Writer Meets Fan

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I could not believe you really wanted to have a meeting. I mean the conversation had been good and with your continued critiques I was finally able to write you stories that appealed to you and from what you had told me even started to excite you. You still had never written to me to explain in depth what you did during or after reading my stories but my imagination filled in most of the blanks. I still hadn’t received a pic from you and had know idea who I was looking to meet but I showed up where we had planned and hoped for a clue. It was a warm day and I had worn a pair of Dockers shorts, a collared pullover short sleeve shirt, and a pair of sandals. When I entered I had to let my eyes adjust to the low light in the shop and started looking for a single woman. When I noticed about six of them I contemplated how I would find you. Walking toward the bar I noticed you with a mischievous smile, a pair of sport style shorts that seemed to hug your body lovingly, a small cotton shirt with tiny straps resembling a bralette, and a pair of sandals.

When you saw me next I was approaching you from behind carrying an iced tea and a beer. I slid into the booth and asked, “how long would you have kept me guessing?” You flashed a wonderful smile if not a little mischievous, replying “as long as you would have kept trying it kind of excited me.” I laughed and you asked, “How’d you know anyway?” I thought about some bullsh*t line and let it go, “a guess really, but your smile and the fact you were sitting alone helped a lot.”

I couldn’t help staring from time to time. You are very enticing to look at. Your eyes captured my interest most of the time, but being a man, (we are all pigs) I tried to sneak a peek at that wonderful cleavage and those tightly bound breasts. The conversation was great and my imagination was already in full gear. Your intelligence lost me at times and I had to confess ignorance on some of the issues and ideas you spoke of letting you know I was left in the dark.

As lunch continued, I asked “so why the meeting?” I felt your bare foot slide up my leg until you let the ball of your foot rest on my crotch. You looked around briefly to see if any were watching and then commented on the hardness you could feel beneath your foot. As I said my imagination had been working overtime and I was quite aroused. When your foot started it’s travels I grew to full length and you could now feel it pulse under your toes.

You replied, “I really wanted to show you what turns me on. I enjoy your writing and think you could keep me busy for hours if you had the right research material.” All of this was said with a gleam in your eyes and a full bright smile on your face. You had at least dropped your foot from its’ vantage point and I was quite glad that the massage had stopped. I don’t know how much more I could have taken.

Ok I thought I was game. I knew that I could not expect any gratification other than helping myself later, but that was enough. This sounded like it would be a very enjoyable adventure / experiment. “Well this is definitely not what I thought would be happening today but show me what you have in mind?”

With that said we left the coffee shop and headed out to the waterfront. Walking down the boardwalk I couldn’t help but smile. You were receiving many looks from both men and women. Your body and the confidence you carried yourself with were both very attractive attributes. When we sat down we had reclining chairs side by side and I smelled your perfume and the scent of your body together. It was quite a heady aroma and again I was amazed that you didn’t have guys regularly eating out of you hand. Then again wasn’t I basically doing that now?

We got down to the topic of discussion and gaziosmanpaşa escort you were telling me about caresses and choice of words following each with a touch or example. You leaned in close while explaining things in a husky whisper and I again found myself growing hard. Your lips were so full, moist and provocative. I wanted to feel them on mine, or better yet exploring my body. While you talked, I was daydreaming of having you right there on the recliners. I imagined it could be discreet if we were covered with a light blanket. Though all who looked slightly close enough would realize what was going on. When I again focused on your words I apologized for daydreaming and that I had to let you know what was going on in my head. You listened closely and kissed my cheek when I was finished that is what I’m talking about.

We headed down to the sand borrowing a tablecloth from the sidewalk café to use as our blanket. I spread it all out for us and started to take off my top as I noticed you were removing your shorts. What I had imagined to be a thong under those hot shorts was a very sexy, small bright orange bikini bottom. You dropped your shorts as I dropped my shirt and we each removed our sandals dropping them in the sand. I asked If you needed some lotion or sunscreen, and you replied “and if I did where would you get it?…giggles?” I told you, “You have me so excited right now that I would go buy some or borrow some to get the chance to caress your body.” You again giggled and said, “Well in that case you can use my oil.” You reached into your small bag and produced some sun tanning oil and handed it to me. “Spread it sparingly I really don’t like to be covered in heavy oil while I’m the beach.” The last was said with so much innuendo that I really couldn’t wait to get started.” While I rubbed the oil into your shoulders and back I was softly telling you how much I would like for us to be naked as I performed this task. How, if I was you, could feel my desire and need for you resting on your round, firm backside. Just barely falling into the space between both of my present desires as I moved down to your lower back. Working your lower back I am aching to feel your bottom. I want it sooooo bad. I work back up to your shoulders ensuring I thin out and rub in the oil presently there.

You ask me to keep telling you what I want to do with you. I lean forward to whisper in your ear, “I want all of you but I’ll start with this.” Gently I kiss the back and side of your neck. My mustache lightly brushes the same area drawing a line of goose pimples down your arms. I let my kisses trail to your shoulder tasting a little of the oil but not really caring. “I want to explore all of your body with my mouth. Tasting and licking seeing what effect it has and where you truly enjoy being touched.” My kisses finish and I put my large hands back to work caressing your side letting my fingertips try to brush the undersides of your full sweet breasts. The bralette type top you have prevents me from achieving my goal. I wonder if that is intentional. You ask if I will rub the kinks out of your calves while I apply some oil to your legs. Of course I will do that very thing. Sliding back until I am now away from the top of you I start to rub the lotion into your calves and feet. While I rub your feet you twitch a little, “ticklish?” I ask. You look back over your shoulder at me, “yes and don’t get any ideas please I hate to be tickled.” I ease off on the feet and start to work your calves. They are very shapely and firm. As I massage them my eyes fall to the small space left between where your inner thighs end and your bottom starts. I can see the small piece of orange fabric mounding out covering haymana escort the treasure beneath. My hands start to slide higher working your hamstrings. Massaging and working the entire area. Every once in a while letting my fingertips reach out toward the gap where your legs no longer close entirely. I really want to let my tongue wander; I can feel your folds and taste the sweetness of your sex. My fingers have wandered further than I had anticipated in my moment of daydreaming. I gently nudge the edges of your small bikini a few times before you look over your shoulder at me smiling. “Be careful there are plenty of prying eyes, be discreet love”

Now I am on fire I can barely contain myself. My manhood is throbbing in my shorts aching for release. I finish rubbing the curves of your behind, it is such a wonderful sight as I massage them gently opening them from time to time to gaze at the hot spot between. When I finish oiling all of you backside and probably each part at least three times I settle in beside you. You smirk at me. “If I was a rose how would you explain me and how would you take care of me?” I’m dumbfounded, “I think I see where you are going with this but let me put it into terms I can understand. If you were my dog” …a small dramatic frown appears on your face…” hear me out! Then I would rub and caress you to bring you enjoyment and pleasure for being you…and to thank you for being a friend…Of course I would not feel the same way I do now” …lifting one side of my body up toward you, you can see the hardness in my shorts…perhaps I should’ve worn a tighter pair of briefs…Your hand moves from where it is by your side gliding with increasing pressure over the bulge I am showing you. I curl my body slightly so that only the closest people who might be trying to peek would even be able to see as you do this. “ohhhhh please I beg you don’t do that I want you soo bad right now…You definitely know how to work me and I think I begin to understand what you are looking for.”

“You think so?” you ask, “What if I only want to tease you until you go with blue balls and imagine over and over again what might have been so you could continue to write me hot little stories so I could continue to please myself??” Without missing a beat I said, “That’s fine by me sometimes the excitement of the what if or anticipation of a possible tryst is even better than the sex…sometimes.” In my my mind I’m thinking ok so some of that is true but right now I want to bury myself in your hot hole…I want to fell you wrapped all around me…The friction as my overlarge head slides along the length of your walls…Damn I’m hard again as you continue talking I try to come back from my fantasy world without missing anything…” can come with me or follow in a cab…Your choice??” …Damn I had missed the point it didn’t matter I was in the game now and wanted to see where it went. “I trust you I’ll take the ride”

As you drove I sat sideways looking at you and couldn’t get my mind off how much I wanted to stroke you legs, bottom , breasts, how good you would taste…you had me thinking nothing but sex and had managed your tease quite well. You noticed I was looking and asked “what??” a couple of times and then pretended to be concentrating on the road…Knowing full well I was hungry for you and enjoying every minute of it. You didn’t expect my next words though, “So can you drive while I play with your lap here?” my hand slides up you inner thigh and in to your shorts…not far but enough to get a small quiver from you…at least I know your teasing is affecting you also…You nudge me with your right elbow…you know that’s not safe and you’re not invited to play with that yet.

So ankara escort the game continues…you are now wondering just how far I am willing to go and are pretty certain that you have me thinking about cheating on my wife…Not what you intended and uncertain whether this experiment should continue…you pull into the park you had in mind and open the trunk throwing a blanket my way giggling you grab another and start to walk toward a copse of palm trees that offer a fair amount of protection from prying eyes.

When you lay down the blanket you slip back out of your shorts and that tiny bikini bottom is again showing me your full round backside I just need to caress and hold. You leave you top on though and lie down. I ask “what do you want with this one?” You say “It is for later if we need it.” I lie down on the other half of the blanket trying to figure out what that last comment was all about…you are saying nothing and there seems to be an awkward moment happening…I want just to wrap you in my arms and feel you pressed tightly against me but I am uncertain if your tease is your game…I don’t want to offend you…so I sit patiently also in silence just looking at your eyes…trying to gauge where your mind is.

Your next words are exactly what I want to hear…ready for the next level?? Hehehehehehe the game is on…” What do you have in mind??” You put on a little innocent girl face saying, “I thought we could hold each other and feel each other without any erogenous zones and no sex!! Think you can handle it??”

“Hey I can manage…hehehehehe…beside I’ve been wanting this all day…slide over here a little and let me enjoy you…you slide close trying to appear the innocent, yet I see an alluring, seductive woman…whom I am unsure is even interested in what I have to offer or is just intent on fulfilling her own desires by playing the Ultimate tease on me…hmmmmm at this point I don’t care…things are going as expected. When you are close enough that your nipples just touch my chest, I slide my arm under you where the arch from your ribcage to your hip leaves a space clear to do so. Once my arm is through my hand slides to you’re your butt…ahhhhhhh yesssssss WOW! I love a nice butt…I desire to just squeeze hard and pull you into me crushing our bodies together so I can feel all of you against me…with my other hand I reach behind your knee sliding my hand up your thigh then caress your other cheek…My fingers wander into the hem of your bottom just tracing the outline of your sweetness that lies beneath. As I do that I also pull you in close so you can feel my hardness pressed against you belly and your breasts flatten against my hairy chest. Our eye never leave each other and neither of us gives away anything…a couple of perfect poker players…Unwilling to accept this stand off I make a bold move and let my fingers slide deeper and find you hot, wet, and willing…you flower opens nicely for my fingers , your wetness lubricating them nicely as two slide into place…with you open to me now I lean in for a kiss and you don not resist…Our lips meet and open so that our tongues may explore each others mouths…My meat presses into your belly hard you can feel how excited I am …you can also feel just a bit of very hot flesh just below your belly button as the tip of me has escaped the confines of my shorts…you have me so very excited…

“Stop, You can’t do this!!,” Now it is my turn to giggle…” what do you mean??, I am certain I can do this and want to very much even right here in the open if need be.”

“No I mean you can’t cheat on your wife because of me, I meant only to have fun and you know that…I meant to egg you on but you said that would fuel the fire…REMEMBER??”

“Yes I do and don’t worry I have a little surprise for you…or at least I hope I do” You looked at me a little puzzled.. “If I’m right my wife should be within sight of us or at least hearing distance. Would you like to continue with just us or would you like to meet her and have her join us??”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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