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Big Tits

It’s all my daddy’s fault. He’s the one who gave that video camera to my brother Danny on his birthday. I thought it was a pretty extravagant gift, but Dad could afford it. Danny thinks he’s the next Steven Spielberg or something, and Dad seems to want to encourage him.

Danny’s your typical nerdy geek type. Mind you, he’s a good-looking nerd. He’s got thick black hair and the lean build of a gymnast. If he was just a football player or on the swim team instead of the captain of the computer club all the other girls at school would be chasing after him. But you know how you get shoved into a little box in high school, and his box was “nerd.” And nerds don’t get the girls.

We tried to get him to go out for track or something, but all he ever seemed interested in was his computer and the things he could do with it. Games, MP3s, the Internet and digital photography occupied all of his time. Every day after school he’d vanish into his room for hours, sitting in front of his uber-computer doing god knows what. I know Mom and Dad would have preferred that Danny have some other outside interests, but he wouldn’t have any of it.

I must confess I’d always had a little crush on Danny. I know, I know. He’s my brother and all, and you’re not supposed to have those kinds of feelings for your sibling. But there was always something about his “little boy lost” manner that brought out my maternal instincts. He’s a really gentle soul, smart and sometimes even charming. Over the years I found that my familial affection for him had morphed into something a little stronger.

I can remember very clearly the day that he first popped into my head as something other than a brother. I was planning my nightly activities just like always. I would have dinner, a little TV with the family, my homework, and long hot bath. Then a good, hard, slippery, pussy-rubbing, finger-plunging, clit-tweaking cum to relax me before I drifted off to sleep.

I was watching him during dinner. How could all the girls at school just ignore such a scrumptious boy? He looked so hot! I found myself trying to see him through their eyes. What kind of boyfriend could he be? What would it be like to kiss him? What did his erect dick look like? When that picture wandered into my mind, a little jolt of pleasure caused my pussy to spasm right there at the dinner table!

And once the thought entered my head, I couldn’t get rid of it. What would it be like to be fucked by Danny? I mean I knew the thoughts were wrong, but it was like some kind of drug that had me addicted after only one little dose. I tried to stop picturing him naked and shoving himself into me, but I just couldn’t. As the evening went on I knew how I was going to wind up – flat on my back with my legs spread cumming to incestuous thoughts of my brother.

Apparently my lust didn’t show on my face, because nobody at the table said anything. Dinner went on as usual, and when it was over I helped Mom clear the table. We gathered in the living room to watch a movie. At least Mom and Dad and I did. Danny just ignored us just like always, anxious to get back to his computer.

I couldn’t stay focused on the movie, because the pleasurable tingling which was coming from my pussy was simply too much of a distraction. I lay on the sofa in a semi daze; thoughts of Danny’s erect dick wafting through my head. I suppose that the little nagging guilt I felt because I was fantasizing about my own brother only added to my newfound lust. But I couldn’t help myself. Finally the movie was over and I told Mom and Dad I was going to go and do my homework.

Fortunately I didn’t have too much, and I got it done pretty quickly. I went to the bathroom and started the hot water running, adding a capful of my favorite bubbles and a good splash of lavender scented bath oil. As the steam started to fill the room, I got undressed. When you know that you’re about to get a good cum, just taking off your clothes becomes a little erotic moment to savor.

I pulled my T-shirt off slowly, and then I turned to look at myself in the mirror. My tits had always been just a nice handful, nothing more. But now they were clearly a little swollen, and my nipples were pink and perky, anticipating the orgasm to come. I cupped them in my hands and tried to be objective – would Danny like to suck on them? If he did, what would it feel like? Would his tongue be gentle or rough? I gave them each a little tweak, and a shiver of pleasure ran down between my legs.

My tummy was flat and taut, and I watched in the full-length bathroom mirror as I slid my hand down my belly towards the snap on my jeans. It is amazing how even the gentle caress was erotically charged because the thoughts of my brother. Another shiver went through me, and I knew that my pussy would be wet and swollen when I finally allowed myself to see it. I unsnapped my jeans and slowly wiggled them down over my hips, watching myself in the mirror. As my tight sahabet güvenilirmi slit came into view a little gasp escaped my lips, and I think I had some idea of just how sexy it could be for a boy to look a willing pussy. Especially Danny. There’s something about being half naked instead of all naked that makes it even sexier, and I looked at my gentle curves with my jeans and panties puddled around my ankles and I felt a need for someone to witness my sexiness. And right then I wanted that someone to be my brother.

By now the tub was full, and I quickly peeled off my jeans and socks and lowered myself slowly into the steamy water. It felt wonderful. It’s hard to believe that sex could be any better than a relaxing hot bath. I carefully restrained from touching myself, at least between the legs. My nipples, though, just wouldn’t be denied, and I fondled them gently with the soapy water as I lay back and relaxed.

I decided that I needed to choose a good fantasy, one that would help satisfy my needy pussy as I stroked it to a good cum. What would tingle it the best? What would make it cum harder than ever before? Should I pretend that Danny snuck into my room late at night and jumped in my bed while I slept and took me from behind? Or should I imagine that I got him to cum into my room by flashing a naked titty him, and then I could lovingly take him in my mouth before he fucked me silly? I dreamily let such thoughts wander my head as I soaked my steamy body and caressed my tits. My pussy needed no extra attention from my fingers. It was becoming more excited all on its own. Come to think of it, my pink slit was getting downright demanding.

It wanted me to touch it so bad. I swear I was almost ready to cum without getting a finger near it. But I was determined to be a good girl and not some little nympho. I was going to savor the anticipation and cum in my bed and not in the bathtub. I scissored my legs open and closed, hoping to stall the impending orgasm until I could get to bed. But I couldn’t resist the urge to stroke the inside of my creamy thighs, just once. I could feel the warm cum from my pussy mixing with the bathwater. Then I made a boo-boo. I pictured the look of lust that would be on Danny’s face if he saw me naked in the bath with my legs spread wide and my feet dangling over the edges. Once that picture popped into my head there was no stopping it. My pussy started that last climb towards a hard cum before I’d ever even touched it! I was going to cum. Now.

Resigned to my pleasurable fate, I quickly spread my legs wider and slid down in the tub until my slit was right under the faucet. I turned the handle on, and it was a good thing that the running water made so much noise because it covered up the low moan that escaped me as the hot stream splashed through the tub water and hit my pussy. I came immediately, and my body started shaking as the waves of pleasure passed through me. I surfed the stream of hot water with my pussy, wiggling back and forth as I directed the flow over my pussy and clit. The water in the tub splashed around as I squirmed and came over and over. The gush from the faucet felt so good, massaging my pussy lips apart and pushing gently on my squeaky clean clit. Wave after cum filled wave rippled through me, and I moaned again. God, it felt delicious! If real sex was any better than this, I didn’t think I could stand it.

Slowly I came back to earth. Small after-cums went pleasurably through me as my gasping for air settled into more normal breathing. The water settled back down and I was enveloped in the bubbly warmth. There’s nothing quite as delicious as a good post cum languor. I hoped my parents hadn’t heard me moaning and splashing. Or Danny! With that thought I could suddenly tell that I wasn’t all that far from another good cum, and I wanted to be in bed for this one.

I got out of the tub and toweled myself dry, enjoying the feel of the soft terrycloth on my skin. I rubbed hard, and in a few moments I was warm and pink, my skin soft from head to toe from the bath oil. I wrapped the towel around me, picked up my clothes and scooted down the hall to my bedroom.

I had been so turned on watching myself get undressed that I figured that Danny would enjoy undressing me too, even if it was only in my fantasy. So I was going to have to put something on. I rummaged through my dresser and found my silk pajamas and a clean pair of cotton panties. They were about to get all cum filled, but it couldn’t be helped. I dropped my towel and slipped into the panties and pajamas. I was about to drop onto my welcoming bed when I had an idea.

I had a picture of Danny that I kept on a shelf over my desk. It wasn’t a great picture, just one of those ones they take at school. But suddenly I thought it was really sexy. I took it over and wedged the little hanger thingy into the slats of my closet door. There! Now I could lie in my bed and look down between sahabet yeni giriş my legs and see my brother’s face, just as if he was really there. I turned off the overhead light and turned on the light by my bed so that I could see the picture.

I propped up my pillows and lay on top of the covers. My warm body and warmer pussy were ready for me to act out my fantasy. I picked up my latest copy of Seventeen Magazine and turned to an article called “Your First Time.” I pretended to be reading it, but the longing in my pussy kept my mind from focusing. “Oh look,” I pretended. “Here’s my brother Danny walking into my room.”

There was no time for a long seduction scene. The heat in my still damp pussy was causing me to fast forward to the actual sex. Danny would be standing over me, leaning close so that he could kiss me. I raised my real lips to his imaginary ones, and pretended that he was kissing me long and hard. His pretend hand, and my real one, slipped inside my pajama top to gently knead my erect nipple.

I broke the pretend kiss as my imaginary lover slowly unbuttoned my pajama top. In a minute my chest was bare, my erect nipples poking out from the silk. I remembered the last time I had caressed my tummy, and I did it again, dipping my fingers for just a moment under the waistband of my bottoms. “Ummmm,” Danny said. “I’ve wanted to suck your nipples forever.” I gently took my tit and raised it to my lips. I’d never done this before, but I wanted to feel a warm tongue caressing my nipple, and my mouth was the only real one around. I licked all over my erect nub, and then I popped it into my warm waiting mouth. The jolt of pleasure was amazing! It traveled from my tit to my pussy, and I could smell warm girl cum as it soaked into my panties. After a minute of gentle sucking, I switched nipples. Don’t want to leave anybody out!

I threw my head back and pretended that Danny’s fingers were tracing a line down my neck, over my inflamed nipples, down my taut tummy and finally sliding under my pajamas. I gently rubbed my pussy through my panties, getting wet cum all over my fingers. I drew my feet up towards my pussy, keeping my legs flat on the bed and my knees far apart. I felt so exposed, but this time it just felt natural. I took both of my hands and pushed my pajama bottoms down, exposing a triangle of white cotton panty just under my fingers.

I held the bottoms away from my crotch with one hand as I used the other to savagely rub myself through the panties. I imagined that it was Danny’s rough hand massaging my puffy pussy. I raised my mouth to his pretend lips and kissed him fiercely as I started to climb to another orgasm.

Then he stopped! What’s this? Oh, he wants to fuck me again. Good old Danny. Always comes over to my room when he needs a fuck. His hard dick is plainly visible through his sweatpants, and he straightens up and drops them, drooling pre-cum in a stream from the tip of his engorged tool. My mouth waters as I think of sucking him.

I giggled as I imagined my brother standing there naked wanting nothing more than to plunge himself into the wet warmth between my legs. The least I could do was help him! I stretched my legs out in front of me and lifted my ass from the bed so that Danny could wiggle my pajamas and panties off over my hips, past my tiny slit and then off my feet. In a moment I was naked from the waist down. I pulled my feet up towards my crotch again, spreading my knees wide apart. My pussy was more exposed than it had ever been, but I didn’t care – Danny wanted a fuck!

Usually when I masturbated it was kind of like scratching an itch. Quite pleasurable, but I had always done it under the covers with my legs spread just enough to allow my fingers easy access to my clit. I mean, I loved to cum, but I had never really gotten into it like this. I certainly had never spread my legs wide exposing myself to the world just so that I could play. Propped up on the pillows as I was and with the bedside light on, I had a clear view of my inflamed slit. This fantasy masturbating was exhilarating!

I imagined that Danny had crawled between my legs and started to lick me. I looked down between my spread legs and past my bare feet at his picture on the closet door. I found myself gazing lovingly at his face as I dreamed that he was actually here and between my legs. I rubbed my slippery pussy lips all around, pretending that it was my brother’s tongue lapping at my secret place. He looked up at me and smiled at my taste. I lifted a finger to my mouth so that I could taste, too. Ohmigod! I was delicious! I began to stroke my pussy lips, gathering my cum and moving it to my mouth. I licked my fingers greedily, and they went back for more.

I don’t know how long I wiped my slick pussy and ate the warm cum oozing from it. I totally forgot where I was as I closed my eyes and imagined my brother licking my slit. Suddenly a new ripple of pleasure radiated sahabet giriş out from my dripping slit, warming my entire body. I was getting really close. I spread my pussy lips with my fingers and patted my clit rapidly with my fingertips, a move guaranteed to put me over the edge.

But I knew that Danny wanted a fuck, and I stopped just before I went over the edge. It was time to get laid because my pussy wasn’t going to wait one minute longer. I got into the missionary position, my knees up to my chest and my legs spread wide. I looked down at the picture between my legs as I imagined my brother crawling between them and getting ready to plunge himself into me. I stroked myself one more time, and I began gasping for air. It was like in the bathtub – I had crossed the line and I was going to cum no matter what now.

Like I said, I usually just tickled and patted my clit to orgasm. But this time it was more like real sex. This time I needed to be penetrated. My pussy needed to be filled, and I could no more deny it that I could stop breathing. I caught my breath and for the first time ever I plunged two fingers deep into myself, imagining that it was Danny’s cock thrusting into me. The effect was instantaneous. I guess I’d never really cum before, because this one was so unlike anything that I’d ever experienced. It was massive. I had to bite my lip as a huge orgasm started to ripple through me. My cunt was on flame, and it needed to be filled again and again. I couldn’t help it. It was like some kind of instinct as I bucked my pussy against my fingers and thrust them in and out of my slit. Gosh, I didn’t know that the inside of my pussy was that hot! And slippery! I slid my fingers in and out over and over as I had the hardest orgasm of my life. I gasped, moaned then I bucked upward straining to enjoy the languishing pleasure. My ass lifted off the bed as my slit begged for more, and I did my best to give it.

Finally I held my breath as one last massive cum shock poured through me. I froze with my fingers buried inside me as far as I could push them. After what seemed like forever and at the same time felt like only a second I gave one long last shudder, and then as the after-cums coursed through me I was slowly able to begin relaxing back down into the bed. My pussy was suddenly almost too tender to touch, and I slid my fingers out. God how I missed them! As I unwound from my orgasm I gave myself an occasional caress, my fingers sliding slowly around my slippery pussy lips.

Gosh that was great! I was definitely going to have to try this fantasy masturbating again. Better still, maybe I could get Danny into my bed. With those thoughts in my head, I lifted my cum filled fingers from my dripping pussy and licked them clean. Mmmmm, I tasted good. I felt myself smiling as I pulled the covers up, turned out the light, and snuggled into my bed.

The next day is one I’ll always remember. Danny, like all good nerds, had gone to see the premiere of Lord of the Rings, the Two Towers. He was going to be gone for at least three hours, because it’s such a long movie. I thought that I’d take the opportunity to do a little snooping on his computer. I knew that he kept some porn sites hidden there, because he’d shown me once how he did it. He didn’t want Mom and Dad to see that he’d been looking at naked girls fucking, so he hid a folder of web addresses by naming it “Old Video Drivers.” He figured that the parental units wouldn’t look there close enough to find the web sites like “Horny Teen Sluts” and “I Fucked the Cheerleader and Her Best Friend.”

As I had drifted off to sleep last night, I’d had an idea. Maybe if I looked at the porn sites he liked I could get an idea of how to seduce him. Did he like asses or tits? Blowjobs or doggiestyle? I figured that whatever I learned could only help me tempt my brother into pounding my pussy. I was like a girl obsessed. I had a mission now. Last night’s massive orgasm had focused my lust. I wanted Danny.

I started scoping out his web sites. There weren’t all that many, and I couldn’t find any real common thread. I saw all kinds of fucking, sucking and cumming. Blondes, brunettes, full figures and slender ones. Tight ass and sperm covered mouths. If there was anything there that I could use I missed it. But I did notice that looking at all of the hard dicks and cumming girls had my slit tingling just a little.

I was about to give up when I spied a folder I hadn’t tried. It said “VOTW.” I opened it up and was taken to a site unlike any of the others I had seen. Across the top were a bunch of naked girls in various sexy poses under the title, “Video of the Week.” The rest of the page was a small collection of thumbnail pictures, which were categories of videos you could watch, like “Best Footjob,” “Best Standing Fuck,” and “Best Cum in a Restaurant.”

Down at the bottom of the page was a paragraph describing the site. I couldn’t believe it. Apparently you were supposed to send in a video of yourself having sex in one of the categories. Then the other visitors to the website would watch you and vote on which one they liked best. The winners each week were sent a cash prize! I had no idea that this kind of stuff went on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32