You Wanna Do What?

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note: This is an Erotic Couplings entry in the Valentine’s Day writing contest. Mega-thanks to TxRad for all his help.


Like some smooth, sensual serpent, the glistening cock glided out of Cindy’s mouth. When the swollen head emerged, she lapped at its smooth surface while studying her husband. His big, nude body sat sprawled comfortably on their living room couch. Curly blonde hair cushioned his head against the wall. Those blue eyes she adored were shut. His lips were parted. It all combined into a look of expectant bliss.

And that meant, if she was going to do this, now was the time. “Ray, for my Valentine present, you asked what I wanted, remember? Well, what I want, more than anything else, is to make it with Carlo.”

Ray’s eyes popped open, his mouth snapped shut, and he stared down at her. The expression on his face now one of incredulity. “You wanna do what?”

“You asked what I wanted for Valentine’s Day.” Cindy paused to lick the sensitive spot under the flared head. “Well, what I want is to have sex with Carlo.”

“Carlo Labruzzo? Our landlord? The guy we work for? You wanna screw a baldheaded, middle-aged, married guy? I mean, for someone his age, Carlo’s in pretty good shape. But why him?”

“Because he’s cute, super sweet, and with Anna being in Italy for the last month, he’s horny as hell. But most of all, it’s because he has, well,” she paused, then rushed on, “he has this absolutely huge cock. Don’t get me wrong, I love yours, and you. But I really want to find out what it’s like to do it with one that big.”

Ray looked totally nonplussed. “Okay. Mind telling me how you know Carlo’s hung like a mule?”

“Anna told me. Women talk. The problem is, it’s so big, and she’s so tiny, they have problems, you know, in bed. Since I’m a nurse, she asked my advice—even showed me a few pictures. Very impressive.”

Ray shook his head. “The idea of you two checking out photos of Carlo’s hammer is, well, just a bit kinky.”

Cindy took a slow lick up the length of Ray’s shaft, then grinned. “It was for medical purposes only, you pervert. I suggested a few things, you know, different positions and such. But that went nowhere. Anna says she’s open to anything that might help, but Carlo’s very old-fashioned. She’s not, maybe because she’s so much younger. But for someone with her great looks and that figure you keep drooling over, she’s super shy and a bit naïve about sex. Anyway, neither of them is sure what else they can do, much less how to do it. That’s why they only make love in the missionary position.”

“That cuddly little body of Anna’s does make her a serious lust-object, no question. But then I have a very broad-minded appreciation for all forms of female beauty,” said Ray, as he reached down and fondled Cindy’s firm breasts.

They kissed and he settled back on the couch. “So you’re saying they’re afraid of screwing around with their screwing, right?”

“You do have a way with words,” mumbled Cindy, as she nibbled on the stiff shaft. “Anyway, I didn’t want to do anything until Anna got back. But last weekend he kept hanging around the office, flirting and checking me out. I didn’t mind, of course. But the helpless, horny look on his face nearly broke my heart. Ray, nobody should be alone and that horny with St. Valentine’s Day coming.”

“And his having this super schlong never crossed your mind, right?”

“Oh, you.” Her lips encircled the cock-head, then began a sensuous slide down the smooth shaft. When it was once again on the verge of coming, she returned to the subject.

“The way I figure it, balling Carlo would ease his misery, help him in bed with Anna and, yes, let me satisfy my curiosity about, you know, something that big. The problem is, he’s so conservative, just coming on to him probably wouldn’t work. That’s also why, even if things do work out, I don’t see how you could be there.”

“I had a hunch that was coming, and I don’t like it. We’ve always done everything together. But I see your point.”

Cindy smiled at her husband. “Have I told you how much I love you, today?”

“Action speaks louder than words, woman.”

The long shaft once again vanished between Cindy’s lips. Her cheeks sunk in as she applied a strong suction. When both Ray and his cock began showing signs of an approaching climax, she went back to licking the stiff shaft.

“What I’m thinking about is flirting a lot at first, then getting the talk around to sex. That should be easy. The tricky part will be letting him know Anna told me about their problem and is behind any solution I try. If I get past that, I’ll act real professional and say it might be possible to teach him how to use all that thing of his without tearing Anna in half.”

“And you think you can handle what Anna can’t?

Cindy nodded. “I’m bigger than she is and taller, too. So if I’m on top, it shouldn’t be a problem. Besides, we’ve done it that way a lot and you’re not exactly packing a cocktail frank, you beşevler escort know?”

“Bless you for that.” Ray’s voice was not steady. “Sounds like you’ve, uh, got it all figured out.”

“I hope so. Look Ray, I know this sounds strange. But it’s kind of important to me. Not just because of what I’d be doing, but because, well, I’ve always done anything you wanted when it comes to sex, and I always will. But this is something I really want to do, even though it’s just for me. I won’t do it though, unless you say it’s okay.”

Having completed her infomercial, Cindy caressed the straining shaft with her lips until Ray’s body began to tremble. She paused and gently licked the purple head.

Ray shook his head and smiled. “Wife, you are one funny female, but I love being loved by you.” “So is it okay with you?” she asked, before swallowing the entire shaft in one long, languid motion.

“You don’t play fair,” groaned Ray. “But yes, it’s, oh, oh, okay.”


Carlo and Anna were part owners and managers of the up-scale apartment complex where Ray and Cindy lived. The three, two-story brick units were built around garden-like courtyards that came complete with banana plants and fountains.

Even with her nurse’s salary, it was a bit pricey for them. But the perfect location, in a quiet neighborhood about halfway between the hospital where she worked and the law school he attended, made it hard to resist. In exchange for a big cut on their rent, Ray did repair work while Cindy, who worked the evening shift, helped in the office..

The following Saturday was Valentine’s Day. Cindy woke Ray early with a sloppy blowjob that tuned into a long session of lovemaking. Afterward, they lay together, cuddling and talking. Cindy had taken the weekend off from the hospital. That evening, they were going out for dinner with another couple and then checking out a private, couple’s only, party that promised to be very interesting.

The subject changed to what she hoped to be doing with Carlo. Ray said it sounded like a lot more fun than his morning of research in the law library and that he expected a full report.

The office was a nice place to work. Prints of Italy filled the white walls of the converted, one-bedroom apartment. Potted plants were everywhere. A doorway had been cut between it and the larger one Carlo and Anna used next door.

It was a cold, rainy day in the middle of the month and very slow. Cindy spent most of the morning alone, answering a few calls, taking a late rent payment, straightening up the place, and reading. At least, she would have been alone if Carlo hadn’t kept stopping by. That was okay since it gave her plenty of chances to flirt.

The office closed at one on Saturdays. Afterward, she joined Carlo in his apartment for the end-of-the-day glass of wine he always insisted on serving.

Cindy had never been impressed with her own looks. Granted, Ray said he loved her figure and people were always going on about her legs. But brown-eyed brunettes were not her idea of sexy. Still, she couldn’t miss Carlo’s looks of lust and longing as they talked.

By their second glass of wine, he was practically panting. So she edged the conversation around to Valentine’s Day, then to love, followed by sex, and finally the “problem” Anna had mentioned. Carlo blushed to the top of his bald head, but admitted that due to his endowment, and Anna being so small, their sex life was very constrained. “Anna has learned to bear the pain. She knows how it is with a man, with me. And we wanted children. But the doctor’s say that’s not to be. Anyway, I try not to put too much, you know, inside her so it won’t hurt. Still….”

Cindy nodded with real sympathy. “You know, when Anna and I talked about this, I told her it might be possible for you two to have sex without her having all that pain. She said anything I could do would be a blessing. If you want, I can show you how it can be done.”

The implication that Anna favored this offer might not be exactly true. But then Anna hadn’t objected when Cindy mentioned sexual surrogate therapy and volunteered to see what she might be able to do about the problem.

The smile on Carlo’s face seemed a good sign, so Cindy pressed on. “What I’m talking about is a new scientific technique called sexual surrogate therapy. There are ways you and Anna can have normal sex without pain. I’ll be glad to show you how. But that’s only if you feel it’s all right.”

When Carlo hesitated, she quickly continued. “Sexual surrogate therapy works best in familiar, comfortable surroundings. Your bedroom would do fine. And believe me, we’d be doing therapy, not fooling around on our spouses. Ray knows all about surrogate therapy and I’ve told you what Anna said.” From the look on his face, it was obvious sexual surrogate therapy sounded good to Carlo. When he nodded, Cindy’s smile broadened. “Good. Let me get a few things from my apartment. Why don’t beypazarı escort you pour us some more wine and try to relax till I get back.”

A few minutes later, she returned with a tote bag, took the glass of wine Carlo offered her, then went into the bedroom. Family pictures crowded the top of two dressers. An old-fashioned, dark wood, four-poster bed dominated the room. It looked perfect, cozy and comfortable..

Then Cindy noticed the crucifix hanging above the bed. Her family had been, at best, lukewarm Unitarians. Still, the somber icon was a jarring note considering what she hoped to be doing soon.

When she came out of the bedroom, a white lab coat and white shoes had replaced her sweater and jeans. She regretted not having white hose on. That would have been a nice touch. But the only white stockings she owned were pantyhose, and something told her they would not appeal to her audience.

The new clothes surprised Carlo, but their professional look seemed to reassure him. “You look so nice. Thank you for doing this, for Anna and me.”

“It’s my pleasure. But we really need to get started.” She smiled and headed toward the bedroom followed closely by her first-ever sexual surrogate therapy patient.

Once inside, Cindy seated Carlo on the edge of the bed. She remained standing, and told him that before the primary therapy began, it was important to insure the patient was in a receptive mood for treatment. “It’s a critical, therapeutic step. But the procedure used varies from therapist to therapist, and patient to patient. The technique I’ve picked is a bit personal, but it should be effective. And, well, it’s also a thank you for all the kindnesses you and Anna have shown Ray and me.”

With that, she began unbuttoning her lab coat. As the last one came open, she turned her back to Carlo and let the coat slip off her shoulders. After tossing it on a chair, she turned back wearing nothing but shoes and a slightly nervous smile. Carlo gasped as his gaze riveted on her nude body. When he just kept looking, Cindy moved nearer, took his big hands in hers and placed them on her hips, then encouraged him to enjoy anything he saw and liked. When he hesitated, she said, in a teasing voice, that her feelings might be hurt if he didn’t try all the things her body had to offer.

Given this permission, Carlo began acting like a kid with a fabulous new toy. Shyly at first, then with more authority, he stroked her breasts and bottom, played with her inner thighs and explored the patch of curly brown hair that adorned her pussy. When Cindy suggested he might like to taste her breasts, he quickly accepted her invitation.

After several minutes of increasingly bold petting, Cindy leaned away and looked down at Carlo, “But this isn’t fair, I’m having all the fun. Why don’t you relax for a minute and let me have a turn?” Carlo grinned, leaned back on his hands, and watched as Cindy knelt between his heavily muscled legs. The big bulge in his khaki pants, her Valentine’s present, was inches away, ready to be unwrapped. She tried not to rush, tried to take her time and be seductive, but failed.

The cock was too long and stiff to pull out through the open zipper. When Carlo’s pants were in a pile on the floor, she still had to unsnap his boxer shorts before being able to extract her prize. When it sprang into view, Cindy knew her time had been well spent.

Anna’s photos hadn’t done the monster justice. It was enormous, but there was more to it than just size, although that was almost intimidating. The long, fat shaft curved gently upward until, many inches later, it ended at a big, uncircumcised head that practically demanded attention. As she studied this trophy, Cindy’s stomach twisted and churned with excitement.

She took a deep breath and tried to sound professional, but couldn’t still the excited tremor in her voice. “Carlo, I think it’s time to begin the, uh, therapy. The first thing to do is get both of us prepared. Okay?”

For a few minutes, Cindy tried to give Carlo a blowjob. But the cock’s oversized dimensions made her job almost impossible. Just getting the gigantic head between her lips and teeth was a struggle.

Once it was secured inside her mouth, she still found it tough to do more than make small movements with her head. It was a long way from the great blowjob she’d planned, but Carlo seemed happy.

The churning in her stomach and the burning in her groin would no longer allow the postponement of her rendezvous with Carlo’s massive member. After a last, very long lick, she stood and helped Carlo take off his shirt. Though on the short side, he was built like a wrestler with a big chest and well-muscled arms. Only the occasional white hair hinted at his age. It was easy to see how he’d attracted the much younger Anna.

“Part of the therapy involves your learning a new position that should help you and Anna make love more naturally. Instead of you always being ankara escort on top and driving that huge thing into her, I’m going to show you how she can be on top. Once you’ve taught her how it’s done, she’ll be more comfortable and you should be able to lay back and enjoy the ride. Now I want you to lay on your back in the middle of the bed.”

Carlo looked skeptical, but followed orders. Cindy pulled out a tube of lubricant from her bag, then crawled into bed beside him. “The first thing we need to do is get both of us ready. As big as you are, this is very important with Anna. There’s no reason you couldn’t do this for yourself. But it might be more fun if I do it for you. Okay?”

There were no objections. As Carlo watched with growing excitement, Cindy filled her palm with lubricant and began spreading it over the massive cock. It quivered in response to her touch. The cock head, so big it filled her hand, got an extra thick coating.

When Carlo balked at returning the favor, Cindy decided not to pressure him but to become very clinical. She knelt on one knee, her pussy mere inches from his face. “Carlo, this is very important. If Anna’s too shy to do it herself, you must help her. So pay attention to what I do.”

It was a pointless command. Carlo stared, open mouthed, as Cindy began lubricating herself. When she slipped a big glob inside her pussy, he gasped and she worried he might have a heart attack, or come right then.

Anxious to avoid either catastrophe, she finished quickly. “That’s about all there is to the preparatory part. Of course, some couples spend a lot more time on it than we did. Whatever you and Anna feel comfortable with is fine. Anyway, if you’re ready, I think it’s time we stopped preparing and started practicing. Don’t you?”

Carlo swallowed and nodded, then stared as Cindy straddled his hips. A sudden reservation swept over her as she looked down at the big pole bobbing between her legs.

She shook her head, as if to break the spell, and then looked up at Carlo, “Are you ready?” It was a foolish question. Carlo was very ready. Without taking his eyes off her body, he nodded and emphatic, yes.

“All right, let’s get started, then. Why don’t you help out by aiming your erection toward me?” Within seconds, Carlo had his cock pointed towards her pussy.

“Fine. Now let me do, uh, do the rest.” Cindy wondered if Carlo had noticed the tremor in her voice. From the look on his face, he’d heard nothing for some time now. After one last look at what was waiting for her, she took a deep breath and began moving down toward the huge cock.

Later, she wasn’t sure how much therapy Carlo received, but Cindy was certain what she’d gotten—one hell of a fucking. It began with her fingers wrapped around the slippery, flared cock head, guiding it toward her churning pussy. Once the head touched her pubs, it seemed to develop a life of its own, as it rooted between her pussy lips searching for a way inside. Once the opening was located, the head shoved its way inside.

With both apprehension and excitement, Cindy felt the walls of her vagina stretching as the big head forced its way into her body. It felt like an enormous log was being driven into her.

Cindy became transfixed as inch after inch of the thick shaft sank ever deeper into her pussy. Though she was sitting on top of Carlo, whenever she tried to pull up, some force seemed to draw her back down onto his giant pole. And each time she slid back, she took more and more of that incredible cock.

It was remorseless, splitting her open ever wider, filling her with body shaking waves of erotic agony and ecstasy. There was no pause, no relief, until the entire length seemed embedded inside her. Before Cindy could catch her breath, Carlo began thrusting into her. Somewhere, deep inside her body, the giant cock head hammered at the back of her pussy. Each thrust became a torment. Cindy realized that unless she could get control, Carlo might bruise or maybe even damage her organs.

Uh, say Carlo, oh, oh, you know you’re in just about as deep as I can, oh, as I can stand. Just, ah, relax and uh, lay back and let me do all the–Oh, God–all the work. Okay? Please.” After that last pussy wrenching thrust, he complied.

Now that she could set the pace, it wasn’t that hard to find a good stroke. There were a few, breath-taking false starts she discovered the best position was leaning so far forward, Carlo could nibble on her boobs while she kept pounding her hips up and down on his huge cock. There was no pain in this position, just a steady rush of incredible sensations.

Each plunge back down that long, thick shaft was a sensual adventure. The giant head felt like a fist moving up and down inside her vagina. Carlo might be old and bald, but his thick shaft was stretching her beyond belief while the huge head went where no cock had gone before.

Two rapid, intense orgasms seemed to contract her body around the big pole. They left her hot, sweaty, and panting, but wanting more. It was on the way.

With a strangled cry, Carlo arched upward driving his cock back into new depths inside Cindy. The shock of that savage thrust ignited another climax. Her body jerked upright, putting even greater pressure on her battered pussy.

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