They Took Me

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Author’s note: woop! Been a while! Hope you like this one, it’s a little more narrative-driven and ‘realistic’ than my other stories.

This story contains: couple dominating couple, muscle woman, cuckolding.


I leaned back and rubbed my eyes. The stupid fucking bug was still there and after a solid seven hours of poring over stack traces and debug logs I hadn’t gotten any closer to figuring it out than I was before.

Fuck it, I’m gonna make some coffee I thought dimly. The work day was over and the office was quiet, but of course at Blarmis Games, there’s not really such a thing as the end of the workday. The workday ends when you stop feeling the coffee. At least that’s how my boss put it. Jackass.

I sat up and trudged over to the coffee maker glumly, still rubbing my eyes. The sound of high heels rapidly clicking towards me didn’t register until it was already too late, and I was bowled over by someone moving with the force of a freight train.

The impact wasn’t enough to really hurt, but in my sleep-deprived state it left me slightly dazed. It took a second for me to notice the rich, womanly voice saying “Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” and the hand with flawlessly painted long black fingernails sticking out in front of me.

I dumbly reached out to grab the hand and as it pulled me up, I started to take in the person it was attached to. She really was something. She was probably almost 6 feet tall, with a muscular frame that was tastefully emphasized by her tight blazer and skirt. Most women with that much muscle on them look kind of masculine, and she was no exception, but her wide hips, relatively narrow waist, and appreciable breasts made it clear that though she could beat most guys in an arm wrestling match she was 100% hot-blooded woman. Though I detected a scandinavian accent in her voice, and her eyes were piercingly blue, her skin was tanned a deep bronze and her hair was jet black. Her face looked like something out of a makeup commercial, even with her brow furrowed with concern.

Now, I’ve been known to have some bisexual tendencies, and I couldn’t help but get a little flush as I realized I was looking at one of the most attractive women I’d ever seen. Certainly the most attractive I’d ever touched.

Her eyes flashed and she smiled, showing me two rows of sparkling white teeth. Clearly she’d seen me looking and didn’t mind.

“I’m so sorry about that, I was on the phone and I wasn’t paying attention. Are you alright?” She said, releasing me from her strong grip.

I did my best to snap out of it. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Just really tired.” I waved my coffee mug to indicate what I was about to do to fix that situation. “It’s my fault, really, I should have been watching where I was going.”

“Oh nonsense,” she said. She stuck out a hand to me. “I’m Magdalene. Magdalene Mason. I’m from J Corp, just here to help with marketing for the launch.”

I took her hand awkwardly. “Sasha Bellomay. Programmer.”

She giggled a little bit at my stereotypical lack of social graces. “Alright, well, I guess we’re both too busy at the moment to be standing around talking. See you later, Sasha!”

I made an affirmative noise as she quickly turned and walked away. I couldn’t help but check out her ass, and god damn, what an ass it was! Two perfect globes of muscle contained in such a tight skirt made me swallow before I continued my journey to the long-awaited coffee maker.

Turns out Harry was already there. As usual, as soon as I entered the room he tried and failed to glance at my chest without me noticing. I’m no stunner, but I have big boobs, and I guess that plus liking video games is enough that every male dev can’t get me out of his head. Harry has asked me out before, as has half the technical staff, but luckily I have the perfect excuse for turning them all down: I already have a boyfriend.

I tried to avoid contact, but Harry had other plans. As soon as I reached the coffee maker and poured out some of the life-giving brown liquid, he said, “Hey Sash. Still working on that ammo deletion bug?”

I gritted my teeth while I sipped my coffee. “Yup.”

He smiled condescendingly and started to voice his inevitable suggestion. “Well, I’ve been thinking, it might have to do with the way we sync game state with the server. You might want to check that the client isn’t trying to fire bullets that the server doesn’t think have been loaded yet.”

I’d done that four hours ago. “Sure, Harry, I’ll check if that’s it, thanks for the help,” I said, doing my best to force a smile. He seemed satisfied that he had displayed his intelligence and let me shuffle back to my chair with no more bother.

I got back into the zone, if debugging can be called a “zone” and not “the seventh level of hell”. I did eventually squash the bug, but I was too tired by then to feel any sense of triumph from it. I looked up at the clock: 9:58 PM. Fuck.

I managed to drive home by 10:30. sıhhiye escort I got in to our little apartment and saw that all of it was dark, with the sole exception of the glow from the TV. David was watching some anime. He didn’t even look up at me, but I saw that he was eating some pasta, so I checked the kitchen… nope, not enough left for me.

“Babe, can you make me some food? I’m really beat,” I said with frustration while I took off my bra.

He slurped up the last of his pasta and nodded vigorously. “Yeah yeah, sure thing, this episode will be over in like 10 minutes.”

I groaned and flopped down on the couch next to him. He didn’t look away from the screen, but he did put his arm around me. That little bit of comfort after such a long, shitty day was like a spark of light in a dark room. I was desperately hungry and also, suddenly, desperately horny. I scooched until my head was on his lap and looked up at him with my best bedroom eyes. After a little bit, he looked down. “Can you make it now please?” I said in the high pitched voice I reserved for him.

Every time David realizes I want sex his face lights up in a really cute way. I couldn’t help but smile at it. “Okayyyy” he said, and quickly got up to go make something.

David and I had fallen in love in college and stuck together afterwards. I landed a high-paying dev job at Blarmis and he never really landed much of anything. It wasn’t a big deal financially, I could easily support both of us especially with our homebody lifestyle, but he pretty much spent all his time playing video games or watching anime or browsing reddit. It got to me.

But, oh well, he was really sweet and the sex wasn’t bad. When the alternative was dating my coworkers (ew) or going out and being social (ugh) David was the clear winner.

I got comfortable on the couch and started watching the anime. It looked like some kind of mindless slice-of-life, which is exactly what I felt like watching at the moment.

Fast forwards half an hour, I’d just eaten a huge bowl of pasta and I was making out with David on the couch. His hand crept up under my shirt and grasped one of my full breasts. I moaned into his mouth and pulled myself on to him. I seriously wanted him, I wanted so badly for him to fuck me hard until I forgot all my stress. He kept fondling my boobs under my shirt for a while while we kissed, but I wanted more. I broke off the kiss, get on top of him, and pulled my shirt over my head. My big ole tits flopped out and I squeezed them together for him.

“Come on baby,” I panted, “Do what you want with me.”

His hands reached for my boobs again, this time to tweak my nipples. He’d learned over time how I like to be treated.

“Alright then, slut, pull off my pants and get me ready,” he said in his best imitation of an authoritative voice.

I dutifully unzipped his shorts and freed his hard cock from them. Right away, I grabbed it and started fondling his balls. His was the first and only dick I’d ever had, and it was way smaller than the ones in porn, but that never bothered me. After all, I’m not much like a pornstar either. I’m about 5’4″ and my body is incredibly unremarkable, with the exception of my big, annoying, DDD-cup boobs. My face has acne scars and my skin is pasty white. My hair is brown and long and I normally wear it in a single braid.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking, “Sasha, you’re not ugly! Stop talking about yourself that way!” Yeah I know I’m not ugly. In fact I know that every member of my DnD group lusts after me. I’m just being honest. David thought I was a sex goddess anyway, so it didn’t matter much whether I looked like a porn star.

Speaking of David, I started to lick his little willie up and down while he grabbed a firm hold of my hair. I made sure to make eye contact with him while I sucked him off, and he looked down at me with a look of combined awe and lust. I could easily fit his whole cock in my mouth, and I hummed a little bit just to give him a little extra stimulation. I really love sucking David’s dick, I love showing him that I’m his.

He was definitely as hard as could possibly be now. A sturdy four and a half inches, all for me. He seemed to detect that he was ‘ready’ now too, and he pulled my head up from his cock. I let out a little moan and bit my lip.

“Okay, get on your hands and knees,” he said.

I obeyed, of course. He quickly yanked down my pants, not even bothering to really take them off, and gripped my ass with his hands. Nonetheless, I wiggled it, trying to tempt him into taking me as savagely as possible. He slapped my ass lightly, earning him a coo from me, and pushed his dick into my sopping entrance.

David can fuck me pretty well, sometimes. This wasn’t one of those times. We had trouble finding rhythm, and once we did he pulled out and blew his load almost instantly. I sighed as I felt his seed dripping down my ass crack. I was just starting to get into it! My sincan escort pussy felt like it was buzzing in anticipation still. But he was already slumping over. I kicked off my pants and laid against him, naked, hoping that I would get another round soon enough, but as the high of sex wore off I found myself getting sleepy. David took me off to bed where I fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

Over the next two weeks, as we got ready for the launch of War of Guns: Battle Ops, I saw more of Magdalene around the office. She would always smile and wave when she saw me. She looked busy, and I was definitely busy, so we didn’t really talk. David took care of me as best he could. Things were okay, I guess. I counted off the days until the launch.

Finally, the launch day came. With that blessed occasion came something that I dreaded: the launch party.

I don’t know what launch parties are like at other game companies, but at Blarmis, the corporate bigwigs come and socialize and congratulate the devs, then they leave after about an hour and all the devs get wasted. I’ve never been much of a party girl but I always feel like I should go to the launch parties. I figure if I’m going to practically kill myself working on a damn game I deserve some recognition and booze from it.

I dressed simply, but with a little more taste than my usual t-shirt and jeans. I put on a flannel and jeans. David even put on non-cargo pants for the occasion.

It was a launch party like any other. David and I gravitated to the drinks, as did the entire War of Guns dev team. I did my best to dodge conversations with my boss, people from marketing, and people like Harry while I slowly but surely got drunk.

At some point, after I’d already had a few, I saw a very distinctive face in the crowd: Magdalene. She was gorgeous, wearing a thin blue dress that left her arms and most of her back completely bare, and showed off a succulent but tasteful valley of cleavage and quite a lot of the sides of her incredible thighs. I was transfixed, and with my mind addled with drink as it was, I immediately made my way towards her. David followed with a small yelp of surprise.

At the moment she was talking with some VP I’d never met before. She had her usual forceful positive attitude about her, as well as some guy who just kinda stood near her and didn’t talk much.

As soon as she saw me, she greeted me warmly.

“Oh! Hi Sasha!! How are you enjoying the party?” Her fierce blue eyes seemed to burrow in to me, and I had trouble speaking. The VP caught someone else’s eye and slinked off, leaving just me, David, Magdalene, and some guy who seemed to be hanging around her.

Finally I found my voice again. “Hi, uh, Magdalene. This is, uh, David, my boyfriend.”

Magdalene turned her gaze over to David, who seemed at least as charmed as I was. She stretched out he hand and said, “Pleasure to meet you, David, I’m Magdalene, I did some marketing for the game, that’s how I met your lovely girlfriend here.”

David managed to take her hand and stammer out “H-hi.”

Magdalene really seemed to be enjoying her effect on us. But, just as quickly, she diverted our focus to the man standing next to her with his hands in his pockets. “Well, I have to introduce my husband Steve. Steve, Sasha, I work with her, and this is David, her special man.”

Steve waved at us politely and said “Hullo.” I was a little surprised. Steve was definitely hot, sure, but I would have expected Magdalene to be married to some kind of super-masculine hulk, and Steve really looked like a twig next to her. He was probably like 5’9″, and sinewy, and his hairline was already starting to recede. He must be her little bitch in bed, a naughty part of me thought.

“You might get along with her pretty well,” Magdalene continued, “Sasha here is apparently one of Blarmis’s top programmers.” She turned to me, “Steve’s a programmer too!”

Steve smiled awkwardly and said, “Well, kinda. I work on quantum computers. Real abstract stuff.” His gaze seemed perfectly cool and level, in contrast to Magdalene’s heat. It was a little inscrutible but not offputting.

David and I managed to hold our side of the conversation as Magdalene drew us in. Steve spoke very little, but every once in a while he would add in a funny little quip and make us all laugh. We moved to a secluded area of the office so we could talk without getting bumped into by rowdy game devs. I was thoroughly tipsy by that point and my lips were getting loose. What’s worse, Magdalene kept looking at me with more intensity as the night wore on. I found it hard to keep my eyes off her, and she always gave me a playful smile whenever my eyes snapped back to hers.

The conversation drifted to the topic of how we all met, and what our college years were like.

“I was kind of a wild child in college, I guess,” Magdalene confessed, to the surprise of no one. “I would skip classes all the time to go surf. sınırsız escort Had a bunch of ‘friends’ I’d hook up with.” She put her hand on Steve’s thigh. “Then my 5th year, I met this stud, and I decided it was time to settle down.” They looked at each other with love.

“I was, like, the opposite,” said Steve, “I remember, I was going out to celebrate passing quals. I’d barely been outside in months. Then, while I’m sitting there drinking with my classmates, this angel walks up and plops herself on my lap and tells me I’m going home with her. How could I refuse?!” Everyone chuckled, and Steve pecked Magdalene on the lips. She kept her hand on his thigh and turned to me.

“What about you guys? What were you like back then, Sasha?”

I blushed deeply. “I dunno, I just graduated two years ago, I was kinda the same as I am now, I guess.”

Magdalene bit her lip and smiled like a predator at its prey. “Were you a lesbian?”

I stared at her in shock. “Um, I-I was for a while, yeah.”

“Then you met David here and learned how good dick is, huh?” She was moving closer to me. I could smell her perfume. Was that perfume? It smelled overwhelmingly womanly. I felt heat start to radiate from my crotch.

“W-well, sorta…” I glanced at David. He was slack-jawed in disbelief. Steve seemed amused. I only had a split second to look at them, though, as pretty soon Magdalene took up my entire focus.

“Do you find me attractive, Sasha?” She asked. She was right in front of me, thrusting her boobs right in my face in the sexiest pose imaginable. From up close, they looked as big as mine, although they weren’t so incongruous on her body. Her perfect, incredibly powerful body.

I gulped. I couldn’t lie. “Yes, I do.”

She put her hands on my knees and started moving them up my thighs. I offered no resistance. She slid her body between my legs. Her face was inches from mine when she asked, “Do you want me and Steve to take you home and fuck you senseless?”

I was panting. My mind was awash in hormones, unable to deal with the ethical problem of doing this in front of my loving boyfriend. What ethical problem? I thought, I need this. I have to say yes. David… who cares?

“Yes.” I said softly. Magdalene instantly moved in for a deep, passionate kiss. Her strong hands crept up my shirt to grope my tits as she invaded my mouth with her tongue. I let my body go limp for the most part, and allowed her to do whatever she wanted. If she had started fucking me right then and there, I wouldn’t have objected.

After what felt like an eternity, she detached herself from my face and stood up. I moaned softly at the loss of her skilled hands and mouth and stared at her.

“Okay everyone, let’s go,” she said, as if there was no question about it. Steve downed the last of his drink and stood to accompany her out the door. They were already leaving, and I was having trouble processing what had happened. I looked over at David. His eyes pleaded with me to stay.

I got up and walked quickly to catch up with Magdalene’s long strides. David hurried after me.

On the way to the car, Magdalene asked me all kinds of questions. Things like are you on birth control? What’s your address? Are the walls thin? I was still a little stunned and answered the questions robotically.

She drove a really nice four-door BMW. Clearly, J Corp paid well. She told me to sit next to Steve.

We were sort of squished in the back. Steve sat in the middle, and David and I sat on either side. Once we’d gotten situated, Steve said to us both, “I just want you to know, you can stop at any time. Just say ‘I want you to leave’. We’ll go.” He still exuded an ineffable calm.

David nodded meekly. I said “okay”. At that, Steve started unbuckling his pants.

I looked on inquiringly, but curiosity quickly turned to shock when Steve fished out his cock. It was HUGE. It was already way bigger than David’s ever got, and it wasn’t even fully hard yet. His balls were also way bigger than David’s. They looked like small eggs. I’d never seen a cock like that outside of porn.

Magdalene looked at me in the rear-view mirror. “Do you like sucking cock, Sasha?”

I nodded, still staring at Steve’s giant, pulsing member.

“Well then, why don’t you start the festivities? Don’t make him cum just yet, I want his balls nice and full for the cumshot.”

Steve put his arm around my waist and looked at me expectantly. I gulped and nervously bent down to put my head level with his crotch. It smelled like sex already.

“Come on, you know what to do,” Steve said impatiently. His hand moved to cup one of my ass cheeks, and he squeezed it hard.

I guess it had the desired effect, because I kissed his big, glorious cock, and started to suck up and down it, and he stopped squeezing. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to actually fit it in my mouth without using my teeth, so I kept using my hand to slowly stroke him while my mouth went up and down the shaft. His pole quickly gained full hardness, and I could admire It in all its glory. The shaft looked nearly as thick around as my (admittedly very slender) wrists. There was absolutely no way I was going to get the whole thing in my mouth, but I simply had to try.

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