The Pool

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Fooling around in a pool can be so exciting…fucking in a pool is even better…the best time is at night when the water seems to glow and bodies create beautiful silhouettes.

The water is warm and the air seem so cold once you are in the water…my breasts float and bob in the gentle waves…We embrace…our skin is so hot and the heat transfers between us. My nipples react to your closeness, they are hard as stones aching to feel the warmth of your breath and your soft tongue circle around them gently. Our hands travel through the silky water and find each other. Our skin tingles at the feeling of warm touch to through the cooling water…I run my hands over you feel your strong shoulders and arms as they hold me tighter.

Your warm breath on my neck…we share a kiss of complete passion…tongues searching and dipping. I feel your hands travel down my back and up and around to my floating breasts…. “Oh”, I gasp as you gently rub the nipples with your thumbs…you lift my breasts from the water and first circle your tongue around the brown puckering areola…I whimper and squeak the moment you flick my nipple with your tongue. You kiss, lick and suck the soft skin between my two large globes. Your mouth engulfs and suckles my left breast as your left hand begins to massage and flick across my other breast. Your mouth switches sides. I shudder as I have the first of many climaxes to come…. We float around the pool.

My legs wrapped around your waist…I can feel you stiffen as our pelvises rub and grind together…your hands grab my ass and pull me hard on top of you and you slide right up inside me…I catch my breath and shudder again…we float like this… connected… I begin to flex the muscles inside canlı bahis me. Continually contracting and relaxing the muscles inside it’s so nice and you are thoroughly enjoying my show of vaginal strength. You smile and lean in to kiss me more urgently…stopping to whisper in my ear how you are feeling and what you want…with every word I begin to grind harder into you and develop a slow rhythm.

Your body responds to mine in kind. I feel you pulsing and throbbing, your hips meet my every thrust with one of you own as our bodies begin to crash together. We laugh, we can hear and feel the waves we are creating as they splash over the edges of the pool…We turn our attention back to our exquisite union…The intensity is heightened and the rhythm is furious as I scream your name to slam it in harder, harder!!! At the moment of our furious peak I feel your body stiffen and your muscles contract. I lose control and howl with the pleasure as the wave of my orgasm crashes in to yours…. we continue to float together in the afterglow – the water is so warm between our bodies…

As the glow subsides we play in the pool splashing and dunking each other playing like little kids a few friendly laps to see who wins…then comes the challenge two laps up and back twice the winner is to be serviced by the loser… we get in position

“On your mark, get set…Go!” I start us off.

At first the race is close we are pretty even through the first lap…then as we head into the next lap suddenly you stop and watch me head across to the other side…I look for you at the other side but your not there…

“Hey slow-poke! Two laps…I’ll wait and we’ll race the last part”

“Nope,” you say “I’m waiting for you to finish, bahis siteleri you win…I lose…I have a job to do so get your ass back here!”

“I don’t think so,” I chuckle back “you haven’t lost yet!”

“Oh yes I have, so hurry up and claim your prize…”

“Oh really” I laugh, “If I don’t finish, then no one wins…see ya!”

With that I pull myself out of the water and run for a towel…its freezing as I run for the inside…laughing you follow suit and get out wrap the towel around your waist and head inside behind me…

“I guess we are at a stalemate…neither side will budge… how about detente?” I ask and drop my towel as you walk into the warmth of the room.

I wrap my arms around your neck and we lock in a deep passionate kiss. I take the towel from your waist and begin to dry you off…your face and hair down to your shoulders and back. I take a nip at your butt cheeks on my way down to dry your legs…

“Hey easy girl!” you feign annoyance.

I get back up and dry your chest and slowly work my way down your stomach being careful not to brush against your softened member (shrinkage is not a problem with me. I love to suck on a soft cock and feel it grow with the coaxing of my hot mouth and soft tongue.) I am so careful while drying off your cock. I know it is still a little sensitive from the chilly run into the room. I take it in my mouth so soft and small and gently begin to work.

I am getting so excited feeling the blood fill your cock as it grows and stiffens then hits the back of my throat. As I suck you put your hands on the sides of my face and lead me away from your growing source of concern (for me anyway) and bring me up for a deep searching kiss and a groping bahis şirketleri of my ass…

But, I am not done and I wriggle out of the kiss and go back to your stiffening rod. I am breathless and flush and very, very wet. I’m dripping down my leg in fact. Ohhhhhh, I love to suck your cock.

I hear you groan as I suck with greater pressure. Your put your fingers through my hair and put your hands on my head to help me go at the right pace…I am getting so worked up listening to your breathing and feeling your shaft beginning to tense up as you near another explosive orgasms…We come at the same time, mine from the pleasure I know I am giving you…After you come and I swallow everything you have…Your knees go weak and you end up leaning heavily on my shoulders as I continue to gently suck and clean you up…after some recovery time…

“My turn!” you announce, “If you don’t beg for it sincerely and whole-heartedly I’m not going to stop and give you what you crave” you have that mischievous grin on your face again you smug bastard.

You lead me to the bed and playfully push me down. “The rules are simple” you state, ” You must keep your hands on the headboard anywhere on the headboard at all times. To remove your hands means I have to begin the entire process all over again…” you ask if I understand the rules of our “Little Game”.

“Oh yes…”I say intrigued.

“You can ask for things to be done but they will only be done at my discretion…” you continue, “are we clear?”

“Oh yes…Please begin…” I state matter-of-factly, and slightly sarcastically (that would be the last wise-ass crack I would make that night…) You leave the room and return a short time later…you are careful to hide what you’ve got with you and jokingly chastise me for trying to look…

“Are you ready?” you ask and I stare into your eyes with a smoldering look of desire and nod yes, “Good…keep your hands up and close your eyes…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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