Varn + the Mom + Daughter Pt. 01

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Please note: All characters involved in this story are 18 years old or over.

Author’s note:

In this story, Varn is twenty two and is living his organic self-sufficiency life on a remote rural land block. The Varn stories tell of his many and unique aspects.

~ ~ ~

Young Varn and a sweet innocent like mother, with a troubled nineteen year old daughter Pt. 01

~ ~ ~

It was lovely to be walking with the beautiful and stunningly sexy, thirty seven year old Ashley, along the edge of the almost magical brook that wove it’s enchanting way through openly spaced ancient grand trees, at the back of my land block.

The tinkling of the brook was as sweet as Ashley’s sweet sexy smile, and as sweet as her beautiful sexual perfume that gracefully and subtly arose from under her lovely summer frock, from between her sensually hot thighs. The tinkling brook was as sweet as her lovely little boobs, sweetly bobbing as she merrily walked at my side.

Beautiful Ashley had an almost child like innocence about her, She was completely oblivious of her sexiness, and that she was very open with me in her innocent like way, was a huge sexy joy to me.

And I felt that some time soon, Ashley would ask to join me in my organic self-sufficiency life, and would at that time, also ask to open sexually to me, but first the problem with Ashley’s only child, her nineteen year old daughter, Samantha, had to be solved.

The lovely Ashley was my nearest neighbour and had taken a real liking to me since she moved here two years ago. She had a growing interest in my beautiful life I lived here. I gave her organic vegetables every week, and she often asked me over for dinner with her and Samantha.

Ashley also regularly visited me and was leaning my organic self-sufficiency life. She really loved it, and this confirmed my feelings that she would become a sexual wife to me.

I was not into state legal marriages. My way was organic self-sufficiency, land based, hot sexual marriage.

I loved saying Ashley’s name, for to me, she was everything sexy, beautiful, and sweet; and whenever I spoke her name it as like a sexy touching to her hot petite body, with a special focus on her cute little tits and her thirty seven year old mature pussy.

It was so natural to recognise her sexually when I spoke her name, and the sexy Ashley gave me plenty of indicators, that she very much liked me sexually recognising her, even though there was a fifteen year difference between her and my twenty two years. God, I love sexy mature woman.

Her main indicators that she liked, and also sought my sexual feeling for her, were her lovely openness around me, her desire to be with me as much as possible, her pointed nipples, and her oh so sweet arousal scent. But her daughter’s situation was always there, and so we both were focused to try and help Samantha with her distressing isolationism.

When Ashley was talking with me, I would often sense her happiness, that she felt comfortable and trusting with me, and therefore loved being able to be sexually open with me. This felt like the sexy Ashley was parting her top to show me her sweet little tits, and raising her frock to show me her pantie-less pussy, with the sweet message, ‘I love you Varn, and I love being sexually open with you. I so, so love it’.

Ashley loved it when I had time to take her for long leisurely walks along the magical brook and I regularly made time for the beautiful Ashley. However, Samantha never accompanied us as she had her sad and serious personal issues which kept her from any involvement from any male.

While Samantha did seem okay when I visited her mother, Samantha and I never spoke and she keep as much distance from me as possible, and never let herself be alone in a room with me. Ashley often spoke to me about her concerns for her daughter who had an extreme fear of all males and the whole dating scene.

Not only would Samantha not be alone in a room with me, she would also not allow her mother to be alone in a room with me either. So whenever I was visiting, Samantha was a constant shadow to her mother, while at the same time keeping her distance from me.

However, Samantha seemed to draw the line when it came to shadowing her mother when she accompanied me on our walks. Samantha’s Mother and I both agreed that the outside environment must seem too scary for her, and while Ashley and I were both concerned for Samantha, it was nice to get away for a while from Samantha’s sad paranoid guardianship of her mother.

Samantha had no experience at all with any guy or guys, so she was not reacting to a bad experience, but she was fearful of all males. Ashley said her daughter had an irrational fear of everything connected with getting to know a guy, including talking to a guy, and that her daughter feared everything to do with dating, from holding hands, cuddling and kissing, and of course sex.

Ashley was extremely concerned at her daughter’s isolating ways, but had not been able to come up with any remedy casino siteleri to the situation. I think Ashley thought that with me being twenty two and closer to her daughter’s age, that I might have some helpful ideas, but I could come up with nothing either. It was a difficult situation that was for sure.

But we both remained hopeful that something would turn up that would resolve Samantha’s unfortunate situation. The one thing we both thought was good for Samantha, was for her to see the happy friendship between her mother and myself.

As Ashley and I walked through the pleasant grove, both of us completely happy in each others company, it felt like we were holding hands and that we were lovers, and I liked the feeling very much. I loved imagining the the beautiful and sexy, mature Ashley and I were hot lovers.

I felt sure that the beautiful Ashley wanted to be with me in a hot sexual way, and that if we could resolve her daughter’s sad dilemma, she would eagerly open sexually to me, so it was way hot to admire her, knowing that she would someday become my eager love.

And Ashley was really hot in a beautiful innocent like way. God, I loved that about her. Today she was wearing a little short summer, semi see-through frock, and not only could I clearly see that she wasn’t wearing a bra on her very cute, sexy little tits, that were hotly nippled, I could also clearly see that she was not wearing any panties, and God, that was sexy.

And as always, she did it all in her beautiful, sweet innocent like way. She was such a cute and sweet hottie, and I felt how happy I’d be to have her full on my cock.

With her at my side and feeling like she was my forever lover, she said, “Varn darling, thanks so much for taking me on this walk. While I dearly love my daughter of course, it’s so nice to get away for a bit from her dismalness. And of course as always, she said ‘no’ when I asked if she’d like to come too.”

I so wanted to kiss Ashley on her hot sexy full lips, and tell her that we’d somehow work something out to help her daughter, but I said, “All we can do Ashley is keep trying and hope that someday one of your efforts works.”

We had stopped and were watching some wild deer graze across the other side of the brook, and Ashley put her hand on my forearm and said, “Thank you so much for your support Varn, it’s means a lot to me.” She then reached up on tiptoes and gave me a sweet little peck on my cheek.

“And Varn, I’m so enjoying learning organic gardening from you, and to work the weaving looms too. It’s so sad that Samantha won’t join in, but like you say, all we can do is keep trying. And Varn, thank you for the lovely dress you gave me, I absolutely love it darling.

“I thought Varn, that if you’d like to come to dinner tonight, I would wear it then for the first time. I thought it would be good for Samantha to see that’s it okay for a girl to get a gift from a guy that she is comfortable with.”

Then the lovely Ashley draws herself into a hug with me, wrapping her arms around my back and drawing herself tightly to me, “And Varn darling, I am very, very comfortable with you. Would you like to come to dinner tonight and see me in the dress you’ve given me?”

I let my hands and arms circle around her back and immerse myself in cuddling a very hot petite thirty seven year old woman, and reply, ” I would love that Ashley.” Feeling hopeful that she and her daughter will come and live with me on my land block.

Ashley continues, “And Varn, I really like the dress. I really like that it’s semi see-through, because you know how I like those types of garments in the summer. And the dress you’ve given me is even more see-through than the one I wearing, so it’ll be really nice to wear it for you tonight darling.”

She then reaches up and gives me another nice little kiss on my cheek, “And Varn darling, I love that you’ve taught me to work the loom where I can make my own see-through panties and tops. So I’ll wear a pair of my hand crafted see-through panties tonight, and I’ll be wearing all hand crafted garments, and it be so nice Varn.”

“I agree,” I reply, while thinking, God, I want to fuck you Ashley.

“Varn, it’s so beautiful down here, would you mind if we held hands while we walked?”

“I’d love that,” I reply, and as we took hold of each others hands, I felt such love for Ashley. It was really sweet and sexy holding her hand, and it made me want to put my finger up her shaved mature sexy pussy. I knew Ashley was shaved because her semi see-through frock, and her pantie-less state, clearly let me know she was shaved. God, I love hot sexy mature woman, I thought again.

As we were walking along, I suddenly got an idea that might add to the help we were trying to give to her daughter. “Ashley, these wild flowers here are so lovely, and I thought that I could bring you a nice bunch of them for you when I come for dinner tonight, and Samantha could see it’s okay for a girl to receive a gift and flowers from a guy, if she’s güvenilir casino comfortable with him.”

Ashley squeezed my hand and replied, “Oh, Varn, that’s a wonderful idea, and I’d love to receive some flowers from you darling.”

Soon after, we arrived at the end point of our walk along the brook, where we would sit and rest for a bit, before starting on the walk back. We had found a really nice place to sit in a little clearing with sun dappled light.

Just before we sat down, Ashley asked, “Varn darling, would you mind if I sat between your legs and rested against your chest, it’s so beautiful here, and I feel so comfortable with you?”

“No, I wouldn’t mind at all Ashley. It be lovely,” I reply.

So the hot little Ashley shimmied in between my thighs and rested her back against my chest, and we gazed out over the brook and grove, and it was really beautiful. The lovely warm sun, a stirring reminder of how sweet life can be. It’s rays sparklingly bouncing off the tumbling crests of the brook waters, as it cascaded in endless rhythm over the stony bed.

And the trees stood like they were holding hands, and the beautiful butterflies seemed to be constantly falling in love with their mates as they hovered from one nectar delight to the next. The flowers; the sexual organs of plants, spoke of love and hot sex. God! this was a beautiful place. A sweetly enchanted place that seemed to welcome sexual love.

And in this enchanted realm, I looked down at the beautiful Ashley, and hotly studied her sexual organs through her semi see-through frock. I loved looking at flowers, the sexual organs of plants, and knowing Ashley wanted to be with me, I loved looking at her hot sexual organs too.

I felt compelled to let the sweet Ashley know how hot I found her. So I let my thoughts about her beautiful body flow freely, knowing that someday when she was mine, I would let the words flow freely too.

First was her hair. It was so natural and beautiful. A little bit tussled, as though she wanted it that way. Oh, to cascade my fingers through its long full bodied tresses. Then was her face, sweet smiling happily, and oh, so touchable.

Then her tits. Oh God, her tits. So beautiful to look at forever and ever, and yet so irresistible to fondle and feel her lovely full shape meld in my hands — so beautiful, so hot. And this thought brought a hot picture to my mind, of my white engorged cock deep in Ashley’s hot mature cunt, pumping sperm. Pumping hot sperm deep into Ashley. Mmmm.

Ashley had smallish lovely tits, but huge on shape. Flowers might be beautiful, but Ashley’s tits were stunning. Shaped to perfection and hanging hotly. Every curve a total delight to my throbbing cock. Blossoming hot boobs — shapely filled beacons to her central sex organ — her cunt.

I felt there was nothing more curvaceously beautiful than Ashley’s hot little tits. Her little full tits emanated shapely perfection that I felt would guarantee me complete satisfaction to behold and hold. The holding of her tits would be a hot cock pumping delight.

And to highlight their stunning beauty, her hot globes were sexually, pointedly tipped. Ashley’s hot tits were tipped with twin sexual focuses, an outer and an inner. The first and outer focus, a hot lead in to the second central focus. So, the sexy outer focus was a beautiful ringing in a soft delicate pink, a pink so subtle and so sexy, it’s pink message was clear, but spoken in a whisper that said, — ‘I have pink folds between my legs’.

Her beautiful nipple rings, an alluring adornment to her sweet beautiful tits; The soft pink rings; sexually, sensually, and hotly pronouncing her beautiful full tits, while at the same time, giving hot notice of their raised centres — Ashley’s hot nipples.

Her soft areolas, beautiful platforms to her feminine peaks. And knowing that beautiful Ashley wanted to be mine, her sweet budding peaks spoke to me in the language of sensual pink, and Ashley’s elongated sexy pink nipples, poking sexily through her thin, semi see-through frock, said to me, ‘Varn Love, I love you and want to be with you, and I have pink folds between my legs, and I need you to fuck me up between my legs, my Love’.

And her delightful hot pinnacles stood as hot testimony to her hot tits. And with her desire to be mine, Ashley’s hotly pointed nipples radiated out a further detailed hot sensual message to me, which said, ‘Varn Love, I love you Varn, I love you forever. I need you to suck my tits and fuck my pussy. I need to orgasm for you, on your cock head and cock shaft. Oh, Varn Love’.

I knew Ashley was turned on by me, and turned on for me, and I suspected that she regularly masturbated her hot mature pussy for me. Imagining Ashley with her legs spread in bed and playing with her pussy for me, was super sexy.

God, did I love the length and size my cock got for Ashley. It was so hot to be pumped for her. And I loved her, and felt nothing but man with a huge big cock for Ashley, and her hot mature pink canlı casino folds.

No need to masturbate Love, when I can deliver my huge pumped cock to you, I imagined hotly saying to her.

Knowing that she would at some stage ask to open sexually to me, and that my love would have her melting for me, eager to sexually please me with her hot little body; this thought had my organ swelling hugely and imagining her soft, wet, delicate folds eagerly wrapped around my shaft, was hot upon hot.

I knew she was a submissive girl, and would love to be wetly submissive to me, while I hotly adored her stunning sexy body. Fuck, she couldn’t be any hotter to me. My every look at her, demanded I take another, and so I loved her, and was glad she was aroused for me, because I sure was aroused for her.

I felt that looking at her was exploring the word, ‘sexiness’ to the max. and knowing she wanted to be mine, my cock got so wonderfully thick at my exploring of her sexiness, and while I could detail what I discovered, I was left as always, that I wanted another hot look, at the sexy girl who was to be mine.

Fuck, the looking was almost stressful, but God, I wouldn’t give it up for a moment. I didn’t feel to constantly ravish her, although there was plenty of feeling for that, it was that I just loved to look at her and experience sweet sexy beauty. It wasn’t just her physical beauty alone that was a delight to me, it was that, with her desire to be mine, she innocently like, and sweetly shared her sexy beauty with me in many amazing ways.

I was with my study of Ashley’s hot sexual organs, and had made it to her glorious tits, when I was drawn from my hot focus all of a sudden, when cute Ashley, wildly and happily started exclaiming, “Varn! I’ve got it! I think I’ve figured out a way the we could help my daughter Samantha! Samantha’s nineteen now and I’m sure my idea could work.”

With hot little Ashley tucked in between my legs, I could really sense her excitement, and she seemed quite ecstatic.

“Oh, Varn, I just know my idea is the best thing we can do for Samantha. I just know it,” she said, while squirming and bouncing in lovely youthful like exuberance between my legs.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! This will help!” Ashley said, as she pushed deeper between my legs and turned to look up at me.

Her eyes were beautifully dilated, and her little frock had ridden up in all her excitement revealing some of her shaved pussy to me, and God, did she have a lovely little shaved petite pussy. I smelled her pussy arousal scent, and it was hot.

“Can I tell you darling? Can I tell you?” she eagerly purred.

“Of course. Tell me, tell me,” I replied.

“Well, I can tell you darling Varn, but because it involves both of us, I would have to make presumptions about you, and I don’t want to do that, so before I tell you Varn, could I ask you a couple of questions, so I won’t be making presumptions about you?”

With her hot little pussy now coming into full display for me, as she wriggles in her excitement, and with her smelling so sexy with arousal juice scent, and with her hot little peeked boobs presenting themselves so sweetly, I reply, “Sure, ask away, ask away.”

“Well Varn darling, do you find girls your own age sexy?”

“Yeah, I do Ashley, but I also find older girls really sexy too.”

“How much older?” Ashley tentatively enquires.

“I like hot girls your age Ashley. I love sexy mature girls.”

“Really?” Ashley says.

“Yeah, really.”

“And what makes a mature girl sexy for you Varn?”

“Well, it’s that I find her sexy to start with, and that she also really likes me. So if this happens I would feel really hot for her.”

“So, if you met an older woman like me, and she got on with you like I do, what would you feel?”

“I’d like it, I’d like it a real lot,” I reply.

“So, does that mean you find me sexy?”

“It does Ashley. I find you a very, very sexy, beautiful, mature woman.” Oh, yes, I found Ashley a lovely sexy delight. I loved that she was super genuinely friendly with me, while being innocent like, hot with me.

I looked down again at her cutely sized, beautifully shaped, and hotly nippled, stunning tits, sweetly revealing themselves sexually to me through her semi see-through frock. Such beautiful tits on a beautiful girl.

I really loved this type of voyeurism. I could just look and look. I’d love to voyeur her everyday, before I hot fuck her. Fuck, voyeurism turns me on. I let my gaze lower to where her little frock had accidentally ridden up. Oh, how I loved the naughtiness of it.

Of course I loved what the accidental ridding up had revealed. And again, I delighted in her happy unawareness of revealing of her spectacular little smooth pussy. It was such a beautiful little pussy with sexy small lips, smooth and soft everywhere, with lovely smooth thighs flowing into her lips and hips. Oh, Yes! I could look at Ashley’s cute little pussy every day.

To me. her pussy was very sexy with her little pussy lips. Her pussy’s little lips, seemed to speak of a huge hotness. And with her lovely thighs and everything so smooth and creamy down there, it was a lovely package; a package I hoped to have as mine. And the thought of kissing that little package was very, very sweet.

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