We’re Not Here To Hear The Ocean.

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The evening is cool but the bonfire is dry and warm. We’re sitting together on a big, flat rock, listening to the din of our friends’ voices and the roar of the ocean. I lean over and softly whisper on your ear how horny I am. You arch an eyebrow and grin at me, then take my hand and lead me away from the group. We find a secluded place behind a huge boulder, lay down a blanket and you throw me into the sand.

You lay on top of me, kissing me deeply, touching my nipples underneath my shirt, kissing my neck and biting my lips. You feel so good I just keep pulling you into me, you can’t ever get close enough…I bite your neck and suck gently…all over the side of your neck, it’s so warm. I nip your earlobes and trace the outside of your ear with the tip of my tongue, and whisper in your ear how wet I’m getting…

I roll on top of you and unzip your pants with a quick, deft motion. I move back, hovering over your zipper, letting my hot, wet breath warm your hard-on. I lick it up and down with the tip of my tongue as one hand slides in between your legs and cups your firm balls. I pull your rock hard erection from güvenilir bahis your pants and wrap my full lips around them, my mouth going up and down slowly. With each stroke upwards I use my whole tongue along the underside of your organ, flicking the tip over the head. My other hand grips your shaft, following my mouth. I moan softly, “mmmmm,” creating gentle vibrations that send a shiver of pleasure up your spine. You feel yourself getting close and tell me that you’re about to cum. I want you to cum in my mouth. I quicken my strokes and tighten my grip, pushing you over the edge. Your warm, salty seed spills into my mouth and I swallow every last drop.

You roll me onto my back once more and your hand traces the waistband of my jeans and then plunges below. You trace the inside of my pussy lips with a finger and then push it inside me…I wriggle underneath you with pleasure…it feels soooo good but it only teases me because I’m aching for you to be inside me.
I caress your cock through your jeans cupping it and rubbing it. You make that come hither motion inside me with your finger tips, massaging my g-spot. türkçe bahis With your other hand you grab my hand and guide it to my clitoris.

Getting the hint from you, I touch myself…I’m so wet, all I have to do is make soft circular motions and it feels incredible combined with your fingerfucking me. I can’t stop moaning, I don’t care who hears me. Seeing your sexy, sexy grin as I get louder and more out of breath drives me even wilder. I just can’t control myself… it’s not enough. I beg you to fuck me. Please, I want you inside me, right now on this blanket on the sand. Nail me. Fuck me till I scream. My pleads drive you over the edge; you bite my neck hard while you unzip your pants to unleash your hard, luscious erection and slide it into my dripping wet pussy almost simultaneously.

I practically scream at the sensation of your hard cock sliding into me, I was aching so badly for you. You drive it into me, my legs tight around your waist as if I’m holding on for dear life. I love it when you fuck me like this. I dig my fingernails into your back as you ram me. I tighten my (pc) muscles around your cock, güvenilir bahis siteleri feeling every wonderful, hard inch of you go in and out.

All of the sudden you pull out and tell me to get on my hands and knees. As I get into position you smack my ass and tell me how hard you’re going to fuck me doggy-style. You plunge your cock, dripping with my juices, into my pussy. I move my ass towards you, meeting your thrusts. I tell you to spank me and you eagerly oblige with an open hand while I tell you to keep fucking me hard.

To give you a break I tell you that it’s my turn to fuck you. You lay down on your back and I straddle your cock, sliding down onto it as slowly as possible. I move my hips forward and back on your shaft. I dig my fingernails into your chest and bite my lip. In a few minutes that warm, electric feeling starts to spread out, turning into waves of pleasure. I move quicker, I moan louder and we both get closer to orgasm, feeling that wonderful friction. I feel your strength, you feel so good underneath me and inside of me and then my orgasm crests. I fuck you faster and harder as your own climax begins and your face contorts as you let out a deep groan. I hold onto you tightly and collapse on top of you…after a few minutes you roll over to zip up your jeans, feeling my wetness all over you. I can’t wait to have you again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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