This Can’t Be Happening Ch. 04

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A continuation of my first experience of exhibitionism and male to male sex. I’m still new to writing so please forgive any errors. I’m hoping that the more I write the better I’ll become. Fingers crossed. I’ve realised some of the chapters are quite short. This is more down to time constraints and I hope this isn’t too much of an issue. Thanks for those that have taken the time to comment and those readers that have added my story to their favourites. It’s very much appreciated. As always, all names and locations have been changed to maintain anonymity.

Cocksucking slut!

You’re on your knees naked and you’re choking yourself on another man’s cock. You’re gripping his thighs and looking up at him as you push your head onto his erection, desperately hoping you’re doing it right.

That’s exactly what I was thinking.

Less than 5 hours ago I was serving customers with groceries and filling shelves in Phillips small supermarket. Phillip was a distinctly average looking man. There was nothing about him that I found remotely attractive or sexy even. He was just the owner of the shop. He meant nothing to me other than being the guy who employed me.

If someone had told me 5 hours ago that I’d be naked, on my knees, sucking his cock, I’d have laughed. Literally laughed out loud. I’d never thought about sex with a man, even in my wildest masturbation fantasies.

Yet here I was, doing exactly that. Not only that, but actually wanting to do it right for him. Wanting to show him I could suck his cock better than anyone else who’d sucked him.

Phillips cock was my sole focus now. He was the man who’d made me experience something I’d never thought about. Because of my stupidity, he’d made me take a very hard spanking, followed by his belt. His thick, brown leather belt across my naked buttocks. Completely exposed to him……and I’d LOVED it.

The humiliation. The exposure. The pain.

All that had combined to give me the strongest erection I’d ever had. I had never felt this turned on. Phillip had shown me a part my sexuality that was completely new but must have been hidden away. Whether he intended to or not. It didn’t matter. I knew right then I’d entered into a new part of my life.

Phillip was no longer the distinctly average shop owner anymore. Now he was special. Now I realised how beautiful a cock could be. His cock was beautiful to me and I wanted him to know. If only by the way I sucked it, I wanted bahis siteleri him to know.

I was hooked.

Until then, Phillip had barely spoken. He just let me take my time getting used to this new experience. He’d just stood there with his hands on his hips, looking down at me slurping and sucking his cock and balls. Not once did he try to force anything on me, other than make a suggestion to touch, then taste his wonderful thick cock.

“Do you like sucking that cock David?” he asked me.

All I did was stop briefly to say “yes”.

“Like” was an understatement to be honest. I wanted to tell him how much I truly loved it. I wanted to gush out how beautiful it was. How good it felt in my mouth. How I loved the taste of his precum that I’d already swallowed so much of. How good it felt to gag myself on him. But I was too scared to say those things.

“I can tell” he told me.

“Are you sure this is the first time you’ve had a cock in your mouth?” he asked.

“Yes” I said and carried on. I wanted to say more. I really did. I wanted to tell him he could have me suck him as often as he wanted.

“Well, you’re either lying or you’re a natural David” he told me. “Your mouth is better than that bitch I married. Not that she sucked me very much.” he said.

Wow. He’s just told me that I’m better than his (soon to be ex) wife, I thought to myself. It filled me with a bizarre sense of pride. The conflict of thinking I shouldn’t be doing this. That I shouldn’t be enjoying this, was blown to pieces with that statement. I couldn’t believe he thought I was good.

“Thank you” I told him, before resuming with his thick cock. I didn’t know what else to say to him.

“It’s me who should be thanking you David. I’m almost pleased I caught you stealing now” he said. “If you hadn’t I wouldn’t have had the chance to belt your gorgeous arse or have my prick in your mouth” he told me.

This was unreal! It wasn’t just the words but the way he spoke them. Phillip rarely used bad language. In fact, I couldn’t recall him ever swearing. He was just so “normal” usually. He’d always been polite, even when he seemed upset or when asking me to do a specific job.

Now he was telling me how he enjoyed belting my arse. Calling it gorgeous! Telling me he enjoyed having his “prick” in my mouth. It was a massive head rush to hear him use those words. So out of character but perfect for this situation. It reinforced the feeling of being canlı bahis siteleri a slut and I was enjoying it.

It made me feel special.

In fact, I could barely remember feeling that special to anyone, save my mother. But that’s not the same. This was completely different. I felt wanted sexually. I felt attractive. I knew this turned him on as much as me now and that meant a lot.

I felt warm and cosy inside. It felt like I was high on sex. Like I was wrapped in a bubble of sexual energy.

He put his right hand on the top of my head and held it gently. Just guiding me rather than being forceful. Guiding me into a steady rhythm. Occasionally pushing into my throat, causing me to gag. He knew I liked it. He didn’t have to ask. He just knew what I wanted. Every time I gagged my cock jerked another glob of precum onto the carpet. I could feel how wet my cock and balls were from sheer quantity of liquid I’d been leaking.

He moaned out loud telling me how good my mouth felt on his prick. Repeating that I was a natural cocksucker as he guided my head into a faster rhythm. It felt like he was making me fuck my mouth with his cock. It felt fucking amazing!

Then I felt his cock start to swell and twitch and I knew he was starting to cum. Strangely, I hadn’t thought about that. He didn’t tell me he was going to cum. He just did it into my mouth. It just kind of flooded inside rather than spurting. He was groaning loudly just saying “fuck” repeatedly. Instinctively, I swallowed, before I felt some more spill inside.

It didn’t taste awful. The taste surprised me. Almost dry, salty and sweet.

What it did do was send me over the edge. Just the act of doing it. The realisation that I was swallowing Phillips cum was enough.

My balls tightened and I felt the rush of my cum begin to surge. I just couldn’t stop it. Then it happened while I was still gulping on his beautiful cock. I could feel my cum shooting hard and I could hear it landing on the carpet. Shot after shot, it leapt from my cock sending me into spasms so hard I had to hold tightly onto Phillips thighs.

When I finally came down from my orgasm, I still had his cock in my mouth but it was starting to go soft. He slowly pulled out as I tried to keep sucking on it. I didn’t want it to end. I didn’t want him to see that I’d spurted my cum over his carpet.

I started to say I was sorry but he laughed it off. He even told me it was a compliment, telling canlı bahis me he’d never seen a man cum hands free before.

As he started to put his cock away he looked at the floor.

“Fucking hell David” he said “Thats a lot of spunk” he told me. “Looks like I have some cleaning up to do” he laughed.

Even I was surprised. There were splashes of cum as far as 3 feet from where I was kneeling.

“I’m so sorry” I blurted out “I tried to stop but I couldn’t” I told him. Again, he laughed and then told me that next time he wanted to see me cum.

“Next time it might be nice to see you wank yourself off in front of me” he said.

Next time? I thought to myself. He’s already planning a next time. I was so glad to hear that.

He helped me to stand up. Despite having cum so hard, my cock was still quite stiff and some cum still clung to the tip. He looked down and reached forward with his forefinger to wipe it off. Then licked it from his finger. My cock twitched.

“It’s getting late” he told. Then suggested I go to the bathroom to clean up before getting dressed. So I wandered down the hallway into the bathroom.

I stood in front of sink and looked at myself in the mirror. My face was bright red and covered with dried spit and tears, so I ran the cold tap and splashed myself to cool down. Then used the bar of soap to wash my face clean. As I dried myself, I noticed my cock was hard again. I knew I would have to walk back down the hall to the living room and Phillip would see. Just thinking about that made me embarrassed and that, in turn, made me harder. What was happening to me?

I couldn’t stay in his bathroom forever, so walked back to the living room with my cock bouncing as I did. Phillip was standing waiting for me and immediately noticed my erection. I blushed with embarrassment and tried to get dressed as quickly as I could.

“Come on” he said “Lets get you home”

I followed downstairs and out into the night to his car.

On the drive home he told me that we would probably be best to keep what had happened between ourselves. I understood that and agreed. He told me that he’d enjoyed himself and hoped I had too. Of course I had and said so.

Just before pulling up outside my home he told me that tomorrow, when I’d finished my shift, we should have a chat. He said that a lot had happened and expected I’d probably be thinking about it overnight. So we could chat tomorrow and he’d answer any questions I had, but that I shouldn’t worry myself. We were both adults and what we’d done was natural. I told him I felt fine but I knew I’d be thinking about it. About him.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading so far…..

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