Wilmington Woman’s Club Ch. 60

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Chapter 60

April, 1990 – Val Catches Joe

Even on the rare nights when he was home with Val and their daughter, Caroline, his private line would ring, and an all too familiar glaze came across Joe’s eyes after he glanced at the number.

Val would seethe at what was sure to follow, and on occasion had thoughts of snatching it from his hand, and flinging it against the wall.

“I have to take this, he would say, and answer the phone, while Val glared at him, fighting the impulse to snatch it from his hand and fling it against the wall.

I don’t, Joe,Val thought as she left the room.This is it,she told herself.The final straw, he’d wrecked everything between them, hadn’t he?

She heard the front door close, and the soft cough of the BMW’s engine, and poured herself a glass of wine. A few minutes later, having finished the glass of wine, she went downstairs and did the only sensible thing under the circumstances. She found the bottle, and took it back upstairs with her.

After she had filled her third glass, she carried it and her wedding picture onto her bed. She sat and drank, and stared at Joe’s image.

At first she had been resigned to his change in behavior after his “contacts” started feeding him their money to launder. The money coming in was fantastic, but they did little with it. There had been no glamorous vacations on the French Riviera, no Swiss ski trips. Hell, not even a visit to Yellowstone Park.

She had taken her sister and her daughter, Caroline to Orlando and Disneyworld. Joe had been too busy funneling money to secret accounts in the Cayman’s to join them.

Joe had begun staying late at the office, claiming he had to meet certain clients after hours in order to circumvent unwanted attention to their business needs. Val had called him there several times, and he had always answered the phone, or on occasion, his secretary had, and called him to the phone.

But the lack of sexual attention in recent weeks had affected Val, made her hornier than usual, and she had always had a strong sexual appetite. She had also noticed that on one particular day, Thursday, she was usually unable to reach him at the office. Joe claimed he was meeting with various businessmen in the community. That the meetings were secret and had led to huge opportunities for him in the past, and he saw no reason to end them now.

Then she noticed the way he’d suddenly begun to ignore her at meals. Worse yet, it carried over into the bedroom. He told her the pressures of the job required all his concentration and sapped his energy. Val felt it was temporary thing at first, and then assumed he might be lying, but she still wanted him back, wanted things to be normal again.

And so Val decided to win him back.He needs a good screwing,she thought. “And so do I,” she said aloud, and completed the statement by pulling on a pair of white, thigh-high stockings. Moments later she stood, turning from side to side, admiring her supple body in the full-length mirror of her bedroom.

She selected a frilly Carolina blue dress from her walk-in closet; and having already completed her makeup, grabbed the keys to her Mercedes and left the house, carrying the dress in a garment bag. She wore a mink coat with nothing on beneath it except her stockings; for she intended to surprise him in his office.

We’ll go to dinner right after I blow him on that leather couch,she thought, as she tooled the magnificent automobile through the still heavy rush hour traffic.


Joe’s hands moved over Julie’s legs; felt her quiver under his touch. He reached the silky lingerie covering her ass, and then pushed his fingers up through the French-cut legs of her thong to feel the magnificent softness of her ass itself. His cock was screaming for release, but he commanded it to be patient, and listened to the quickening of her breathing under his skillful touches.

They kissed again, a long, lingering kiss, and then he looked down into the valley of her breasts framed by a wondrously maltepe escort designed bra. She smiled at him, and whispered, “I bought this bra for you. I won’t wear it for anyone else.”

He laughed, and traced a finger over the silken material, touching the pronounced bump in the fabric, causing Julie to throw her head back and moan.

“Here,” Julie said sensuously, “let me get rid of it. It’s served its purpose.”

His eyes took her in. Julie’s slimness alone was a marvel to him. She was almost an alabaster white, and in this warm climate that had most women sporting various shades of tan, made her standout all the more. Her breasts, freed of the support of the bra, hung slightly, but he couldn’t get over their size and the fact that she really didn’t need a bra to support them. When he reached out to fondle them, he realized that he could kiss and suck both her nipples at the same time if he pushed them together. This was impossible with Val, whose breasts were also gorgeous; but her breasts were smaller and tended to point away from one another, making what he could do with Julie impossible.

“I can kiss them too,” Julie said sensually, pulling the free one to her mouth and nipping at it before slurping her pink tongue over the newly spiked tip.

Joe, impressed with her lasciviousness, decided to rush things instead of prolonging the foreplay, and pushed her gently back across his desk.

“No, not yet!” Julie screeched in protest, and twisted away from his clutching hands. Free of his grip, she went to her knees.

And looking up at him with her doe-like eyes she whispered sexily, “I want to suck you off.” Then, breathing heavily, she began fumbling with the fly of his pants, and a moment later was pulling his slacks down to his knees.

Only moments after her pink tongue made contact with the head of his cock, Julie emitted a loud hiss, and sent her tongue swirling over his cockhead. With a low growl that sent a shiver down Joe’s spine, she yanked him from her mouth, spit on the crown, and deep throated him.

Joe was aghast. Julie had never been this forceful with him before. She yanked him out again, seemingly studied his prick for a second or two, and then, with a look of triumph, spit on him again, then swallowed his entire member, flexing her throat as it rushed down her gullet; and with her free hand, she sent a finger into his ass.

Astounded, Joe told himself that Julie was a world class cocksucker. Better than Val, better than Wanda, better than Bernie, or any woman he had ever had blow him. It also occurred to him that to hold such a position in his mind, she must have had plenty of practice, and so he violated a cardinal rule of his and said, “Christ, Julie, you’re damned good at this.”

She removed him from her mouth to respond. “Thank you, I try to please.”

“Oh, you please me. You’re the best I’ve ever encountered.”

“Thank you, again.”

“How many . . . I realize this may sound crude, but I’m really curious. How many cocks have you had… you know?”

She let him fall from between her lips. “Joe, that was crude and rude.” Then she grinned up at him, saying, “Besides, a woman never tells.”

“Ten?” he said, beginning a guessing game.

She was holding his erection in both hands, rubbing him as if trying to start a fire.


She laughed wantonly.



He decided that she had indeed blown more than fifty men in her twenty something years, and that she loved doing it. And, as he took her face in his hands to guide her back to his bobbing erection, he considered the possibility of putting this knowledge to use somewhere down the road.

He smiled at her, and gently pressed her shoulders down, smoothly directing her to her knees while he sat on the edge of his chair thinking that he finally had his mistress and deserved it; for he was now becoming one of the more powerful men in the community and possibly the state. If that night’s meeting mamak escort with Carlson and the others was what he thought it was.


Val parked her Jaguar in the bank’s garage at seven sharp.We’ll have a quickie in his office,she told herself.He’ll be so horny when I open the coat that he’ll be salivating as I drape myself across his desk.She smiled at the thought; then had another.Maybe I’ll blow him from under his desk.The thought appealed to her as she imagined Joe having to discuss a business matter with an associate while she had a tight grip on his dick.

Valerie parked her car in the bank’s private lot and went to the front door and waved to John, the guard/watchman. Startled by seeing her waving at him, he waved back, although not certain who he was waving at until he was at the front door.

“Hi, John, it’s Valerie, Joe Marcolina’s wife. He’s working late, and I wanted to surprise him. We have a dinner date in an hour. Can you let me in?”

John suddenly recognized Val, and nodded his head vigorously while fishing for the right key on the large key ring he wore on his belt. With the door finally open, he ushered Val inside, and quickly locked the door behind her.

“This is a surprise, Mrs. Marcolina. I almost never get any visitors in the evening. I just let ’em out, never in; you being the exception of course.”

“Thank you, John. I wanted to surprise my husband. It seems he’s working to hard, and to long these days. I decided to make dinner reservations for us, so I’ll tie him up, and carry him out if I have to.”

They both chucked over her pretentious threat, and John scurried after her, intent on leading her right to Joe’s office until she stopped him with a wave of her hand.

“It’s a surprise, John, remember?”

“Oh, yes, ma’am. A surprise it is. Well don’t you scare him to much, heh, heh, heh?”

“I won’t, I promise, John. I’ll see you on the way out.” Then as an after thought, Val added, “John, we may be a while before coming out. Don’t worry yourself about us. We’ll be out soon enough.”

“Yes, ma’am, I understand,” he said, and still smiling, turned around to head back to the entrance and his comfortable chair.

Valerie exited the elevator at the tenth floor, and nodded smiles to the few staff members she encountered, having met them all over time. She popped into the ladies room before heading to Joe’s office. Val stood in front of the mirror and gave herself a careful once over. Satisfied that everything was as it was supposed to be, she reapplied her lipstick, placed a tissue between her lips, and pressed down to remove any excess. Then, after tossing the tissue into the trash, she threw open the door and headed for Joe’s office.

As Val approached Joe’s office she was surprised to find no receptionist there. Then she recalled that his receptionist had been in an accident.He must be sharing one with a subordinate,she reasoned, and thought nothing more of it. Holding her fur coat tightly closed, she started to open his office door, but stopped on hearing a soft moan from inside.

Carefully, she opened the door an inch, and peeked inside. Joe was sitting in his expensive leather chair, but his hair was rumpled, and his shirt was half open.

Val heard another moan, and Val realized that it was coming from under Joe’s desk.Someone beat me to it!was the first thought to cross her mind. Then the full impact of what was happening registered, and she had to fight the impulse to rush in and confront them.

Surprisingly, a cool aloofness settled over Val, and as Joe leaned back in his chair and placed both hands on his benefactor’s head, urging her on, everything fell into place for Val like pieces of a puzzle. The late nights, the infrequent sex, the distancing he was putting between them, and all the lies he’d spun to make it happen, crystallized.

Val felt a smirk form on her face, and realized that she actually found the situation funny. Not funny, funny, but ludicrously funny. For Joe’s ankara escort face was reddening by the moment. She would have turned and left, having seen more than she needed to, but Val wanted to see the ‘other’ woman. She wanted to confront them, and so she stood there, waiting.

She had no idea how much time passed. It could only have been a few short moments; then Joe pulled his accomplice out from under the desk, never once glancing up where he would have had to have seen his wife watching them.

Julie clawed her way up Joe’s body, then hiked her dress up over her hips, and pulled her panties to one side. She placed his cock at her entrance and he sank into the warm envelope with a contented moan as they floated to the floor.

Val had to admit, Joe’s slut was a beautiful woman, with long thick hair falling over her shoulders. She noted that the woman had no need of a bra, and decided that she couldn’t be a day over twenty-two, if that.

It’s only been a minute, but to Val it felt like a lifetime. Joe leaned forward and took a nipple in his mouth, cupping the other breast in his hand. Julie ground down on his cock, and Joe started to climax.

“I can’t breathe!” Julie gasped, as he pounded away at her.

Joe rolled off her, and Julie, still trying to catch her breath, was reaching for some tissues to wipe her pussy with, when Val slowly clapped her hands, applauding their performance.

Startled, both Joe and Julie turned and saw her standing there. Joe’s semen was still spurting from his cock; a long string of cum already strewn across her thigh.

“Oh, my….” Joe didn’t finish the sentence.

Val opened her coat to display her nude body underneath.

They both gawked in surprise at Val’s action.

“Take a good look, you son-of-a-bitch. It’s the last time you’ll ever see it. I’m filing for a divorce in the morning. And don’t come home tonight, or I’ll put a bullet in your head!”


“Oh, shit!” Julie groaned, before jumping up and quickly tugging her dress down, and running past Val before she could react.

The hate in Val’s voice was unmistakable. “You rotten son-of-a-bitch!”

“Val… let me explain!”

Val didn’t wait for any explanation. She turned on her heel and stumbled from the office.

“Don’t hurt her,” he called after her, thinking Val was going after Julie. “It’s my fault!”

Val almost crashed into the guard as she ran tearfully into the lobby. She was trembling with fury because of what she had just witnessed, and having to stand there and wait while poor John fumbled at his key ring trying to open the door for her.

John had been around long enough to know not to question her. He valued his job, such as it was, too much to risk losing it over a family squabble.

Val reached the parking lot, had some trouble starting her car, and then, drove aimlessly for almost an hour before pulling over and calling Wanda.

“Get over here!” Wanda said, “and drive carefully!” Even so, Val nearly collided with a youngster driving a Corvette a block later. But after that she was fine until she saw Wanda coming to the front door. Then she was all tears.


Joe found Julie cowering in the ladies room. He’d had the presence of mind to bring her underwear with him, and he stood silently as she dressed.

When she was presentable, he spoke for the first time. “John… the guard at the front desk in the lobby knows, or should know what happened here tonight. I’ll have a word with him after I see you out.”

“She’ll be waiting for me. What if she’s got a gun?”

“Julie, she won’t be waiting for you. She’ll be waiting for me at home. It won’t be a pleasant evening, but she’ll get over it. I’ll apologize. I’ll buy her something … something appropriate. Maybe you might suggest something?”

Julie appeared to calm down a little. “Diamonds usually do the trick. But I’d hold off until she’s had a chance to curse you out.”

“Good thinking, Julie. Now as I was saying, John probably knows what happened. But he likes working here. He won’t say anything after I speak with him. He’s in line for a little raise, and this is just the time to let him know its coming.”

“You think of everything, Joe.”

“Not really. I didn’t anticipate Val’s dropping in on us.”

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