The Preacher’s Wife

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Chapter 1

Cynthia hated the month she had to spend every summer with her uncle Thomas and aunt Elizabeth. Cindy was a precocious curvy blonde, an 18 year-old freshman at college, who had aspirations of becoming a sex worker. Given that her immediate family was very religious made no difference to her, in fact it added more spice to her life. It’s no fun when everyone says you’re doing a good job, when she really enjoyed shocking people!

Her aunt and uncle were evangelicals, ‘born again’ folks who spent most of their time in church. Her uncle Thomas, named after one of the apostles, was a preacher. They had a 24 year-old daughter, a quiet redhead, also named after Ruth in the Bible. Ruthie was burning up inside, not with spiritual fervor, but because her pussy throbbed something awful, and she often cried herself to sleep with a zucchini wedged between her legs. She was still a virgin and prayed every night, asking the Divinity to send someone to fuck her.

Gary, three years older than Cindy, was clueless when it came to life experiences, and used most of his spare time looking up at the sky, waiting for Michael the Archangel. Why he was named Gary made no sense because there was no one called Gary in the Bible. The gossip at church — or to make it less personal — rumor has it, a UPS driver was the father.

But Gary, a healthy 21 year-old, had what he needed at this point in his life. He didn’t go to college, just sort of hung out, and learned about life by watching porn. He learned that women just lie down and spread their legs, that they existed only to please men who had big dicks, and that incest was a preferred lifestyle. In fact, he learned that mothers were dying to fuck their sons, especially step moms who married men much older than themselves. Gary wore a size 13 shoe and that in itself tells you why he was popular at church.

Thomas was a preacher, and still is a preacher. He hasn’t had to resign yet because he fucks the women at church. One of the reasons women went to church was to get laid. It was common knowledge, and the men were only too happy to let Thomas give their wives a shagging every once in a while. He never pretended to be something he wasn’t. He was 42 years old, got through high school without knocking up any girls, and went onto Bible College. He didn’t have to take fancy courses like calculus and Freshman English and physics. All he needed was what the Bible told him. He married a pretty girl named Elizabeth, a virgin, and he knew she was a clean girl. No smutty talk, she didn’t smoke or do drugs. But she was always horny and she let Thomas feel her up before they eventually got married.


A good Christian would go to church twice on Sunday and once in the middle of the week, usually Wednesday nights. Sunday morning services were typically hellfire and brimstone sermons, enough to put the fear of God into every impressionable man, woman, or child. It seemed everything a good Christian does these days was a sin, especially matters pertaining to the flesh. If God wanted purity He should have created astral beings, but given the level of corruption that pervades our lives, God must have had reasons for creating fleshpots. Or to put it euphemistically, humans.

People spoke in tongues, not that they had any idea what they were saying, but hopefully someone in the congregation would give an interpretation. Unfortunately the translation wasn’t useful, like maybe offering advice on the commodities exchange. Most of the good folks were ranchers, farmers or worked at Walmart. The translation was the usual warnings from the Lord — hear no evil, see no evil, and do no evil! Except Jesus never mentioned masturbation in the Sermon On The Mount. Back then, both men and women were getting themselves off at a furious clip, since there was not much else to do. Moreover, given the level of stupidity in those days, it was obvious people rarely went to school.

Wednesday night prayer meetings were great fun. Those were mostly for young people because they could go parking after church. If they didn’t have cars, they could fuck under a tree somewhere, but most kids have cars these days. A visiting preacher would often come and speak, or a missionary back from Uganda who was kicked out of the country for corrupting the minds of the youth, being a bad influence on children. Whomever it was didn’t have much to say that wasn’t already in the Bible. Gary looked forward to the women missionaries, usually in their 30’s and had nice bosoms and played the piano too. Gary would stare at their legs as they played and sung about what a friend we have in Jesus. Following the service, Gary would jerk off to the church lady’s legs, if he made it home on time before he wet his shorts. Otherwise he’d splatter the walls in the men’s room.

Gary had a massive cock, a whopper, if you will. He worked out with weights a bit, and ingested a fair amount of protein. He told himself the size of his dick was due to his protein intake, but since he’d been jerking off, ataşehir escort bayan like forever, playing with his pecker and watching it grow in his hands, that theory didn’t make sense.

Elizabeth, the preacher’s wife, was a perfect example of temptation. She had a mouth shaped like it was made for sucking cocks — a wide mouth with full lips. She wore dark lipstick when she went to church, and made it clear she was available on an hourly basis. She had an ample bosom, with wide hips, and muscular thighs. She used those thighs when she was close to coming, crushing Thomas’ head in a vise grip, which left him with red ears and gasping for air.

She met Thomas at church, when she was 19, and she believed virgins went to Heaven and it was the reason she learned how to kick box. Of course, she didn’t expect to be a virgin until she was 87, but she strutted around, wiggling her big bottom, daring men to approach her, at the risk of being kicked in the balls. She was beautiful, innocent, and knew how to cook. She seduced Thomas over a steak dinner, and a bottle of root beer.

Watching his mother putter around the house made Gary horny. She was not fat, but voluptuous, and her ass was to die for. When she married Thomas, she was slimmer, and wore a size 5. Now she was heavier, wore a size 12, and was starved for some action in the bedroom. She knew Gary watched her, and it made her blush in a girlish way; he loved her curves and the rosewater she used when she went to church, and when she didn’t go to church and didn’t use cologne, she smelled like a wet cunt. He had the hots for his mother.

Chapter 2

When Cindy stayed with her aunt and uncle she wasn’t allowed to date and had to spend half her time in church. She was dragged to Bible classes on Tuesday evenings, prayer meetings on Wednesdays, church socials on Saturday nights as well as morning and evening services on Sundays.

One Sunday morning pastor’s fiery message had almost come to an end. While people were weeping, and gnashing their teeth, Cindy, being impervious to the sobbing around her, decided to have some fun. Sitting in the front pew with her aunt and Ruthie, she was glad she wasn’t wearing any panties. Slouching back in her seat, Cindy discreetly raised her skirt a big higher and uncrossed her legs, giving the preacher a blatant view of her naked inner thighs.

Pastor Tom was saying something about the sins of the flesh, when he glimpsed the lurid display of Cindy’s creamy thighs. He stammered and momentarily lost his train of thought; Cindy went for broke, spreading her thighs wide open, giving him an unobstructed view of her hair fringed pussy. Completely rattled by the sight of her wantonly exposed sex, the reverend quickly averted his eyes to the rest of the congregation. He mumbled nervously for the rest of his discourse — that the end of times was near — but his words were no longer coherent. Not that they made much sense anyway, but he was willing to let Satan tempt him one more time. Cindy was smiling up at him beatifically, fingering her wet, oily pussy. Clutching the lectern, he was unable to speak as he watched her finger sliding in and out of her slippery pussy, and it appeared from the juice running down her thighs, she was close to coming! The benediction sounded like mumbo jumbo, and the congregation being in spiritual hysterics, pay no heed.

The service was over! The piano player hammered out a rousing recessional. Violet was a piece of work herself, people thought her was a dyke because she’d never been married. She kept her hair short, wore no lipstick, and her ass was big. Sitting on the piano stool, you could see she had a big ass!

In the quiet time after people had left, Thomas walked his wife back to their home, his breathing labored and his wife wondering if he was going to have a coronary. With his horrendous hard-on, the man knew he’d have to fuck his wife or lose his mind. With visions of Cindy’s hairy pussy in his mind, he hurried Elizabeth into the bedroom.

“What’s gotten into you?” she asked, agitated.

“I don’t know, I’m just horny.”

“Aren’t you hungry?”

“I’m too horny to eat.”

“What was Cindy doing? She was squirming a round a lot!” Elizabeth asked him.

“Yeah, she seemed restless …”

“I watched her showing off her legs. She’s got nice legs, but she –” Elizabeth appreciated long legs on a woman.

“Cindy is a cute kid …”

“Yes, but I watched her! She had her hands between her legs!”

“Yeah…” He was thinking about Cindy. His breathing became heavier.

“Was she distracting you?”

“A little … not too much.”

“Well, when she had her hands down there, you could hardly talk!”

“yeah …”

“You were stammering. You made no sense.”

“Yeah …”

“I should leave Cindy home next Sunday.”

“She’s OK. No problem. Bring her to church,”

“Maybe she should wear a long dress …”

“It’s OK. She’s got nice legs …”

“But I could escort kadıöy tell you were aroused. I know you too well.”

“She’s a cock teaser ..”

“Thomas! A cock teaser! I never heard you talk like that!”

“It’s a phase she’s going through …”

“Well, you need to be more Christ-like.”

He didn’t need to be lectured.

“Yeah. Get on the bed.”

“Right now?”

“Now. I want you to play with yourself …”

“We’re having a conversation!” she said, attempting to stay on topic.

“Yeah, I know. Play with yourself. Show me your pussy …”

“Just like that? What am I? Some slut you picked up on the way home?”

“Play with it, Liz. You got a nice hairy pussy. Turn me on …”

She glared at him, then reluctantly crawled up on the king size bed. She slipped her panties to the side, leaving her thigh-highs on. She was wearing a garter belt.

“Play with yourself, Liz. Make it wet …”

While she kept eye contact, she moved her fingers into her folds, then slowly up to her clit. His eyes were fastened on her every movement. Her labia were opening, and he could see glistening between the lips.

“I don’t feel right about doing this. What if Cindy comes in?”

“She won’t. She’s out with Gary somewhere.”

She continued to manipulate her folds, and she was getting hotter. Her finger action was arousing him. She’d never done anything like this before!

“I feel like a whore, fingering myself like this!”

“Good. You’re turning me on. Keep doing what you’re doing …”

She was beginning to leak heavily and it was embarrassing her. She was a minister’s wife, and a mother! It wasn’t right that she should be displaying her private parts like this. But she was getting into it. She was feeling pretty good!

“Take out your pecker, Thomas. Let me see it!” Her fingers were arousing her more. She was getting very wet.

He unzipped his fly and pulled out his penis. It was almost fully hard.

“C’mon, Liz, get yourself wet. I want to hear it …”

She used more fingers to churn her pussy. She was quite wet, and made sloshy noises. It turned him on. His affair was getting larger. He began fisting himself. The mushroom dome was almost purple and glistening from precum.

“OK, Tom, enough is enough. I want to feel you inside me …”

He wanted her to suck his cock, but he was too close. Fuck it, he’d have her do it!

“Liz, I want you to suck my cock!”

“Now wait a minute! I’m not that kind of woman, Tom. I’m not going to suck that thing!”

“Yes, you will! The Bible says you can suck my cock!”

“Where does it say that?”

“Never mind. Suck it, Liz! You got me really hot …”

She knew she had to obey him. She reached out with her right hand and lifted the massive tube of flesh, cradling it in her soft palm. As she leaned forward, and opened her lips she could see how close he was to shooting. Precum was leaking heavily and his balls was very swollen.

He wanted to play with her pussy. It had been years since he had played with his wife. Her gaping hair lined slit was a visual feast, and with the musky scent she exuded, he knew she was aroused. Elizabeth had much more hair on her pussy and her pussy flaps had spread apart. She had stronger urges these days and while he was in his office working on his sermon, she used her quiet time to lie on bed and finger herself to climax after climax.

“Ooooooooh!” she passionately whispered, feeling his finger worming through the opening at the crotch of her wet panties.

Trembling with excitement, she could feel the tip of his thick middle finger probing into the moist furrow of her furry pussy, avidly seeking her hot, slick fuckhole. Elizabeth ‘s entire body writhed with ecstasy when she felt his finger action, teasing the slippery inner folds of her scalding pussy. The delirious woman whimpered as his finger continued churning her juices around and around in the hot slippery interior of her vulva.

Finally removing his fingers from her cunt, he slipped them into the waistband of her panties and rolled them down over her wide, rounded hips, pulling the wet cotton underwear down her thick thighs onto the floor. With her spread out so submissively, he removed her dress and then her bra, allowing her heavy breasts to spill out luridly on her chest.

Elizabeth was a full figured woman, an appetizing size 12. Her breasts were firm for her age, her nipples thick and red. Her areolae was wider than most women her age, and her flesh made his dick twitch when he looked at her. As women do when they remove their bra, she rolled her nipples making them stiff, and arousing herself and a trickle of juice trickled down her thighs. She was wearing tan stockings, and a garter belt. The thick bush covering her pussy made her look with a whore working in a Yuma City bordello, and as she lay there, she spread her legs and gave Thomas an eye-full that made his balls ache.

Panting with excitement, the maltepe escort preacher began gently caressing her soft tit flesh while he gently pinched and toyed with her swollen nipples.

“Oh, honey,” she whimpered, reaching down to grasp his big hard cock again. “It’s been a long time … your cock turns me on!”

Whimpering with excitement, the hot-assed woman began rolling and rubbing the entire length of his rampant weapon against the softness of her rounded belly. Even though being married to a cleric, Elizabeth’s hormones were active, her body quivering with lust as his swelling member burned so deliciously against her groin. Thomas had not touched her like this in a long time; She was almost out of her mind with anticipation.

When he finally released her from his arms so he could undress, Elizabeth perched on the edge of the bed to watch him disrobe.

“Your balls are swollen!” she whispered when he dropped his shorts.

Not speaking, the pastor dropped to his knees in front of his wife on the edge of the bed. Smiling at her, he placed her legs over his shoulders and buried his face into the auburn forest of her steaming crotch. Thomas wasn’t the kind of man that normally ate pussy; but the sight of Cindy’s cunt had unleashed passions he had never known existed. He felt energized, exhilarated, and 20 years younger!

He knew eating pussy was sorta sinful, but the Bible was never clear about eating pussy. He couldn’t help himself. He loved the heady odor of her steaming cunt, and he used his tongue to bath the entire surface of her vulva. To dive right onto his wife, especially right after church, would have made her suspicious. His prolonged foreplay would drive her wild, and maybe she’d forget about Cindy. Yeah …

While Elizabeth squealed and writhed around on the bed in ecstasy, the pastor eased his tongue through the soft curls of her mons until he located her swollen clitoris. With a lashing circular movement, his tongue action drove Elizabeth wild! Clamping on to her clit with his lips, he sucked hard while his tongue lashed it from every angle.

“Ooooohhhhh, Jeeeeeeez!” she screamed as she began to climax, over and over again as he tortured her tingling clitty with his tongue action.

Falling back on the bed with her legs over his shoulders, Elizabeth shivered when he moved his tongue from her sensitive pea along her box until he jammed it between her slippery open labia.

“Oh, my God,” she softly moaned.

Thomas thrilled to her reaction, his tongue in as far as it would reach, deliciously licking and tickling the buttery inner flesh of her hot wet pussy. He was swallowing her juices, and with his huge weapon throbbing wildly, his used his tongue action to drive her wild.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” she whimpered. “I’m dying …”

He went back to her clit, and as she screamed and cried, he reminded himself that the women at church were also in need. He called them his flock.

“Oh, Jeez,” she sobbed. “What are you doing to me? I need to feel you inside me!”

Wiping his face, the preacher stood up with his massive limb throbbing out from between his legs, his thoughts still back at church with Cindy exposing herself.

“Hurry, Thomas, what are you waiting for? Put it in!”

Enjoying the moment, having her beg for it, he just stared at her gaping pink pussy, then moving her into position, he slid her ass to the very edge of the bed. He spread her creamy thighs, and bent to run his lips over her flesh. He nibbled, leaving tiny welts, on her white thighs. Placing her legs over his shoulders again, Elizabeth’s juicy cunt was angled up to receive his throbbing affair.

“Oh, sweet Jesus!” she whispered, feeling his massive cock knob probing between her pussy lips.

The woman’s entire body was trembling with anticipation as she felt his thick cock slipping into her hot nest, his bloated cockhead rubbing deliciously against the hot tingling flesh of her juicy inner walls.

“Thomas …” she excitedly whispered as his big meaty prick sank deeper and deeper into her cunt. “You will never know how much I need this!”

When his hard cock had fully penetrated her, the pastor leaned over the bed and pressed his mouth to her softly parted lips, letting his tongue sensuously entwine with hers. He hadn’t kissed her in years!

Passionately returning his kiss, Elizabeth could feel every vein and sinew of his huge weapon rubbing deliciously against the tingling walls of her quaking quim.

“Thomas, that feels so good, honey! So good!” she whimpered, arching her hips up to better enjoy the enormous shaft that was so deeply embedded in her delirious box. Finally removing his lips from hers, the man leaned back, his prick still buried to the hilt in her sodding cunt. Grasping her shoulders, he began pumping his affair in and out with a new energy that was sure to make her suspicious. He paced himself, making each stab stronger but with a longer pause in between.

With her knees locked over his shoulders, Elizabeth was wildly slamming her cunt up to meet every furious stroke of his hard, plunging prick. The pliant lips of her squeezing pussy were hungrily sucking and milking at the base of his thick cock, desperately trying to draw even more of it into her vulva.

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