Weekend Visit

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After five years of talking to you online and going through endless amounts of calling cards, it was finally happening. You arrived at around 10:30 and I was afraid you weren’t going to make the check-in time, but we made it, thankfully.

I didn’t go in with you because I knew they would make you pay for two people. While you were inside I couldn’t think about anything other than how excited I was to see you. I couldn’t believe that after all this time you were here, in my town, staying for a few days.

You walk into the hotel room, leaving the door open for me. I quickly get out of the car and walk in so the lady at the front desk won’t see me.

I walk in and sit down beside you on the couch in the room. You get up and start getting your stuff situated. I sit uncomfortably on the couch, mainly because of excitement, but a little bit anxious of what you’re thinking as well.

I decide to go take a shower, both to clean up after the show and to give us both a little bit of time to clear our heads and figure out how to act around each other.

In the bathroom I turn on the water and start undressing. There are no words for how nervous I am, but how turned on I am that you are just outside the door while I’m standing in the bathroom naked.

I step into the shower and close the curtain behind me and start washing my hair. I mull over all of the possibilities in my mind as I let the water run down my body. I’m not sure if it is safe to let my mind wander in this direction, because I am still unsure if you are excited to see me or disappointed.

Still, I can’t help the sensations that are starting to stir in my body and I let my hands start doing some wandering of their own. I grab my tits in my hands and then let my hands run up my chest and onto my neck.

I slide them down my body again, this time across my belly and hips. I still can’t believe you’re just a few feet away as I run my hands over my body, wishing they were your hands.

I suddenly realize that I’ve moaned out loud and I’m unsure of how long I’ve been doing it. I freeze completely wondering if you’ve heard me, but I can still hear you rustling around the room, so I relax and finish showering.

As I turn the water off, I don’t hear you anymore. I look around for my towel…and I don’t have it.

“J, can you bring me a illegal bahis towel? They’re on the shelf above the closet.” I yell, having seen them as we came in the room, but having forgotten to grab one.

I stand nervously behind the curtain as you walk in the bathroom, and I stick out one wet arm to grab the towel, not even looking at you. I’m afraid of how I’ll react if I see you in the room with me, as turned on as I already am.

“What’s that?” you ask me.

I poke my head out the curtain to see what you’re talking about and realize you were just trying to make me look at you.

“Jerk,” I laugh and grab the towel and go back behind the curtain. I’m breathing so hard because I wanted to just grab you and bring you inside the shower with me. I hear the door close as you walk out.

I wrap the towel around me and open the shower curtain to see you standing in front of me. I had heard the door close, but you had never left.

I just stand there staring at you and you nearly knock me to the floor when you grab me and kiss me. I can’t feel my legs as I realize that the towel drops to the floor.

‘Oh my GOD!’ I think to myself. I can’t even believe that I’m standing pressed up against you, kissing you, as I hear the towel hit the floor.

‘Maybe he didn’t notice,’ I think. You prove me wrong when your hand goes further down my back and then reaches around and grabs one of my tits.

I feel like I’m on fire everywhere you touch me. All I can do is moan, because no words will come out of my mouth.

You don’t stop kissing me as you lead me out of the bathroom. My head is spinning as we get to the bed and you lean on me, pushing me to the bed.

Before I know it, your hand on my tit is replaced by your mouth. I feel like I’m going to go crazy. I can’t even comprehend what you are doing to me. You run your hand down my belly and across my hips, crossing over near my pussy.

You barely trace around it with your finger and then start rubbing my clit. You switch your mouth to my other tit and start sucking on my nipple. I can’t even exhale at this point, all I can do is gasp. When I finally exhale, it comes out in one long moan. I feel your teeth tugging at my nipple and I can barely take it.

You start kissing my neck and I start rocking against your hand. Having my neck kissed drives illegal bahis siteleri me wild. You stick one finger inside of me and I know you’re just teasing.

“I…need…more,” I somehow manage to say. You stick a second finger inside of me and at my moaning approval, a third. Just the insertion of your third finger sends me over the edge and I scream out at you that I’m cumming.

I rock my body against your hand as you suck hard on my neck all through my orgasm.

Once my body stops moving, you bring your fingers up to my face and run them along my lips. I open my mouth and you stick your fingers inside and I suck them clean. I pull your shirt over your head and frantically start pulling your shorts down as I kiss you hard.

You stick your tongue deep inside my mouth and I know it’s because you can taste my pussy on my tongue. I’m hoping it won’t be the only time you’ll taste me.

I get you undressed and I roll you over onto your back. I kiss down your chest and belly. My tits graze your dick and I can feel how hot and hard it is. I let my tits linger on them as I kiss your body.

I bring my mouth to your dick and I slowly lick your shaft. I take you inside my mouth and start sucking on the head of your dick. I lower my head and take more of you inside my mouth.

Your dick is so hot inside my mouth, and I’m salivating more than I have at any other time in my life. I feel your hands on my head and it makes me moan. You gather my hair into a messy ponytail and you push my head further down. I can’t take all of you and you pull my head back up a little bit.

Before I know it, I’m back on my back and you’re fucking my mouth with your dick. You fuck my mouth relentlessly and I can feel your dick hitting the back of my throat. You straddle me and pull my head up to meet your dick again and push my head harder against you, pushing your dick further down my throat. It hurts but it feels so good too.

Just when I think you’re about to cum, you pull your dick from my mouth and start kissing down my body. I feel you get close to my pussy, which is dripping wet, and I shiver with excitement.

You stick two fingers inside me, then a third after you realize how wet I am, and then start licking my clit. I can’t stop moaning, but I manage to open my eyes long enough to look down at you canlı bahis siteleri and you look up at me.

Seeing your eyes while you lick my pussy drives me crazy. I put my hands on your head and you lick me faster. You pull your fingers out of me and stick your tongue as deeply as you can inside of me.

By this time I’m squeezing my own tits and I just can’t take anymore.

“Oh God, please fuck me J. Oh FUCK me! Damn it!”

You bring your face up to me and kiss me. You get on top of me and I feel you slide inside of me. You feel so good inside of me and all I can do is repeat “Oh my God, oh my God,” over and over again.

I tell you to wait, and I move to the side and start crawling on top of you. I slide down onto your dick and I moan as I feel you go deep inside of me. I start riding you as hard as I can and my tits are bouncing near your face. You reach down and rub my clit as I ride you and I can barely hold on again. I start fucking you harder and harder and then scream as I have my second orgasm.

You slowly push me down to the bed stand beside me.

“Lay on your belly,” you say, and I flip over.

“Now put your ass in the air,” and I lift up on all fours.

You grab my hips and start fucking me from behind. You stand beside the bed so you can just pull me onto your dick.

I’m still recovering from my orgasm and having you from this angle is making it so deep and it feels amazing. Again you gather up my hair and hold it with one hand while you pull me toward you with the other.

I’m rocking to meet you every time you go deeper inside of me. You pull a little harder on my hair and it makes me smack my ass against you even harder. I love you pulling on my hair while you’re deep inside my pussy.

You yank on it again and I start to have another orgasm. I scream out again, unable to be quiet.

“I’m going to cum,” you tell me. “Where do you want it?”

I flip over and sit on the edge of the bed facing your dick.

“Cum on my face and tits, please J!”

I no sooner get the words out than your cum starts hitting my face. I open my mouth and swallow a bit of it as you finish cumming on my tits. You let out a moan as I rub your cum into my skin and squeeze my tits.

I lay back on the bed and you lay down beside me. We’re both exhausted and I turn and kiss you.

“So, think we can go again in about thirty minutes?” I ask you.

“Maybe sooner than that,” you answer.

I laugh and kiss you again and put my arm across your chest.

“I’m glad you decided to visit,” I say.

“Me too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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