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All characters in this work are above the age of 21

I had just moved into a small one-bedroom house and was trying to get over a nasty divorce as I was feeling sorry for myself. I had moved in two weeks ago and several friends and family would stop by and try to help me get over the ex, but I still was having a hard time letting her go. I had come home to find her in bed with my best friend and when she saw me she did not even slow down fucking him. I shouted for them to stop and she screamed either leave or join them fucking.

I was pissed and walked out of the apartment and straight to a lawyer’s office and filed for divorce. She was pissed, but I did not care and when she went to work I retrieved my clothing and the stuff I wanted and did not look back. The divorce went smooth and she got the bank account and the car and I could have cared less about it.

I had been feeling sorry for myself today and had taken a shower after drinking too many mixed drinks and was in my kitchen in a towel after my shower when I heard the front door open and then close. I walked into the living room to see Tina who was a friend of my mom’s who had stopped by now and again since I moved in and see if I needed anything. Tonight, when she walked in she, was dressed in a loose light blue t-shirt and matching shorts. I always thought she was a nice-looking woman who was twenty years older than I was but seeing her and mom in swimsuits out at my mom’s pool had made me have less than pure thoughts about her body.

There was a different look in her eyes tonight and without a single word being said I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her against my body. She moaned as I kissed the base of her neck and kissed my way up her neck to her left earlobe. Her hands slid down my back and she shivered as I sucked her earlobe between my lips and my hands reached down and grasped her hips pulling them against my own. Her body melted against mine as I felt her skin get goosebumps from my soft touch and kisses.

My mouth found hers as our lips meet Tina let loose a soft moan as we kissed. Her soft lips touched mine our breaths combined as her hands tenderly caressed my bare flesh from my shoulders to my waist as My left hand held her head in place and my right hand encircled her small thin waist. Our mouths opened and I let her tongue enter my mouth as mine entered hers. Neither of us had uttered a single word except for a small moan as we kissed. I pulled away from her and held Tina at arm’s length as I look into her light green eyes and took Tina by the hand and showed her to the couch and let her sit down before I turned and walked out of the living room and just as I was two steps from the door I removed my towel exposing my firm tight ass to her view as I vanished from her sight and into my room. Grabbing a pair of very loose-fitting shorts and slipping them on without any briefs I walked back into the living room. Tina watched every move I made after walking back into the living room as I walked past her and sat down on the sofa next to her.

“Your mom said you were depressed and could use some company as there was no one in town you knew, but I could introduce you to some people I know. Most are a little older than you are, but we are all fun-loving and enjoy going out on the town and dancing. My daughter has some friends as well who go to the private beach down the way. I can show it to you some time if you want.” Tina said as she turned sideways on the sofa to face me.

“I would love to go out dancing sometime as my ex hated to dance, but I enjoy country-western music as well as what is now called classic rock,” I told Tina as I turned towards her and her eyes looked me over. “May I pour you a glass of wine as I was about to have a glass after my shower?” I asked.

Tina smiled before saying “I would love a glass of red wine if you have it chilled. I know most reds are served at room temperature, but I like my chilled.”

“Sure thing would you also like some smoked cheese and cold cuts with it as a snack?” I questioned.

“Yes please may I freshen up while you serve the snack?” she asked as she stood up and walked into my room where the Master Bath was located.

I retrieved a large bottle of Merlot and some Summer Sausage with smoked Gouda for the snack as well as two glasses and went back into the living room and poured the wine before sitting down on the sofa. The snack tray was on the sofa in front of me when Tina came back into the living room still dressed and sat down opposite me.

I lifted my glass to her and said “Too good friends and too many good times with each other!”

Tina took a sip and when she pulled her wine glass away she licked her lips as she looked at me. I took two slices of meat and cheese and nibbled as I placed my glass down as her eyes looked down at my groin and opened her mouth slightly and took in a sharp breath. My legs were spread and I had not thought about being exposed, yet I did nothing bonus veren siteler and ignored her response.

The skin showing on her chest became flush as she continued to look for a moment and I turned slightly to block her view as I reached and took my glass in hand and drank the rest of the glass. Tina leaned forward and when she did her t-shirt sagged and I had a wonderful view down her shirt to see her breast and she looked up to see if I was looking and I was watching her. We teased each other like this till the snacks were eaten and the bottle of wine was finished as well.

“Well, the evening is still young want to go out dancing? I can change and then take you home and let you get ready if you would like?” I questioned with a smile on my face.

“Not tonight I think after drinking a full bottle of wine neither of us should drive anywhere. You have another bottle by any chance?” Tina asked as she reached down and adjusted her top.

“I have several. Let me open another bottle and we can go out on the back deck as it is still nice and warm out and we can talk out there.” I said as I stood up.

Tina picked up the glasses and followed me outside to the back deck where I had a two-person hammock as well as a small hot tub. There was an eight-foot-tall wooden privacy fence surrounding my small backyard and it blocked any view from the neighbors. I placed the bottle on a table and removed the cover from the hot tub and turned it on as the water was still warm from earlier and turned and poured us another glass of wine and placed the glasses on the edge of the tub. “Would you like to join me?” I asked.

“Yes I would but I did not bring a swimsuit with me tonight?” she giggled.

“You have a wonderful swimsuit under your clothing if you ask me,” I said as I turned and slipped my shorts off and folded them before placing them on the table. My penis was soft and hung down as I stood before her and sipped from my wine.

“You have a wonderful swimsuit as well. I think I will join you if you don’t mind” she reached down and grasped the hem of her t-shirt as I slipped myself into the warm water. Tina had not worn a bra and next she slipped out of her shorts giving me a flash of her still firm backside as she was turned sideways to me as she slid into the water next to me.

I leaned back into the water and Tina sat on my left side next to me as we sipped our wine. “Tina, why did you come over tonight? Was this to be a one-night stand or are we going to continue being friends after tonight if we make love?

“What do you mean IF we make love? I plan on spending the night and unless you are gay I hope to enjoy your body,” she said as her right hand touched my left thigh under the water. Her breasts were just below the surface of the water as I could see the tips of her breast as we lay back.

I placed my left hand on her right thigh and she reached down and placed it near her groin as her hand touched my still soft penis.

“Your cock is nice. May I play with it?” she asked as she kissed the side of my neck and her fingers encircled my penis.

“Would I deny a lady?” I asked as my fingers traced up her thigh to find her smooth vaginal lips. I teased her and did not caress anything but held my fingers in place as I took my other hand and pulled her face to mine as with her hand caressing my penis I was becoming quickly erect from her actions. I pulled her hand away as we kissed and whispered “Love there is more time for that tonight.”

“Yes but I am so turned on and now that I have you hard I want your body.” she purred in my ear.

“No not yet, but let’s finish this bottle sitting here and then have a warm shower then we will go to bed,” I told her as I pulled my fingers away from her vagina and up to her neck as we held each other and kissed. Our tongues danced with each other as our passion grew by the moment.

We both drank and finished the glass of wine we had and I poured us another glass each as I sipped mine, but Tine swallowed hers quickly. “Now now let’s take it easy as like you said we have all night long,” I said as I topped off my glass and poured the rest of the bottle into her glass.

Tina turned and straddled my waist and kissed me. Our crotches not touching, but her full breasts were in front of my face and her nipples become erect as we just sipped our last glass of wine. I was tempted by her, but I sipped my glass and when we finished I lifted her by her slight waist and we stepped out of the hot tub. We stepped out of the hot tub and the air had cooled causing her nipples to become harder and my penis to shrivel as we stood on the deck and shared a short kiss before we walked into the house.

Tina put the empty tray of snacks away and I asked her if she enjoyed having something more to drink before we took our shower and readied ourselves for bed.

“No I am fine, but the shower does sound nice. Go and get the water hot and I will be right with you in a minute,” she said as I walked bedava bahis past her and she ran her palm up my thigh and caressed my left cheek as I slid past her.

Walking naked past her I leaned over and let my right hand reach out and wrap around her left hip and pulled her soft body against mine as my hand like hers caressed her firm left cheek and suckled her earlobe and then walked away as she had a soft moan and her hand squeezed my cheek as I stepped away from her and towards the shower.

I turned the shower to where the water was steaming hot and filled the large tiled shower and stepped inside and started washing my shoulder-length curly hair as Tina opened the door and stepped in behind me and took over-shampooing my hair. She used her long nails and scrubbed my scalp tenderly as I leaned back and felt her chest come into contact with my back.

I reached back with my hands and found her hips and pulled her closer as she rudely pushed my head under the running water and broke the moment with a laugh and giggle. She rinsed my hair and then pulled me back against her and when I reached back again she swatted my hands and then reapplied the shampoo to my head and now briskly rubbed it into my hair bringing it into a thick lather as again she pressed her body against mine. I turned around and leaned my head back under the showerhead and let the hot water rinse the shampoo out of my hair and with my eyes closed I felt her hands filled with bath gel start caressing and washing my shoulders and arms as I kept my head back.

“Keep your eyes closed and let me wash your body. I want to touch and caress every inch of your hard muscles as I have wanted to do this for the last several years,” she said as her hands were now soaping my chest and her touch had my penis erect as she teased my body with her touch. Her fingers circled my nipples as the soap helped them slip and slide over my chest and down my abs till her soapy hands were just above my sparse pubic hair. She turned me around and reapplied more shower gel to her hands and washed my back lingering on my lower back just above my backside as I spread my legs a little wider than shoulder-width.

Tina knelt and washed my strong legs as her hands stroked them up and down paying attention to the back of my knees and her breath was on my bum as her soft hands worked higher up my legs till they were between my thighs. I felt her soft hands reach up and softly cup my scrotum in her hands and my penis was dripping as I had not been this hot in a very long time. The hot water washed over me as her hands rolled and lifted my scrotum while she played with it. My knees were becoming weak as Tina toyed with my body and I felt her finger trace the underside of my penis from the scrotum till it reached the head and then she wrapped her soapy hand around it and tenderly and slowly stroked my penis as with each beat of my heart I felt I was ready to explode and ravish her body.

Tina turned me around and when I looked down at her and she had one hand between her thighs touching herself as she leaned back and pulled away from me. I was so close to my orgasm my hips were thrusting without any thought of my own as I reached down and masturbated myself for her. Tina moaned aloud as I stroked myself and she leaned forward and kissed the tip of my penis and said. “Cum on me love I want to watch you as each jet of your love covers my chest.

Please cover me with your love,” she said as her fingers were buried deep inside of herself, and in three more strokes, I saw stars as I orgasmed. Every jet out of my penis caused me to lunge forward and she took me in her mouth as the last of my orgasm oozed of me. My knees were weak and I sat down on the bench as Tina stood up and I felt her as she wrapped her arms around my head and pulled my face to her wetness. The aroma was sweet and pungent as I leaned in and licked her mound as my strong fingers slipped up between her thighs and held her labia wide.

I kissed my way down till my tongue caught the tip of her clitoris and she thrust her hips forward and pulled my face hard against her mound. I lapped at her wetness as I used the tip of my tongue to caress the hard love button as my fingers spread her buttocks wide and I teased her anus with my fingers as she rocked her hips against my hungry mouth. I felt her knees start to quiver so I lifted her with my hands as she flooded my mouth with her sweet nectar and she sat down next to me on the bench. I was glad I had a tankless water heater as we had been in the shower a very long time. We let the steam refresh our bodies as we sat there and I poured some shampoo on my hands and started washing her long hair. I massaged her scalp as she turned around with her back to me and leaned her head against my now soft penis as the shampoo lathered in her hair.

I took a long time washing her hair and used the handheld showerhead to rinse the shampoo off before reapplying it and washing her hair again. I lifted her up and with deneme bonus her facing away from me I applied lavender scented shower gel to my hands and started at her neck as I tenderly caressed her skin and the soap allowed my firm grasp to slide over her neck muscles and shoulders as I gave her a massage while I washed her body. I pulled her soft body against my chest and stomach as my hands massaged down her sides and around the edges of her firm breast and she was rubbing her backside against my groin. I used my gel and washed her stomach and found her pubic hair and went past it and down her thighs. I wish I could have lingered, but she pulled me back up to where we’re standing and facing each other, and as our wet bodies pressed against each other I felt her firm nipples pressing into my chest as our hands caressed each other’s wet bodies.

Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths as our breathing had become labored and my penis had regained its stiffness from earlier. Her hands reached down to caress my now erect penis as my hands grasped her firm buttocks as we continued to kiss each other and our breathing was becoming more shallow and faster. The aroma of her arousal was beginning to fill the shower as we teased each other’s bodies.

Her aroma filling my nose was bringing me to a height of sexual arousal I had seldom experienced. Tina had the base of my erection in her grasp and lowered it so it was rubbing against her clitoris as we continued to kiss each other. My strong hands moved from her backside and upwards along her smooth skin and were now holding her waist. The steam in the shower washing over our bodies as we moved against each other helped of bodies slip and slide against each other’s bodies. I could feel her erect nipples pressing against my chest as I slid my hands up her sides till they were holding her under her arms and my fingers tenderly touched the sides of her firm breast.

Tina released my erect penis and wrapped her arms around my neck as I slipped mine up under her full breast and with my thumbs, I touched her nipples bringing a moan from her mouth into mine. Her breast in my hands was something I had desired for such a long time and I was amazed at the turn of events that brought the two of us to this point. The smooth skin and the way the areola had tiny goosebumps from her excitement as I softly rolled the nipples between my forefinger and thumbs.

Tina thrust her mound against my penis as I teased her nipples with my touch. I released her from my grasp and I pressed her back against the warm tile wall and I reached down and turned off the flow of water before reaching out and taking her hands in mine and stepping out of the shower and into the bathroom. I reached into the towel warming closet and pulled out two full-body sheet towels and I dried Tina’s body. I admired every curve of her nakedness and as I knelt at her feet to dry her legs she pulled my face towards her wetness, but I pulled back and as I did she moaned with desire. Soon her body was dry and she wrapped a towel around her wet hair as I quickly dried my own body and hair.

I walked naked into the bedroom walking slowly so she could watch my hard-muscled backside as I took each step to tease her. My penis was throbbing as it bounced with each step I took on the soft padded carpet. Once near the bed I slowly turned and Tina had her left hand on her mound and I saw her ring finger caressing the top of her clit. Her body almost glowed as her skin was either flush with excitement or still flush from the steaming hot shower. Tina removed the towel from her wet hair and shook her head as she stopped touching herself as she suddenly noticed I was watching her.

“Tina please come to bed now.” I softly said as I held my left hand out to her. I watched her move and with each step, her large breast swayed side to side. I waited for her to walk to me and once she was in my arms again we kissed softly and tenderly on the lips. My hands went around her waist and again pulled her soft tender body against my hard-muscled form. I moved my lips to her left earlobe and kissed her as my hands lowered to her firm, yet soft backside. I kissed the side of her neck and tenderly spread my kisses down her neck as I fondled her hips and backside.

Her breathing had become shallow as her hands pulled herself tighter against my body and she was grinding herself against my erection as I continued to now kiss and nibble on her neck below her jawline and was kissing my way towards her throat. I moved my right hand from her hip and upwards to rest under her breast and I could feel her heart racing through her ribcage. I wanted to press her down and have my way with her, but instead, I moved my hand up and cupped her breast and felt her nipple press against my palm as I moved my lips down to the hollow of her throat.

My warm breath on her skin brought goosebumps as my kisses turned to suckle motions while my other hand went from her hip to the top of her mound and I slipped a finger between her labia. Spreading her wider with my fingers I slipped my fingertips along the moist inner lips spreading her wetness on her labia and lubricated them as my lips moved slowly down from the hollow in her neck and I started kissing my way towards her chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32