What A Girl Wants

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It had been one of those insanely wrong days. I know you know the ones I mean. Everything goes wrong. Not one single thing gives you a break from the chaos. That was my day today.

Work was hell, the bosses were on a rampage. My friends were all mad, or just not speaking to me. My truck had broken down on the way to work, and had cost me all my extra cash, and made me late in the process. My jeans had ripped, and my mascara had smeared.

I’d heard nothing but complaints all day long. And then, after work, I needed to shop. Groceries had to be gotten. And the holiday season demanded that presents be bought. I just wasn’t in the holiday spirit. Hell. I just wasn’t in a good mood. I loaded everything in the truck and drove home, exhausted. Every muscle I had ached, and my head joined in the party. I was miserable.

I pulled in, fumbled my keys and unlocked the door, only to realize yet again, I’d be the one to carry it all in and put it all away. I got everything done and stripped off on my way to the shower. I started the water and jumped right in. I let the water get a little too hot, lathered up and took time shaving my legs.

There’s nothing better than silky smooth legs. Well, I take that back, there is. A nice silky hairless pussy is better, and I did that too. I leaned against the shower wall, letting the hot water cascade over me. I love the way a torrent of warm water feels over my breasts. It makes my nipples ache to be touched. I let my hand stray to my mound, and teasingly worked the tip of a finger in my pussy. Fuck it, I was too tired to get myself off. I turned the water off and got out. I dried off, shook out my hair as best I could and fell in bed.

I guess it was one of those days where I would sleep like the dead. Because I never felt the handcuffs go around my wrists, or heard the soft click of them locking into place. I didn’t even feel it when he pulled the covers off of me. I woke up with his mouth on me, his tongue stroking at my clit. Oh, goddess, be, I have bedava bahis to be dreaming. I didn’t even want to open my eyes.

He continued licking me, teasing me to the brink of orgasm with those soft kitten like laps of his tongue that I could never get enough of, especially to start me up. The hard sucking and nibbling could come later, but I loved those gentle strokes of his tongue.

I moaned and twisted my hands, I’d almost forgotten about those cuffs. I opened my eyes. He looked up at me and I came in his mouth the minute I locked eyes with him. He kept on, sucking and licking at me until the orgasm was over. Then he rose up, sitting between my spread eagle legs, completely naked, his hard-on jutting out proudly.

He never spoke, but picked up my foot, massaging it slowly, bending to kiss the top of it, while working his way up my leg. No inch was left undone, and he tap-danced his fingertips over my mound before trailing his fingers down my other leg to massage the other foot and place a kiss atop it as well. This done, he absently stroked his cock with his hand, bending down to kiss my lips softly, but pull way before I could taste his mouth fully.

I moaned in frustration and was rewarded with a smile, and his hands on my breasts. He was playing with them, rolling them in his hands as if trying to judge the heft of them. He squeezed them gently in his hands, working his way around each one, slowly moving in towards my already erect nipples. Finally, he took those in his hands, softly. He rolled them across his palms before enclosing them, to gently pinch and tug at them.

I held my breath and watched as his head descended , watching captivated as his tongue slid between those cupids bow lips of his to stroke the tip of one nipple, then the other. He returned to the first and blew a slight puff of air on the still wet tip and sent shivers through me, before finally, taking it in his mouth. I never took my eyes off his mouth latched around my nipple.

It bedava bonus was a sight I loved. I couldn’t wait to be pregnant for him, to see him nurse at my breasts, the milk on his lips. I loved the way he latched onto them and suckled them, always nipping at them at just the right time to make me melt. It was amazing. Something I’d came from many times. Today was no different, only softer. And he only switched breasts after I had a nice cum, and he teased the other until I was thrashing around, begging him to fuck me.

“I need it”. I bit out between gasps. He simply smiled, he still hadn’t spoken a word. He shrugged then, moving back from me, towards the bottom of the bed. He grabbed my thighs and forced my legs apart roughly, and was rewarded with a rush of wetness from between my legs. I loved it when he took charge and made me his all too willing toy. He held my thighs apart and ever so slowly lowered his head, the tip of his tongue already licking his lips. Mmmmmm.

I wanted to kiss him. And I wanted him to go ahead and make me cum. I couldn’t decide what I needed more at that moment, so he decided for me by gently stroking my slit with his tongue, before delving deeper to really eat me. He always went wild on me, licking and sucking so hard it almost hurt in the intensity. But not this time. He eased me open, caressing me with his fingers and moving his tongue gently against my clit.

Flick after flick of his tongue ever so softly on my clit and I was cumming under his mouth, moaning and begging him to take me. He lapped me up all through my orgasms, and lavished one almost hard tongue probing kiss on my drenched pussy before moving into position between my thighs, but he didn’t lean down and push into me the way I wanted.

Instead, he sat back. The tip of his cock just barely in contact with my pussy. He slid his hand over his cock to my pussy lips, and he rubbed his cock up and down my slit, getting it wet. I moaned and told him I needed all of it and he deneme bonusu shook his head. He did let it slip into me, but just the head and that he moved around inside of me, teasing me. Making me drip onto the bed.

He leaned over me, and brought his lips to mine, tracing my lips with the tip of his tongue before slitting into my mouth, tracing my tongue with his, and gently biting into my lips. He was still teasing me, edging back whenever I thrust up to get more of him inside of me, and finally, he slowly slid into me. I felt every inch of him as he stretched me, and I loved the slow process. I closed my eyes to savor the moment, and felt him shift, to bring his head down onto my chest, and his tongue was flicking at my nipple, as he drove in and out of me.

I didn’t last but a minute before I was cumming on him again. I struggled with the cuffs and brought a smile from him. He kept on, urging me higher and higher, but then he started pausing, as if he wanted to stop the orgasm that was ever so close and within reach. His mouth fed on me hungrily, sucking at my nipples, biting at the flesh of my breasts, and then trailing up, to suck and bite on my neck. I was in ecstasy, overwhelmed by the building tension and the excitement of his bites.

Finally, he started driving into me quicker, slamming me back against the headboard. I was loving it. “Baby, please, Fuck me hard. Cum for me.” I gasped, my breath coming jaggedly as I fought to breathe and still move to meet his thrusts. He sped up even more and I was cumming in an instant. Gushing fluid against him as I listened to his ragged breaths. As the spasms weakened, I heard him groan and knew he was ready to cum. I felt him let loose inside of me, and enjoyed the orgasm that washed over me as his cum flooded my pussy, and his mouth bit down hard on my shoulder.

It took ages for me to catch my breath and settle down. I couldn’t even speak for a couple of minutes, in which time he took off the handcuffs and tossed them in the floor, placed a kiss on my mound, pulled up the blankets, and settled down beside of me, drawing my head in to rest on his shoulder. “Oh, how I love you.” I whispered to him when I could talk. “I’ve had such a hard day, and you always seem to know just what a girl wants!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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