking “Good morning, how you feeling?”

Abeni smiles and answers “Tired, but good.” as she helps him packing the SUV.

As the two get in the SUV when William asks “You excited about seeing your cousin?”

Abeni says with a semi excited voice “Yeah, I haven’t seen my cousin for like 5 years, ever since my parents died, but I’m also looking forward to our road trip.”

As William eases onto the freeway heading south toward Kentucky. Abeni comments “I mean you know everything about me, I come from a wealthy, and influential family who taught me the importance of education, and following all my dreams in life.”

Abeni smiles a little and continues “But I know very little about you, and I was hoping it’ll give us a chance for me know you better.”

William smiles and remarks “Well it isn’t a pretty picture, my life that is.”

Abeni says “I can see it in your eyes.”

William asks “Whatcha you seen in my eyes?”

Abeni answers back “I see the hurt, pain, and regret in your eyes.”

William affirms “Well I certainly can testify to the pain and hurt.”

Abeni asks “When you were younger, what kinds of things happened?”

Abeni sighs and continues “You see I learned that sometimes what happened when we were children, affects us when we become adults.”

William says “I saw a lot of shit I wish I could forget, right up to the end.”

Abeni asks “You mean when your mom died?”

William adds “Yeah, that and for many years.”

Abeni casino siteleri remains silent for a second then takes his hand and softly asks “How long, if you don’t mind me asking?”

William sadly retorts “Since I was 10, or 12.”

Abeni voice cracks with emotion “For so long?”

William continues “Yeah give a year or two, I just learned to keep everything inside, and to accept what ever happened to me, as a part of life.”

Abeni looks straight ahead with a painful, and sick with emense hurt expression, as a lone tear falls from her eyes.

William trying to change the somber mood asks “Where’d you like to stop for breakfast?”

While driving just outside the Ohio border.

Abeni says “When I came here 20 years ago I had this sausage, but can’t find it anywhere, it’s very popular in Ohio.”

William says “You mean Goetta, and yes I know where they make the best.”

A few moments later, they pull into a little restaurant.

As the two are leaving their restaurant, she takes his hand and confesses “You know even after all the years I’ve been here, you’re the only person I know that I can call a friend.”

Abeni continues “You know I can tell you anything, and I know you won’t judge me, please know I’m here for you too.”

As the two stand in front of the SUV William says very somberly “I just don’t like bringing people down to my level of depression.”

Abeni hugs him, and kisses his neck, William wiggles and tenses up.

Abeni realizing he may have been uncomfortable with the kiss she asks “Don’t you like to be kissed?”

William says “Yeah, it’s just I’ve never been kissed before.”

Abeni replies “When I get back to Ohio, I’m going to take you out, nobody should have to be alone.”

William says as they get in the car “If I feel that I don’t deserve to be loved then what can I do about it?”

Abeni softly asks very somberly “Didn’t you ever want to know what making love feels like?”

William answers “If I don’t know what it feels like, then I’m not missing anything.”

Abeni becomes instantly sad at hearing his reply, but remains silent as she gently takes his hand and holds it, while some French jazz music plays, as they continue driving.

They stop about 6 that night at a semi deserted camp ground, in Blowling Green, Kentucky they unload in a wooded area where they will spend the night.

As they get out of the car William remarks “The park is pretty much ours, the owner owed me a favor.” he looks around and continues speaking “Unfortunately the only restrooms that are open is way on the other side of the park, about a 5 mile walk.”

Abeni says “So we have to go out here?”

William says “Does that bother you, I mean..”

Abeni smiles and says “No, it’s like when we went camping with my family, that’s why I brought this with me.” shows William a roll of toilet paper.

A short time later Abeni puts the tent up, as William takes a large industrial tarp out of the car as William replies “It may rain tonight, but this tarp will most likely keep us dry.”

Abeni says “You thought of everything.”

William says “I just read somewhere, some basic ways to keep you dry, while camping.”

Abeni seems to be looking at William, and says “I’ve been wanting to ask you out, long before I asked you today.”

William asks “How long?”

Abeni says “For some ten years.”

William says “I guess I don’t see myself, as others see me.”

Abeni says “You are one of the sweetest people I know, and are more deserving to be loved.”

William says “I guess I feel I can’t offer anyone anything.”

Abeni replies “You have so much to offer, and any woman would be a complete idiot, if they didn’t realize that.”

William says “So many people have treated me like I don’t matter, like I’m beneath them.”

Abeni says “Fuck them, and what they have to say or think.”

William says “It’s not like I had a lot of time, you know with my mother getting sick and dying.”

Abeni answers back “You did everything you could for her, and more, and now it’s your turn, your turn to feel loved.”

William and Abeni stand up, as William gets his camera bag, and is checking the equipment.

Abeni asks “So what are we going to do now?”

William says “I’m going to walk to the riverbank, so that I can take, and see where the best locations are, so I can take them in the morning.”

Abeni smiles and says “Want some company?”

William answers “Uh no, cause it’s going to be so boring for you, as I’m trying to figure out the shots I’m going to make.”

Abeni smiles says “Before you go, let’s take a picture together.”

William sets up a tripod, and puts a 35mm SLR camera on the tripod, and sets the timer.

William says “Back up, just a little”

As she backs up he walks toward Abeni and as he stands next to her, she puts her arm around him and her hand touches his butt, William puts his arm around her back, as a little tune seems to play from the camera, and the picture is taken.

Abeni güvenilir casino asks “What was that sound?”

William says “It let’s you know when the camera is going to take the picture.”

Abeni asks “Can I see the picture?”

William sighs and says “It isn’t a digital camera, I have one, but only use it when I’m planning my pictures.”

Abeni says “So when are you going to develop the pictures?”

William says “Most likely when I get home, I’ll develop, and print the photos.” he looks at Abeni’s sad face and remarks “Come on, let’s go to the riverbank.”

Abeni smiles and jumps up and down a little as the two begin walking down the wooded path.

About 9 that night as William is by the river bank, taking in the sights, and figuring out what shots would work, Abeni comes to his side, from taking a little walk, along the river.

Abeni smiles and takes his hand asks “Come on, let’s go for a swim?”

William says “We don’t have any bathing suits.”

Abeni laughs a little answer back “Come on, you said it’s only us out here, or do I have to swim by myself?”

William looks around and goes to hide behind a medium sized bush and takes off his clothes, while Abeni smiles a little and strips herself.

The two walk toward each other as both are nude.

Abeni has small yet promising breasts, has a oval shaped innie navel, trimmed pubic area, with medium and muscular legs.

William has a fit and muscular chest, a round shape innie navel, beginning the navel, down to his uncut penis, and the pubic area are clean shaven, and he has muscular legs.

Abeni smiles and says “I’m impressed, your cock is beautiful.” as she walks closer to William

William says as he looks at her respectfully, and yet approvingly “You are the most beautiful woman I ever saw.” Abeni laughs a little, as they both run into the water, holding hands.

No sooner are they in the water when Abeni playfully touches his semi erect cock, a look of surprise comes over William’s face, as Abeni smiles and says “Wow, I’m actually not surprised though, everything about you is so wonderfully attractive, you know that right?” as she playfully teases the foreskin.

William says “I’m sorry, I didn’t expect for that to happen.”

Abeni takes his hand and places it on her breast as she tenderly kisses his lips.

They separate a little, and swim a little bit more.

After they come out of the water, right before it gets dark they hear distant thunder, and see the white lightening strikes as he goes to get dressed, she stops him saying “How about a couple of pictures?”

William asks “You mean now, like this?”

Abeni says “Sure, I mean what’s wrong with the human body?”

Abeni runs and gets the digital camera, as he follows her they set up the tripod, and the camera and set the timer, as they stand close to each other, holding hands.

Abeni comment affirms this as they look at the image “See you aren’t ugly, you are so beautiful.”

William smiles a little says “As you are too.”

Still undressed she gives him a hug.

As Abeni begins dressing she asks “What is your favorite fantasy?”

William looks at her with tears in his eyes while getting dressed himself says “I’d like to know what a massage feels like, I don’t care what kind, even a foot massage.”

William sighs and continues “I just feel like some deviant thinking of getting massages, or giving my lover the greatest pleasure.”

Abeni smiles and asks “You ever heard of alvinolagnia?”

William surprisingly says “A navel, or bellybutton fetish, formally known as umbiliphiliacs.”

Abeni says “You know?” continues “Oh God don’t think I’m some kind of freak, it just does something to my pussy, whenever I masturbate.”

William looks puzzled and says “I’d never think of you as a freak, from what I understand, it’s a real turn on for some, it’s one of the more popular fetishes there is.”

Abeni sighs and says “And wanting a massage, or even a foot fetish, or wanting to give pleasure to a loved one doesn’t make you a pervert.” they rise up as they both smell the electricity of the storm, they begin walking to the campsite.

Short time later William says ” Wait I have to pee.” as he walk to a tree close by.” as Abeni still looks in his direction, with the flashlight aimed at him.

William asks “Well can you give me some privacy?”

Abeni giggles and says “You funny, we were just skinny dipping, and took a picture of both of us nude.”

William sighs as he unzips his pants.

Abeni laughs comments “Well maybe I better go too.” walks to a bush nearby and lowers her shorts and panties and pees.

A short time later after she pees she rises up, and sees William holding his semi erecy penis as she flashes the flashlight at him.

Abeni quietly says “i’m so sorry, I thought you were done.”

William totally embarrassed answers “When it’s in this stage, it’s difficult to go.” few seconds later he begins peeing, he notices that Abeni eyes seems to be transfixed canlı casino on his member and his shaved genitals.

William finishes, and Abeni comes close to him, and says “Here let me.” she takes a towelette and gently wipes the head of his penis with and gently slides the foreskin down, wiping his penis one last time as she puts his penis away, and they continue walking to the campsite.

Abeni sensing his embarrassment claims “You have nothing to be embarrassed about.”

At the campsite where it begins to sprinkle William says “I’ll sleep out here, you can have the tent, besides I think it’s going to just sprinkle, the storm seemed to have blown over.”

Abeni asks “Can’t we share the tent?”

William tell her “You’re the first person since I can’t tell you when, that actually cared, or even trusted me.”

The two sit next to each other in the tent, which is somewhat waterproofed by a huge tarp, from the bottom, to the top of the tent, as a battery powered lantern turned on as Abeni begins undressing, first the shirt comes off, and she’s unstrapped her bra, while William is checking out the camera.

Abeni takes the shirt she’s sleeping with tonight, as William looks at her breasts Abeni asks “How do you deal with your loneliness?”

William says “That’s how I got into photography, it fills the void durning my darkest times.”

Abeni laughs a little says “Don’t tell me that, I know you just like other guys, and play with their cocks”

William looks down says “I guess I have moments, but it’s been so long.”

Abeni staring in his eyes she says softly “Let me please take care of you tonight.” as she slowly and gently puts her hand on his crotch, and feels his erect penis, and while looking in his eyes, she unzips his shorts.

William asks “Beni whatcha doing?”

Abeni says “Just let me love you.” as she fishes and exposes his penis and slowly begins massaging his penis with her hands.

William is left speechless, while Abeni smiles when she sees that he is enjoying the whole thing.

Few moments later, while still massaging his member she lowers her head and gently blows on his member, and looks in his eyes as she holds his hand and slowly puts his penis in her mouth.

William sighs, as she stops and asks “Does it feel good?”

William nods his head and says “God yes.”

Abeni continues to suck his penis, her tongue goes between the foreskin and the head of the penis.

Abeni lips then slide the foreskin up and down as Abeni continues she feels his cock pulsing, realizing he isn’t going to last long, she takes him all the way in her mouth and moments later he explodes in her mouth.

Abeni sits up a little and says “You are very much loved, and by me.” she leans forward and kisses him on his lips.

William sighs and says “I guess I’m like you, I often imagined what it would be like to make love to you.” as she smiles and wipes his penis off with another towelette.

During the night Abeni is awakened by soft cries, she turns over and sees William in a fetal position with his arm around him, so as someone is holding him, as he softly cries.

Abeni lays behind him, gently holds him in her arms and softly says comfortingly “I’m right here baby, let it out.”

The two slowly go back to sleep.

Following morning about 5, Abeni, and William walk by the river to a hill in the distance.

As both are sitting Abeni says “This is our special place, as we return in years to come, we’ll always remember we fell in love, right here.”

In a distance a car drives along the path, William sees it Mark, the campsite supervisor, and owner.

William rises as well as Abeni and walk to the car.

Mark says as they reach the car “Did you get wet last night?”

William says “No, we brought a large tarp, and slept in the tent, by the way this is Abeni, I think I told you I was going to bring a friend.” Mark smiles and nods at Abeni.

Mark says “I’m glad, did you get any pictures?”

William says “No, we’re just about to go back to the river bank, in any event, we’ll be leaving in a couple of hours, I may come back next week and finish the shots I couldn’t get.”

Abeni walks by the river while William snapping pictures.”

Abeni smiles and says “I can’t leave, without one more swim.” as she hugs him from behind.

William says “Thank you for comforting me last night, I get bad sometimes..”

Abeni says “From this day forward, you will have nothing but love in your life.” she kisses him sweetly.

Abeni playfully takes his hand and says “Let’s go for a morning swim.” as she begins undressing.

The two walking back to the camp about thirty minutes later.

William says “I promise, tonight we’ll stay at a hotel, but for right now, why don’t we pack up.”

Abeni says “Actually, I didn’t mind being out here, it was peaceful, and so beautiful, in fact if you want to, we can do another day out here.”

William says “Naw, I can always get more shots I need on my way back to Ohio.”

Abeni starts cleaning up the site, Abeni asks William as he goes into the wooded area, “Where you going?”

William says “I need to pee.” and goes a little bit in the wooded area.

As Abeni has the SUV loaded up, William returns and asks “You hungry for breakfast?”

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