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We had been looking forward to this trip for a long time. A chance for us to get away and get into the mountains with fresh air and cooler temperatures. We got the tent set up and the rest of the camp. Afterwards, we started out on a hike to explore the woods around us. The birds are singing their love song and serenading us as we walk along a trail hand in hand. It is so relaxing and we feel the stress of our lives falling away with each step we take. In the distance, we hear a bull elk bugling and we listen to his strong, masculine voice echo up the canyon to us. Another bull answers his call. The rut is in full swing and the bulls jockey for position in the heard this time of year.

We walk along talking about nothing and everything just to hear the others voice. It has been a long time since we have held hands and walked like this. Our busy lives seem to have taken us over. Small swirls of dust rise from the ground with each step of our boots. We are in awe at the brilliant reds, yellows, gold’s and greens that Mother Nature has laid out for us. The sky is a brilliant blue with soft puffy clouds dotting it. Up ahead, a small stream can be heard. The sounds get louder as we walk off the path to the stream. The smell of the earth is strong.

We sip the cold water from the stream. I stand up and look down at you as you drink. The sight I see is one to behold. First, I take in your clothes and how they hug your well-sculptured features. The bandanna tied around your head, your hair gently framing your lovely face. The shirt you wear is tied under your full, firm breast accenting them. The buttons undone so your breast absorbs the sunlight. Your shorts mold to your tight ass. The finely sculpted, strong legs under you show your dedication to büyükesat escort the hard hours in the gym.

You stand and stretch as I walk over to a tall maple and sit in its shade. You come to me and lay down with your head in my lap. My hand gently lays on your breast, lazily tracing circles around it as you let out a small moan of pleasure. We talk awhile and watch the clouds roll by and we try to pick out shapes. A Grey squirrel arrives and chatters to us for invading his hunting grounds. We laugh at his expressions as he accepts us in his domain.

You take my hand from your breast and gently kiss the palm and nibble my fingers. Mmmmm. It feels so good. You rise up and sit between my legs with your head resting on my chest. It feels so good to hold you as I squeeze you in my strong arms. Again, you take my hand and nibble on my fingers and kiss them. I rub your other breast through your shirt. Your nipples are so hard. I pull your shirt to the side and free your tits to the sunlight. They are so proud and firm. You raise your arm up and reach behind my neck and pull me closer to you. I slowly kiss your neck. Slow kisses and licks to your ear. Back to your neck and down to your shoulder. I rub your hard nipple in my hand as you place my other hand on your other tit and squeeze it. You slowly rock back into me with each breath. You lean your head back and our lips meet. This kiss is as magical as our first kiss so long ago.

My heart skips a beat as our lips meet. So soft and tender. Our tongues slowly explore each other mouth. Gently gliding over our teeth and lips. I gently nibble your bottom lip and kiss it. You turn to me as we kiss. I rub your nipples in my fingers. Your breathing gets deeper as you çankaya escort run your fingers through my hair as we kiss deeper. Your hunger builds as our kiss continues. You wrap your arms around me and pull me closer to you. I kiss down your neck to your hard nipples. I slowly lick around one and you gasp and pull my head closer to your chest. Your fingers gently pulling my hair. I take your nipple into my mouth and gently suck it as I roll my tongue around it. I reach between your thighs and feel the growing wet spot in your shorts and the burning heat. I use the heal of my hand to rub your pussy through your shorts. You push your hips to meet my hand. You begin to pant now as your orgasm builds. I undo the button and the zipper on your shorts. I slide my hand into your shorts and slide a finger between your swollen lips. You are so hot and wet. I gently rub your clit as I suck your nipples. I feel the shaking in your legs and stomach as you spread your legs wider. I slip my finger deep into your molten pussy and rub your clit with my thumb. You throw your head back as the first wave of your orgasm hits you. I feel your pussy pulling my finger deeper into you. It spasms around my finger as your cries fill the forest.

I hold you close to me as your body settles. Our lips meet again in a soft, tender kiss. You stand up and pull your shorts off and pull me to my feet. You pull my shirt off as I untie yours and remove it. You slowly kiss your way down my chest and stomach to my shorts and undo the buttons on my shorts and slowly pull them down, kissing the skin as it is exposed. I run my fingers through your hair and watch you intently as you look up into my eyes. You kiss your way back up my legs and look at my hard cock. ankara escort You size it up as if trying to decide what you want to do first. You start by slowly licking the pre-cum from my swollen head. Slowly, you lick my length from the base to the head and back to my balls. You gently take one into your mouth and roll your tongue around it. You release it and lick your way back to the head. You rub my cock over your lips and face and suddenly you take me deep into your throat. I throw my head back as a deep moan escapes me. You work your way up and down slowly at first, picking up speed. You try to coax my seed up to your waiting mouth. As you suck my cock, you rub your swollen clit. Faster and faster as my orgasm builds, your own follows. I grab fist of your hair. Your own moans coupled with mine drive us to the edge. I erupt deep into your mouth.

You steady me and rise to your feet and wrap me in your arms and kiss me deeply. I taste my cum on your lips. It is as intoxicating as you are. I am still so hard. I lift you in my arms and lay you down. I place the head of my cock inside your swollen lips. You are so wet. I slowly slide the head in and stop. Slowly pull out. You whimper and beg me to put it back in. I slowly re-enter you. So slow. You can feel every vein in my thick, throbbing cock. I feel all of your detail. The head passes your cervix. Slowly, I pull out. And back in deeper. It is such a maddening slow pace.

All the way in now. I feel your juice on my balls as it runs down your ass. I stop and enjoy the feel of your tight muscles gripping me. I lean down and take a nipple into my mouth and gently suck on it. I feel your pussy tighten as you arch your back and moan. We gently rock into one another. Our pace quickens. The need for release is strong as desire takes over. We grind into each other wanting to be absorbed by the other. We can take no more. Our screams reach the heavens as we cum together. Our chest heaves as we regain our strength in each other’s arms. I kiss you softly and tell you I love you…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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