Why Don’t We Just Publish a map?

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After a long morning or family obligations I knew what I had to do. I had dropped something off at friend’s parents’ only 20 minutes away…. always the good and dutiful girl. Even though we had closed the cottage a few weeks earlier, he and a friend had taken a load of firewood up this weekend.

It was glorious Indian summer afternoon and I decided to make the 20-minute drive and pop in for a few minutes. I had mentioned I might drop in since I would be in the area. When I pulled in I think he already knew that at some point I would show up.

They were outside walking around when I pulled in and we all went inside. It was still warm for this time of year but the late afternoon was getting a bite to it. Being a “boys” weekend they had already had a couple of beer when I arrived. I only planned on staying for an hour or so since I still had the long drive back to the city ahead of me. Plans with fiends prevented me from staying over.

We sat around talking, discussing an upcoming trip we were taking, what they had been doing all day…just stuff. Earlier that day they had driven up to the next lake. I jokingly asked if you had pointed out any spots of interest along the way and he said “yeah, I showed him where we had sex” with a laugh. I went ten shades of red.

He then proceeded to comment about our adventures in the lake and other places. “Why don’t we just publish a map?” I asked…. half jokingly. We have a very healthy sex life as I have said before and location does not seem to be an issue. If the need arises we always seem to find a place and means.

We changed the subject and continued to chat for a while. As it began to get twilight I decided to head out.

On the drive home over roads I knew well, my mind wandered. I started actually thinking about what a map of our sex life that first 5 months would look like. I laughed to myself at how diverse it would be if we just took the area around the cottage.

The very first time we went to the cottage it was to drop something off for a neighbour. It was only our second “date”…mind you it lasted almost 48 hours. We were there for a very short amount of time but it involved a quick release. I love sucking his cock. It feels wonderful and for some reason excites me. Feeling him grow…feeling that hot cum rushing up his cock drives me crazy. As time has gone on I have come to learn what drives him crazy…. how to control his pleasure and can prolong it and tease him unmercifully. And he loves it. But I digress. So on our first visit that lasted 20 minutes, a quick blowjob in one of the bedrooms.

A few weekends later there was family around but our passion did not seem to go away. esat escort We went into town and ended up going for a drive, just to have some time alone and it turned out to have sex. We discovered this little loop off a main, if you could call it that, road. We pulled off there to just sit. Well that did not last long. We started kissing which drives us both crazy. My bra came off and when he started playing with my nipples I had to have his cock. My nipples are very sensitive and he has this way of gently touching them that send shivers right to my pussy. When his tongue is on them I start flooding… I had to have him. We grabbed a towel from the trunk and figure the hood of the car would work. We spread the towel…. I spread my legs…. he entered…and I slid off. So much for a sloping hood. We tried the seat (bucket seats suck). He came up with idea of the trunk. Have to give him credit for being inventive. Sitting on just the edge of the trunk he entered me. Now not only were we extremely horny but this was to be our first “bareback” encounter. Feeling HIM enter me with nothing between us was incredible. I could feel the heat from his cock and he felt all my wetness on him. “You caused that you know” was my response when he commented on how wet I was. Feeling him sliding in and out, driving into me, and knowing we were feet from passing cars gave things that extra edge. Perhaps there is a slight exhibitionist streak in me…. He continued to slide in and out and then picked up the pace and really fucked me. That drove me…and us…over the edge. Feeling his cock explode inside me just made me want more. Unfortunately time and location was against us. That and the mosquitoes.

As I continued to drive and think about all the places we had sex I must say I was getting a little moist. My mind wandered to the boat. A great party boat but also a wonderful place for us to play. There has been the time I sucked him dry while tied to the dock. What a wonderful way to spend an evening. A nice bottle of wine, a gentle breeze and my favourite cock sliding down my throat. This always made him groan. As soon as my lips touch his abdomen at the base of the cock a low groan always comes out. He feels so good in my mouth I cannot resist taking every inch of him I can get inside. Mmmmmm..just the thought of it now makes me damp. My lips completely surrounding him…turning is a slight corkscrew motion and my tongue circling the head of his cock. For some reason he really seems to like this. But again I digress….

The boat has also seen us fuck on the lake watching a glorious sunset. Feeling him sliding into me and the gentle rocking of the waves was etimesgut escort heavenly. We also spent one of the last sunny afternoons of the season on the water, relaxing, having a couple of drinks and playing around. We anchored and were sitting talking. We soon ended up with me snuggled up to him and one thing lead to another. Soon my hand was on his cock and to my surprise it was hard (I wasn’t really surprised). Since it was such a nice afternoon the lake was very busy so actually fucking was out of the question. But I wanted his cock. And when I want something I usually get it. I dropped to me knees on the floor in front of him. “What are you doing?” he asked. “Isn’t it kinda obvious? No one can see my face and if they see the back of my head I don’t really care. Live a little….now just sit back and enjoy”. We were anchored a fair distance from anyone else so we thought everything was OK. I spread his legs and licked that sensitive spot just behind his balls. I licked his balls taking first one then the other in my mouth and sucking them. I licked up that line between his balls and swirled my tongue around the base of his cock. At this point I don’t think he would have cared who went by. As I started to really suck his cock he started noticing more boats going by. No big deal. I continued what I was doing. I took him deep in my mouth swirling my tongue around. I moved my head up and down…faster…faster…then slowed off. The sun and breeze felt great….as did his hard cock…and I wanted this to last. When people started going by and honking and waving we thought something might be up. But hey….I really didn’t care.

The first time we had sex in the water was after a celebration of a family engagement at a neighbour’s. We came back to the cottage and decided to go skinny-dipping. You have no idea how impressed at his “ability” I was considering the water temperature and the amount of celebrating that went on. Feeling the cool water around us and his hot cock sliding into me was an incredible feeling. We were standing on a slippery rock and my natural double D flotation devices helped keep us buoyant but the moss on the rock eventually won out. I am really hoping we can continue this little adventure on our upcoming trip to the Caribbean. Making love in the water was a wonderful feeling.

I guess one night we got a bit carried away and were a little louder than we thought. The next morning other people commented that surely we could go a couple of days without sex. Well I suppose we could, but why would we? Often with schedules, etc. we only see each other on weekends and let’s say we make up for lost time. We went to bed ankara escort with the intent of going to sleep. I never wear anything to bed and have gotten him into this habit, at least when he sleeps with me. We started kissing and touching each other. We were both so horny that we had to do something. To make sure we were a little more discrete we retreated to the back porch one night, blanket in hand. I leaned over the top step and he came up from behind. He thrust in deep…god that felt good. He pulled out to thrust again and somehow now was aiming at my ass. Now this is something that he has wanted to try for a while and that night he came very close. Maybe something else to try on our upcoming vacation (you bring the condoms and I will bring the lube). We got back on track and he drove in deep and fucked me hard. I rolled over and with my legs over his shoulders we both exploded. God he feels so good inside me. Even after being there more times than I can count feeling even the head of his cock enter me still sends little shockwaves through me.

Cooler fall weather didn’t even stop our little adventures. One particular afternoon I was feeling a bit stressed. It had been a weird weekend and I needed some time alone with him. We went for a walk in the bush, just to talk and be together. We stopped in what looked like it could have been some kind of quarry years ago. He took me in his arms and we kissed. That kiss took some of the stress I had been feeling way. It was exactly what I needed and I told him so. Without feeling as stressed I was back to being myself…which meant when around him horny!! Due to circumstances and time it had been a couple of days since we had done anything and I needed him badly. As I said I LOVE sucking his cock. Now of course I would much sooner be fucked but sometimes that is just not possible. If I couldn’t really have him inside me I was going to have his cock down my throat. He sat down on a slope between some rocks. I knelt between his legs and lowered his pants to reveal that cock I knew so well. I wanted it….needed it to release what stress I had left. I licked him and sucked him dry in that cool autumn air. It was only after I had another wonderful load of cum down my throat did I realize I had been kneeling on a very pointy rock. Thankfully it was beyond short weather or someone would surely have asked how I got this abrasion on my leg.

The lights and increased traffic of the city brought be out of my wonderful diversion. I must say these thoughts made the drive much more pleasant.

We are very fortunate to both have healthy libidos. It makes things very interesting. On one weekend trip we fooled around 12 times in 2 and a half days. I can’t believe we actually kept track but that was early in our relationship. Even now playing around two or three times a day is not unusual. We are going away for a week soon and I think we should aim for a nice round number….how does 20 sound baby?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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