We Finally Meet

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I had been strolling along the corridors of the train, looking for the bar car to kill some time on this ungodly three day ride through Europe.

We had only been 3 hrs. into the trip and already I was bored and I had no interest in writing my stories, I was too tense and needed to unwind, and then she appeared, this vision of loveliness before me. She sat working on her computer as I walked nearer, inhaling her fragrance as it wafted through the air. She had long reddish brown hair, with these amazing eyes. Her lips formed to make a tantalizing smile as she stopped to read over whatever she was writing. She was wearing a blue dress that only enhanced her white soft skin, that showed off her delicious cleavage and instantly it began to make my cock twitch. Damn, that fucking piece of meat always was uncontrollable, with a mind of its own always seemingly at the wrong time.

I guess her to be late thirties early forties at the latest. Well now the bar car was going to have to wait and I took a seat nearby so I could watch this beautiful specimen of a woman. It is funny because I have always said if you are aware of your senses, you could read people without knowing them, picking up whether they were sensuous, sexual, or down right kinky. This woman was all three, I was sure of it, she just reeked of sex, and I do not mean her scent literally. But there was this aura, mystique about her that just said fuck me if you dare. That she gave as good as she got.

I slowly worked my way behind her, pretending to want a change of views ever few minutes. Finally I was behind her, and casually I tried to look over her shoulder and past her. It was then I asked her about a wooden bridge pan coming up, playing the tourist card. Expecting a French or Italian accent, I was shocked to hear that North American twang instead of the foreign accent coming out of that sweet mouth.

As she told me she was not sure and was just on her way back to Italy where her husband was stationed. I looked down and was startled to see the words, fuck, suck, cunt on what she was working on. I mean I did not get a chance to read it all, but somehow those words jumped right out at me. Damn, I knew I was right, this beautiful thing was definitely in to the erotic and that was something I could relate to being a writer of erotica myself. She looked back smiling at me and I could feel an instant attraction. Her white teeth shone, and her eyes danced. She asked me to sit across the table and talk as it would help pass the time away. She closed her laptop, and it was then I suggested maybe finding the bar car and we could have a glass of wine or something. It is funny, being a writer, you seem to think the words will just flow, but in real life, we stutter and stammer the same as the rest of people.

We waited for a conductor to walk by and he told us where the bar car was, and off we went in search of liquid courage.

I ordered a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, and she has a Pinot Grico. We looked into each other’s eyes and I am sure we both knew we were going to fuck somewhere on this train before we got off. We smiled, we laughed, and we talked. We were both married, I was 14 yrs. older than her, and she had lived overseas for a few years now. Her husband on a base and she tinkered in graphic design part time, as her husband did not really like her working. It was funny, the drinks just made the honesty flow, and I told her she was fucking smoking hot, to which she blushed and said for an older man, you are definitely potential lover material. I was floored to say the least, but turned on and honoured as well.

We had another drink and then it was my turn to be bold. I had seen a bit of your writing when we were back I the scenic car, I noticed a few choice erotic words, and do you write?

She blushed and told me she dabbled as an amateur writer, specializing in erotic fantasies. I grinned ear to ear, and toasted her, and said so do I!

Well as things unravelled, she asked me where I wrote, and canlı bahis I shyly told her, I posted on a UK site called Short Fiction. She damn neared keeled over, grinning ear to ear; she said that is where she posts. What? I exclaimed. Really? She said what name do you write under, and I told her TheChameleon. Her jaw dropped and she grabbed her chest gasping for air. She looked at me with the most magnificent smile I had ever scene. You are not going to believe this, I am clickingthekeys!

What the fuck were the odds I would meet not only another author from the site, but probably the woman whose works most resembled what I wrote. We were both known for dominant sex orientated erotica, and we had conversed a bit back and forth the last few months always congratulating each other on the others stories, even exchanging fantasies of what we would do if we ever had the chance to be together, and now it was really here.

I would not normally say that fantasy images of a person would ever exceed in real life, but this one did. She was a sex goddess if there ever was one. Clickingthekeys was every bit the temptress you read about in her stories. She leaned forward and one of her fucking tits almost spilled out and the glimpse of her hard puffy nipple made my mouth water. She smiled at me, and said maybe we should get a couple of bottles of wine and head back to her sleeper car.

Once in her car, she wasted no time stepping into my arms, kissing me as if we had been lovers for the last 10 yrs. Our lips locked in the most natural way, as if we had been meant to be together. It was not rushed, but not waiting either, just exploring, tasting.

My hands dropped down and gathered in the most fucking perfectly shaped bum I had ever held.

I figured now or never, I was going to see if she had been serious, and I reach up and grabbed her long hair, pulling it sharply. I looked at her and said, well my slut, I guess it is time to see if you are as nasty as you say you are. She just smiled and replied, I am, and now is time to see if you can make me yours or if you are all talk.

With that challenge, I slowly tugged on her blouse popping one button at a time, staring right into her eyes. It was one of those rare moments when you just know, the steamy come hither look in her eyes. Her tits, while not the largest, had a beautiful round firmness to them. Her nipples were already hard and begging to be abused and I wasted little time n making them wait. I twisted on while biting into the other. Her hands went to my hair, running through it, pulling me closer. I pulled the one nipple as far out as I could without detaching it, and all it did was elicit a throaty moan from her. I let go of the tit in my mouth and clamped them on her other engorged nub. Shit, this woman loved it, not just accepting, but actually loving it. I pushed her away and without words, she removed her top, while I unbuckled my trousers and let them fall to the floor. She stood up, pushing my shirt over my head and then she leaned down to suck and bite my nipples.

Christ, this woman knew her way around a man’s body. As she played with my little areolas, she pushed my briefs down, and her hand found my throbbing piece of meat.

There was a strand of pre-cum that damn near reached the floor, and she used her fingers to corral it and then she lifted her face from my chest and she licked them clean while looking directly at me. The temptress in her was alive and well, the teasing soon to be cocksucking slut.

I stepped out of the briefs, and took my socks off. Clickingthekeys smiled, undid her skirt and dropped it and she stood there in her thong panties.

Leaving her heels on, she told me to reach into the closet and bring out the smaller piece of luggage. I did as I was asked and then she directed me to open it. Fuck, it was full of sex toys, vibrators, dildos, paddles, a riding crop and then a small case. When I opened it up, to my amazement and happiness, I found a set of chained nipple clamps.

She bahis siteleri sat there smiling, and I held them up and she let out a sigh of approval.

Walking over to her, she pulled and tugged her tips, making them harder. I placed the first clamp over one nipple and started to turn the small button to tighten it. Soon her nipple was a little fat protrusion past the clamp. I could see her wincing, so I gave it another ¼ turn just to let her know I was in charge still. I then did the same to the other.

It was dark out, and we were travelling through the country side. I grabbed her hands and took her over to the window. I raised the blind and had her place her hands o the wall, her face and tits on display. I turned out the main cabin light but left the corner lamp on, for a silhouette effect.

I told her not to move no matter what. I then grabbed the paddle, and I gave her plump ass a small but firm swat. Her head fell back, her beautiful long hair cascading down her back. She was enjoying it, just like she said she would. I gave her a few more firm swats, and then I ran my hand between her legs. Fuck she was wet!

Her cunt was sopping, and I was going to keep it that way. I licked my fingers clean extracting some revenge in the teasing department. I put the paddle down and grabbed the crop, and her eyes lit up. There was no doubting this woman loved to play. I pushed her legs open a bit and also back so she was leaning against the window for support. The sound of the crop slicing through the air just before hearing it hit flesh in itself is an aphrodisiac to people like us. The first one left a thin red welt across both her ass cheeks, and al she did was groan and push it out further. I let a couple more go in rapid succession. Soon her ass was bright red and very warm to the touch.

She turned around and then squatted. She too my hard cock between her lips and promptly swallowed the whole thing. She licked and sucked on that fat sausage of mine like there was no tomorrow. She smiled and told me it was as good and big as I showed her. She told me she had been practicing sucking cock deep with her husband, lying on her back, head hanging down until she could eventually deep throat, and all I could say is, well dam, it sure worked.

She started to suck me again, using her tongue, to lick, her lips to hum and swallowing every bit of stringy cum I could muster. Just as I was getting close she must have sensed it, because she stopped spun me around and then I bent over on to the bed, and she started to suck and lick my testicles from behind. Jesus, this woman knew what she was doing. She licked and sucked, then pulled back a bit and I felt her tongue searching between my ass cheeks. She used her hands to pry the cheeks apart, and then I felt the tip off her tongue pushing, entering my ass. She used her spit to lubricate me and then she forced it in deeper, licking all around the inside rim. My hand went for my cock stroking it, only to realize I might pop too soon and I squeezed the base as hard as I could to prevent myself from blowing my wad.

As soon as she pulled back for air, I revered it, and I pushed her back on the bed, prying her legs apart, I prepared to feast on her delicious cunt. Her labia lips were beautiful and sticking out for me. I wasted no time tugging on them with my mouth.

Her cunt was a dark pink color, and so very wet as I licked, nibbled and yes even bit gently on those fat cunt lips. Her hands were already busy exposing her clit, pulling upwards and I took the hint and began to lick away. Her hips started to rise to meet every tongue lash. I needed more nastiness, so I rolled her over on to her knees and I started at the most beautiful big heart shaped ass. Fuck me, I thought, I have been looking for this my whole life. I pushed her bottom open and I placed my face between them and I went to town rimming that perfect tight brown hole of hers.

Clickingthekeys pushed her sweet ass back, trying to get my tongue deeper. bahis şirketleri I pushed it as far as I could; the tangy taste of her forbidden hole was intoxicating to a sexual being like me. Finally the time had cum, I climbed up behind her and I positioned my cock at the entrance of her cunt. I grabbed her swollen lips in my fingers and spread then so I could watch as they seemed to swallow my cock. She reached under and was stroking her clit for all it was worth. Once in, I grabbed her hips, and I began to fuck her like a man possessed. It was al she could do to stay on al fours as I slammed her hard and fast.

Her cunt seemed to spasm, milk me, whatever you want to call it but it had a life of its own and it was fucking hungry. She began to writhe under me, unintelligible sounds coming out of her and then she started to cum. I am sure the whole train heard her, but we did not care. The bitch was soaking the bed below us, and she still clamped her pussy around me, wanting more. She finally slowed down, and it was then I pulled out and placed my prick at the entrance to her forbidden back door. She looked back at me and told me to go slow, that she had only ever been fucked there a few times, and she had been drunk every time, and that cock was nowhere near the size of mine.

We grabbed the lube and I applied it generously to my cock and her bung hole.

I slowly pushed it in and I could feel her starting to tense up. Leaning on her back I whispered for her to relax, and that if it was too much, to say so and we would stop. She just smiled and said no way; she wanted this as much as I wanted to do it to her.

Getting back n position I grabbed those hips of desire once again, and I pushed forward.

Slowly but surely I inched into the tight inferno of a hole, invading her tight ass. Fuck she was not kissing when she told me that her asshole was small and tight.

Soon I was in and began to fuck her. As we developed a rhythm her body seemed to relax, take me in, and soon she was rubbing her cunt and juices running down her legs.

All too soon she started to cum again, from the pounding in her rectum to the manipulation of her fingers on her clit; she just lost it and went into a super orgasm.

Finally she collapsed and my cock was stuck in her tight ass. I pushed until it came out.

She rolled over and like she had done with her husband, her head came to rest hanging down. I wasted no time in assuming his position and I placed my cock in front of her face. To my amazement, she grabbed it, stroked it a couple of times to partially clean it, and then she rammed it in her mouth. She sucked and licked that cock until it was shiny and soon I began to let her know I was very close to cumming.

Al she did was suck harder and soon I leaned my head back, let out a grunt and I began to flood her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could and then pointed my cock towards those awesome tits of hers. At least four more spurts splattered across them and she used her fingers to get every last drop.

Once done, we laid on the bed together kissing, hugging and just holding each other.

What was kinky and perverted fun only minutes ago was now just a comforting liaison between two very compatible lovers and friends.

We eventually drifted off to sleep. I woke up a few hours later and she was sucking my cock and when she noticed I was awake, she climbed up and lowered her wet pussy on to my cock. She rocked back and forth using her cunt muscles to make my body shake. My hands played with her scrumptious titties. I grabbed her head and ran my fingers through her reddish locks, kissing her deep. Her eyes rolled back, her legs tensed and she kissed me deep, moaning into my mouth as I felt her cum run over me. Christ it felt like she was peeing on me, but stickier. She started to buck and her second climax brought mine on and we both locked up together. All too soon, the sun came up and we were only about an hour from the next stop. I cleaned myself up, kissed her goodbye, and went to my room to get ready to disembark.

We swapped addresses and made plans to see each other when ever either of us was remotely close to the other. It was a train ride I will never forget

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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