Total Hedonism Pt. 06

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I meet Alexis

I woke up around mid-morning. I was still tired, but wanted to get up so I could spend my last few hours with Shae, before we both had to get back to our real lives. She wasn’t in bed, so I felt where she slept. It was still warm, but starting to cool. I guessed she had been awake about an hour. I wished she had woken me up for morning sex. I had massive morning wood, and didn’t want to waste it.

I got up, peed, and then jumped in the shower. I hadn’t cleaned up much from the night before, and frankly, I smelled like sex times ten. If I wasn’t such a pervert, it would’ve turned me off. Instead I smiled. I had had a great night! I got fucked by three beautiful women. Women who knew how to take charge, and still respect my boundaries.

My ass was suddenly a little sore and I remembered every detail of them fucking me with strap ons. Each taking their turn. Each using a different strap. And the dildos each got more intense. I ate each woman’s pussy until she covered my tongue and face with cum. And each one climbed on my cock at some point in the night. Shae and Tammy even took turns riding my cock and face.

I couldn’t believe the night I had. And no one else would believe it either. I did make sure to get a few pictures. Nothing too showy, but definitely obvious. Tammy took most of the pictures – she really enjoyed telling us what to do as she shot pic after pic.

These thoughts swirled in my head as I stepped into the shower. I turned the knobs and the water came out. I stood back away from it until it was warm, then I stepped under the water. I let it wash over me. I lathered up, washing my smelly bits multiple times. I even stood under the water, reached back and opened my ass up and let the water run over my ass. I felt it hit my sensitive hole and wanted to jerk away, but I fought the urge – I stood there and let the warm water wash over me.

When I turned around, there was a tall, freckled, redheaded woman standing in the doorway to the shower. Her curly hair hung past her shoulders, highlighting her lean face, hazel green eyes, button nose, and doll-like lips. She had large breasts, with dark areola, and darker, already hard nipples. Her waist was relatively narrow, and sat on top of wide hips. She had the legs of a runner, or one of those women who spends hours on the elliptical machine, or takes a spin class. She was gorgeous!

“Hi. I’m Alexis.”

“Hi Alexis. I’m confused. What’s…”

“Shae’s in the bedroom getting ready – she’ll be here soon enough.”

Alexis stepped closer. She was my height. She reached up and rested her wrists on my shoulders.


“Hi. What’s goin’ on?”

“Shae told me about you.”

“Really? What did she tell you?”

Alexis leaned forward and kissed me lightly on the lips. She did that three or four times. “She said she’s never cum as much or as hard as she cums with you.”

“Awww. Shucks! I’m just doing what I want with her. It just so happens that making her cum is fun for me. I love making her squirm and lose her mind with just my tongue.”

“Hmmm. She’s told me. She said you even let her friends use you last night.”

“That’s right.”

“How would you like to use me?”

She kissed me longer now. She pressed her body against mine. I could feel her hard nipples pressed against me, and her pussy mound was on level with cock. I kissed her back, wrapping my arms around her and pulling her into me. Our wet bodies slid over each other easily – she felt amazing! I angled her so her back was close to the wall, then I pushed her against the wall.

I pulled away and looked her in the eye. “I see your wedding ring. What gives?”

I kissed her every few words. After I finished my question, I reached up and pushed her head aside, making the skin on her neck taut. I kissed her neck, and sucked lightly while using a lot of tongue. I moved from the side to the front, licking and kissing my way around her neck and collar bones.

“Uuhhhhhhhhh. Fuck! Because I haven’t been touched in almost a year now. Because my husband hasn’t kissed me in even longer. Ahhhhhhhhh – don’t stop…”

I sucked all over her neck.

“Because I’m horny as fuck, and need to orgasm. I need to lose my mind.”

I ran my hands up her body to her breasts. I cupped them in my hands and squeezed firmly. They were heavy in my hands, and full. I rubbed my thumbs over her already hard nipples. I kneaded and massaged them while kissing her neck. She rolled her head around giving me easy access.

“Ummmmmm. Fuck! Fuck yesssssss. Because I need a man to look at me with lust burning in their eyes. Shae says you fuck like a wild man. I NEED THAT.”

I pressed my body against hers firmly. I was already ridiculously hard. This woman was a goddess! And besides, she was my favorite type of woman – sexually frustrated and horny!

Just then I heard the shower door open. A few seconds later I felt Shae’s hands sliding up my back. She wrapped them around me while pressing her tits against bahis şirketleri me. She ran her hands back down my sides to my ass. She grabbed my ass cheeks, squeezed them, and pulled them apart. Then I felt her push her mound against me.

As Shae pushed her pussy against my spread ass cheeks my hard cock pushed into the folds of Alexis’ pussy. Alexis took my face in her hands and kissed me, jamming her tongue into my mouth, and sucking on my lips. Meanwhile, the ridge on the top of the head on my cock must have rubbed against her clit, because she pulled away, looked up to the sky, mouth open, and released a throaty moan.

“Awwwwwwhhhhhhh yesss. Fuck that feels so good!”

Shae thrust against me, causing me to thrust against Alexis, who wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply, madly, passionately. Her delicious tongue explored my mouth as she stood up on her toes. Alexis reached down and spread her pussy lips, and then settled down on my cock. My head, with the ridge on top, was lined up with her clit. I thrust back and forth. Shae matched me from behind, pressing her body against mine. Alexis moaned into my mouth, deep and feral. She let out a breath every time I pushed into her. Meanwhile, Shae was pushing into my ass from behind – her mound filled the space, and I could feel her hard clit rubbing against me. The three of us moaned and groaned from the thrusting for several minutes.

Shae stepped away for a minute, then the water stopped flowing. Alexis and I turned and looked at her, but she was already walking out of the shower. She casually took a towel from a pile on the sink counter, wrapped it around her, and walked into the bedroom. The two of us looked at each other, shrugged, and followed her.

When we entered the room, atmospheric downbeat music played from the four speakers around the room. Shae was getting comfortable on the bed. Her towel was still wrapped around her, and she sat with her back against the padded headboard. She smiled as we walked in and patted her hands on either side of her.

“C’mere my sexies. I need your hands and mouths on me.”

I dried off quickly and climbed onto her bed. Alexis was sexier about it. She didn’t just walk to her side of the bed. She strode. Like a predator stalks their prey. Her juicy tits bounced, but didn’t jiggle. As she approached the bed she lifted a corner of her towel, and turned as she let it drape across her back. It slid down to reveal the top of her ass. She turned and looked at us over her shoulder, then dropped the towel.

Her body was model worthy. She had an hourglass figure, with wide hips, and full, firm tits. Her red hair hung most of the way down her back, and a little rivulet of water ran down the middle of her back to her ass.

Shae crawled to the edge of the bed, leaned over and kissed the trail of water, then licked it up. She kissed Alexis’ ass cheeks, taking them in her hands and squeezing them, pulling them apart, and licking the space between. Alexis wiggled her ass, while looking back at me. She stuck her tongue out of the corner of her mouth, then licked her lips.

Shae wrapped her arms around the other woman, grasped her perfect, upturned breasts in each hand and massaged them, squeezed, and pinched the woman’s gum-drop nipples. They were hard and dark, and Alexis moaned and sighed at the same time. I stroked my hard cock as I watched the two women. They were sexy as fuck, and I was enjoying every minute.

“Yesssss. Oh fuck, I’ve missed this.” Her breathing pulsed with the music. She arched her back, and looked at me. “I want that cock in my mouth right now,” she said, and turned around and crawled onto the bed. She came straight for me. Alexis slid up my body, rubbing her breasts up my leg, and slowly up my thigh, until she reached my very erect dick. She trapped me between her tits and bounced them up and down on my cock. Apparently I was leaking pre-cum, which she lifted off of my cock with her finger and licked off her finger while looking me in the eyes with her hazel greens.

I heard the familiar sound of a lighter and looked over to see Shae lighting a fat, long joint. She took a hit, leaned over and kissed me. She passed me the smoke, which I inhaled deeply. Alexis crawled up to me, and as Shae sat back, Alexis covered my mouth with hers, and I exhaled into her waiting mouth. I felt her inhale as her tongue explored my mouth.

Shae took another hit, reached out for Alexis and pulled her in for the kiss. When they didn’t break the kiss right away I took the joint and took a big hit. I watched the two women make out while I smoked. I reached out and took a breast from each one in each hand. It was fun seeing how the two women responded differently to the stimulation.

I leaned forward, stuck my tongue out, and licked Alexis’ nipple. I flattened my tongue and used the whole length of it, slowly licking so her gum-drop nipple, big and erect, had as much contact for as long as possible. I licked a circle around the base of her nipple where bahis firmaları it met her areola. She moaned into Shae’s mouth, and they both started using more tongue.

I smoked some more and gently blew the smoke between them, up their breasts to their open mouths, where they were licking each other’s lips and tongues. The next cloud of smoke they were ready for – they both inhaled, then kissed, deeply, with mouths wide open. Their hands were all over each other, and I realized that both were positioned so they were riding each other’s thighs.

Shae took the joint from me and took a big hit. She leaned towards me, took my face in her hands and we kissed, passing the smoke back and forth. Alexis took a hit next and then she kissed me. As she passed the smoke to me, Shae leaned down and began kissing my nipples. She used a lot of tongue, and gave me sloppy kisses.

“Unnnffff. Fuck. I like that!” I said as I felt the weed starting to take effect. The room started moving a bit, so I slid down off of the back support and laid flat on the bed. Shae stayed with me the whole way, kissing, licking and sucking my nipples. First she used her tongue, and licked my erect nipple with the entire length. Then she kissed it, and finally took my nipple in her mouth and sucked on it. Slowly, gently, sensually. “Ohhhhhh. Fuck yeah, baby. Do that.” Then she switched to the other nipple and repeated the process. By now I was high as fuck. Every nerve in my body was dialed up to eleven. I was breathing heavy and moaning endlessly. Her mouth and tongue felt so fucking good on my skin that I never wanted it to stop.

Meanwhile, Alexis got what she wanted – my cock in her mouth.

To say that she was an expert cock sucker would be a horrible understatement of this woman’s skills and prowess. She took my balls in her hands and gently massaged them. She kissed and licked the tip of my cock, using her entire tongue on it. There was none of that amateur-ish flicking business. No. This woman knew what pleasure was. She drooled on my dick and licked the head. I looked down to watch, but Shae was blocking my view, her tits pressed against me as she sucked and licked my nipples. All I could see was the top of Alexis’s head, covered in curly red hair, that fell around her. I could feel her hair on my groin. It was soft and luxurious, and to my heightened senses, felt great!

Alexis wrapped her lips around the tip of my cock and then slowly slid her mouth down my entire shaft. She would slide her mouth down a little, then slide up until my cock popped out of her mouth. Then she would take me in her wet mouth again, and with lots of pressure from her tongue, she slowly slid down again. Then slowly, slowly back up. Slowly running her tongue around my dick. And all the while, she massaged my balls. She drooled on my cock the entire time. There was no want for wetness. Her mouth was plenty wet. It made me wonder how wet her pussy was. It wasn’t long until I found out.

I felt her straddle my leg, her pussy pressed firmly against my thigh. She sucked my cock into her wet mouth and slowly worked her hips on me. Her pussy was either extremely wet, or she had already cum, because she slid easily along my leg. She kept her mouth and hips in rhythm with each other. As her head bobbed, her hips rocked. I laid back in bliss. Remembering the joint in my hand, I smoked what was left of it. I looked down and into Shae’s face, where she was sucking my very sensitive, and very hard nipples into her mouth. She paused when I exhaled. She opened her mouth, and inhaled the smoke as I slowly blew it out. She inhaled deeply, turned and looked at Alexis, and blew it out. Alexis paused and inhaled. Then she pushed her head all the way down my cock, opened her mouth and exhaled. I saw small wisps of smoke encircling my cock. But I also saw the hunger in Alexis’s eyes.

I reached up and pushed gently on Shae, who willingly went wherever I pushed her. She sat to the side, with one finger in her mouth and another squeezing her own nipples. I slid out from under Alexis. She crawled towards me, and as she approached, I turned her over onto her back. I climbed on top of her, my cock positioned perfectly over her mound. But I didn’t enter her.

I leaned down and kissed her full on her plump lips, plunging my tongue into her mouth. It was wet and warm, and tasted like strawberries or cherries. I licked her lips, kissed her, and sucked and licked her tongue. She moaned into my mouth as I kissed her. All the while, I was careful to just gently tease her pussy and clit with my cock. Once I was inside the folds of her labia, I rubbed the head of my cock against the entrance to her pussy. But I didn’t enter her. Instead I pushed gently, spreading her pussy with my fat cock. She ran her hands up and down my back, clawing at me and moaning. I carried on this way for some time, luxuriating in the pure torture of it.

Meanwhile, Shae was watching. She massaged her tits, paying attention to her nipples. She pinched and pulled on kaçak bahis siteleri them. She would pull them away from her breasts, until the skin was taut, and then let them go. Each time I noticed they were redder and puffier than the last. Keeping one hand on her tits, she reached down and spread her pussy wide. She slid a finger in and out a few times, slowly at first but she picked up speed quickly. When her finger was nice and coated she leaned over and slid it into my and Alexis’s mouth. Her pussy tasted really good, and I realized I needed to taste Alexis’s pussy.

I worked my way down her body, kissing, licking, biting, and sucking until I reached the top of her thigh. I bit the fleshy inside of her leg. I kissed my way to her knee, covering her leg with licks and kisses. Then I worked my way back to her center, and kissed and licked my way across her middle. I stopped briefly to lick and kiss her pussy. I planted my lips over her clit, which was sticking out from its fleshy hood, and kissed it. Then I opened her labia, flattened my tongue out, making it very wide, and licked from her entrance to her clit and back down again. I then kissed and sucked the inside of her labia, which were fairly large, and dark. The more engorged her clit and labia were, the more reactive she was. She arched her back and reached for my head, but I hadn’t kissed her other thigh yet. I repeated the same process on her other leg, all the while making sure my own body was positioned so my cock was rubbing up and down her leg.

I was so busy kissing and sucking her thigh that I hadn’t seen Shae get up. She had gotten behind me. Now she had access to my backside, and she wasted no time once she got there. She grabbed my ass cheeks and massaged them, then pulled them apart and let them go. She pulled them apart, and I felt her tongue lick the exposed flesh.

A throaty moan of my own slowly escaped my now open mouth. Alexis reached down and was successful in palming the back of my head. As I moaned she positioned my mouth over her mound. Then she pushed my head down onto her pussy. I held her labia open as I planted my mouth on her pussy and licked. I licked from top to bottom and back again. Again. And again. And so on. She writhed and squirmed and moaned. She bent her legs, and finally lifted them up, her feet pointed at the ceiling. I found her clit. I sucked it into my mouth between my lips. I pulled her button between my teeth and flicked it with my tongue. Then I let it go and licked from top to bottom and back up again.

All the while, Shae was licking my asshole and sucking my balls. She had my cock in her hand and was stroking up and down with the rhythm of my licking.

It didn’t take long before Alexis’s body tightened up. Her breathing changed. Then she let out a high pitched squeal. I locked in on her clit and sucked harder and harder. She arched her back, moaning loudly. All at once I felt her juices squirt out of her. They splashed on my face and made a mess of the sheets. I slid two fingers into her very hot, very wet pussy. I hooked them until I found her G-Spot, which I found easily, since she gasped and then moaned loudly when I hit it. I rubbed her G-Spot and sucked her clit at the same time. Again, she squirted on my face, covering me with her juices. I looked up at her to see she was gripping the corners of the bed, and looking up. I stuck my tongue out and licked all around her spread labia in a circle. I would stop and kiss and gently lick her clit, but when I got to the entrance of her pussy, I curled my tongue and jammed it in as far as I could.

As I was doing this I felt cool liquid being smeared around my asshole. Then I felt pressure and something slid into me. It was firm but smooth, with a nice texture. There was a lot of pressure though, and then it finally pushed into me. I felt the mushroom head slide gently into me. I felt the walls of my anus wrap around it. Shae held the toy in place and stroked my very hard cock, and massaged my balls. After a minute of relaxing, and me tongue-fucking Alexis, Shae pushed more of the toy into me.

I could feel the mushroom head opening me and stretching me. I wondered if that was similar to how women felt, but didn’t have time to contemplate that, as Shae worked the toy up and down a bit until she found my spot. What I later learned is the prostate, or P-Spot. All I knew was my cock jumped when she pushed on it. She pulled the toy out, applied more lube, and then slowly pushed it back in. This time I took it more easily. Alexis helped by reaching down and spreading her own pussy lips with one hand and holding my head in place with the other. I flattened my tongue and licked up and down, up and down, up and down, over and over. As I ate her pussy, Shae took a hold of my hips with both of her hands and pushed the rest of the way into me. I hadn’t realized she was wearing a strap-on. Again, I was getting fucked in the ass. This time was different though.

Shae didn’t just fuck me, she rode me. She positioned herself on one knee, with a foot planted beside me and her leg bent. She spread my ass cheeks and I felt more lube dripping onto me. She pulled the dong out of me and then pushed it back in. She repeated the motion and I felt my ass relaxing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32