The Punishment

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I was home from work one Thursday. It was rare for me to take much time off. We were both off Friday and Monday, having decided to take a long weekend together in the mountains. I hadn’t told you of my plans to stay home today; instead, I wanted to get everything ready and surprise you later. The trip was for your birthday, and I was determined to make the weekend all about your pleasure. Knowing you though, you had planned things around me as well.

So I wanted to give you tonight.

I began by getting everything ready I’d need for the trip. Everything was clean, packed, put together and in the car before noon. It was a calming routine, putting things in order around the house. As usual, I couldn’t get very far without having to stop and think about you. As I picked up and dusted in the library, I kept coming across things of yours, and it made me smile. Every step brought my mind to you, lover, to our morning together.


Before leaving for work, you’d found me in the bathroom, stepping out of the shower. You stood, leaning against the doorframe, just watching with a smile. I took my time drying my hair with a towel, drying my legs, my arms. As I straightened up, I felt you behind me – I hadn’t even seen you move. We stood in front of the mirror, you behind me. You wrapped both arms around my waist, pulling me back to you. Feeling you against me, I closed my eyes and tilted my head back, moaning. You’d thrown the switch, and now I had to have you. I felt a warm tickle by my left ear, your breath.

“Imzadi, I need you to spread your legs for me.”

I complied immediately, and was rewarded by a small squeeze from you. My arm found its way behind your neck, and our lips met, then our tongues. I tried to show you how eager I was, how ready…but you knew. You always knew what I wanted and what I needed. As the kiss deepened, you grabbed the edge of my towel and pulled. It fell away, leaving me naked for you. I whimpered as you pulled your head away from mine, and looked up at you plaintively, but the grin on your face calmed me. You sniffed the air, and I knew right away that you could smell my arousal. Before I knew it, you slipped two fingers down between my swollen lips, bare and glistening with moisture. I could see how much I was dripping in the mirror. You brought them up to your mouth and licked them clean, then dipped them down again and offered them to me.

“Taste yourself, lover. So sweet, so delicious.”

Devouring your fingers became my only focus, and I barely heard your low chuckle. You knew that I’d do anything to please you. The fingers went away far too soon. I was quivering with need, straining to control myself, but you knew that too. It was our routine to take our time in the morning, and I knew you liked when I relaxed and let you guide me.

One of your hands fell to the small of my back and the other to my hip. Gently, but firmly, you pushed and bent me over at the waist.

“Hang on to the counter, love, unless you want to fall over.” Then as an afterthought, “If you don’t stay still, you won’t be allowed to cum. So I do suggest you choose to steady yourself.”

That was all I needed to hear, and I stretched my arms out in front me. And grabbing on to the counter, tried to hold on tight. I knew though, that when you wanted to take me hard, I had little chance of staying upright.

The hand on my back moved to my ass, gently stroking, caressing me there. I shivered at your touch and involuntarily pressed my hips back into you.

“Gently now,” you breathed into my ear. “Stay still or I’ll leave you wanting all day, my darling.”

With excruciating slowness, you pulled the butt plug out and set it on the counter next to my arms. I felt your fingers tease me back there, probing, testing. It must have been to your satisfaction, as I heard your zipper lower. It took all of my self control not to cum right then, but I knew you wouldn’t be pleased with me. Finally, your cock slid between my cunt lips, slowly moving up and down, gathering moisture. I bit my lip, but couldn’t quite stifle my moans, and I knew you’d be able to feel my cunt clenching, trying to pull you in. I saw your wolfish grin in the mirror.

“Not now, pet. You’ll have to wait until later for that pleasure. All I want with your cunt is your juice.”

You slid your cock up and down through my lips one more time, before pulling your hips back. I knew what was happening without even looking up into the mirror. You were lining your hips up, getting ready to thrust. It wouldn’t be gentle.


I cried out as you plunged into my ass in one firm, hard stroke, until your balls rested against my ass. You spanked me twice, reminding me not to speak or make noise, holding your cock still inside me. As we stood there, I focused my concentration on you, your cock deep in my hole. My muscles spasmed around you, no matter how hard I tried to still them. Again, I heard the chuckle come from your throat, and knew you could tell how hard I was trying to behave. After what güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri seemed like an eternity, you started moving, but so slowly. I closed my eyes, trying to concentrate on your cock and nothing else.

We fell into a silent rhythm, moving together unhurriedly, but so hard. You gripped my hips with one hand, and pressed my back down lower with the other. I kept expecting you to speed up your thrusts, but you never did. Instead, you kept the same pace, in and out. In and out. Stopping in between. I felt the fire slowly building inside me, but knew I’d never get to orgasm at this speed. Of course, you knew it too. You deftly slid a hand underneath me and began playing with my clit. Pinching, rubbing, occasionally slapping. It became too hard to stay still, and I felt myself rocking back into you, trying to speed up. You held me firm and took your time, helping me climb higher with your hand.

I felt you tense, your muscles firm as you held your cock deep inside me. At the same time, you rubbed me furiously, squeezing my clit between two fingers every now and then. I went wild, moaning, letting my head fall back. Your lips found my exposed neck, kissing hard. I couldn’t wait any longer, I needed to cum, and told you so, looking up in desperation. Again, you grinned and held me firm as you pushed your hips forward, arching your back, and spilling your cum deep inside my ass, pushing me down as you did. I closed my eyes and hung on, wanting now to finish with you, looking for that orgasm.

But you unceremoniously pulled out of me, grabbed the plug off the counter and slid it firmly home. Giving it a pat, you answered the question in my eyes.

“You didn’t stay still, lover. Now you’ll have to wait until tonight. Remember – no touching yourself until I tell you, otherwise it might be even later.”


Hours later, I was still sopping wet. I couldn’t even move without being reminded first of the sizable plug you left stuffed up inside me, and then the fresh load of cum you kept buried inside. I racked my brain, trying to think of how I could make the night special, and all for you – especially since I felt I’d disappointed you earlier. It was part of our mutual exploration, but learning to control my orgasms was proving to be difficult. Even now, it took all my self control to remind myself that I had been ordered not to touch myself. On the other hand, you could make me cum with a single look, or a simple touch. Your control over my body seemed so much better than mine. I sighed and made sure everything was ready for our departure tomorrow.

After looking in the mirror, I picked up my keys and got into the car. Part of your night would be dinner, wine and dessert. Of course, I planned on being the last course, if you were pleased with me. The grocery store wasn’t crowded, which was for the best, since I had to stop and compose myself every so often. Walking around with the plug always brought me to the brink of orgasm; I knew I had to keep myself under control. Even if I didn’t say a word, you always seemed to know if I had been able to behave or not.

Soon, the cart was full with everything I needed to make one of your favorite dishes. I went into the produce section last. I grabbed some strawberries, bananas, peaches and cucumbers. Again glad of the relatively empty store, I felt a heavy blush creep up my cheeks as I thought about what I’d be using them for later. The heavy blush reminded me to pick up something else I knew you liked, some ginger root. Checking over my list one more time, I checked out and made my way home.

Once I put everything away, it was time to start getting myself ready for the evening. I stepped into the shower, under the hot water and felt my muscles start to relax. I groaned, leaning into the spray. It was so hard not to pleasure myself. But I brightened…you hadn’t said I couldn’t let the water touch me… I put my hands behind my head, to take away temptation, and stepped into the water, legs spread wide. I felt the warm water hit my lips, my clit. But as much as I needed that orgasm, I felt guilty. After all, this was your night. I silently chastised myself. You do so much for me, this was all about you. But, I couldn’t stop. The feel of the water, the plug inside me, the memory of the morning, it was too much. I found myself spreading my legs wider, pushing my hips out so that the water could do its task and felt a loud, intense, orgasm rip through my body. After the orgasm subsided, I felt ashamed. You would not be pleased, but perhaps you’d never find out. So I made sure I was clean for you, inside and out. Legs and cunt bare and ready for your pleasure.

I finished and stepped out to dry off, remembering our morning again. The next hour was spent happily making myself look just the way you like. I wanted to take your breath away tonight. I left my hair in soft curls down my back. My makeup was subtle, but I had red lipstick on. It was a signal between us that I wanted you badly.

Before my shower, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I’d laid out my clothes, and carefully put them on. My lace thong was almost an afterthought, after all it was too tiny to cover anything. I pulled it up my legs, settling it on my hips and looked in the mirror. As per usual, my swollen lips were too much to contain, and bulged out on either side. The lace was tucked tightly between them, and I could feel it rough against my clit any time I moved. I hesitated, wondering if I could stand that all night. I started slipping them back down my legs, but stopped and thought better of it. You loved seeing my thong, and always ravished me once you found it soaked and barely able to contain my lips. I fastened the matching grey lace bra, making sure it was a snug fit, my breasts thrust proudly up, on display for you. The lace garter belt came next, and felt so nice and tight around me, like your hands, holding me in place when we fuck. I sat on the edge of our bed, and slowly rolled one silk stocking up my leg, carefully making sure it was straight. Once fastened, I repeated the same thing on my other leg.

I smiled to myself, knowing that you’d love it if I stopped here and you found me cooking you dinner just like this. But again, I wanted a night full of surprises for you. I reached out for my dress and stepped into it. My ass squeezed around the plug; I know you’d want to help me zip the dress up if you were here now. It was a favorite of yours: emerald green, clinging to my breasts, then flowing out around my hips down to my knees. You loved how it showed off my curves. I adjusted the neckline, making sure a generous hint of my décolletage was on display for you, and couldn’t resist letting my hands linger around my breasts a few moments longer than necessary. Slipping my plum heels on, I made sure my jewelry was in place and walked downstairs.

It was easy to lose myself in preparing the meal. This was something I loved to do – even more so with you, but I was so very happy to surprise you tonight. I hummed to myself, and danced around the kitchen as I began cooking. By now, I had almost forgotten about my earlier orgasm and the inevitable consequences. I’d even forgotten (to a certain extent) about the plug nestled firmly in my ass. I let myself focus entirely on dinner and on you. About ten minutes before you got home (you always texted me when you were at a traffic light that was about ten minutes away), I made sure to walk around the house, lighting candles, making everything perfect for you.

I looked nervously around, smoothing my dress and fixing my hair. The table was set with our good china, flowers in a vase and candles lit. I had only to bring in the food, being kept warm now in the kitchen. The wine had been opened to breathe about 45 minutes prior, and the champagne for dessert was chilling in the fridge. I’d even assembled the tray of fruit, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, cucumbers and ginger (with a knife) for our after dinner entertainment. The music was the kind of chilled music you loved on an evening like this.

Hearing the front door open, I walked into the hall to meet you. You smiled at me softly.

“What’s all this, lover?”

“For you, imzadi. Happy birthday.”

You smiled, that goofy smile that always makes me melt, and held your arms open for me. I walked into them and nuzzled into your neck, breathing in your scent. It always felt so much better to have you with me. I pulled away and walked into the kitchen, looking over my shoulder.

“Dinner in five minutes. Would you like a glass of wine?”

You nodded your assent as you followed me into the kitchen, immediately asking how you could help. I shook my head grinning and asked you to sit back and enjoy as I handed you your glass of wine. It took me exactly five minutes to have dinner on the table for us. As we ate, I asked you about your day and kept up a steady stream of conversation. While you looked relaxed and were obviously enjoying the food, I could tell you were curious about my day, about what I had planned, but I didn’t want to give everything away yet. As you spoke, I kept catching your gaze slip down to my breasts and linger there for a few moments before you could tear it away and look back into my eyes. You’d never been shy about doing that, but tonight your gaze was even more piercing than usual. When you did, I made sure to take a deep breath, thrusting my chest forward just a little bit more.

Dinner and dessert were lovely, and after two glasses of wine and a glass of champagne, I was feeling very warm. My cunt, on the other hand, wasn’t just warm, but dripping wet and on fire. I needed you, but kept my composure. This was your night; I had to keep reminding myself.

As I cleaned up, you kept me company in the kitchen, still trying to help. I laughed and swatted you away, handing you a cup of coffee to keep you busy. I smiled a little as you sipped the coffee, since that was one distraction that never failed.

By the time I was done, my breathing became güvenilir bahis şirketleri a bit more labored, a bit nervous. You could tell, I knew, and were curious. I suddenly remembered what had happened in the shower and the color rushed to my cheeks. You raised one eyebrow at me, but I smiled and continued.

“Love? Help me bring something upstairs?”

“Of course.”

You looked surprised when I handed you the tray; the look on your face became a smile as you glanced over the items it held.

You said gently, “Imzadi, I thought I’d only be bringing you upstairs. But this promises to be equally as interesting, I think.”

I led the way up to our bedroom, candles already lit, music playing. The sheets on the bed were turned down. You set the tray down carefully on your nightstand and reached over to touch my cheek and pull me to you, the blush creeping even further down my body.

“Someone has been busy today, hmm?”

I felt the color rushing to my cheeks.

“I enjoyed planning this evening for you,” I said softly, my eyes trained to your chest.

You put a finger under my chin, lifting it up so that I looked right into your eyes. You leaned down to kiss my lips, smiling as you did so. You had just started kissing me, when I heard you take a deep breath and pull away.

“Lover, I thought I asked you not to do something today?” Your voice was firm.

I stammered, looking down at my feet, trying to hold back tears. My body quivered with tension and I squeezed my eyes shut.


Your voice still soft, but even firmer than earlier.

My eyes spilled over, tears running down my face. I knew it wouldn’t help me.

You sighed.

“After a wonderfully thoughtful, well planned evening like that I hate to do this, but you know that there are certain things that cannot be ignored.”

I hung my head, ashamed. Softly crying. I had disappointed you, and it was almost too much to bear.

“Please, lover, punish me? I couldn’t control myself, and you’re right, I should have been able to. I deserve the consequences.”

You pulled me into your arms, kissing the top of my head. For a second I relaxed, thinking that perhaps you were going to forgive me.

“Lover, first of all, thank you for planning this wonderful evening. But whether I punish you or not is my choice, not yours. I want you to stand in the middle of the room and remove your dress.”

I trembled now, realizing that I’d failed you again by speaking out of turn. I slowly walked into the middle of the room and turned to face you. You heard my zipper slowly lower. I pushed the dress of my shoulders and let it fall into a puddle at my feet. There I stood in my lingerie, waiting anxiously for you to inspect me, still shaking, crying. I was sure you could see my whole body blushing now.

Instead of walking up to me, you asked me to kick the dress away to one side. I complied, trying not to completely break down in tears. Your next words made me blush even more.

“Present yourself to me.”

I gathered myself. I had failed you, but now I needed to accept my punishment and please you. So I parted my legs and leaned forward, pushing my breasts together. I could see you looking at me. It was a look I knew well, both tender and demanding at the same time. The tears suddenly stopped and the warmth returned. I was determined to please you, to accept whatever punishment you had in store for me.

You walked up to me, running your fingers along my shoulders and down my back, causing shivers to run up and down my spine. They lingered around the hooks of my bra, and suddenly I felt it loosen. Your hands pulled mine away from my breasts, letting the bra fall to the floor.

“Stand up straight, lover, and put your hands behind your head.”

Your voice was calm, yet very firm. I did as you asked, my breasts thrust out, arms raised, bent at the elbows, palms behind my head. You circled me again, slapping the plug as you passed behind. You stopped in front of me with a wicked grin on your face, and slid two fingers right into my cunt.

“So tell me lover, did you put two fingers inside your cunt earlier today to help yourself cum?”

I whimpered, “No, I didn’t touch myself,” my eyes still lowered.

You pushed my head up again. You liked making sure I was looking at you.

“I know you had an orgasm, even though I told you not to. So how did you get one?”

I tried looking away, but you held me there. I whispered so softly that you had to strain to hear my words.

“It was the shower.”

It almost seemed that you liked that, and you smiled, but your next words reminded me that I was still going to be punished.

“Lover, maybe I have some other use for your tray.”

You walked to the nightstand, lingering over the tray for a second, and then picked the whole thing up and walked back. Soon, you had thrust a cucumber into my cunt. It was cold, making me shiver. What I didn’t realize, was that you had picked up something else. You took the whipped cream, put it on my nipples and licked the cream off – your lips somewhat rough on my nipples, but that was only the beginning. You pulled out the nipple clamps from our chest of toys and slowly, very slowly, clamped both nipples. You then took the chain between the clamps and made me hold it between my teeth. I felt my cunt getting sopping wet again.

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