Working Hard Through the Weekend

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She sat there in her cubicle in the dimly lit office. How did they talk her into coming into work on another Saturday?!

She was tired of being there. She sulked as she looked down at the to-do-list on her desk.

She smoothed her long brown hair off of her face and took a deep breath.

She knew the boss would be coming back by Sunday so she had to get as much done as possible before that impending arrival.

He’s been so cranky about meeting this deadline and she was exhausted from the long hours at work. She just wanted to get out of there. She didn’t really have any other great plans but anything was more fun than time in the office.

She sighed, again, and then pulled her chair up to her desk and began typing away at the computer. She was getting a fair amount done but her eyes were getting sleepy.

She pushed back the chair and went to the lunchroom to grab a cup of coffee.

As the coffee machine kicked on and was making a fair amount of noise she thought she had also heard a noise from the office. She was supposed to be the only one in the office today. She peeked her head around but didn’t see anything. So she went back to the business of making coffee.

Hours of the day faded away as she stayed at the desk, getting up only to stretch and fetch more coffee. She knew if she put in a more hours this might actually get this project completed and she was determined.

She felt her head nodding a bit and then finally laid her head down on her desk just to rest for just a few mins…just a few minutes.

She felt like she floating for a second and wondered if she was falling asleep. She felt like she was drifting off.

She felt a gentle touch on her ankle and she thought this was nice she was going to have a pleasant dream.

She could feel herself in her dream still sitting in her office chair in her cubicle…but she could feel a gentle caressing on her ankles and a warm breath near her leg.

She just relaxed and let the dream unfold slowly and teasingly. She felt hands move up her calf and to her knees and then thighs. She sighed as the warm hands rubbed the outside of her thighs and along her hips.

Oh she really did enjoy it when this type of dream would come, so she got into it more. She kept her eyes closed leaned her head back a bit and scooted her bottom and hips toward the edge of the chair. This movement made All of her lower body more accessible and up for grabs to the polatlı escort mysterious caressing hands.

She didn’t want this dream to be complicated by who was touching her in such a gentle caressing fashion so she kept her eyes closed and could feel her breaths increasing as she was getting turned on in anticipation of what these hands may do next.

The warmth of one of those hands stayed on her hip for a second and she could feel the other hand was pulling her skirt up over her knees.

She could feel a warm breath that was increasing a bit just like hers.

Without any further build up she could feel the hand on the inside of her knee quickly and steadily push her knees apart from each other. She was very exposed as she hung off the edge of her office chair with her skirt pushed up towards her hips. But in no time she was rewarded for exposing herself in this fashion. She could feel hands inside her thighs as warm breath and lips were right in between her legs.

Someone had experience and knew exactly how to get her going. She could feel teasing kisses around the outside of the lips of her pussy. She almost reached down to open herself up more but a hand quickly pushed her hand away. She tucked her had behind her back, she didn’t want to get in the way of whatever may be next.

She scooted even closer to the edge of her chair so she was just barely seated on the chair. She spread her legs further apart and her clenched fists held her skirt out of the way.

She felt a gentle hand open her open her with long fingers. And then there was this gentle tickle of the edge of a tongue. A soft little dart and then a gentle kiss and then the tongue again. It was maddening and teasing and wonderful all at the same time.

She was starting to thrust her hips in rhythm with the teasing tempo of these kisses and tongue teases. Every flick of that tongue was like a little zap of electricity to her. She was grinding her hips trying to get more. She put one leg up on the desk. And that shifted her hip up to expose her just a bit more. The hands grabbed her bottom and almost lifted her off the chair. The face was buried in her pussy and the teasing was over. Now this tongue went to work exploring, enticing and taking over every fold every hidden spot. She just could get enough and didn’t want it to stop.

Both her feet were planted firmly on her desk and she arched her back and she shoved pursaklar escort self upward burying that face and that tongue… knowing it she was going to explode any second. Until she couldn’t put it off any longer. She bucked and thrusted her hips riding the wonderful sensation as this orgasm took over her whole body.

Her head laid upon the desk . Her breath felt a little ragged and she was kind of tired but she felt very groggy. She started to remember that dream she had. She thought I cant believe how vivid parts of that dream were. It was good thing no one was around to witness her dreaming at the desk. Who knows what kind of body motions she made in her sleep …especially with a dream like that!

She looked down at the skirt that hung down over her knees. She squeezed her thighs together and could feel that she was wet from that amazing dream she had.

She felt so refreshed after that she got right back to work. She was typing away at the computer and could see the janitor was coming in for the late night clean up.

He nodded at her from across the room but just went about his own business of cleaning up. He was vacuuming the floor and came over by where she was working.

He paused with the vacuum cleaner and looked at something on the ground and then back up at her. She also paused her work to see what he was looking at on the ground by her. She looked at what had his full attention and recognized it instantly. That was her panties. The pink ones with the lace waistband that she liked so much. They had been cast aside during her dream. Wait a minute?! That was a dream right?

He looked over at her with a changing facial expression. He saw that she had recognized those panties. Which meant that they were hers…which also meant she wasn’t wearing any right now.

He gazed at her for a second and looked her over as she sat frozen still in the office chair. His eyes wandered from her long brown hair across her chest and then lower where her skirt covered the lack of underwear. His gaze rested there, knowing and longing.

She felt her skin tingling and getting hot as his eyes traveled over her. She hadn’t paid any attention to him before but now she could see him up close. He was a large man, extremely masculine. He had wide shoulders and she approved as her eyes wandered over him. Until her eyes followed him as he bent down to pick up the panties. She went immediately ankara escort back to being embarrassed and having no good reason to offer as to why her panties lay cast aside on the floor instead of on her body where they should be.

He took two steps closer and held the panties in the palm of his hand…offering them back to her. She blushed and took them, but before she could turn her head away he pulled her upright out of the office chair. One hand on each of her upper arms and he leaned in to kiss her.

She didn’t know why she let it happen but she did. She enjoyed the taste of his breath and she liked the smell of him. He kissed her gently with his mouth but his hands grabbed her hips quickly and pulled them right up against his groin.

She could feel him twitch a little even through his jeans. He lifted her bottom onto the desk, all the while trying to keep their hips as close as possible. He kissed her neck and her mouth and it felt so good.

She groans and that is all the invitation that he needs he pulls her skirt up quickly. His hand immediately goes to her center and finds that she is dripping wet. He slides his finger inside her and she pushes against it and groans even louder.

She can feel his erection through his jeans against her. She suddenly just cant wait any longer and she starts unbuttoning his jeans as fast as she can. She grabs a hold of his cock with both of her hands. He gasps but the pushes her hand away.

He pushes her back against the desk pinned her upper body to the desk with his weight as he slid right inside her.

She could feel her muscles tighten around him and he could feel it too. He let out a noise that is almost like a growl. And he was pushing against her harder and faster. She tilted her hips up to meet every thrust. She could almost feel their bones against each other as they moved a little faster and just a little bit rougher. It didn’t take long for either of them to feel the waves of pleasure taking over their bodies.

They held each other on the desk for just another minute and then had a quiet awkward moment of dressing and not knowing what to say after such an unexpected affair.

She decided to call it a day and get some sleep before the boss showed back up. She gathered up her stuff and headed out of the office. She was walking across the parking lot and thinking about what just happened. That mystery face and almost magical tongue. And then just when she didn’t think she could handle more passion then he shows up. It was just all so unreal and she just couldn’t be sure what was a dream and what was real. All she knew was that she was tired and ready to sleep. Working on a Saturday is something she might try to do more often from here on out.

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