Witches Brew Ch. 02

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George was alone after his guests departed. He busied himself moving in and setting up. He found the set of sheets Paul Moore supplied and made the bed in the master bedroom. On the second floor he started to set up one of the rooms as an office and put his computer in that room. George made a list of more items that he needed and went on Amazon and started to order. He would have the stuff in two days.

He moved several boxes that Moore delivered down to the basement and stored the bottles in the wine room. A shining light flitted around him and landed on the workbench. The message on the paper simply read “You know what to do.” George placed his hands on the wall adjacent to the wine room door and he was in the society conference room. The older man started the session.

“You have heard about the splinter group that took up residence in the area, Mr. Moore and Madam Samantha have been working on the situation for months. You will join the effort but you will follow their lead,” said the Prefect.

“I will do what I can,” said George.

“We have deposited a file on your computer with all of the briefing materials. Please read it quickly because when you finish, it will disappear. It you don’t read it by tomorrow it will be gone. Do you understand?” said the Prefect.

“I understand,” said George.

George found himself sitting in front of his computer. He found the file and the computer started to read the file to him. It was halfway through the first page when George yelled stop. The computer went mute and he continued to read the material. The document stated that there were three related families all with the last name of Corcoran. The family patriarch Niles Corcoran led the group. He had a long history of violating the society by-laws. Niles sons headed the other two families. The society speculated that the son’s wives were the chink in the armor. If the society can get one of the women away then they hoped to break up the group.

George got to the end of the file and like the prefect said it disappeared off of his computer. George looked over his email and fired off some replies and put the machine to sleep. He got up and climbed the stairs to his bedroom and took his clothes off and walked into the bathroom. He stepped into the shower and was startled by seeing Samantha naked in the shower.

“I really wish you wouldn’t do that,” said George.

“I can leave if you want,” said Samantha

“I didn’t say that,” replied George.

“You are a real buzz kill; I can practices my powers for the first time in months; and every time I do you complain,” said Samantha.

Samantha twisted the valves and started the shower. Grasping his cock she held George under the deluge. After a few minutes she pulled him out of the stream and began to rub him down with some fancy smelling soap.

“Someone said that when you have them by the cock their hearts and minds follow,” said George.

“I believe he said “Have them by the balls,”” said Samantha

She moved him back under the waterfall and allowed the soap to rinse off. She pulled him out from the stream and repeated.

“I want to get you clean, Mr. George.”

After the third iteration, Samantha directed him out of the shower. She found a towel and tossed it to him. On the bed was a pile of clothing.

“If you won’t dress yourself I guess I will. You can no longer exist in linen pants and polos Mr. George.”

Samantha picked up a shirt and held it up to George “Not wild enough,” she said. After a few fittings she selected a set of slacks, a shirt and shoes. She walked out and told George to get dressed.

George found her on the first floor in the formal living room. She was fully clothed in a very sporty outfit. Beside her was her bag and George knew that her pistol was nestled in the bottom.

“You look much better now that you have real clothes on,” said Samantha as he walked in the room.

“How did you know my size?” asked George.

“When you slept last night I used a sizing spell and got all your measurements. A friend of mine runs the men’s department at a store and she made the selections. Don’t worry I will get the money out of you. I need to make you look like you belong here not some west coast geek that just dropped in,” said Samantha.

George stepped away from Samantha and raised his arms closed his eyes. His body jerked and relaxed.

“What was that?” asked Samantha.

“I put a privacy spell on the house so our friends at the society can’t contact us. You will not disappear and leave, the house will block you,” said George

“I you keeping me prisoner?”

“No you can walk out anytime, but your considerable powers are curbed a little,” responded George.

“Well if the spell keeps the Society out of our business then I am for it. Should we make love now or later, sir,” said Samantha.

“What did you have planned?” asked George

“I thought I would take you on a little tour. But having your cock at my disposal is a nice idea,” replied Samantha.

“I have been in this house all day, a sight seeing tour sounds çubuk escort great; making love is a perfect way to end the day,” said George.

Samantha directed George out the front door. In the driveway was a bright red Bentley Continental convertible.

“I have to look the part of rich heiress,” said Samantha.

“Very nice car,” said George as he got in the passenger seat.

Samantha started the car and she pulled out of the driveway. She directed the car out of the development. She passed the airport and drove out of town. She turned on a side road and started climbing a hill. Samantha pulled the car into a clearing that was surrounded on three sides. The bushes and trees hid the car well unless you came up the road. Samantha and George got out of the car and it vanished. Samantha took George to a tree that had a ladder attached and she started to climb. George followed; the ladder ended at a platform. Samantha produced a set of binoculars and handed them to George.

“To the west and below us; what do you see?” asked Samantha.

“Four buildings in some kind of compound; Looks like they don’t want visitors,” said George.

“Good eyes; anyone that gets close is asked to leave,” said Samantha.

“Why are they so private?” asked George

“They are private in the compound but they have jobs around town and are very open about their cult. They have tried to recruit others but Paul was able to divert one girl,” said Samantha

“Looks like we have some company; there is a car coming up the road,” said George.

That is one of the sons he was sent up here to see who is driving around,” said Samantha.

The car passed their location with out stopping. Samantha started to descend indicating that they should hurry. The Bentley reappeared at their approach and they both got in and Samantha backed the car out of the clearing and was back on the road. She uses her power to eliminate the dust cloud that the car kicked up and made it to the highway.

Soon she turned into the development and pulled in front of George’s house. They got out and the car vanished. George used an unlocking spell and the door opened. When Samantha was in and the door closed he performed the privacy spell again.

“I thought you did that earlier?” said Samantha.

“It went away when we left. I am raising it again.”

“I am hungry what do you have to eat, Mr. George.

“I can whip up a pizza, with fresh dough and toppings.”

“Sounds good I will go down stairs and find the appropriate beverage, ” said Samantha.

George watched as Samantha descended the stairs, and went to the fridge and pulled out a prepared pizza crust and covered it with olive oil, sauce cheese and peperoni. He kicked the oven to 500 and waited for it to get hot. Samantha returned with an Italian red wine and George tossed the opener to her, and the cork was out and she was pouring the wine.

George slid the pizza on to the stone and set the timer for ten minutes. Samantha came over and kissed him and her hand slipped down to his cock. She petted it and decided that he was almost as ready as the pizza.

“The only decision that needs to be made is do I rape you down here or do you take me up stairs and do me in your bedroom,” said Samantha.

“You’re presuming that I want to make love to you darling,” said George.

“Your hard as nails cock ends that argument, Mr. George.”

The timer rang and George pulled the pizza out of the oven and brought it to the table. Samantha found dinner plates and forks and they both sat at the table. Samantha gave him an explanation of the operation and how they have been trying to get the civil authorities involved.

“Corcoran is using the three women in the compound as his sex slaves. The boys trade their wives between them and daddy,”

Samantha went on to describe an incident where one of the boys tried to induce an under-age girl to come into the compound. “Paul was able to reverse the spell and got her out of town.” Samantha talked for another half hour and George put the dishes in the sink. They finished the wine and both of them were a little unsteady. George directed her to the elevator and they both rode the car to the top floor. Samantha threw off her shirt exposing her beautiful breasts. She got on the bed and kicked her shoes off. George got beside her and began to nuzzle her tits, pausing to kiss her lips.

Samantha began to unbutton his shirt, and he rose to take it off. He got off the bed and dropped his pants. He didn’t have underwear on so his hard cock stood at attention. George bent down and unbuckled Samantha’s belt and unfastened her slacks. He slowly slid them off her legs. He kissed her pussy and moved up to her mouth. Samantha’s hand grasped his cock and she guided the tip to her cunt. George pressed and it moved all the way in to her pussy.

Samantha moved on top and kissed his mouth their tongues played with each other. She moved her pussy up and down his shaft. She enjoyed the feeling of power it gave her. George let her do the work, but continued to kiss demetevler escort her and massage her breasts.

Samantha rose balancing herself on his cock and her knees and continued to move up and down on his shaft. Her breasts rose and fell with each movement. George felt his crises coming on and he strained and shot a load of cum in her. She moved down and kissed him.

“You are not done yet Mister.”

“What do you have planned Madam Samantha?”

She maneuvered her pussy over his head and allowed him to use his tongue to continue her pleasure. She leaned down and took his cock in her hand and massaged it hoping to re-energize it.

“You have a mouth also Sam,”

“Not in my bag of tricks I like watching.”

Her hand found his balls and she began to scratch the skin covering his jewels. After several minutes George started to become aroused. She got off of him but still kept her hand on his shaft.

“Come on Mister George it is time to make me happy,”

Samantha let go of his cock and straddled him, bringing her pussy near his mouth. George got out from under her and she lay back and opened her legs. George kissed his way down to her pussy but then stuck his tongue in the entrance. He inserted a finger and massaged her clit. Samantha twitched and moved every time he brushed her pleasure center. His mouth covered her vulva and he sucked until he felt her climax. He quickly replaced his mouth with his cock. He paused and kissed her, then began to move his cock in and out of her pussy. His hands massaged her breasts; rolling her nipples between his thumbs and fingers.

George continued to ram his cock in and out of her cunt. One thrust and he felt his cum explode. He continued to move his cock in and out and he felt Samantha also climax. He went down and kissed her. He got off of her and rolled her over and began to massage her back. Samantha closed her eyes and George lay next to her and also fell asleep.

George woke and was surprised that Samantha wasn’t next to him. He fished around and found his bathrobe and took the elevator down to the first floor. He walked into the kitchen and Samantha sitting at the table drinking.

“It is just lemonade, I found it in the fridge,” said Samantha

“Are you OK did I hurt you?” asked George.

“I’m fine; I woke up and wanted something to drink I was going to get water but I found the Lemonade. You might be wondering why I didn’t go down on your cock. When I hit puberty I was a wild child. My parents did not know how to control a budding witch and a hormone infused teenager. My folks were always traveling somewhere. I was home alone a lot with house staff as caregivers. They sent me to the Society’s summer camp, which got very wild. Then I went to high school and things really got weird.”

“Most normal parents think that girls of that age are witches even with out the trait,” said George.

“In school the group I hung out with had some boys that were real bastards and they got me to go down on them. We never had intercourse they just wanted the girls to suck their cocks. They would use intimidation and psychological pressure to get what they wanted. This was before Facebook but they had ways of getting girls to do what they wanted. Like all teenagers I craved acceptance. Because they were immature they didn’t care what the girl wanted. So after awhile I just stopped sucking male cocks. I told that group to fuck themselves and I started home schooling. I hope you don’t mind?” said Samantha.

“No I was just surprised by the comment,” replied George.

“Tell me more about you, Mister George. I got the “Linkedin” profile but fill in the details?” said Samantha

“From as young as I can remember I was good at recognizing patterns in lists. I was good in math and I could write computer code. The trait helped. But I was the stereotypical geek, the only time girls would interact with me was when they needed help in math. I had the felling that my mother paid some of them to go out with me. When I got to college I immersed myself in school. I wrote a data analyses program got some funding and started my first company. I also met my first girl friend, but it didn’t last.”

The sun was beginning to light up the sky. Samantha’s hand slipped down and found George’s hard-on. She stood and took the t-shirt she was wearing off and moved to the couch. George followed dropping the robe he was wearing. He got beside Samantha and his cock found the entrance to Samantha’s pussy; with a little pressure his cock was fully lodged in her cunt. He leaned down and kissed her, then began to fuck her pussy slowly.

“Mister George I’m not made of porcelain, I want it hard and fast.”

George picked up the pace and felt Samantha’s climax. He continued to move in and out trying to bring her off again. Samantha’ whole body went stiff and he felt his cock bathed with her fluid. He paused for a minute and went back to work fucking her pussy. On one stroke he felt his cock shoot a load of cum in her pussy. George’s cock fell out of her. He kissed Samantha ankara escort and allowed her to rest.

George went upstairs to his office and looked over his email. Most of messages were ads and they went into the digital dustbin. There was one message that came from a senior in college asking for advice on starting a company. He filed that one to read later. He felt Samantha’s presents in the room as she walked behind him and sat in a chair near the desk.

“You enjoy doing that don’t you?” said George.

“I haven’t practiced spells in so long it is great to work out. I don’t see you use many spells?”

“Like you I haven’t had many chances to practice,” said George.

“I may bring my computer over here and let you give me some lessons. In return I will let you fuck me and give you some remedial spell training. The sun is coming up and I wanted to tell you that I need to get back to my house, but I will be back later,” Samantha leaned over and kissed him, and suddenly vanished.

George heard the door open and saw the car materialize. Samantha got in and she was driving away from the house and toward hers. “I will look forward to your return,” said George to himself. He lifted the privacy spell and as he expected several messages appeared.

He went down to the basement and pushed against the wall and was transported to the same conference room as before.

“We were hoping to have Madam Samantha join us,” said the prefect.

“She left before I received you messages,” replied George.

“You mean before you lifted the privacy spell and let them in,” said the Assistant Prefect

George was silent; he sensed that a snappy comeback would not be appreciated.

“Have you, Madam Samantha, and Mister Moore formulated a plan to disrupt the renegades?” asked a third member of the panel.

“Sir I just arrived, I didn’t know that the situation existed; so no we have not come up with a plan,” said George.

“When we found out that you were in the area we were hoping that your business and organization talent would move the operation forward,” said the prefect.

“I will call a meeting tonight and see where they are, the last thing that Samantha told me was that they were hoping to get the civil authorities involved. Attack them on that front, so the society could keep its hands clean,” said George.

“Have your meeting but report to us tomorrow on the results,” said the assistant Prefect.

George’s insides started to feel sick as the conference room dissolved and he was back in his office. Moving through time and space always made his stomach feel bad. He sat in his office and started getting mad; the Society did not have a call on his time yet he was at their beck and call like a common servant.

He thought that some physical activity would calm him. It was warm enough to go for a swim. He put a pair of briefs on and grabbed a towel and walked outside. He slipped in to the water and started to swim laps. On the fifth lap he touched the wall and saw that he was looking into the business end of a .45 caliber pistol. Hanging on the other end was a man in a uniform.

“Do you want to tell me what you are doing here?” said the man.

“I am leasing the place from the Weldon family,” said George.

The man in the uniform put his pistol away. George kept his indignation in check; he was hopping to get the encounter over quickly.

“I’m Corcoran I provide security for the development. No one told me that the house had an occupant, I don’t like strangers snooping around.”

“Mr. Corcoran I didn’t appreciate having a gun drawn on me. You should have announced yourself before entering the property. I would appreciate it if you would leave now. If you need to check out my story, call the real estate agent.”

The man turned around and left; George watched as he drove away. He had the feeling that they would meet again. George transported to Samantha’s house and he found himself standing on her patio. Not bad for any practice in years he thought. The door opened and he walked in. Samantha spoke to him through a speaker.

“What are you doing?” asked Samantha

“I got a visit from someone saying that he provided security his name was Corcoran,” said George.

“That’s interesting,” said Samantha.

“I was swimming laps when I came to the wall I was staring into the barrel of a forty five automatic. Claimed that he was providing security for the development. I thought I would find out from you. Where are you anyway?” said George.

“Go to the room where we made love there are some clothes there, I will come and get you,” said Samantha.

George walked to the lower bedroom and found slacks a shirt and shoes stacked neatly on the bed. He took off the damp briefs and started to put on the slacks when he found a dry set of briefs. He finished buttoning the shirt when the walls dissolved and he found himself in a room with a desk.

Samantha opened the door and kissed him. She held up her finger to her mouth indicating that he needed to be quiet. Through gestures and reading her lips she said that she would return. She picked up a notebook on her desk and left. George sat in the chair across from the desk and waited for her to return. He heard muted conversations between Samantha and another person. Fifteen to twenty minutes later she walked through the door and kissed him again.

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